Ottoman ideas – 13 inspiring designs and styling tips

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A genuinely versatile summation to your home, the possibilities are endless for ottoman ideas. An ottoman tin person a assortment of functions successful a room, it tin beryllium utilized arsenic a footrest oregon for other seating, to acting arsenic a java array and show country for books and magazines.

A large diagnostic for living country ideas, ottomans tin besides beryllium utilized passim the home, moving good successful some bedroom, bath and landing areas, adding some a applicable aboveground country and inviting interaction of signifier and texture.

Whether you take a accepted footed plan to brace with your sofa, oregon opt for a bold patterned benignant to adhd a popular of colour to a bedroom, determination are a scope of ottoman ideas to take from to champion coordinate with your space.

Ottoman ideas – 13 beauteous ways to benignant this applicable yet decorative feature

From ottoman placement ideas, to antithetic finishes and styling techniques, we person gathered our favourite ottoman ideas to supply you with immoderate stylish inspiration for this flexible furnishings piece.

1. Create an constituent of contrast

Large sitting country   with 2  grey  sofas and 2  grey  armchairs, finished with yellowish  and pinkish  patterned cushions, surrounding a pink, floral patterned ottoman, gray-beige painted walls with acheronian  yellowish  and grey  checked curtains, accepted   fireplace with metallic  and leather occurrence  front, ample  airy   yellowish  and bluish  rug, acheronian  wood, rounded broadside  tables

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

An ottoman is simply a large mode to beryllium bold with plan ides and make an constituent of opposition successful a room.

'If you privation to adhd immoderate involvement to your surviving abstraction but successful a much subtle way, choosing an ottoman successful a contrasting colour oregon signifier tin make a diagnostic retired of this furnishings portion – without the plan being excessively overpowering,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle.

In this surviving room, the pinkish patterned ottoman plan beautifully contrasts with the grey and yellowish scheme, with the hints of pinkish utilized successful the decorative cushions tying the wide strategy together.

2. Choose a durable leather design

Bright surviving  country   painted white, chromatic  fireplace with tv   mounted connected  the partition  above, duplicate  bluish  sofas facing 1  another, cardinal  debased  leather java  table, decorated with plants, flowers and cushions

(Image credit: KJM Interiors, photography by Liz Daly)

As ottomans are often multi-purpose pieces with a fig of uses, choosing a durable material, specified arsenic leather, volition guarantee that your ottoman ideas basal the trial of clip successful your home. 

Leather ottoman designs not lone adhd a luxurious constituent of texture to a room, but they besides supply a creaseless aboveground country which is large for doubling up arsenic a coffee table.

3. Match your ottoman to your existing colour scheme

Living country   with greenish  walls, woody  level  and ample  L shaped grey sofa, greenish  leather ottoman matches the overgarment   colour  connected  the walls, ample  pendant airy  with solid  bulbs

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

To make a cohesive plan scheme, a elemental styling extremity for your ottoman is to lucifer  the portion with the paint ideas utilized successful a space. 

In this family surviving room, the beauteous greenish overgarment shadiness utilized passim is elevated by the matching ottoman design, creating a stylish transportation and solemnisation of the colour green.

The acheronian woody feet besides perfectly lucifer the flooring, grounding the ottoman to the abstraction and further enhancing this agreed plan atmosphere.

4. Use an ottoman successful a chamber space

Bedroom with brownish  upholstered headboard, achromatic  bedding and brownish  cushions and throw, pick  ottoman with achromatic  framework  positioned astatine  the extremity  of the bed, sash model   with agelong  brownish  curtains, brownish  carpet, acheronian  woody  bedside tables with achromatic  and brownish  array  lamps

(Image credit: James Balston)

'Ottomans are often associated with surviving rooms, placed successful beforehand oregon beside the main seating area, however, they are besides a large summation to a chamber space, creating an other constituent of comfortableness and texture,' says Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director Sarah Spiteri.

A go-to spot to presumption an ottoman successful chamber spaces some tiny and ample is astatine the ft of the bed. This established plan thought creates a applicable and inviting seating country that neatly extends the furniture design.

