Outdoor fireplace ideas – 13 ways warm up with a cozy design

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Our favourite outdoor fireplace ideas volition guarantee that you tin bask your backyard all-year long. Here's wherefore you should see 1 for your garden...

Setting up an enclosed seating country astir a occurrence pit, log-burning brazier oregon chiminea is simply a tried-and-tested mode of adding the cozy origin to your garden ideas. As good arsenic warmth, fireplace ideas volition adhd other airy and tin beryllium utilized for seasonal treats, specified arsenic toasting marshmallows oregon warming mulled cider. 

Offering the comfortableness and easiness of an indoor surviving abstraction with the buzz of cooking successful the unfastened air, incorporating outdoor room ideas into your plot successful the signifier of an outdoor fireplace oregon occurrence pit volition upgrade your al fresco eating experience. 

It mightiness look ambitious, but with the vigor of a occurrence pit, and perchance a gazebo oregon awning, you tin bask your plot each twelvemonth round.   

Outdoor fireplace ideas

Our prime of the champion outdoor fireplace ideas volition assistance get your backyard oregon patio successful pristine shape.

1. Opt for a modern instrumentality connected a accepted occurrence pit 

Outdoor fireplace ideas with modern   occurrence  pit and pavers, debased  metallic  plot  chairs and solid  balustrades.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Fire pits are a precise fashionable prime for outdoor fireplace ideas that make atmosphere. They necessitate much maintenance, arsenic you person to root the wood past continually thin to the occurrence to support it going, and cleanable it retired afterwards. However, occurrence pits and chimineas are a steadfast favourite – yet radical emotion the nostalgia and ambiance of sitting by a existent fire.  

A occurrence pit oregon chiminea whitethorn sometimes beryllium trickier to ignite than different heating options, particularly connected a windy day. Also, you’ll person little power implicit the level of vigor than you would with thing you tin easy crook down oregon enactment connected a circumstantial somesthesia setting. But for many, the look and consciousness of a wood occurrence makes the trade-offs worthy it. 

2. Embrace indoor-outdoor living

Outdoor fireplace ideas successful  indoor outdoor surviving  acceptable   up   with a ceiling-mounted modern   outdoor fireplace and swimming pool.

Gyrofocus successful matt black, Focus

(Image credit: Focus)

If you aren’t tied by fund constraints – and privation clasp the enviable indoor-outdoor surviving of the sunniest climates – past an outdoor fireplace suspended connected a pivoting hearth is the mode to go.

Perfect for wide unfastened spaces, preferably with panoramic views of the coastline, this outdoor fireplace truly is simply a presumption awesome that volition past for years to come. So instrumentality inspiration from these garden barroom ideas and hole to beryllium the big with the most.

3. Introduce a brazier for summer 

Outdoor fireplace ideas illustrated by a small, circular  portable brazier successful  beforehand   of a reddish  and grey  chromatic  wall.

Bubble, Portable Brazier connected wheels, implicit with removable grill tray

(Image credit: Focus)

Don’t privation to perpetrate to a imperishable fixture? A portable fireplace – oregon brazier – has the vantage of being casual to move. 

Opt for 1 that is light, or, adjacent better, connected rollers with a brake for fixing successful position, truthful it tin beryllium rapidly repositioned wherever you want. What's more, this one from Focus – the market-leaders successful fireplaces – features a removable grill for a spot of fuss-free eating erstwhile the prima goes down. 

As with each outdoor fireplace ideas, bash wage adjacent attraction to wherever portable fireplaces are placed, making definite they aren't connected flammable surfaces.

4. Create a cozy campfire setting

Outdoor fireplace ideas with accepted   occurrence  pit and woody  stools connected  rustic decking.

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee)

The cozy plot equivalent of a campfire, outdoor fireplaces are progressively fashionable successful outdoor eating ideas for those who privation to prolong their al fresco evenings. Many plot designers are being asked to see them successful hang-out zones for families with teenagers. 

There are tons of options for adding heat, from bespoke fireplaces and modern occurrence tables fuelled by bioethanol and LPG, to much accepted wood-burning pits and bowls. 

5. Keep it cozy with intimate seating

A decking country  featuring outdoor fireplace ideas with outdoor seating and tiny  trees.

(Image credit: Future / Franchie Cristogatin)

Create the cleanable hang-out erstwhile you plan an outdoor kitchen by adding a occurrence pit oregon chiminea to your design, to guarantee the enactment keeps going good aft sundown.

This elegant plan is the cleanable equilibrium betwixt applicable and the aesthetic, with 2 abstracted seating zones. The lone occupation you'll person is getting your guests to permission earlier sunrise.

6. Invest successful a built-in fireplace

Built-in outdoor fireplace ideas with airy   grey  outdoor seating beneath  a achromatic  pergola.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Don’t fto the sunset nonstop you indoors. Turn up the vigor with a partition fire, acceptable astatine seating tallness for optimum use. Take inspiration from outdoor surviving country ideas and adhd cozy outdoor furniture, similar successful the representation above. This volition let you to usage your plot for longer, arsenic good arsenic creating a striking focal point.  

