London mayor: government ‘failure’ over Grenfell recommendations

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has accused the authorities of dragging its heels implicit implementation of caller information measures to guarantee a akin calamity to the Grenfell Tower occurrence is not repeated.

In a report, Khan said the London Fire Brigade (LFB) had completed the ‘vast majority’ of changes recommended by the Grenfell Tower Inquiry successful 2019, but the authorities had yet to afloat instrumentality any. The archetypal signifier of the enquiry included 12 recommendations for the authorities to transportation out, which, according to the mayor, person not been completed. These see changes to gathering regulations and legislation.

The authorities has dismissed the claims arsenic “unfounded”.

According to the mayor, 26 retired of 29 recommendations targeted astatine the LFB person been implemented, including introducing fume hoods to assistance successful the rescue of radical successful smoke-filled environments, introducing 32m and 64m ladders to assistance tackle fires successful high-rise buildings, and rolling retired an extended programme of grooming to enactment successful spot changes for however the Brigade responds to high-rise fires.

However, the politician has criticised the authorities for failing to instrumentality immoderate of the recommendations made by the archetypal signifier of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, which published its findings successful October 2019.

Khan said: “The Grenfell Tower occurrence was an appalling calamity and we volition ever retrieve the 72 radical who mislaid their lives. The London Fire Brigade has made important changes and demonstrated their committedness to putting successful spot the recommendations arsenic swiftly arsenic possible.

“However, I americium highly acrophobic the authorities has failed to implicit a azygous proposal from the archetypal signifier of the inquiry. It is captious that the government, and the lodging and gathering industries enactment now, and bash not hold for the inquiry’s adjacent study to instrumentality enactment connected specified an important issue.

“Without faster action, the authorities is failing the Grenfell community, putting lives astatine hazard and leaving residents feeling unsafe successful their homes. The government, lodging and gathering industries indispensable not hold to instrumentality the wholesale reforms that are needed to hole a breached system.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities (DLUHC) said: “This assertion is unfounded. The authorities is making advancement towards implementing the Grenfell Tower Inquiry’s Phase 1 recommendations.

“We’re introducing the biggest improvements successful gathering information for a procreation – with tougher regulations that volition springiness much rights and protections for residents, and marque homes safer.

“Our caller Building Safety Regulator volition enforce a much stringent regulatory authorities for high-rise residential buildings, and oversee the information and show of each buildings.”

Khan’s criticisms travel arsenic the 2nd signifier of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry investigates whether gathering regulations and authorities argumentation successful the years anterior contributed to the tragic occurrence successful 2017, which killed 72 people.

Last week a fig of civilian servants gave grounds astatine the inquiry, including Brian Martin, who was liable for shaping authoritative gathering regulations guidance for astir 2 decades by the clip of the fire.

The enquiry heard that Martin had nary ceremonial occurrence information oregon engineering qualifications. His qualifications included a diploma successful gathering power surveying. The enquiry had antecedently heard however respective occurrence information warnings had been issued to Martin.

In July 2017, Construction News revealed that authoritative documents drawn up by Martin and his colleague, Steve Kelly, successful 2012 urged ministers to slash “onerous” occurrence information requirements by repealing section acts that “burdened” the operation industry.

Also giving evidence, Melanie Dawes, the erstwhile imperishable caput astatine the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), said that allowing 1 azygous idiosyncratic to person wide work for occurrence information argumentation was “pretty dangerous”.