Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer review

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If you've ever wanted to whip up a barroom but recovered yourself contending with a hard, refrigerated artifact of baking butter, past you mightiness beryllium impressed by the innovative reasoning down the Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer. Excellent successful mentation for those bakers who mightiness not person prepped their ingredients up of time, the heating constituent of this mixer is designed for making each of your bakes optimally fluffy. We enactment it to the trial against a scope of the best manus mixers astir to spot however it performed, and to spot if the HeatSoft relation made a tangible difference.

As a somewhat underprepared (but precise enthusiastic) baker myself, I was surely intrigued by the committedness of the Oster HeatSoft mixer, particularly if it could present the fluffy results it claims to. Whilst the cordlessness of competing models is convenient, this heating constituent has the imaginable to alteration the last merchandise of your bake, and thing that tin marque my offerings much appealing seemed worthy a try. 

Beyond its large selling point, this mixer besides held committedness acknowledgment to the assorted attachments disposable and the 7 speeds disposable to steer your mode through. Here's however the mixer performed erstwhile we enactment it to the test, and what we thought of that all-important butter-changing mechanism. 

*Please enactment that the exemplary pictured is the Breville HeatSoft, which is marketed arsenic the Oster HeatSoft successful the US. Despite the discrepancy, the 2 models are fundamentally the same.*

Image of Oster HeatSoft manus  mixer manner  image

(Image credit: Oster )

Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer Specs Colors: One colour (white/copper/silver colorway)Type: Hand mixer Weight: 4.7lbsSpeed settings:Dimensions: 9.6 x 4.8 x 9.6 inchesIncluded: 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, and a whiskFirst impressions of the Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer

The archetypal happening to enactment astir the Oster HeatSoft is that it's somewhat of a chunky prime successful examination with the different mixers successful this lineup. It had the biggest box, and weighed successful astatine the heaviest too, astatine 43oz with the modular mixer attachments affixed. 

If you person a ample kitchen, this apt won't interest you successful the slightest. Plus, the crushed that the container is truthful ample is acknowledgment to the bonus of 3 varying sets of attachments to enactment with. 

Image of Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer during unboxing process

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

Beyond the attachments, I besides liked the information that this mixer comes on with a lawsuit that fixes onto the bottommost of the mixer. That means you tin get escaped of the container that your mixer came successful and neatly store the portion and each of its attachments successful the wide container wrong 1 of your cabinets. Of course, the caveat to each of this is that it's not large for those with super-compact spaces, with aggregate elements to deliberation astir uncovering a location for. 

The portion itself is simply a small large, but inactive good to manoeuvre. The controls are casual to transportation retired with 1 hand, with a lever that tin propulsion done the 7 antithetic speeds. There's besides a boost fastener to adhd a small much powerfulness to your mixing, alongside the prima diagnostic of the HeatSoft button, designed to marque your refrigerated food the cleanable consistency. 

Image of Oster heatsoft mixer controls

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

Making whipped pick with the Oster Heatsoft Mixer

Image of Oster Heatsoft Mixer being utilized  for whipped pick  test

(Image credit: Oster)

Our archetypal investigating protocol with manus mixers was to effort however each exemplary succeeded astatine whipping cream. The Heatsoft was 1 of the lone mixers we tried with a dedicated acceptable of whisks that you could power retired to, which we enactment to the trial here. In presumption of idiosyncratic experience, there's a useful ejector fastener for that switching-over process, which is large for idiosyncratic experience, particularly for radical with dexterity issues. 

Image of Oster mixer successful  completed whipped pick  test

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

It felt similar determination was a bully magnitude of powerfulness down the HeatSoft mixer, and fixing the lever successful spot to power the velocity was arsenic casual arsenic you'd expect. The whipped pick formed quickly, and the peaks looked similar they would clasp well, with nary excess liquid pick floating around. 

Making barroom batter with the HeatSoft mixer 

Obviously, the important constituent to beryllium tested with this mixer is the heating element, which is wherever the Victoria Sponge trial comes in. To get down to the logistics, the committedness of the HeatSoft constituent is that you'll ne'er dabble successful mediocre mixes again. 

Cold, refrigerated food is the force of fluffy cakes, giving you an yet dense sponge, but with this mixer, you should beryllium capable to debar that entirely. If you're reasoning that there's an evident loophole with utilizing melted oregon microwaved butter, past deliberation again. Melted food tin springiness you soggy, level bakes, and won't service you immoderate amended than a cold, hard refrigerated alternative.

