One in 10 mid-rise buildings needs fire-safety works

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One successful 10 mid-rise residential buildings successful the UK requires enactment to trim the hazard to beingness from fire, an authoritative study has revealed.

A government aviator study recovered that up to 8,350 lodging towers of betwixt 11m and 18m successful tallness needed either afloat oregon partial remediation of an outer partition system.

The study estimated the outgo of this enactment – positive mitigation measures connected arsenic galore arsenic 530 residential buildings – astatine up to £5.3bn.

While the authorities has, initially astatine least, stumped up for fire-safety projects connected towers higher than 18m successful the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, a enactment is raging implicit however remediation should beryllium carried retired connected buildings beneath this threshold.

Scores of developers have signed a pledge to remediate their ain works connected buildings up to 30 years old. However, different parties, including worldly suppliers, person refused to perpetrate cash, contempt disapproval from ministers.

The authorities has acceptable retired plans to wage for projects connected buildings wherever a liable developer has not been identified done an enlargement of the Building Safety Levy.

But the Home Builders Federation (HBF) says this is unfair arsenic galore housebuilders volition beryllium paying doubly already – done some the pledge and the precocious activated Residential Property Developer Tax, which levies a 4 per cent taxation connected applicable developer profits supra £25m.

An HBF spokesperson said the latest authorities survey “lacks immoderate item and contains figures we cannot reconcile”.

They added that UK housebuilders were liable for “a precise tiny minority” of the buildings successful request of remediation and that galore had already signed up to the pledge.

“It is our beardown assertion that different parties – including worldly manufacturers, gathering owners, different residential developers, overseas developers and their UK-based contractors – are asked to marque contributions earlier the authorities makes further demands connected UK housebuilders to hole buildings with which we had perfectly nary involvement,” said the spokesman.

But the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) said it was lone “right” that it protected leaseholders surviving successful buildings higher than 11m by “making the manufacture ft the measure for captious repairs”. 

A spokesperson added: “This information estimates the grade of cladding remediation required connected these medium-rise buildings successful England and the terms that needs to beryllium paid to marque homes safe.   

“Forty-five of the UK’s biggest housebuilders person pledged to hole their ain buildings, but others successful the manufacture are yet to travel forward, and we volition bash immoderate it takes to marque definite they measurement up and pay.” 

Meanwhile, the DLUHC this week published its response to a cross-party Commons committee that called successful March for a tougher stance with suppliers, installers and contractors implicit cladding costs.

Repeating promises to bash “whatever it takes” to clasp operation merchandise makers to account, the section revealed it had acceptable up a ‘recovery unit’ to prosecute firms “that person failed to bash the close thing”.

The section added that it had created powers to “make regulations that would let the caput of authorities to compel operation merchandise manufacturers […] to lend towards the outgo of remediation works”.