Whether you lucifer with your furniture linen oregon make an constituent of contrast, retrieve that ottoman ideas are not conscionable constricted to the surviving room.

5. Coordinate with your curtains

Pink painted surviving  country   abstraction  with agleam  bay window, navy sofa, 2  pick  striped armchairs, positioned astir   a pinkish  striped ottoman, curtains with matching pinkish  striped pattern, woody  level  with multi colored signifier   rug, accepted   marble fireplace with mantel decorated with vases, photographs and decorative solid  objects

(Image credit: Steve Ambrose)

From bold printed curtains to neutral artifact colour designs, coordinating your ottoman with your curtains tin effortlessly marque the portion consciousness integrated successful your space. 

In this surviving room, the bright, pinkish striped cloth utilized connected the curtains and ottoman make a colorful statement, and beautifully complement the muted, pink-purple overgarment colour utilized connected the walls.

Making the astir retired of a beauteous portion of worldly and utilizing the aforesaid people passim a abstraction tin make a thoughtful and considered design.

6. Use arsenic a level for decorative trays and objects

Living abstraction  with painted bluish  built successful  shelving either broadside  of a achromatic  fireplace, rounded reflector  with achromatic  scalloped edge, patterned armchair with reddish  trim facing a large, reddish  striped ottoman, ample  bluish  rug implicit    woody  floorboards, metallic hanging pendant with 7  pick  shades, pick  curtains

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Ottomans are renowned to make an inviting aboveground country wherever you tin get originative with decorative trays, ornaments and objects.

Providing a applicable level overmuch similar a java oregon broadside table, your ottoman tin beryllium beautifully decorated with flowers, books and accessories. Styling them with objects specified arsenic these tin besides marque them consciousness much idiosyncratic and connected to a space.

Living country   with airy   grey walls, coving, pick  and bluish  sofas and grey rug, acheronian  grey  cloth  ottoman with metallic  frame, 2  grey  rounded poufs beside ottoman, yellowish  cushions, achromatic  metallic pendant airy  with 5  agelong  arms with shades

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

For a much lightweight design, choosing an ottoman with a slender metallic framework tin heighten the feeling of abstraction successful a room.

Great if you privation to usage an ottoman successful a tiny surviving country and not marque the country consciousness excessively overcrowded, utilizing see-through options, similar above, usage an elegant premix of contrasting materials whilst amplifying connected a feeling of space.

8. Use an integrated java array and ottoman design

Living country   with woody  flooring, bluish  and pick  rug and sofas, acheronian  wood   and orangish  show  shelves and gallic  doors onto the balcony

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

You surely tin person some a java array and an ottoman successful the aforesaid space, but determination are galore innovative, integrated java array and ottoman designs retired their that elegantly harvester the 2 designs.

Many designs unite a solid, java array aboveground with the soft, comforting elements of an ottoman placed underneath. This creates an enhanced, multipurpose plan that is large for redeeming connected abstraction successful a room, perfect for small surviving country ideas.

In this striking surviving country space, the agleam red, upholstered ottoman elements tin beryllium pulled retired from underneath the achromatic array design, seamlessly creating further seating and surfaces erstwhile needed.

9. Create a relaxed look with a debased ottoman

Living country   with acheronian  woody  floor, grey ottoman connected  a achromatic  rug adjacent  to a grey sofa and presumption    done  to the room  diner. Feature fireplace, with ample  brownish  leather lounge seat  and footstool positioned beside

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Using a debased ottoman without feet tin make an enhanced, relaxed vibe successful a surviving space. 

'A debased ottoman tin make a much contemporary, informal consciousness successful a room. Being grounded to the level embraces a laid-back feeling and tin marque radical consciousness comfy and astatine easiness erstwhile they locomotion into a room', says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor.

In this surviving room, the ample quadrate ottoman is perfectly paired with the textured rug, creating an inviting, brushed ambiance and gathering constituent successful the halfway of the room.

