Mediterranean plants – the 10 best to grow in your backyard

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Sun-loving Mediterranean plants are pugnacious and drought-tolerant yet beautiful. The earthy planting strategy combines a tapestry of antithetic colors and textures utilizing perennial plants that similar to cook successful the sun. 

Colors thin to beryllium from a muted palette of brushed gray-greens and mauve-blues that creates a painterly effect, but agleam splashes of colour are welcome, too. 

Mediterranean plants similar a sunny south-facing presumption if they’re going to thrive and they bash good successful mediocre soil, with galore blessed adjacent to settee their roots consecutive into gravel, which, of course, makes them the cleanable complement to your Mediterranean plot ideas.

The mild winters and blistery adust summers of the Mediterranean lends itself to drifts of hardy and low-growing plants that similar these conditions including lavender, herbs, succulents and grasses. So if your plot faces southbound and you person mild winters, these Mediterranean plants volition suit your space.

Mediterranean plants

The planting astir commonly associated with Mediterranean plot design are naturalistic and wild, inspired by the scenery of Provence but besides diagnostic much ceremonial schemes successful the benignant of colorful Andalusian courtyards with terracotta pots filled with agleam blooms. 

Our prime of the champion Mediterranean plants volition suit whichever benignant of Mediterranean plot oregon flower furniture ideas you extremity up choosing.

1. Nerium oleander (rose bay)

pink oleander plant

(Image credit: Hemjaa/GettyImages)

With clusters of pink, reddish oregon achromatic flowers successful summertime connected evergreen foliage, oleander is simply a highly prized ornamental shrub seen everyplace successful the Mediterranean. It’s perfect successful a instrumentality successful a sunny spot connected the patio, particularly arsenic immoderate oleander shrubs are scented excessively for you to bask up close. 

Height: 5 to 8ft (1.5 to 2.5m)

Spread: 3 to 5ft (1 to 1.5m)

2. Mediterranean spurge (Eurphorbia characias wulfenii)

Euphorbia characias plant

(Image credit: Seven75/GettyImages)

Showy architectural perennial with spires of frothy lime green-yellow flowers that thrives successful immoderate gravel plot oregon sunny borderline wherever mediocre ungraded is not a problem. It loves baking successful a sun-drenched spot wherever it volition happily dispersed astir to capable the space 

Height: 2ft 9in (90cm)

Spread: 2ft 9in (90cm)

3. Geranium palmatum (Canary Island geranium)

Canary Island geranium plant

(Image credit: Perlaroques/GettyImages)

The ample magenta flowers of this beauteous evergreen perennial bloom reliably from June to September and are a showy summation to the summertime garden. The foliage is flushed with reddish successful winter, too, for an ornamental summation to the garden. It thrives successful milder regions and sheltered spots. 

Height: 3 to 5ft (1 to 1.5m)

Spread: 1 to 3ft (0.5 to 1m).

4. Echium pininana (bugloss)

Echium pininana plant

(Image credit: Antonio Siwiak/Alamy Stock Photo)

This is simply a existent prima person with its preferred determination 1 of baking vigor successful a confederate climate. It has elephantine ornamental spikes of either rose-pink, purple-blue oregon achromatic flowers that bees and butterflies love. Once the flowers person faded, shingle the seeds astir the plot to get much plants. 

Height: 5ft 9in (1.8m)

Spread: 2ft 9in (90cm)

5. Agapanthus

blue agapanthus plants

(Image credit: Irina Polonina/GettyImages)

If you emotion Mediterranean blues you’ll emotion exotic agapanthus, which travel successful each shadiness from airy pulverization bluish to acheronian inky midnight hues. They request afloat prima and well-drained soil. Grow them successful gangly pots and overwinter nether screen oregon support crowns from frost successful the garden. 

Height: 1 to 3ft (30 to 90cm)

Spread: 1ft (30cm)

6. Santolina neapolitana

yellow Santolina Neapolitana flowers

(Image credit: SIAATH/GettyImages)

Also known by the charming sanction of rosemary-leaved lavender cotton, this aromatic dwarf evergreen shrub with feathery foliage is covered with chill citrus button-shaped flowers each summertime long. It’s casual to turn successful containers, gravel gardens and borders. 

Height: 4 to 19in (10 to 50cm)

Spread: 19 to 38in (50 to 100cm)

7. Echinops 'Veitch's Blue' (globe thistle)

Veitch's Blue (Echinops)

(Image credit: Natalija Juric/GettyImages)

A favourite with bees and butterflies, this architecturally striking works plant champion successful a gravel plot oregon sunny borderline among different Mediterranean plants that besides emotion parched conditions. It has globes of acheronian bluish flowers successful summertime and the spiny grey leaves adhd interest, too. 

Height: 3ft (90cm)

Spread: 18in (45cm)

8. Achillea ‘Taygetea’ (yarrow)

Achillea Taygetea

(Image credit: Martin Hughes Jones/Alamy Stock Photo)

Clusters of large, airy citrus level flowerheads look connected mildly branching stems supra grayish-green leaves successful summertime and autumn. These long-flowering perennials are the prima of earthy planting schemes, a magnet for attracting butterflies and attracting bees, and emotion a blistery adust spot successful the yard. 

Height: 24in (60cm)

Spread: 18in (45cm) 

9. Cotinus coggygria (smoke bush)

Smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria)

(Image credit: Olena Lialina/GettyImages)

The feathery panicles of this easy-to-grow shrub adhd a hazy veil of colour to summertime borders arsenic good arsenic spectacular fiery shades successful autumn erstwhile the leaves crook sunset yellow, orangish and red. The poorer the soil, the much this volition thrive. 

Height: 13 to 26ft (4 to 8m)

Spread: 13 to 26ft (4 to 8m)

10. Phlomis tuberosa ‘Amazone’ (Jerusalem Sage)

Jerusalem sage (Phlomoides tuberosa)

(Image credit: Nick Kurzenko/GettyImages)

The tall, acheronian upright stems of this robust perennial carnivore galore lilac-pink flowers that look similar frilled chandeliers. Once the flowers fade, phlomis retains a melodramatic beingness successful the borderline with its architectural effect heads that look striking among late-flowering perennials and grasses. 

Height: 4ft (1.2m)

Spread: 3ft (90cm)

What plants turn successful a Mediterranean garden?

Plant that turn successful a Mediterranean plot see lavender, rosemary and different herbs including mint, chives and parsley, shrubs similar oleander, lantana, jasmine and plumbago, climbers including bougainvillea, passionateness angiosperm and Solanum jasminoides, cacti and succulents, salvia, artemisia, catmint and bluish fescue. 

‘Don’t hide to see trees for a Mediterranean garden,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘You could works cypress trees, palms, oregon citrus trees arsenic good arsenic beauteous olive trees.’

What ungraded bash Mediterranean plants like?

Mediterranean plants similar precise well-drained ungraded that isn’t excessively dense – and you whitethorn request to amended drainage earlier planting them. Wet and waterlogged ungraded volition not spot them thrive. Many volition tolerate drought conditions, but bash cheque arsenic immoderate payment from moisture-retentive ungraded during summer.

‘If you’re including gardenias and camellias, carnivore successful caput that these request acidic soil,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens.