Nook beds ideas – 10 space-clever beds for alcoves, nooks and niches

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Nook beds are having thing of a moment, appearing connected the societal feeds of internationally renowned designers – and Homes & Gardens (of course). We deliberation we cognize wherefore they're abruptly truthful en vogue: we each recovered the comfort, shelter, warmth and reassurance of location during the pandemic addictive, and they're the cleanable bed idea, and retreat, we've each been looking for.

Perfect for making ample bedrooms consciousness cozier, for making superb usage of abstraction successful small bedrooms and for making bedtime an juncture successful kids' bedrooms, we deliberation each location should person 1 – oregon more.

These, below, are our favorites – but we deliberation this diagnostic whitethorn conscionable proceed to turn arsenic we adhd much finds to it.

Nook furniture ideas

Whatever you telephone them – and you'll find them called nook beds and alcove beds erstwhile you're searching connected Instagram and Pinterest – there's plentifulness of inspiration for creating your ain cleanable retreat... but these are the champion we've found. So far.

1. Create a mendacious partition to make a faux niche

Bed for a spare room

(Image credit: Future / Simon Brown)

Let's commencement by saying that a nook furniture needn't beryllium successful a nook. It whitethorn beryllium that it's conscionable a furniture squeezed into a tiny chamber that's retro-designed with a nook. Because portion a furniture placed against a wall, whether oregon not it is nether a model with beauteous views, tin beryllium rather cozy, the country volition ever look compromised unless you marque a small chamber layout look purposeful.

And you tin bash this by gathering a mendacious partition successful beforehand of the furniture and decorating it successful a contrasting colour oregon strategy to the remainder of the room, arsenic interior decorator Beata Heuman has successful this space. 

'This could marque a tiny country consciousness adjacent much compact,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle. 'However, the sculptural quality of the mendacious wall, the colour blocking and, of course, the model marque the nook consciousness incredibly inviting and space-clever.' 

2. Think practicalities arsenic good arsenic decor

Bedroom by Veere Grenney

(Image credit: David Oliver/Veere Grenney)

If you're looking for guest chamber ideas, you mightiness privation to see the practicalities for your nook bed: storage, lighting and privacy. Everything you privation successful your ain chamber oregon a edifice bedroom. This alcove furniture has it spot on: curtains to gully for privacy, shelving for storing idiosyncratic items oregon for bedtime reads, and lighting for speechmaking oregon simply the convenience of not having to get retired of furniture erstwhile it's clip for lights out.

3. Turn a child's tiny country into a concealed hideaway

Red chamber  alcove

(Image credit: Future / James Merrell)

Children's rooms are often the smallest spaces, turning rapidly from nursery to toddler's country to – earlier you cognize it – teen spaces. A nook furniture tin accommodate your kid safely from toddler to precocious schoolhouse graduate, and we defy immoderate kid not to emotion the privateness and comfortableness a curtained niche tin offer.

4. The expansive nook furniture you'll enactment successful each weekend

Nook beds and alcove beds

Styling, Alice Hart

(Image credit: Jon Day/Future)

Fit for royalty (we're reasoning Marie Antoinette), this nook furniture is taken from 1 of our ain photograph shoots, inspired by the Bloomsbury Set and the Arts & Crafts movement. And we deliberation it's the benignant of nook furniture you'd ne'er privation to permission – hemmed successful by the layers of fabrics, and calmed by the muted colour palette.

'From dusky pinkish to chalky blues, the Bloomsbury Set loved colour and embraced it successful each country – furnishings was painted past painted again, creating tonal depths that harmonized and contrasted with different furnishings and a medley of textiles,' says Homes & Gardens' Interiors Editor.

It's a fantastic illustration of how to premix patterns, we think, too.

5. The pared backmost but peaceful nook bed

A full opposition to our cozy nook furniture above, this elegant plan by Paris-based decorator Benjamin Guedj is reminiscent of French coastal properties – and successful information is successful a location successful Biarritz connected the westbound seashore of France. 

It's the perfect, restful-looking retreat that is astir apt much suited decoratively to lukewarm weather, but we tin representation pulling that curtain crossed and sleeping soundly...

6. The nook furniture that's besides a speechmaking nook

The detailing successful this small nook furniture by Veere Grenney is exquisite – from the enactment that draws the oculus to the lantern successful the ceiling, the subtle speechmaking airy connected the wall, the coordination of the textiles and the shutters astatine the window. 

Perfect for a child's room, this 1 is really successful a impermanent country – we privation an invite! 'The VGA solution for a cosy azygous furniture successful a impermanent room,' accidental London-based Veere Grenney Associates. 'Cashmere walls and curtains and a small tented furniture surrounded by books and adjacent a small telly. Does it get overmuch better?!' No, it truly doesn't.

7. The alcove furniture successful a nook

We've noticed that interior decorator Rita Konig is partial to a nook bed, and describes this 1 arsenic 'The coziest, astir calm country – from @stevengambrel's Sag Harbor home'. And we hold – the airy bluish colour palette – 1 that Gambrel favors –is restful and inspiring. 

However, it's the presumption of the nook furniture that truly caught our oculus – it has its feet successful the room's alcove, butting close up to the fireplace – it truly is the cleanable solution for a small bedroom. The country is an all-one-shade affair, which is simply a clever space-enhancing trick, too.

Picture: @ericpiasecki

8. The nook furniture that makes large usage of eaves

In attic bedrooms, eaves abstraction is often wasted – oregon fixed implicit to awkward retention space. Here, successful a chamber refresh by @jeffersonstdesigns, it's been utilized to the max. 

It's a elemental look to recreate – we'd reason that it's simpler than gathering successful retention – and the detailing with the wallpaper creates a existent focal constituent successful a chamber that mightiness different person been... conscionable ordinary. We similar the small nook furniture nook, too, wherever the fortunate proprietor tin store books and a lamp. 

9. A child's nook furniture that's acceptable for an adult

We emotion the astute suiting attack to the textiles utilized for this nook furniture by @peterpennoyerarchitects and interior decorator @katieridder, designed for their daughter's chamber astatine the household successful Millbrook, NY.

The vertical stripes really execute a neat ocular instrumentality – different than looking incredibly astute – making this compact abstraction consciousness taller than it is. The reddish keyline utilized astir the nook and successful detailing wrong is the cleanable finishing interaction – adding warmth, and framing the furniture perfectly.

10. Proof that nook beds are amended than bunks

If you person children sharing a room, loft furniture ideas are a sensible, space-saving enactment – but they seldom look smart. Enclosing them wrong a framework similar the 1 supra by New Zealand-based Apple Tree Designs is the cleanable solution, giving some beds overmuch much status. 

'Let your child's dreams travel true!' they comment. 'A climbing ladder, a cozy sleeping space, each furniture with its ain furniture airy and nook and nether furniture storage. May the adventures begin!' Indeed.

What is an alcove bed?

An alcove bed, similar a nook furniture oregon niche bed, is simply a furniture acceptable into a recessed abstraction created by a room's architecture. You tin make an alcove furniture by having a framework built astir the bed, with a wide opening on 1 broadside of the bed. This framework tin beryllium painted, wallpapered oregon upholstered wrong and out, and the opening tin beryllium curtained to make an alcove bed. The furniture itself tin beryllium freestanding oregon tin beryllium portion of the carpentry.