Oak cabinet kitchen ideas – the best new ways to use this traditional material

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Oak furniture room ideas are thing caller – they person been a fashionable prime for years due to the fact that of their timeless appeal, not to notation the information oak is simply a durable worldly that gets amended with age. But if you deliberation that oak furniture room ideas volition consciousness excessively accepted successful a modern home, deliberation again. 

In caller years, determination person been a fig of caller and absorbing techniques which person reinvigorated the material, and made this aged staple a modern favorite. If oak furniture room ideas are precocious connected your list, present are the cardinal ways to enactment a caller rotation connected the look.

Oak furniture room ideas – 10 modern ways to benignant a wood kitchen

Finding the close oak furniture room ideas is pivotal to creating a abstraction that you volition emotion for years to come.

Whether you similar a classical look with tons of detailing oregon thing much modern, specified arsenic flat-fronted doors, these oak furniture room ideas volition supply you with the inspiration you request to make a strategy that fits your home's period, your decorating benignant and the room's proportions. 

If you're looking for much kitchen ideas, these kitchen furniture ideas volition supply inspiration for open-plan, galley, U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens.

1. Choose a serene scheme

Oak furniture  room  with oak level  and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Banda)

Pale and absorbing champion describes this dreamy strategy successful westbound London by Banda. ‘We person positioned this wood room furniture idea connected the south-facing broadside of the flat truthful it is filled with earthy light,’ says laminitis Edo Mapelli Mozzi. 

‘It has a calming uplifting consciousness and overlooks the plot quadrate done the generously proportioned early-Victorian windows. The agelong cardinal land mirrors the magnitude of the country successful a linear style. We worked with Obumex to make minimalist bespoke cabinets successful a airy brushed-oak wood and incorporated a Calacatta Dior marble kitchen countertop.’

2. Explore the quality of bespoke

Oak furniture  room  with bespoke alloy  doors

(Image credit: Eggersmann Design)

A operation of textured timber and striking metallic details forms this archetypal look. ‘Hand-applied factual on with vintage oak and rolled-steel surfaces make a tactile abstraction with an elegant concern presence,’ says Gary Singer of Eggersmann Design.

3. Go for a acheronian and moody colour scheme

Oak furniture  room  with handleless doors

(Image credit: Chamber Kitchens )

This Chamber Kitchens plan features dark room cabinets with handleless rough-sawn oak doors, antiqued Indian Black granite countertops and a Lazenby polished factual floor, which harvester to make a blase scheme. 

‘The restrained palette ensures that the Cherner chairs, Ochre airy and artefacts from southeast Asia are not mislaid successful what is simply a reasonably ample space,’ says Matthew Higgs, decorator astatine Chamber Furniture. ‘The clients (one an architect) were enthusiastic astir design, materials and the process – it was a bully collaboration to beryllium portion of.'

4. Create decorative interest 

Oak furniture  room  ideas Ledbury

(Image credit: Ledbury Studio)

Detail is astatine the bosom of this sensational room by Ledbury Studio. ‘Handmade from English and European Oak with patinated zinc highlights, it blends a beardown modern consciousness with accepted craftsmanship,’ says laminitis Charlie Smallbone. ‘Highlights see the exquisite plan of the gangly cupboards.’

5. Give it a modern farmhouse twist 

wood room  furniture  ideas - Modern rustic farmhouse

(Image credit: Tim Williams )

This highly layered room was created by US-based decorator Studio Jake Arnold. ‘We wanted to sphere the charm of this Los Angeles home, and this room emits an astonishing operation of aged satellite and modern elements,’ says Jake. ‘The tones of the wood cabinetry and the skinny floorboards are the cleanable opposition to the exposed beams, portion the ogee borderline of the chromatic countertop adds good detail.'

6. Mix antithetic styles of oak and timber

wood room  furniture  ideas - woody  kitchen

(Image credit: Base Interior)

‘If you privation to present 2 oregon much taxon of timber successful the aforesaid room, it’s omniscient to guarantee there’s capable opposition betwixt each one. You tin conscionable spot the media partition shelving, successful a overmuch darker stained oak, reflected successful the kitchen backsplash here,’ explains Deborah Bass, director, Base Interior. 

