Luxury bathroom ideas – 13 elegant designs for wash spaces

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These luxury bath ideas volition assistance your abstraction look and consciousness costly and opulent; beautifully decorated but ne'er astatine the disbursal of the room's functionality.

Whether you are readying connected updating your maestro bathroom, upgrading a ablution country oregon turning unused abstraction into a spa-like ensuite, determination are present a immense array of luxury bath ideas disposable to suit each taste, from colors and materials, to fixtures and finishes.

Our apical picks of the champion luxury bathroom ideas volition equip you volition plentifulness of inspiration to assistance you make your imagination washroom.

Luxury bath ideas

Embrace the champion bathroom layout ideas, modern bathroom materials, on-trend bathroom colour ideas and mood-boosting lighting to make a luxury bath that volition conjure up the bid and serenity associated with your favourite spa.

1. Welcome successful the warmth of wood 

Luxury bath  ideas with wood   panelling

(Image credit: James Merrell / Future)

Look to the quality of earthy timber for warmth – and a spa bathroom feel. Thanks to the tendency to make a sanctuary astatine home, the bath has go a retreat, a backstage oasis to assistance reconstruct intelligence and carnal wellbeing. With this comes a determination distant from objective style. Wood is present the worldly of prime for its earthy quality and warmth; it conjures the quiescent luxury of a spa. 

‘Cladding walls successful wood brings the spa-like prime of timber to a bath and assistance to trim echo,’ says Yousef Mansuri, manager of design, C.P. Hart. However, determination are galore ways to present timber to your bath scheme, from a elemental tiny stool to a timber-fronted vanity. Wood baths are reminiscent of Japanese soaking tubs, portion the lukewarm adust aerial of a people scented wood sauna offers the eventual indulgence. 

2. Soften an plan with rounded features

Luxury bath  ideas with rounded fittings and wallpaper

(Image credit: Jon Day / Future)

Curved shapes tin visually alteration a bathroom, adding softness and unparalleled luxury to a abstraction notorious for its hard surfaces. Reminiscent of integrated forms – a creaseless pebbles, the bloom of a angiosperm oregon a afloat satellite – the latest luxury fittings are designed to bring a consciousness of quality into the bathroom. 

For maximum impact, the champion mode to present rounded shapes is to usage them for the 2 cardinal focal points – the basin country and the bath. If that’s not an option, past curved accessories, from tables to mirrors, tin soften the scheme.

3. Maximize the therapeutic benefits of h2o with a luxury shower

Luxury bath  with marble situation   and dual ablution  heads

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

The determination towards showers that connection a personalized acquisition provides an adjacent greater accidental to make your bath arsenic a sensual and luxurious retreat. 

As manufacturers person invested successful ablution technology, they are giving america much imaginable to bask the benefits of hydrotherapy astatine home. You could take a sports-style directional ablution caput designed to present an invigorating acquisition and assistance relieve musculus pain, oregon a plate-style caput with h2o that falls similar brushed rainfall to drench the tegument and unbend the mind. 

‘Buy from a prime shaper to execute an adjacent spray crossed the ablution head,’ says Yousef Mansuri. ‘Luxury ablution panels tin measurement 1,000-1,200mm successful length, and request precocious h2o unit to run effectively.’

4. Introduce textural elements to a luxury space

Luxury bath  with textural geometrics

(Image credit: Simon Bevan / Future)

Tactile finishes delight the senses and present ocular benignant to a luxury bathroom. For galore years, bathrooms person been each astir ultra-practical creaseless surfaces, brassware and tiles. But progressively the plan has focused little connected axenic functionality and much connected practicality mixed with comfortableness and benignant – and the tactile prime of bath fittings person moved to the fore. 

The quality of utilizing texture successful interior design is not conscionable aesthetic, but besides luxurious and sensual: however does a pat consciousness to touch? In galore ways, the bath is wherever are are astatine our astir vulnerable, truthful surfaces that consciousness pleasing tin heighten the cocooning effect.

5. Consider colorful sanitaryware

A adjacent  up   changeable  of a tiny  yellowish  and achromatic  descend  successful  a bathroom

(Image credit: Davey Lighting)

As imperishable fixtures, colorful sanitaryware requires unswerving commitment, and is not for the faint hearted. 

‘Colored sanitaryware is decidedly seeping backmost into bathrooms now, and we’ve had orders for stunning fittings successful heavy mustards, practice greens and teal blues,’ reports Louise Ashdown, caput of design, West One Bathrooms. 

‘If you’re inactive sitting connected the fence, spell for achromatic sanitaryware with paintable exteriors, similar formed robust baths and this retro basin – West One’s Broadway basin is similar. For a much discreet colour pop, see colorful brassware successful connection fiery oranges and zingy limes.’

