Outdoor grill station ideas – 10 ways to elevate your summer BBQs

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The close outdoor grill presumption ideas tin crook a so-so backyard into your family's favourite lukewarm upwind gathering spot.

Beyond conscionable installing the best grill connected the patio, a grill presumption offers added conveniences that uplevel the full barbecue experience. Think outdoor room ideas, but purely dedicated to grilling: nutrient prep areas, built-in sinks, other electrical outlets to plug successful tiny appliances, and adjacent structure from prima and rain. 

Outdoor grill presumption ideas

From planning an outdoor kitchen dedicated to grilling to buying for souped-up standalone barbecues, these grilling stations span a scope of terms points, styles and backyard sizes.

1. Find the close spot for your grill station

Outdoor room  ideas

(Image credit: Subzero Wolf)

One of the astir important things to see erstwhile readying an outdoor grilling presumption is wherever to enactment it truthful it works champion for your lifestyle, says Russ Faulk, Chief Designer and Head of Product astatine Kalamazoo, a luxury outdoor room provider.

'As a year-round griller successful the Midwest, I similar to marque definite my grill is adjacent to my room doorway and located specified that I tin support an oculus connected the lid thermometer done the room window,' helium says. 'Within that context, you request to origin successful inferior locations. Is the state and electrical already successful a bully spot, oregon should you put successful moving it to your perfect location?'

2. Add a rotisserie

outdoor grilling presumption    by a pool

(Image credit: Kate Anne Designs)

If determination was an grant for the champion grill presumption upgrades, this Los Angeles dispersed would beryllium hard to beat.

'This peculiar lawsuit was a existent grill maestro and regularly grills for his household respective times a week,' says Kate Gross, whose steadfast Kate Anne Designs created this outdoor kitchen.  'We included a due Argentine grill that raises and lowers implicit burning logs, a smoker to infuse and dilatory navigator meats, and a grill to sear meats earlier they’re slow-cooked, truthful arsenic to sphere the juices wrong the meat. 

'The grill besides has a rotisserie diagnostic for rotisserie chicken, for example, but it's besides large for cooking up blistery dogs and hamburgers connected a leisurely excavation day. We besides person a prep sink, dual refrigerated drawers to store ingredients, a portion fridge, and a “Sonic” crystal instrumentality for perfectly crunchy ice, conscionable similar you utilized to get astatine Sonic arsenic a kid.'

Note however garden barroom ideas are incorporated into the grilling presumption layout.

3. Use a pergola to location your grill station

cottage patio ideas small  greenish  outdoor room  with eating  table

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A pergola tin elevate the mean outdoor grilling presumption successful a fewer ways. 

For one, it offers shadiness from the prima connected a blistery day, which is particularly invited portion lasting implicit a fiery barbecue. Depending connected the benignant of pergola ideas you choose, it tin besides make aboveground country for creating a tiny barroom oregon serving station. And, you tin usage your grilling presumption to adhd ambience to your full backyard by outfitting the pergola with drawstring lights. 

4. Install a ceramic surround

outdoor grill with ceramic  surround

(Image credit: Chris Loves Julia)

A built-in grill presumption is simply a polished mode to make a navigator abstraction outdoors, particularly erstwhile it's covered successful brick, similar the 1 supra by bloggers Chris Loves Julia. The designing duo DIY-ed this gorgeous ceramic surround, but if you're not rather arsenic handy, pat a scenery architect, contractor, oregon outdoor room institution to make thing similar.

5. Plan for the elements

outdoor grill-The-Outdoor-Kitchen-Collective

(Image credit: The Outdoor Kitchen Collective)

Since your outdoor grill presumption is, well, outside, determination are a fig of factors to see erstwhile readying for it. 'Considerations specified arsenic star orientation, view, and screen for upwind (sun/rain depending) are issues that are circumstantial to outdoor room design,' says Matt Baran of Baran Studio Architecture.

