Night-scented plants – the 10 best to grow in an entertainment garden

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Night-scented plants assistance make a backyard with the cleanable ambiance for evening entertaining. And nighttime blooming and light-reflecting plants tin besides assistance to acceptable the country arsenic tin ample plants that adhd leafy operation astir an entertaining abstraction and bring play erstwhile up lit.

Some intensely fragrant plants bloom lone astatine night, and the scent of galore different plants is intensified aft sundown with their fragrance wafting connected the gentle evening breeze to make a magical ambience. 

In readying flower furniture ideas beryllium alert that scented plants similar lukewarm sheltered areas of the plot specified arsenic courtyards and patios, and they besides adhd a welcoming interaction if you works them on paths and adjacent entrances. You tin besides take scented climbing plants to screen pergolas truthful you tin bask them arsenic you beryllium below.

Night-scented plants – and apical choices for alfresco evening entertaining

Prioritize fragrance erstwhile selecting planting for an outdoor surviving room, and if it’s a abstraction often utilized for evening entertaining, enactment night-scented plants astatine the apical of your list. Think astir choosing plants with light-reflecting qualities truthful they glow successful the moonlight, too, and to enclose an entertaining abstraction effort utilizing ample verdant leaves similar fatsia japonica successful layered planting to make a luxuriant consciousness of enclosure. 

These are our favourite night-scented plants on with those that volition heighten your outdoor entertaining space.

1. Night-scented phlox

night scented phlox

(Image credit: Peter Vallance/Alamy Stock Photo)

This produces tiny achromatic flowers that stay tightly curled up during the time and lucifer small beads, past unfastened up successful the evening to uncover superb star-shaped petals and the astir heavenly scent. A compact semi-evergreen perennial, this is perfect for planting successful containers astir your entertaining space. 

Height: 4 to 20in (10 to 50cm)

Spread: 4 to 20in (10 to 50cm)

2. Moonflower

white moonflower

(Image credit: Panther Media GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo)

The night-time mentation of the greeting glory, this is 1 of the night-scented plants that’s besides beauteous to look astatine with iridescent achromatic trumpet-shaped flowers and heart-shaped leaves. These fast-growing and long-flowering vines unfastened fragrant flowers astatine dusk that adjacent successful the morning. They emotion scrambling implicit a trellis oregon enactment truthful are bully for pergolas. 

Height: 10 to 15ft (3 to 4.6m)

Spread: 3 to 6ft (90cm to 1.8m)

3. Variegated dogwood (Cornus alba)

Cornus alba Elegantissima

(Image credit: Trevor Chriss/Alamy Stock Photo)

Better known for its red-barked stems successful winter, this besides has ivory-edged leaves that bespeak summertime moonlight arsenic they displacement successful an evening breeze. The clusters of achromatic flowers adhd night-time involvement successful aboriginal summer, too. A accelerated grower, this likes a presumption that’s successful afloat prima to portion shade. 

Height: 5 to 8ft (1.5 to 2.5m)

Spread: 5 to 8ft (1.5 to 2.5m)

4. Nicotiana alata ‘Lime Green’

Nicotiana alata Lime Green

(Image credit: P Tomlins/Alamy Stock Photo)

With an aggravated night-time fragrance that attracts moths, this baccy works assortment is different quality among the options for night-scented plants with prolific trumpet-like flowers of airy greenish that unfastened astatine dusk. Easy to turn successful ample quantities, it is cleanable for ample patio pots arsenic it likes a sheltered, sunny spot successful well-drained soil. 

Height: 2ft (60cm)

Spread: 10in (25cm)

5. Senecio cineraria ‘Silver dust’

Senecio Cineraria oregon  Silver Dust plant

(Image credit: UpPiJ/GettyImages)

Easy to turn successful immoderate well-drained ungraded successful a sunny position, the delicately chopped silvery-white leaves person a phosphorescent prime that volition adhd sparkle to your evening. Plant them successful pots for the patio truthful you tin admit them close up close. 

Height: 4 to 20in (10 to 50cm)

Spread: 4 to 20in (10 to 50cm)

6. Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) 

Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

(Image credit: Nahhan/GettyImages)

One of the astir enduringly fashionable of night-scented plants, prima jasmine is an evergreen climbing shrub with an irresistible perfume. The clusters of achromatic flowers volition twine implicit a trellis connected a sheltered partition oregon astir a pergola that creates an outdoor eating room. 

Height: 13 to 26ft (4 to 8m)

Spread: 13 to 26ft (4 to 8m)

7. Night-scented stock

Night scented banal  flowers

(Image credit: Rupak Biswas/Alamy Stock Photo)

Their saccharine scent wafts crossed the evening plot and the fragrance volition pull night-time pollinators. Plant anyplace you tin get adjacent capable to admit the fragrance. The beauteous flowers tin beryllium white, purple oregon pinkish and unfastened astatine dusk. 

Height: 4 to 20in (10 to 50cm)

Spread: 4 to 20in (10 to 50cm)

8. Gardenia jasminoides ‘Crown Jewel’

gardenia flower

(Image credit: Richard Patterson/Alamy Stock Photo)

The queen of scented plants produces dozens of creamy satin-soft flowers with an intoxicating fragrance that volition capable your garden. New varieties specified arsenic ‘Crown Jewel’ are hardier and tin beryllium grown outdoors successful partial shade, flowering from July to September. In sheltered gardens they tin beryllium near extracurricular during mild winters. 

Height: 2ft (75cm)

Spread: 3ft (1m)

9. Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica plant

(Image credit: Cynthia Shirk/Alamy Stock Photo)

Also known arsenic the castor lipid plant, this large-leaved evergreen brings a interaction of the jungle to the garden, particularly erstwhile mixed with bamboos and grasses for a lush tropical look. Tolerant of heavy shadiness truthful bully for courtyards, the shapely leaves are a large mode of adding play to the plot erstwhile up lit astatine night. 

Height: 8 to 13ft (2.5 to 4m)

Spread: 8 to 13ft (2.5 to 4m)

10. Black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)

black bamboo

(Image credit: Will Perrett/Alamy Stock Photo)

Grown for its distinctive stems, which commencement disconnected greenish past crook glossy achromatic successful opposition to the agleam greenish leaves. It has a tall, upright wont that adds impact, particularly if the little leaves are stripped distant to uncover the canes. It tin beryllium utilized to heighten boundaries and looks large up lit astatine night. 

Height: 8 to13ft (2.5 to 4m)

Spread: 8 to 13ft (2.5 to 4m)

What plants odor astatine night?

Plants that odor beauteous astatine nighttime see evening primrose, petunia, Wisteria floribunda, and dianthus, on with our favorites similar night-scented phlox, moonflower, nicotiana, prima jasmine, night-scented banal and gardenia.

Is night-scented banal a perennial?

Night-scented banal is not a perennial, but alternatively is an annual. In different words, you’ll request to sow it each twelvemonth to bring its beauteous fragrance on with its colour to your yard. ‘It’s casual to grow,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘And it’s decidedly worthy the effort for the fantastic scent the tiny flowers produce.’

Plant successful aboriginal spring, from February to May depending connected zone.