Modern farmhouse style in a new-build – with relaxed spaces for entertaining

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Years of surviving successful apartments shaped the look and consciousness of this modern farmhouse benignant location successful Bergen County, New Jersey. The five-bed new-build house, 1 of the world's champion homes, couldn't beryllium much antithetic to its single-story predecessors. While the apartments had been each acheronian wood and sleek astute furnishings, this Bergen County household location is light, agleam and relaxed. It's the cleanable backdrop for household beingness and besides for entertaining friends and family.

And that's precisely what its owner, decorator Melissa Gonzalez, had successful mind. Melissa is the main of planetary architecture and plan firm MG2 (opens successful caller tab), and laminitis of The Lionesque Group (opens successful caller tab). For much than a decennary she has been designing pop-up experiences and stores for her clients. Her bureau is successful Manhattan, easy accessible from her caller household location successful Bergen County.  

Melissa wanted to make bully circular travel and an integrated vigor successful the family's caller home. High ceilings, charismatic indoor/outdoor spaces and the en-suite bathrooms were each portion of the caller surviving space. She besides wanted a peculiar chamber for her girl and plentifulness of spaces wherever she could play.

However, achieving this easy-going, relaxed look was thing but easy, arsenic Melissa explains. 'We were gathering successful the mediate of Covid, and truthful of people we had to navigate proviso concatenation issues and the adjacent of our location was astir delayed due to the fact that we had specified a hard clip getting an electrical panel,' recalls Melissa. Her perseverance and patience paid disconnected due to the fact that successful the abstraction of conscionable a twelvemonth the location was finished and the household moved in. 


kitchen with bluish  land  and achromatic  cabinets wood   effect   floor

(Image credit: L.C. Allison Photography)

Melissa's kitchen ideas for the ample unfastened room and eating country see lime-washed achromatic oak wood planks and different earthy elements. It’s neutral, but for the custom-made island’s popular of blue. The land apical is simply a veiny bluish marble, to supply a ocular nexus with the bluish cabinetry beneath and astir the kitchen. The 3 lights implicit the room land are from 1 of Melissa's retail clients,  Kathy Kuo Home.

The appliances, including the stovetop, 2 partition ovens, and refrigerator are by JennAir. 

Family eating kitchen

dining room  with woody  array  and benches and bluish  land  successful  background

(Image credit: L.C. Allison Photography)

It's the cleanable abstraction for cooking with household and friends and Melissa and her hubby and girl devour astatine this array each day. She picked retired a peculiarly kid-friendly seat for 1 broadside of the table, chosen particularly for her girl and nieces. 

Formal surviving room

Living country   with achromatic  curved sofa and taupe curved armchairs and modern   creation  connected  wall

(Image credit: L.C. Allison Photography)

Living country ideas successful the ceremonial surviving country are precise overmuch successful tune with the modern contemporary farmhouse aesthetic that Melissa envisioned for the house. The earth-toned palette is lukewarm greens, browns, neutrals, and brushed gold, but the pieces are much modern and glamorous than successful the different spaces. 

'The seating successful the ceremonial surviving country is curvy and a small sexy,' says Melissa. 'This country has go our “salon” so-to-speak, wherever we person a vintage grounds subordinate and photograph galleries of immoderate of our favourite musicians.'

The sofa and chairs are Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

Formal eating room

formal eating  array  with achromatic  chairs rectangular airy  and modern   art

(Image credit: L.C. Allison Photography)

Anyone looking for ceremonial dining country ideas volition find plentifulness of inspiration successful this astute space. The vigor successful the ceremonial eating country matches that of the ceremonial surviving room, wherever earthy tones plaything to modern. The array and pendant lamp are from RH. Photo collages are by Portuguese creator and person Chiara Mecozzi.

There is simply a done presumption into the butler's pantry connected the right, which leads to the kitchen, and has a hint of heavy blue, linking with the room land and cabinetry.

Family surviving room

Living country   with airy   plaster walls achromatic  sofas and circular  java  table

(Image credit: L.C. Allison Photography)

For this household space, living country ideas needed to beryllium much relaxed and afloat of mundane comforts. 

'The household country is wherever we get cozy together,' says Melissa. It's the trio's interior sanctum and has a relaxing calm you'll spot repeated successful the bedroom. 

As you determination done the location into these household areas, the look is warmer and cozier. The neutral and earth-toned colors and textures are soothing and the look encompasses a centralized fireplace, linen shades, leather java table, basketweave mag rack, and framed photos of household and friends. 

Primary bedroom

bedroom with achromatic  armchairs and acheronian  partition  down  bedhead

(Image credit: L.C. Allison Photography)

Looking for bedroom ideas? Take inspiration from Melissa's superior chamber set-up. It's a spot of calm and relaxation with an earthy neutral palette. The walls are painted successful 2 hues by Benjamin Moore, which springiness the country added dimensionality. The backmost wall, 'Intrigue' is simply a heavy greenish portion the different walls are the lighter 'Iced Marble' shade. 

The ceiling pendant is from 1 of Melissa’s favourite interior designers, Kelly Wearstler. The artwork implicit the furniture is sourced from a decorator connected Etsy and the bedding is from the location goods marque The Citizenry, a lawsuit of Melissa's.

'I emotion having a communicative down the pieces successful my home,' says Melissa. 'I person an affectional transportation to this brace of achromatic chaises, from our lawsuit Burrow.' 

Indeed, Melissa is ever looking for ways to beryllium supportive of entrepreneurs and asked Lauren Amoruso, a caller residential interior designer, to beryllium her adjunct and assistance with immoderate last touches successful the bedroom, including the bedside array and lamps, which implicit the integrated and earthy feel.

Girl's room

Child's country   with bluish  furniture  patterned wallcovering

(Image credit: L.C. Allison Photography)

This country for Melissa's young girl has been designed to turn with her into her preteens and teens. Melissa wanted to make a soft, feminine vigor for the space. The backmost partition features The Fairy Mural from Monique Lhuillier/Pottery Barn Kids and there's a cloudlike West Elm airy fixture implicit the bed.


bathroom with freestanding modern  bathtub

(Image credit: L.C. Allison Photography)

Key to Melissa's bathroom ideas for the superior en suite were creating a calming vigor and an integrated travel from the bedroom. To guarantee that flow, the colour strategy is chiefly achromatic and grey with earthy wood tones. An oversized barn doorway connects the chamber to the bathroom. The artwork was bought astatine a thoroughfare marketplace successful Croatia. Melissa likes to find interesting, inexpensive artwork connected her travels and adds distinctive frames erstwhile she returns location to elevate their presence.

Building and fitting retired the location during Covid did person immoderate interaction connected Melissa's choices, arsenic she explains. 

'The tub successful the bathroom, was not the tub that we specified. The contractor called 1 time to archer america that if we wanted the tub we primitively picked out, it would instrumentality 18 months,' says Melissa. 'We made different selection!' The bath she chose was akin successful size to the original, but the signifier is somewhat different. 

Despite the setbacks with Covid during the build, Melissa is delighted with the extremity result. 

'Our caller location is precisely what I envisioned,' she says. 'Every determination we made was done with attraction and consideration. 

'As we settee in, truthful does our home, literally. It volition instrumentality astir 3 much months for the instauration to set. I judge a location grows with its inhabitants. As we walk much clip successful each space, I cognize we volition adhd caller treasures and mementos from aboriginal travels, layering the caller implicit the old.'