Narrow entryway ideas – 10 expert ways to make a long space seem wider

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If you person ever had to look for constrictive entryway ideas, past you’ll beryllium much than alert of the tricky task of making it a agelong entryway look wider than it really is, portion desperately searching for interior decorator tricks to marque your entranceway look lukewarm and welcoming. 

You’ve astir apt spent hours trying retired antithetic entryway ideas, rearranging furniture, choosing overgarment colors and deliberating connected rug styles successful a frenzied effort to marque your agelong entranceway look much spacious, airy and airy.

Do not panic – with immoderate clever tricks of the trade, determination are successful information aggregate small entryway ideas that partition assistance crook that awkward entryway layout into thing stylish and sophisticated, truthful don’t springiness up conscionable yet.

Narrow entryway ideas – 10 expert-approved layouts

Give your constrictive entryway a much-need update with our curated enactment of interior design-approved layouts, entryway colour ideas, lighting inspiration and more.

1. Use colour to assistance a agelong entryway

Narrow entryway ideas with acheronian  overgarment   color

(Image credit: Future)

'A constrictive entryway tin often beryllium connected the acheronian side,' says Edward Bulner, interior decorator and founder, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. 'Light colors volition not marque a acheronian abstraction light, but bully colors volition marque it interesting. So spell with the vibrant mid to acheronian colors that tin beryllium lifted and lightened with lamplight. Try heavy blues oregon a deeper neutral specified arsenic lukewarm cinnamon and taupe.’ 

Joa Studholme, colour curator astatine Farrow & Ball agrees: ‘When dealing with a agelong oregon acheronian hallway it’s champion to clasp what you person alternatively than combat it. Paint it a beardown colour that volition thrill you and your guests erstwhile you get astatine the location and marque the rooms disconnected it consciousness bigger and lighter.’

2. Create an impact

Small entryway ideas with colorful features

(Image credit: Alexander James / Studio Peake)

When it comes to decorating a long, constrictive entryway, galore radical marque the mistake of reasoning tons of airy colors volition assistance to assistance the space, says Nicole Salvesen, co-founder of Salvesen Graham. 

‘The information is that immoderate battles are conscionable not worthy fighting. If you overgarment the entryway wholly white, it has the effect of highlighting the deficiency of earthy airy alternatively than disguising it.’ Instead, the champion enactment is to distract the eye. ‘Do thing fun. Use a patterned wallpaper oregon opt for a melodramatic entryway overgarment color, and past bent tons of pictures connected the walls. Make it a bully spot to be, alternatively than determination to hurry through.’

3. Light the way 

A hallway lighting thought  with matching modern  golden  ceiling pendant and sconces from Arteriors

(Image credit: Arteriors)

There are assorted lighting tricks disposable these days to marque an entryway look much breathtaking and consciousness much spacious, says Sally Storey, originative manager of John Cullen Lighting. 

‘It’s champion to purpose for drama, not symmetry, by layering the lighting effects successful an entryway,’ she explains. ‘Add interaction by hanging an oversized pendant and dimming it for mood, but usage this successful conjunction with downlights that tin spotlight a representation connected the partition oregon item flowers connected a console table.’ 

Then adhd a opposition by utilizing partition lights oregon a downlighter to make a lavation on 1 wall. Another instrumentality Sally recommends is to gully the oculus down the entranceway by lighting the half-landing oregon an entity astatine the acold end: this helps to foreshorten a agelong constrictive space.

4. Maximize abstraction successful a small, constrictive entryway 

hallway/entryway with greenish  retention  doors, ceramic  flooring, chromatic  walls, rug, basket

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Good entryway retention ideas are indispensable successful a constrictive space. This country tends to beryllium a casting-off spot for everyone’s coats, bags, shoes and keys, truthful beryllium definite to find the champion solution that makes the astir of each disposable inch, beryllium that built-in oregon standalone furniture. 

If abstraction is astatine a premium, oregon if outgo is an issue, determination are plentifulness of flexible freestanding pieces disposable specified arsenic consoles, chests, baskets positive pegs and shelves, each of which marque bully tiny entryway ideas for apartments.

5. Raise the ceiling 

Narrow entryway with achromatic  walls and raised ceiling

(Image credit: Shapeside / Amy Bartlam)

Another mode to make the feeling of abstraction successful cramped oregon constrictive entryway is to rise ceilings, says interior decorator Charlotte Hughes of Sutton House Interiors. ‘Removing the plasterboard to rise the ceiling tin beryllium precise effective. If that reveals immoderate alternatively disfigured level joists, inquire whether your builder tin regenerate them with immoderate much charismatic structural oak joists without affecting the level above.’

'In aged houses it tin wage to analyse the archetypal "bones" of the location though it is important to see the information ceilings whitethorn beryllium successful if you exposure them,' says  Genna Margolis, laminitis of Shapeside, who designed this Santa Monica home. The usage of achromatic overgarment present whitethorn person helped to conceal flaws arsenic good arsenic make a softer effect that blends successful with the country below. 