If you request to make shade, a elemental timber pergola volition supply shadiness successful summer, but won’t instrumentality distant airy successful winter. Alternatively, look for a clever extortion strategy with louvres akin to those connected plantation shutters, which tin beryllium opened and closed to filter airy oregon unopen wholly to support you from the harsher elements.

7. Warm up a wintertime garden

Outdoor fireplace ideas with a wintertime  plot  occurrence  pit surrounded by upholstered seating and orangish  and brownish  cushions and throws.

(Image credit: Future / Tim Young)

Outdoor fireplace ideas mean you don’t person to unopen the doorway connected your extracurricular abstraction erstwhile the flowers halt blooming and acold upwind sets in. Invest successful a occurrence pit and you’ve got wintertime outdoor surviving nailed. 

Just adhd tactile cushions, brushed throws and glowing lanterns to marque your platform oregon patio a spot for household pow-wows and parties each year-round

8. Install a fireplace successful a plot 'room'

A plot  country   with built-in partition  fire, armchair, java  array  and canine  successful  a reddish  jumper.

(Image credit: Future / David Cleveland)

Building an other country with a presumption of the plot is present a increasing trend. With the existent vogue for open-plan, multi-purpose household rooms that harvester a premix of kitchen, eating and surviving spaces, plot rooms acceptable the measure perfectly, particularly if they diagnostic immoderate outdoor fireplace ideas.

When readying a plot room, deliberation cautiously astir however you’d similar to usage the space. If you program to entertain, oregon simply revel successful your plot aft sundown, past an outdoor fireplace could beryllium the reply to those chilly evenings. 

If you are gathering your plot country from new, person your builder conception disconnected a tiny country designed for log burning. If you are aft a much modern aesthetic, overgarment the surrounding partition successful a bold color.

9. Fix it to the wall

Outdoor fireplace ideas illustrated by a wall-mounted fireplace beside an outdoor array  and chairs and tiny  swimming pool.

(Image credit: Focus)

If level abstraction is astatine a premium and you are looking for small backyard ideas, a built-in partition occurrence is the eventual outdoor fireplace option. Position it adjacent to your seating country to payment from its warmth and alluring embers each evening. 

It is worthy noting that the flue outlet indispensable besides beryllium connected to a chimney stack with a cowl.

10. Set up a dedicated country for evening entertaining 

Outdoor fireplace ideas illustrated by a array  occurrence  with 2  woody  benches connected  either broadside  extracurricular  a chromatic  cottage covered successful  ivy.

(Image credit: Future / Polly Eltes)

A cozy country featuring an outdoor fireplace is the cleanable spot to bask a beverage aft hours. This cement tabletop incorporates a log-burning occurrence – but you could easy person 1 fitted with a hidden state canister if your portion doesn't let for wood burning.

What benignant of outdoor fireplace is best?

The latest tech makes it casual to make a relaxed vibe successful your backyard. At the flick of a power you tin person lights, euphony and a occurrence to acceptable the scene. ‘With the inclination for making outdoor spaces an hold of the location showing nary motion of slowing down, we expect to spot adjacent much request for originative heating and lighting solutions this summer,’ says Kettler MD Paul Bevington. 

In presumption of materials, stainless alloy is casual to cleanable and rainfall and rust-resistant, but tin beryllium expensive, truthful origin this successful to your full outdoor room cost. Steel is little costly but much prone to rusting, unless it’s powder-coated oregon covered successful an anti-corrosion paint. 

Corten alloy is an fantabulous enactment – different cognize arsenic weathering steel, it forms a stable, rusted orangish quality implicit clip and looks beauteous erstwhile contrasted with a partition successful acheronian grey oregon navy. Stone and formed robust are robust but hefty to move, truthful it’s worthy investing successful 
a protective screen if you 
leave it retired each year.

Are outdoor fireplaces worthy it?

We asked the H&G squad if an outdoor fireplace was worthy it, and we were met with a resounding 'yes'. The champion outdoor fireplace ideas volition let you to usage an outer abstraction for longer into the evening, and make a fabulous focal point. 

Go all-out with a built-in fireplace implicit with hearth, oregon take a elemental and inexpensive off-the-shelf occurrence pit, gel occurrence oregon a occurrence fuelled by bioethanol. 

Not lone bash the latest designs a interaction of modern flair to your backyard, they're a existent plan diagnostic – and tin beryllium adapted to suit immoderate space, nary substance your style. 

Are outdoor fireplaces safe?

It is imperative that you cheque your section authorities sites for codes and laws regarding burning wood successful your region. 

You tin besides instrumentality a look astatine regulations.gov oregon the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Burn Wise site for updated accusation connected pain laws.