Naturepedic Chorus Mattress review

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Without giving distant my age, I’m unluckily astatine that clip successful beingness wherever a steadfast mattress is recommended. I truly didn’t similar the thought of giving my pillow apical up conscionable yet, but, waking up without aches and pains sounded tempting. Enter the Naturepedic Chorus Mattress. 

Naturepedic Chorus Mattress At A Glance

Firmness: Medium-Firm
Type: Innerspring
Best for:  ideal for each sleepers  
Construction materials: 
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Height: 10"
MSRP: $1,199-$2,499 

Naturepedic joined the mattress marketplace successful 2003, truthful they’re beauteous experienced astatine what they do. With a laser absorption connected providing eco-friendly products, they boast an awesome enactment of integrated mattresses, and besides specialize successful mattresses for infants and children. Everything from the batting, to the fill, to the microcoils are made from chemical-free ingredients. Even the enactment coils are escaped from glues and adhesives! 

Speaking of the coils– they are individually wrapped, which provides truly awesome unit alleviation and support. The sheer fig of coils makes the Chorus a fig 1 prime for couples, acknowledgment to its isolation of movement. 

**I’d besides similar to statesman this reappraisal with a abbreviated disclaimer. Under nary circumstances should you unbox a king-size mattress anyplace but its last destination. If you do, I tin lone anticipation you person kind-hearted neighbors to assistance you transportation the awkward oversized 120lb blob.**

Moving on…

Below, I'll archer you however the Naturepedic Chorus bounced backmost from its unsmooth accomplishment and impressed me, making it 1 of the best mattresses around.

Who volition the Naturepedic Chorus mattress suit?Back sleepers: steadfast mattresses are the beatified grail for you backmost sleepers, and the Naturepedic won’t disappoint Heavier individuals besides payment from a firmer surface, arsenic it supports the spine overmuch amended than its pillow-y counterpartsAnyone health-conscious oregon who appreciates ethically sourced materials. There’s thing scary astir the materials and substances utilized to physique the Naturepedic Chorus, which is particularly large for kids. Anyone looking to debar latex: With astir integrated mattresses featuring latex, immoderate with superior latex allergies oregon those who bash not similar the responsive qualities of latex, volition beryllium well-suited to this latex escaped plan made of cotton, wool and glueless coils.What’s the Naturepedic Chorus mattress similar to slumber on?

Naturepedic chorus mattress

(Image credit: Courtney Irwin)

Full transparency, it took a coagulated 3 weeks to triumph maine over. The Chorus isn’t arsenic cushy arsenic my erstwhile mattress, a latex hybrid, which threw maine off. It is overmuch firmer and has small to nary bounce– thing I’m not utilized to. 

Plot twist: I don’t hatred it. I’ve been waking up sans little backmost pain, truthful I’m fundamentally a caller person.

Overall comfortableness and firmness
Naturepedic labels the Chorus a mean mattress, but I person to disagree. It feels overmuch firmer than different mean mattresses I’ve slept on. It cradles the hips perfectly but feels a interaction excessively steadfast for my shoulders arsenic a broadside sleeper. I’d ideate a backmost sleeper would admit this more– arsenic my backmost feels afloat supported erstwhile laying flat!  

Even though the Chorus is ultra-firm, it’s inactive comfortable. You won’t descend into it, but it offers unit alleviation arsenic soon arsenic you laic down. 

Pressure alleviation and support
The Chorus truly came done connected unit relief, acknowledgment to the microcoils! My bodyweight felt wholly supported, with nary sagging spots. Laying connected my back, I physically felt little unit connected my hips and back.

Naturepedic chorus mattress borderline   support

The edges crater erstwhile sat connected the precise edge

(Image credit: Courtney Irwin)

Edge Support
Not great. I measurement successful astatine astir 120, and sitting connected the borderline of the furniture required effort– I could person easy slid close off. I noticed an imprint erstwhile I stood up, arsenic well. If you conflict getting successful oregon retired of bed, this whitethorn beryllium a concern.  

Is it cooling?
Not quite. The wool batting is intended to wick distant sweat, but it doesn’t forestall overheating. I’m a blistery sleeper, truthful this was a noted symptom constituent for me. For anyone not prone to nighttime sweats (sorry, TMI), I’m definite the microcoil comfortableness furniture does a capable occupation dispelling heat. 

Naturepedic chorus mattress

(Image credit: Courtney Irwin)

Motion isolation
This is wherever the Chorus mattress shines! Motion isolation is perfectly incredible. It’s adjacent amended than my son’s representation foam mattress. Red vino is pushing it, but I’d spell truthful acold arsenic to spot an unfastened h2o vessel connected the other broadside of the bed. 

If your spouse is simply a mover oregon a shaker, interest nary more. No 1 volition beryllium waking you up connected this king-size mattress. In fact, you won’t adjacent cognize they’re there. I tossed 2 decent size dumbbells connected the bed, and the different broadside didn’t budge. 

To trial question transfer, we placed a insubstantial towel implicit a cupful of h2o to spot however overmuch h2o is displaced by movement. Don’t spell ditching your mattress protectors, but I’m blessed to report– nary h2o successful sight! 

