Modern hallway paneling ideas – 10 practical but good-looking designs

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A twist connected the accepted hallway paneling of emblematic of play homes, modern hallway paneling ideas are a large mode to adhd extent and texture to these engaged areas.

Your hallways tin acceptable the country for the remainder of the colour schemes passim your home, and by utilizing paneling ideas for walls you tin make spaces affluent with quality and charm.

Wooden paneling was traditionally utilized successful houses for insulation, but soon became a beauteous decorative diagnostic that was included connected walls successful hallways and the rooms beyond for decoration. Decor and insulation aside, hallway paneling is hugely practical, offering overmuch much absorption to scuffs and knocks than wallpaper oregon overgarment unsocial can.

Modern hallway paneling ideas

Mixing modern elements, specified arsenic modern paneling styles, with traditional, specified arsenic paneling overgarment ideas, bold wallpaper designs and modern sheet shapes, you tin make vibrant hallway paneling ideas that unite the aged with the new.

So whether you privation to update the accepted paneling successful your hallway with paint, oregon marque your ain paneling and adhd a accepted architectural diagnostic to a modern hallway, these modern hallway paneling ideas volition connection you immoderate inspiration.

1. Choose a unsocial geometric plan  

Large hallway with achromatic  painted walls and acheronian  wood   flooring, unsocial   geometric plan  connected  achromatic  beforehand   door, carnal  tegument  benignant   rug, achromatic  paneling connected  walls, pick  lounge seat  and plant, achromatic  painted handrail and pendant light

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

There is an array of hallway paneling styles retired determination to take from, from classical committee and batten to sleek lingua and groove, but for a modern hallway, wherefore not usage a unsocial geometric plan that makes the astir retired of your space? 

'In this ample entryway, the beforehand doorway is defined by an intricate paneling effect, with the paneling utilized passim the abstraction embracing a akin style,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle.

'The achromatic panels utilized beside the stairs reflector the gradual emergence of the steps, a clever plan item that unites contrasting features unneurotic – a large prime for stair paneling ideas.

'The wide plan is caller and uplifting, and by utilizing a neutral, calming palette, your attraction is drawn to the blase usage of contrasting geometric shapes.'

2. Paint your paneling a timeless gray

White painted hallway with grey  paneling, airy  wood   herringbone flooring, marble console array  with opal and brass array  lamp, rounded solid  geometric pendant, achromatic  and achromatic  framed pictures, solid  paneled doors,

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Gray has rapidly go an progressively fashionable shadiness to decorate with successful the modern home, with gray hallway ideas guaranteed to make a long-lasting strategy that tin coordinate with changing furnishings pieces and décor ideas implicit time. 

Painting the paneling successful your hallway a timeless grey shadiness is simply a subtle mode to adhd a modern twist to a accepted feature. Gray tin enactment arsenic the cleanable backdrop to a scheme, and makes for a stylish, blase entranceway to the home.

3. Use each 1 color

Dark bluish  painted hallway with painted paneling, woody  staircase, wallpapered bath  nether  the staircase, achromatic  and achromatic  framed photograph

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

For a much melodramatic effect, coating hallway paneling and the walls each 1 colour volition make a enhanced, modern strategy that celebrates color. 

Choosing a monochromatic colour scheme is simply a large mode to adhd a modern flair to accepted paneling successful a hallway space. 

In this design, the paneling and walls person been painted a heavy blue-gray shade, creating a bold yet relaxing plan that welcomes you into the home.

 4. Choose a lingua and groove style

Tongue and groove benignant   paneled hallway successful  a neutral shade, chromatic  flooring, woody  seat  and overgarment  hooks, accepted   woody  beforehand   door

(Image credit: Neptune)

'Tongue and groove paneling is simply a well-established, accepted hallway paneling method. The benignant refers to the usage of 2 level pieces of wood mounted broadside by side, creating a clean, azygous level surface. 

'A cozy and inviting design, the benignant is besides precise applicable for a hallway space, adding a coagulated furniture of extortion to the walls – perfect successful an country specified arsenic hallway that has a batch of dense use,' says Andrea Childs, Editor, Country Homes & Interiors.

Choosing warming hallway overgarment ideas, similar successful the hallway supra by Neptune, volition heighten the tactile, textured look, creating a unsocial architectural diagnostic that is stylish and inviting.

5. Be bold with overgarment ideas

Pale pinkish  painted hallway with lingua  and groove paneling, acheronian  bluish  painted stairs, airy  wood   flooring and multi colored geometric tiled flooring, framed coating  connected  wall

(Image credit: Matt Clayton Photography Limited)

A elemental overgarment of overgarment successful a bold, modern shadiness is an casual mode to marque hallway paneling consciousness caller and new. 

Using colors and paint ideas that are contiguous passim the remainder of your location volition make a cohesive strategy bursting with personality. 

'In this hallway, the palette of colors utilized make a basal retired space. The pale, painted pinkish paneling creates a beauteous opposition with the warming, earthy wood level and bluish painted stairs, with elements specified arsenic the colorful level tiles tying each elements together,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor.

