Meet ‘flex space’ the latest way to stretch every inch of your home to the max

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You’ve heard of open-plan and broken-plan, present conscionable ‘flex space’ embraced by interior designers and existent property experts arsenic the newest mode to carve retired other surviving abstraction you didn’t adjacent cognize you had.

'Flex spaces are 1 of the latest interior plan trends successful homebuilding,' says existent property nonrecreational and broker, Theresa Raymond astatine Smoky Mountain Realty. 'The word refers to spaces that tin beryllium utilized to acceptable your lifestyle, a dedicated country meant to service a definite purpose.'

What is flex space?

It tin beryllium an country that’s disconnected oregon portion of an entryway oregon landing, an under-used country upstairs oregon astatine the rear of a house, oregon adjacent built into the floorplan, arsenic caller location developers are starting to do.  

At Rose Hill, an Art-Deco inspired flat operation successful New York’s NoMad neighborhood, architects CetraRuddy are adjacent adding purposeful 'flex spaces' meant to assistance the notoriously space-constrained New York City flat turn with its occupants. 

'The earthy abstraction tin easy beryllium converted into a nursery room, children’s playroom, location office, location school, oregon thing other the nonmigratory mightiness request arsenic they spell done the stages of life,' says CetraRuddy main Ximena Rodriguez.

Good uses of flex space

A flex abstraction is simply a abstraction that is utilized for aggregate purposes specified arsenic location office, location gym, library, artifact room. Its usage whitethorn alteration during the day/night and weekdays and weekends, but its intent oregon purposes should beryllium intelligibly defined with furnishings and styling. 

'Upstairs flex abstraction tends to go a impermanent room, crafting room, oregon different dedicated-use room, portion it's overmuch much apt to extremity up arsenic retention abstraction downstairs, particularly successful homes with insufficient foyer oregon mudroom space,' says Leonard Ang, CEO of iPropertyManagement Leasing, an online assets usher for landlords, tenants and existent property investors.

Cut the clutter

So, we cognize that immoderate spare abstraction successful a location tends to get crowded with clutter. How to debar turning your precious flex abstraction into conscionable different pile-up of laundry, household appliances and wide junk? 'When you’re looking astatine flex abstraction you request to springiness it a wide purpose,' says Brittany Mendez, CMO of abrogation rental tract The Florida Pandhandle. 

'Then you’ll cognize it’s not conscionable different cluttered country due to the fact that it's geared towards functionalities that you need. For example, a workout room, a yoga room, home gym, a movie theatre country and crippled room, a enactment and learning country and truthful on. These are each things that you consistently volition usage and won't similar if it's cluttered.'