6. Bring successful colorful stone

An illustration  of bath  colour  ideas showing a bluish  marble bath  descend  and treble  vanity

(Image credit: Bathroom Design Studio)

Exotic stones similar Onyx and Marinace marble are stealing the amusement successful luxury bathrooms. Celebrated for their jewel-like hues and crystalline sparkle, these rarefied stones tin make unthinkable backsplash and ablution backdrops. 

In areas that payment from debased maintenance, Bathroom Design Studio’s managing manager John Naughten recommends manmade alternatives, similar this basin customized made from 6mm-thick porcelain tiles successful a convincing earthy Agate pattern. 

‘Thanks to the galore advances successful aboveground technologies, the plan of porcelains inspired by precious stones are present incredibly lifelike, yet connection acold easier cleaning and nary aftercare,’ helium explains.

7. Get your bath lighting spot on

Luxury bath  with lighting, grey walls and mirrors

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

Whether you are having an energizing ablution successful the greeting oregon a relaxing soak successful the evening: bully bathroom lighting ideas volition assistance make the close temper successful a luxury space, and is champion planned close astatine the opening of the project. Think astir a operation of 3 types of light: ambient to airy the space; task for a circumstantial function; and accent to supply the magic.

Strategically placed temper lighting is the concealed to creating a luxury bath that’s arsenic indulgent arsenic your favourite spa. If you’re a bath person, absorption connected atmospheric bath lighting to make ambience adjacent the bath. Waterproof airy fittings tin beryllium added wrong the bath and shower, creating a luxurious spa effect arsenic they shimmer done the water.

8. Think cautiously astir tiling

Luxury bath  with walls tiles and mural design

(Image credit: Simon Bevan / Future)

Technical advances successful porcelain and ceramic accumulation person revolutionized the assortment of bath tiles connected offer. Faux chromatic and wood porcelain tiles are present truthful precocious it’s hard to archer them from the existent thing, and they are water, stain and scratch resistant, don’t necessitate sealing and travel implicit with realistic colour and graining variation.

'Formats are getting larger and larger,' says Jules Archard, income manager, Surface. 'We are besides seeing tons of involvement successful patchwork patterns and murals – the latest modern takes connected accepted encaustic designs – and successful vintage looks created by metro, hexagonal and concrete-look tiles.' 

But for some, there’s thing rather similar the earthy quality of existent chromatic with its melodramatic veining and consciousness of timeless luxury, adjacent though it volition necessitate sealing and maintenance: a partition of book-matched marble down a freestanding bath makes an eye-catching diagnostic similar nary other.

9. Make a connection with a well-chosen bath

Luxury bath  ideas with chromatic  flooring and land  vanity

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

Designed to bargain the amusement and supply a luxurious heavy soak, a well-chosen bath volition beryllium a earnestly bully concern successful a luxury bath scheme. Whether made from coagulated stone, classical formed robust oregon modern composite resin, connection baths are built to impressment – and their desirability has soared successful caller years.

 ‘These designs are synonymous with luxury and clients emotion the spacious bathing experience,’ says Joy Chesterton of Ripples. Most connection baths are made to beryllium positioned distant from walls; a cardinal determination has other glamor and tin boost the room’s consciousness of proportion. 

’Symmetry and equilibrium are cardinal to creating an elegant, serene interior,’ says Lucy Powell of ‘Installing a truly eye-catching bath successful the mediate of the country volition supply a cardinal axis that works arsenic a earthy focal point.’

10. Invest successful modern marble 

Modern bath  with marble tiling

(Image credit: Rachael Smith / Future)

If you are looking for next-level luxury successful your bathroom, exotic chromatic surfaces are the mode to go.

There are fewer materials that tin make a feeling of opulence successful modern bath plan that marble can. Elegant, understated and effortlessly beautiful, marble tin beryllium utilized to large effect successful a luxury bathroom. 

Consider the marble cautiously for spaces wherever you are utilizing it successful swathes due to the fact that nary slab of marble is the aforesaid arsenic another. If wealth is nary object, book-matched marble is an elegant and timeless exotic chromatic truthful utilizing it connected some walls and floors volition make a cohesive and yet striking look. 

What should a luxury bath have?

Given that the large purchases successful a bath are usually the bath, the ablution fittings and furniture, it tin beryllium casual to place the powerfulness of overgarment and pattern. And yet level and partition finishes, beautifully lit, tin supply immoderate of the astir breathtaking ways to heighten your luxury bathroom. While a elemental lick of caller paint, a melodramatic caller level oregon an wholly caller country strategy tin alteration an existing room.  

When creating a luxury bath what comes first? Usually, it’s the electrical work: with strategically-placed temper lighting successful presumption you tin spot however shadows volition beryllium formed and marque adjustments if necessary, earlier plumbing begins. 

A well-prepared, level and rigid sub-floor is indispensable for astir types of flooring and, erstwhile that is successful place, tiling tin begin, with connection sanitaryware being fixed successful presumption connected top. 

Finally you volition beryllium capable to adhd involvement to the walls. For existent luxury and opulence, spell for polished book-matched marble.