Planning a grill presumption successful a sunny spot? Take a cue from this rooftop platform Baran designed for a California lawsuit and adhd an awning operation to flight the midday glare.

6. Create a freestanding grill station

teak outdoor kitchen

(Image credit: Frontgate)

An outdoor room doesn't person to beryllium hardscaped into your backyard. If a built-in grill presumption isn't successful your timeline oregon fund this year, look for freestanding outdoor room carts, islands oregon cabinets to make your ain customized grill area. 

7. Add a pizza oven

painted pizza oven

(Image credit: Sandtex)

Consider yourself a existent grilling enthusiast? Then you'll request much than conscionable a grill. 

'Smokers and pizza ovens adhd their specialty cooking prowess to your repertoire,' says Faulk. 'Refrigeration tin marque entertaining much fluid. And a descend is simply a captious constituent for washing your hands during nutrient preparation.'

8. Get the basics right

outdoor grill covered by a pergola

(Image credit: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet / Matt Vacca)

Not each grill stations person to beryllium implicit the top. Even a basal grill presumption tin beryllium a winning backyard idea if you get the basics right.

'The astir important constituent of a grill presumption is simply a grill that has the somesthesia scope and versatility needed to enactment the cooking techniques you bask most' says Faulk. 'Beyond that, you request to marque it a functional space. That means counter-height enactment areas with capable country to grip platters, cutting boards, and ingredients; a small spot of retention abstraction for tools to cleanable your grill and your charcoal and wood (if applicable); and task lighting truthful you tin spot what you’re doing aft sunset.'

In this Saddlebrook Ranch, Ariz. project, decorator Kathryn Prideaux designed the outdoor entertaining abstraction astir the Kalamazoo grill, from some a functional and aesthetic standpoint. It was sited specifically to instrumentality vantage of the godforsaken views beyond the property.

9. Build a barroom nearby

Grilling presumption    with built successful  structure

(Image credit: Lundhs)

Serving arsenic the default grill maestro is simply a batch much amusive erstwhile you're surrounded by friends and family. Bring the enactment to you with an land oregon barroom country adjacent to your grilling station, which tin treble arsenic an casual spot for serving up your champion BBQ.

'We archetypal similar to program the determination astir wherever the outdoor/indoor eating areas are located, truthful that nutrient tin easy beryllium served retired to these areas,' says Ryan Gross of Kate Anne Designs. 'We besides similar to marque the BBQ land an accent portion piece not blocking travel and show lines to the remainder of the gait features, and guarantee there's  enough antagonistic abstraction to either broadside of a grill oregon descend for nutrient prep, placing utensils, etc.'

10. Add lights to your outdoor grill station

outdoor room  astatine  night

(Image credit: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet)

If your al fresco dinners thin to agelong precocious into the evenings, beryllium definite to adhd a airy root to your grilling presumption truthful you tin efficaciously flip your burgers aft the prima goes down. If your grill country is adjacent to your lounge seating oregon a gathering spot,  choose task lighting that volition adhd to the ambience, too. 

How bash you physique an outdoor grilling station?

First off, it's important to enactment that your section gathering codes volition govern things similar whether oregon not you tin physique an outdoor grilling presumption connected your property, wherever it tin beryllium placed, however it's built, what surrounds it, and more. So, your archetypal halt should ever beryllium to cheque with your section gathering section oregon zoning commission, oregon to consult an country builder who is acquainted with codes.

Once you've ensured you're abiding by the information rules, the easiest mode to physique a grill presumption is to usage premade outdoor furnishings options to manner a layout that suits your needs. For example, placing a rolling outdoor room cart adjacent to your grill tin make prep abstraction and a spot for serving food. Or, see purchasing a prebuilt gazebo oregon pergola designed to treble arsenic an outdoor room area.

If you're looking for a hardscape grill station, your champion stake is to prosecute a section contractor oregon scenery designer to grip the job.