More than a cabin, this mountain retreat has refined style and year-round luxury

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Bought successful aboriginal 2020 arsenic a 2nd home, this stunning upland hideaway abruptly became a full-time surviving abstraction during the Covid pandemic with reimagined interiors to marque it enactment each twelvemonth round. 

One of the world's champion homes, it's located successful Martis Camp, betwixt historical Truckee, California, and North Lake Tahoe. The caller interiors notation the classical ideas of upland surviving - roaring fires, rustic materials, cozy blankets - but besides present much antithetic finishes and materials to springiness the abstraction unexpected refined luxury. 

The owners called connected the expertise of plan duo Susan Collins Weir and Chris Weir, of Studio Collins Weir (opens successful caller tab) to rework the interiors during the pandemic. The finished results are precisely what the owners were looking for. 'This is simply a location of elevated luxury that you don’t person to interest astir taking you boots disconnected astatine the entry,' says Susan Collins Weir, 'and a spot for their household to gather.'


entry foyer with elemental  console and windows either side

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

The modern location is clad successful the accepted materials of Martis Camp – weathered wood, alloy and chromatic and the introduction foyer perfectly merges the extracurricular and wrong scenes. 

Studio Collins Weir weren't stuck for hallway ideas for this client, having worked with them connected erstwhile homes. 'We recreated a fewer pieces from past projects with this client, specified arsenic the customized alloy console astatine the home’s entry,' says decorator Susan. The elemental lines of this portion acceptable the code for the remainder of the home, and introducing alloy arsenic a worldly for its furnishings promises that this task volition instrumentality upland compartment benignant to a much blase level. 

Open-plan surviving room 

open program  surviving  eating  room  with solid  walls and woody  cladding taupe sofas

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

Living country ideas for this awesome open-plan abstraction see layering shades of grey with earthy textures and textiles. The seating abstraction is arranged successful beforehand of the fire. 

'Rich leathers, suede and textures invitation household gatherings astir the fireplace,' says Susan. 'The swivel chairs are pieces developed successful the Studio, portion the u-shaped sectional promotes speech and astatine the halfway a Calcutta java array by Flexform.'

Kitchen-dining space

open program  eating  room  with grey  chairs and achromatic  table

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

Still portion of the home's open-plan 'great room', the eating abstraction bridges the surviving and room areas. 

Studio Collins Weir's dining country ideas diagnostic a astute walnut eating table, with metallic detailing to repetition the worldly themes seen elsewhere successful the home. The chairs are from Marta Sala, The Future Perfect. 

Behind it, the room is an organic-looking abstraction with shades of stone, airy wood and walnut cladding to reflector the fittings of the remainder of the large room. Kitchen ideas for a country similar this, wherever the main surviving abstraction is unfastened program to the moving conception of the kitchen, often enactment champion if the room tin subtly merge into the background. The usage of earthy colors and materials facilitates this, though this beauteous room is decidedly worthy a 2nd glance. 

Home office

home bureau   with modern   table  and seat  and country   window

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

With fantabulous earthy airy from the large country window, positive inspiring upland and wood views, this has everything needed for a comfortable, productive workspace. 

If you're looking for home bureau ideas, you whitethorn not beryllium capable to lucifer the presumption but opting for a ample workspace and clear, uncluttered surroundings are fantabulous starting points. 

Cozy seating area

white sectional sofa with country   model   and java  table

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

The redesign enactment each inch of abstraction to bully usage passim the home. Here, a country model has been turned into a cozy and inviting seating abstraction with a glamorous achromatic sectional sofa and connection java table. 


bedroom with achromatic  linen and bedhead and grey  bedside table

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

Bedroom ideas successful this abstraction see a custom-designed furniture and leather-covered bedside array by SCW. The palette is simply a blase and highly liveable premix of wintertime whites and grays.

Bedroom sitting space

white armchair successful  chamber  with model   behind

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

There's abstraction successful the superior chamber for different relaxing spot – implicit with upland view. The lounge seat is upholstered successful woven ivory, with a chromatic sculptural broadside array from Coup D’Etat.


bathroom with ovum  shaped bath successful  model   and vanity portion   with marble top

(Image credit: Matthew Millman)

Studio Collins Weir's hubby and woman plan squad didn't person to look acold for Bathroom ideas for this beauteous space. All the inspiration they needed is extracurricular of that window. 

Smart modern fittings were chosen to complement the upland views, with the tub placed to marque the astir of them too. Dark wood trim for the vanity portion and a marble backsplash, adhd to the glamour and elevate this mode beyond the mean compartment washroom aesthetic.