6. Color drench a constrictive space

hallway with grey  and achromatic  walls, staircase, orangish  accents, woody  floor, orangish  armchair, broadside  table

(Image credit: Little Greene)

One constrictive entryway inclination which is presently being adopted is colour drenching. ‘This contemporary, cohesive attack delivers precocious interaction by coating woodwork, radiators, the ceiling and doors the aforesaid colour arsenic the walls,’ says Ruth Mottershead, originative director, Little Greene. ‘This volition make a implicit scheme, treating each constituent similarly, and volition present a plan connection erstwhile entering oregon viewing the hallway from different rooms wrong your home.’

7. Plan accessories carefully

Parquet flooring successful  a hallway

(Image credit: Future)

‘A beautifully elaborate partition of lightly antiqued reflector tin beryllium a large mode to grow a choky entryway,' says Claire Sa, director, De Rosee Sa. 'Placing a console and lamps successful beforehand of a ample reflector softens the coldness of the reflector material.’ 

A fantastic mode to maximize light, well-chosen hallway reflector ideas volition assistance to make the illusion of abstraction – and play a invited portion successful making your abstraction consciousness bigger and brighter, instantly.

8. Be bold and daring 

grey hallway with checked level  and agleam  pinkish  console array  and mirror

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

‘Narrow entryways should marque a connection astir the location and owners arsenic good arsenic being a welcoming space,' says Mike Fisher, originative manager and founder, Studio Indigo. 'Small and constrictive spaces tin beryllium treated successful a expansive mode – “be bold” is my advice.'

'Large details tin unfastened up the space, specified arsenic utilizing treble doors but making them arsenic gangly arsenic possible. A brace of facing mirrors helps make the illusion of much abstraction and adds a spot of glamor. Painting the abstraction a airy colour volition not marque it consciousness bigger. Use beardown colour to marque a connection and springiness personality. Lastly, we are large fans of polished plaster successful hallways – it’s practical, pugnacious and has a fantastic reflective prime that makes the abstraction shimmer.’ 

9. Display favourite art

Narrow entryway with achromatic  walls and ample  artwork

(Image credit: Lucie Ayres / Noah Webb)

Walls that are covered with pictures and different partition hangings thin to marque a country consciousness closed successful oregon busy, truthful simply bent 1 oregon 2 ample pieces of artwork to marque the country consciousness wider and much spacious. Ensure determination is capable abstraction betwixt the pieces to let them to shine.

‘Our favourite mode to marque a connection with creation successful a constrictive entryway is to play with scale,' notes Camilla Clarke, originative manager astatine Albion Nord. 'Make the astir of the partition abstraction and take a large-scale artwork that spans the afloat tallness of the doorway oregon wall. It volition consciousness bold and impactful.'

10. Keep a constrictive abstraction escaped from clutter

Narrow entryway with achromatic  walls and wood   floor

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

If there’s 1 happening that’s going to make the illusion of much abstraction successful a constrictive entryway, it’s decluttering.  Make definite you support your entryway organized by removing unnecessary items, and your abstraction volition instantly consciousness spacious, lighter and much welcoming.

When organizing an entryway, effort and support the level arsenic wide arsenic possible, too, arsenic it’s 1 of the easiest ways to support a consciousness of spaciousness. Remove immoderate oversized rugs and plants, and origin successful bag, seashore and footwear retention to guarantee unused covering and footwear doesn't accumulate.

How bash you decorate a constrictive entryway?

In dark, constrictive entryways, decorating choices marque a large difference. ‘There are 2 approaches to tiny oregon constrictive entryways,’ says Ruth Mottershead, originative director, Little Greene. ‘Embrace the size and spell for heavy acheronian colors and patterned wallpapers, oregon opt for a instrumentality of the oculus and elongate a agelong constrictive abstraction by utilizing a lighter, warmer colour astatine the extremity of the space, with a somewhat darker shadiness of a akin code connected the walls to make depth.’ 

Ann Grafton, originative manager of Mulberry Home besides notes that, ‘using a large-scale plan connected each walls successful an entryway tin blur the illusion of wherever 1 partition stops and different 1 begins, making the abstraction consciousness wider.

How to benignant a skinny entryway?

‘Entryways tin often beryllium constrictive with small earthy airy truthful see utilizing colour and signifier to make a plan strategy that brings warmth and airy to the space,' says Ruth Mottershead.

'The entranceway is simply a fantastic spot to make a archetypal content for guests, but besides the archetypal country you participate erstwhile returning home, truthful see however you privation your location to marque you feel: calm and cocooned oregon cheerful and vibrant? Don’t hide to see the views into the entryway from different rooms, however overmuch bash you spot and however volition the plan you take for the entranceway travel into the remainder of the house?’