10. Use a beauteous pair

Living country   successful  a state  benignant   with matching reddish  upholstered armchairs and matching ottomans with patterned upholstery, ample  reddish  and bluish  patterned rug, greenish  curtains, colorful pictures and paintings connected  the wall, bluish  painted broadside  table, yellowish  lamp shade

(Image credit: Simon Brown photography)

Why person conscionable the 1 ottoman? For a balanced, symmetrical look successful your surviving space, utilizing aggregate ottomans is simply a large mode to adhd texture and colour to a room, arsenic good arsenic providing aggregate surfaces that tin enactment arsenic seating, show areas and footrests. 

Whether you take matching designs similar successful the cozy surviving room above, oregon opt for contrasting styles dotted astir a room, having much than 1 ottoman volition ever make some an country of benignant and practicality.

11. Position successful a bath to make a luxurious atmosphere

Elegant bath  with accepted   basin and bath, ottoman and antique thorax  of drawers, yellowish  and achromatic  wallpaper and ample  laundry basket.

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

Ottoman ideas are often considered to beryllium recovered successful a surviving country oregon bedroom, however, utilizing an ottoman erstwhile considering bathroom ideas tin make a heightened ambiance of luxury and relaxation and truly alteration the usage of the space.

Ideal if you privation to marque large bathroom abstraction consciousness cozy, placing an ottoman successful the halfway of the country tin make an inviting spot abstraction and added constituent of warmth and texture.

In this bathroom, the seat style, tufted ottoman creates an elegant seating area, and makes the astir of the bare abstraction other the bath.

12. Add a splash of colour to a neutral scheme

Brown and pick  painted surviving  country   with whit paneling, achromatic  fireplace, 2  pick  sofas facing each   other, agleam  greenish  tufted ottoman placed betwixt  2  sofas, airy  grey  woody  flooring

(Image credit: Little Greene)

If you don't privation to spell large and bold connected your overgarment and wallpaper ideas successful a space, adding colour done upholstery and cardinal furnishings pieces is simply a elemental and subtle mode to adhd quality to a room.

In this surviving space, painted successful a palette of calming, neutral colors by Little Greene, the agleam greenish ottoman creates a beauteous opposition and adds an inviting constituent of colour and texture. An ottoman is simply a large level for accent colour ideas, adding an unexpected, vibrant shadiness done this portion of furnishings is simply a speedy mode to adhd interaction and interest.

13. Layer signifier connected pattern

Unfinished plaster partition  and floral wallpaper surviving  room, floral pring chair, daybed sofa successful  achromatic  and achromatic  stripes, metallic cheque  cube ottoman, sash windows, bare floorboards

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

For a affluent and vibrant look, choosing an ottoman with a people that contrasts with the remainder of your strategy volition marque for a bold plan affluent with quality and personality. 

The colorful, checked ottoman successful this striking surviving country enhances the elements of playful texture and signifier successful the space. Using a substance of antithetic prints, colors and styles successful a country tin make a unique, maximalist look that celebrates layered patterning.

Where should you enactment an ottoman?

There are nary acceptable rules connected wherever you should enactment an ottoman successful your home. Traditionally, they are utilized successful a surviving country space, placed successful beforehand oregon beside a sofa oregon lounge chair. Ottomans are large for making a spot abstraction consciousness intimate and engaging, and placing 1 adjacent the main seating country successful your location volition not lone marque the abstraction consciousness cozy and united, but volition supply a applicable aboveground area.

However, the essence of an ottoman plan is that it is simply a multipurpose piece, meaning that successful tin beryllium utilized successful rooms crossed the home. 

As explored successful this article, ottomans are large for usage successful the bathroom, chamber and surviving room, providing other seating and a level to remainder books, decorative accessories and, of course, your feet.

How bash you decorate an ottoman?

Depending connected wherever you spot the ottoman successful your home, they tin beryllium dressed with an array of decorative objects and accessories. 

Using an ottoman decorative tray creates a designated country that you tin spot flowers, coasters, books and decorative pieces, whilst inactive leaving country for radical to remainder their feet oregon sit. 

In a surviving room, an ottoman is the cleanable spot to show books and magazines, whilst successful a bathroom, you tin decorate with prime toiletries oregon a tiny handbasket of towels.

An ottoman is simply a large country to showcase meaningful objects and accessories, truthful nevertheless you determine to decorate, it tin beryllium a level for some applicable and idiosyncratic pieces.