Martha Stewart's new tree is the colorful garden statement you need this spring

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Businesswoman Martha Stewart is nary alien to mounting plot trends. However, this time, the inclination came from caller heights – thousands of feet supra the ground. 

The writer and laminitis of Martha Stewart Living shared an representation aboard her backstage jet, surrounded by 8 Cercis canadensis (Forest Pansy) trees, which she picked up successful Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The trees were a fitting tribute to the authorities wherever she had participated successful Oklahoma State University's Business Speaker Series. However, we expect this colorful plot thought volition reinvent outpouring plot ideas successful homes acold beyond the South Central state. 

Cercis canadensis plant

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'Flying location with 8 Cercis canadensis, the authorities histrion of Oklahoma,' Martha shared via her Instagram (opens successful caller tab) post.

The businesswoman picked up her Cercis canadensis astatine Stringer Nursery (opens successful caller tab) successful Tulsa earlier boarding her backstage pitchy home. ''[I besides stopped astatine a charming [antiquary] and recovered a large array and a signed Bunnykins dish,'' she adds. 

And portion Martha Stewart's antique purchases are thing to note, it is her Cercis canadensis trees that volition power garden trends this springtime.  

Martha Stewart's Cercis canadensis tree 

Cercis canadensis plant

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According to the RHS (opens successful caller tab), the Cercis canadensis, that is besides known arsenic a Forest Pansy oregon a Purple Leaf, is simply a ample deciduous shrub – oregon small, often multi-stemmed, tree. In Ms. Stewart's case, it is simply a tiny multi-stemmed works with pink-purple flowers. 

Alongside these purple tones, the Cercis canadensis tin crook red, shades of orangish and bronze, depending connected the season. In springtime, the flowers are often agleam pinkish and look successful clusters connected bare stems, arsenic seen successful Martha Stewart's post. 

Why you should put successful a Cercis canadensis tree

Cercis canadensis plant

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The Cercis canadensis already has Martha Stewart's approval, but the admiration for this histrion doesn't extremity there. RHS Chelsea Flower Show named the Cercis canadensis Eternal Flame their Plant of the Year lone past year, beating 18 different plants to the apical title. The Society praised the angiosperm for its 'unique coloring [that] changes passim the increasing season, with caller maturation emerging heavy reddish and past turning to burnt orangish and aureate yellowish arsenic the leaves mature.' 

'The eastbound redbud Cercis canadensis histrion is getting precise fashionable and radical thin to similar for its stunning acheronian pinkish tones,' adds works adept Anna Eklöv from LOV Flowers (opens successful caller tab). She adds that, alongside its aesthetic, you tin besides usage the bulbs successful your salad. 

'What’s peculiar astir the eastbound redbud histrion nevertheless is that the blossoms are besides edible and tin adhd a bright, citrusy sensation to salads,' she says. What different crushed could you request to put successful this flavorful backyard idea?

'By the way, we did not alert with the trees successful the aisle. determination were 4 of america successful the backmost 4 seats, and the 8 trees occupied the mediate 4 seats,' Martha adds. 'We are compliant, and we person large pilots who ticker implicit our safety.' Though, if you marque the purchase, we urge choosing a nursery slightly person to home.