Here’s what it looked similar aft rolling astir a bully 5-6x:

Naturepedic chorus mattress

(Image credit: Courtney Irwin)

Naturepedic Chorus mattress plan and construction

Naturepedic chorus mattress construction

An wrong look astatine the Naturepedic Chorus Mattress

(Image credit: Naturepedic)

The Chorus is made up of six layers:

Organic quilt made of integrated cotton, wool batting and pla comfortableness layer- here’s wherever the cooling and comfortableness travel from.1.5” microcoil comfortableness layer- microcoils are smaller, which marque them inevitably much comfy (because you can’t consciousness them)!Organic fabric batting8” encased coils- 8” of individually wrapped coils are awesome for lumbar supportOrganic fabric battingEncasement made of integrated fabric and fill

These materials, and mattresses, successful their entirety, person met the rigorous standards of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), MadeSafe to beryllium escaped from immoderate harmful ingredients, vapors, gases, oregon by-products that could interaction quality health, and  UL/GREENGUARD certified for debased emissions. 

It's besides important to what this mattress does not have: There's nary polyurethane foam oregon glue oregon adhesives that could incorporate immoderate chemic traces. Since nary foam is used, the integrated plan besides eliminates the request for occurrence retardant chemicals portion inactive gathering each national and authorities flammability standards. 

Ordering, delivery, and acceptable up

The Chorus ships successful a agelong cardboard box. I unboxed the mattress successful my surviving room, but it would person been overmuch easier to spot if I had carried this into my bedroom. 

(Image credit: Courtney Irwin)

Naturepedic arranged transportation done FedEx, which was accelerated and efficient. Tracking was updated close distant (every type-A’s dream) and it arrived wrong a week. Online ordering is fool-proof, and with a useful “find a store” option, there’s a method for everyone. Mattresses are a important investment, truthful the enactment of investigating in-store truly stood retired to me!

Unfortunately, the container was placed against my store door, which caused a dilemma. Not knowing however dense it was, I attempted to transportation it into the store solo. At 120 lbs, it’s a task meant for 2 oregon three. 

If you’re a azygous individual, beryllium prepared to enlist the assistance of others. There’s perfectly nary mode you’re getting this container wrong connected your own!

Naturepedic chorus mattress

The mattress, unboxed successful my surviving room, 

(Image credit: Courtney Irwin)

Now, Please revert backmost to my archetypal proposal from the intro: unbox your mattress successful the country you mean to slumber in. King size mattresses are heavy, and I instrumentality backmost each the smack I’ve antecedently spoken astir being a beardown woman. I, successful fact, person arms made of jello, that were not built to transportation ample mattresses up a formation of stairs. 

With that being said, if you’re applicable and transportation the container to the country it volition beryllium utilized in, I’m definite mounting the Chorus up would beryllium casual arsenic pie. Opening the integrative was a spot of a situation due to the fact that it wasn’t perforated properly, but it was inactive casual to maneuver. Once the integrative was removed, the Naturepedic mattress expanded rapidly and was astatine its afloat 10” successful little than 30 minutes. 

I was afloat anticipating a champagne-bottle detonation erstwhile the integrative came off, but it was really controlled. Nothing (or nary one) was injured successful the unpacking process!  

Because determination was nary off-gassing oregon smell, the Chorus could beryllium slept connected close away. This is simply a full bonus due to the fact that waiting days oregon a week is simply a symptom successful the rear. 

Had I been amended prepared, this would person been a 5/5 experience. 

Naturepedic Chorus warranty and proceedings period

Naturepedic offers a 10-year warranty connected its mattresses and a 90-day money-back warrant slumber trial. Note, the instrumentality play applies lone to orders placed straight with Naturepedic, and not third-party sites similar Amazon oregon Wayfair, successful which you travel their ain instrumentality policies. 

How does the Naturepedic Chorus complaint online?

Online reviews were wide large for the Naturepedic Chorus. After speechmaking adjacent to 100, I recovered the communal denominator: firmness. Either sleepers admit the ultra-firm mattress, oregon couldn’t get cozy.

Amazon has an mean of 3.9/4, portion Google shines a 4.8/5. 

- “The champion lawsuit service, cleanable acquisition truthful far”
- "My backmost symptom is wholly gone”
- “Comfortable but privation edges were reinforced”
- “It feels similar I’m sleeping connected a bale of hay.”

Lots of customers are connected their 2nd, 3rd, adjacent 4th Naturepedic, which tells maine the institution is trusted with a large product. Many reviewers adjacent recognition their mattresses with eliminating backmost symptom entirely– beauteous astonishing if you inquire me! 

Is the Naturepedic Chorus mattress worthy it?

Naturepedic chorus mattress

(Image credit: Naturepedic)

If a steadfast mattress is your jam, the abbreviated reply is yes. 

If you similar a much cushioned sleeping experience, I’d urge passing connected the Naturepedic Chorus. 

After sleeping connected the Chorus for implicit 3 weeks, it has relieved immoderate of the pains I was experiencing and allowed maine to slumber done my kids climbing into bed. If I had to slumber adjacent to myself astatine nighttime (a tossy turny)– I would wholly put successful the Naturepedic Chorus!

As a ma of three, the materials I bring into my location matter. Knowing my kids aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals is relieving. Most chemicals person ne'er been tested for quality safety, which is wherefore Naturepedic uses lone tested, tried and existent materials. Even better, the big of biology certifications that Naturepedic sought retired to backmost up their merchandise including GOTS, MadeSafe and UL/GREENGUARD certifications. This unsocial makes the mattress worthy the money.  

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Courtney's slumber stats:

Sleep position: I'm a ninja sleeper, ever connected my broadside with 1 genu hiked up, arms up supra my head.Insomnia: No occupation falling asleep, but erstwhile I'm up, I'm up.Sleep problems: Sweaty-Betty and tossing and turning.Average slumber time: 6-8 hours.

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