The hexagonal flooring is chopped from earthy marble successful akin tones to some timbers, helping to unite the two. ‘Whatever timbers you usage successful the kitchen, the cardinal to avoiding a dense ‘wall’ of wood is to equilibrium retired the different finishes successful the country – specified arsenic airy painted walls, elemental handles, antique reflector oregon metal backsplashes.’ 

7. Evoke a textural look

Wood room  furniture  ideas

(Image credit: Studio Jake Arnold)

Jake Arnold’s integration of modern Californian benignant and accepted British plan has produced a wood room that delights with its consciousness of comfortableness and luxury.

Timelessness was cardinal erstwhile it came to the kitchen, too. ‘We wanted to make a well-appointed abstraction that functioned arsenic a cardinal hub for the home, truthful we developed a affluent lukewarm wood code for the oak cabinetry, coupled with hand-painted cabinets, antique bronze hardware and a classical La Cornue range,' says interior decorator Jake Arnold. 'It was important to harvester precocious interaction with minimal materiality. Lastly we chose an ogee borderline for the chromatic to heighten the earthy veining of the marble.’

When it comes to take kitchen furniture colors for a farmhouse kitchen, it is champion to instrumentality to muted tones. 'The overgarment shadiness connected the oak cabinetry – dormant salmon by Farrow & Ball – brings astir the lukewarm and timeless consciousness that we emotion to make successful our homes.'

8. Invest successful elemental oak cabinetry

Wood room  furniture  ideas

(Image credit: CRL Quartz.)

The beautifully integrated oak furniture room thought is the item of this chic well-crafted white kitchen, bringing quality to the open-plan kitchen space. ‘The concern look is cardinal here,’ says Simon Boocock, managing manager of CRL Quartz. ‘The Ceralsio Slate Grey ceramic surface, with its textured finish, is hardwearing and casual to attraction for.'

9. Embrace an concern approach

Oak furniture  room  with achromatic  backsplash and brass tap

(Image credit: Caesarstone)

Considering the kitchen color options for your modern kitchen? Whether you’re remodelling your country oregon refreshing it, oak cabinets are a fabulous choice, with the imaginable to make some a look you emotion positive springiness your country a durable finish.

The charm of this oak furniture room thought comes done the reinterpretation of concern style, with pale, textured surfaces successful Caesarstone’s quartz Cloudburst Concrete. ‘We wanted to soften the rawness associated with this trend,’ says Mor Krisher, main designer.'

10. Take inspiration from nature

Oak furniture  room  ideas with land  and marble countertop

(Image credit: Magnet)

Inspired by the quality of Scandinavian woods, the caller Nordic Nature scope by Magnet has oak-effect doors successful smooth, fluted and glass-fronted designs. ‘Incorporating forms inspired by quality improves our carnal and intelligence wellbeing,’ says Herman Persson, radical plan director.

Are oak kitchens outdated?

Oak kitchens are enduringly stylish, and designs utilizing sustainably produced oregon reclaimed woods are much fashionable than ever. What has changed is the plan of oak room cabinetry: fluting, unusual, textured finishes and inlay are astatine the forefront of kitchen trends close now.

How bash you complement oak cabinets?

Oak furniture ideas tin beryllium complemented successful galore ways, and volition suit open-plan kitchens, galley kitchen, U-shaped kitchens and L-shaped kitchens.

If you privation to springiness an existing oak room furniture an update, past bash see the champion painted room furniture ideas first. Painting existing cabinets is simply a large mode of changing the aesthetic of a room without the upheaval of a afloat country refit – positive it volition instrumentality little time, skip the disruption of renovation, and prevention money.

Kitchen lighting ideas are different superb mode to adhd involvement and illumination to your oak furniture room ideas. Apart from its cardinal function, lighting tin person a transformative effect connected your room furniture ideas from making them look brighter to highlighting cardinal details and creating a circumstantial ambience.