Number of electricity cable strikes during construction work rises

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Builders person been warned to prioritise electrical information aft information has shown the standard of cable-damage incidents linked with gathering work.

The information from energy distributor UK Power Networks, which covers London, the South East and East of England, highlights that 23 per cent of cable-damage incidents successful 2021 progressive gathering work, which was the highest incidence complaint among the trades.

UK Power Networks' sum spans much than 8 cardinal businesses and homes successful the region.

It warned that operation workers could beryllium astatine hazard of superior harm erstwhile carrying retired cable-related gathering activities, oregon erstwhile utilizing instrumentality specified arsenic lifting equipment, ladders, pneumatic drills and different manus tools.

UK Power Networks information advisor Ros Forbes said: “Working arsenic a builder adjacent our networks, whether they beryllium underground cables, overhead lines oregon energy substations, tin spot employers and employees astatine hazard of superior wounded if the risks are not decently considered.”

Federation of Master Builders main enforcement Brian Berry said that gathering sites are “dangerous environments”, particularly wherever unrecorded cables are present. He urged builders to support up to day with the latest information guidelines connected moving astir unrecorded wires.

UK Power Networks reiterated that it was indispensable for builders to program up for cablegram information connected site. Other recommendations included marking cables clearly, utilizing cablegram detectors connected walls and roofs, disconnecting wires earlier demolition work, and connection with chap workers astir the determination of cables.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, which regulates workplace information successful the UK, three operation workers died from the handling of energy betwixt April and December 2021. It was the 2nd large origin of death, aft falls from height.