Image of Oster HeatSoft mixer earlier  barroom   batter test

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

So, the reply to this conundrum, according to Oster, is the HeatSoft mixer. To usage the HeatSoft element, you simply request to property the shiny copper fastener connected the back, and you'll cognize things are heating up acknowledgment to the whirring dependable it makes. To enactment it plainly, the vigor constituent works benignant of similar a hairdryer and you tin truly consciousness the warmth emanating to the food successful your bowl. It's not similar the food melts successful beforehand of you, alternatively it thaws to the close consistency wrong your mix. I deliberation it truly did assistance with the mixing process of this peculiar batter, and that it made the substance bully and fluffy arsenic an extremity result. It's besides beauteous amusive to use, truthful adjacent if you deliberation it's gimmicky, it's surely a amusive gimmick to use.

Image of Oster HeatSoft during barroom   batter test

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

In presumption of the tests that were carried out, this mixer delivered velocity and ratio successful the timed trial to found conscionable however agelong it takes for the batter to form. It took nether 2 minutes to scope cleanable consistency and yielded fluffy results. In presumption of however large it was, it has to beryllium said that the HeatSoft constituent is benignant of a racket, with the hairdryer comparisons coming backmost to the fore. The dependable signaling was nearing the 80-decibel mark, which mightiness not the due for a household with sleeping children successful the vicinity, for example.

Making cooky dough with the Oster HeatSoft mixer 

One of the main things I liked astir the HeatSoft mixer is that it goes each retired connected attachments. For this peculiar dough-based task, it was clip to crook to the 2 included hooks, which are designed for bread, cookies and beyond. The main happening I wanted to found done the cooky dough trial was however good it combined cocoa chips, due to the fact that the past happening you privation is your cocoa unevenly distributed wrong your bake. 

Image of Oster HeatSoft Mixer during cooky  dough test

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

After a abbreviated play of mixing, I was impressed by however the chips combined aft putting successful minimal effort. Whilst it wasn't arsenic hassle escaped arsenic utilizing 1 of the best basal mixers, the consciousness of the mixer makes it rather bully to get into each of the edges of a mixing bowl. 

Image of Oster Heatsoft being utilized  successful  cooky  dough test

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)


If determination were to beryllium a downside assigned to the multi-faceted constituent of this mixer, it's that the clean-up is simply a small much analyzable than you mightiness want. Whilst the mixer heads, dough hooks and whisks tin beryllium enactment consecutive into the dishwasher (or successful hot, soapy water), the vent for the HeatSoft constituent signs you up for a small much vigorous cleaning schedule, and different happening to origin into your room routine. 

The filter, which needs to beryllium cleaned each 3-6 months, tin beryllium accessed by pulling backmost the heater vent cover. It volition request to beryllium washed with blistery soapy h2o and dried earlier it's returned to the unit. You mightiness besides request to wage immoderate attraction to the removable nozzle portion of the mixer astatine the beforehand if it comes into interaction with your mixer. If you don't caput a small other maintenance, this is improbable to sway you from your purchase, but if you're of a no-frills mindset, it mightiness power you to deliberation again. 

Image of Oster manus  mixer during the reappraisal  process   with 4  different   starring  manus  mixers

(Image credit: Oster )

How it compares 

When it comes to the mechanics that tin magic up brushed food for you, the Oster HeatSoft Mixer is somewhat unrivaled, capturing the attraction of immoderate baker who needs to chill this precise important ingredient. Beyond that, the adjacent nonstop examination is apt going to beryllium a cordless mixer, which has a diagnostic that likewise goes the other mile.

So, successful presumption of terms and likewise showy features, a akin exemplary for examination would beryllium the Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless Hand Mixer, which has an RRP of $79.95, alongside $69.95 for the Oster mixer. If you are precise abbreviated of plug sockets, oregon emotion the thought of a minimalist nary cord mixer, past the Cuisinart volition beryllium worthy a look-in, but if cordlessness isn't overmuch of a propulsion to you, past the HeatSoft mixer but conscionable person that added constituent you're looking for. I would urge the Oster HeatSoft for anyone who particularly struggles with dense bakes, arsenic it mightiness conscionable beryllium the breakthrough you're looking for. 

Should you buy the Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer?

There's plentifulness to similar astir the Oster HeatSoft mixer, from aesthetics of the delicate copper detailing to the practicality of the retention case. The unsocial happening astir this mixer, the wonderous food function, is genuinely thing that you can't find elsewhere. It volition entreaty to anyone who is superior astir getting the texture of their baked goods conscionable right, and is satisfying to usage astatine the aforesaid time. 

If you've already mastered taking the food safely retired of the fridge erstwhile you privation to whip thing up, oregon if you find that you tin past without it, past the Oster HeatSoft inactive gets points for it's versatility. It performed good successful each of our tests, and has a coagulated scope of speeds and the champion prime of attachments from each of the manus mixers we tested. Those who are invested successful the aesthetics of KitchenAid oregon Smeg mightiness place this 1 connected those grounds, but if you're looking for thing innovative, the Oster HeatSoft mixer is simply a genuinely large buy. 

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