 6. Enhance your wallpaper with painted paneling

Hallway with gray-blue painted paneling, purple floral wallpaper, solid  chandelier hanging supra  a achromatic  circular  woody  array  with flowers, surviving  country   with floral curtains, purple sofa

(Image credit: Laura Ashley)

Wallpaper and paneling are 2 plan features that enactment harmoniously together. For hallway wallpaper ideas, woody paneling tin enactment arsenic a luxurious framework to a wallpaper design, enhancing the look with added texture and color. 

Painting your hallway paneling successful an accent shadiness that complements your wallpaper volition make a bold, modern design, cleanable for your hallway arsenic good arsenic for surviving country paneling ideas.

7. Uplift your hallway with achromatic paneling

Hallway with achromatic  walls and painted paneling, greenish  painted partition  beside staircase, wallpapered stairs, achromatic  flooring, acheronian  wood   console array  with greenish  array  lamp, works  and achromatic  telephone, achromatic  wood   and rattan stool

(Image credit: Jo Henderson)

'Simple yet effortlessly effective, decorating with white does not person to beryllium boring –quite the opposite, successful fact,' says Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director Sarah Spiteri. 'Styled successful the close way, achromatic hallway paneling tin make a refreshing, elegant plan – a large enactment for ceiling paneling ideas also.

'Ideal if your hallways are connected the smaller size, utilizing achromatic painted paneling tin marque the country consciousness agleam and spacious whilst inactive adding texture and character. When paired with different accent colors, the wide effect tin marque for a timeless design.'

In this hallway, the greenish accent colour lifts the each achromatic scheme, with the acheronian achromatic furnishings creating an elegant contrast.

8. Pick a quadrate paneled design

Off-white painted hallway with quadrate  paneling, warming wood   parquet flooring, umbrella stand, carpeted staircase, framed artwork

(Image credit: Emma Lewis)

Square hallway paneling, besides known arsenic Jacobean benignant paneling, creates a neat and blase decorative diagnostic for your hallway space. 

Traditionally crafted from coagulated wood, this benignant is defined by the symmetrical placement of squares, forming an elegant grid effect.

In this hallway, the paneling has been painted successful a soothing off-white shade, creating a tranquil ambiance that unites accepted features with a cleanable and modern look.

9. Use applicable paneling

Light greenish  painted lingua  and groove paneling with retention  cupboards, acheronian  greenish  painted beforehand   door, 3  woven retention  baskets, chromatic  flooring with patterned rug and 2  pairs of wellington boots

(Image credit: Future)

The hallway is simply a precocious traffic, multipurpose country successful the home, truthful it pays to guarantee that your plan schemes are some stylish and practical. 

The retention cabinets successful this hallway person been crafted to reflector the accepted lingua and groove paneling utilized connected the walls. Painted successful a calming mint greenish shade, the wide paneled effect successful this hallway embraces contented but with added elements of modern practicality.

This is besides a useful extremity for bathroom paneling ideas wherever abstraction tin often beryllium limited. 

10. Enhance your paneling with artwork

White painted hallway with ample  rectangular panels, marble flooring, metallic console array  with array  lamp. marble effect   partition  lamps, ample  quadrate  artwork. neutral scheme

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

A large mode to heighten the artwork successful your hallway by creating an further framed element, hanging artwork successful the halfway of accepted committee and batten paneling tin make an eye-catching focal constituent successful a hallway, perfect for wall décor ideas.

The artwork and 2 decorative partition lamps successful this modern, art-deco inspired hallway abstraction person been mounted connected sleek achromatic paneling, providing an elegant backdrop that adds accent to the decorative designs.

How bash you decorate a hallway with paneling?

There are 2 main ways to decorate a hallway with paneling. 

Either, update the existing, accepted paneling successful your hallway with overgarment and wallpaper, oregon if you're successful a modern spot – physique your own. 

To adhd your ain hallway paneling, prime a benignant that volition heighten the size and quality of the space, and clasp colors and shapes that link with the remainder of your home. 

Helen Shaw, Director astatine Benjamin Moore states, 'whether you opt for accepted symmetrical patterns, the elemental elegance of lingua and groove, oregon a much modern geometric design, guarantee that you person thought done however the installation volition work.

'Careful readying is indispensable truthful you tin guarantee that the joins enactment and that you’ve thought of applicable considerations specified arsenic however it volition enactment successful narration to plug sockets, fireplaces and doors'.

Can hallway paneling beryllium modern?

Using dynamic overgarment schemes and added elements specified arsenic wallpaper and artwork tin make a vibrant, modern plan with hallway paneling. 

Uniting traditional, architectural features with modern colour schemes and modern spaces tin make beauteous interior designs that reinvent accepted features.

Do not beryllium acrophobic to usage hallway paneling successful your modern location oregon adhd colour to your accepted paneling successful a play property, a premix of styles tin marque for a refreshing plan that is wholly idiosyncratic to you.