Outdoor kitchen ideas – 15 ways to make cooking in the yard easy

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Outdoor room ideas marque preparation, cooking and serving nutrient for household and guests arsenic casual arsenic it is wrong your home.

They tin see countertops, storage, sinks and faucets, refrigeration, barroom areas and much truthful everything is to manus and there’s capable abstraction to work. And they tin beryllium sized to suit tiny backyards arsenic good arsenic ample areas.

Select materials that complement your backyard ideas to blend an outdoor room into the space, and program country for dining, shade, and planting for a handsome addition, too. 

Outdoor room ideas

Be inspired by our enactment of outdoor room ideas, from DIY solutions to sleek modern designs, and instrumentality proposal from the experts.

1. Coordinate outdoor room ideas with your yard

A woody  array  laid with luncheon  successful  beforehand   of a greenish  woody  clad house

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Take inspiration from your property’s architecture erstwhile you plan an outdoor kitchen to execute a stylish abstraction that feels similar a earthy hold of your home. 

This shiplap outdoor kitchen, painted successful the aforesaid duck-egg exterior stain arsenic the house, blends peacefully into the background, leaving the absorption connected dining. 

2. Opt for covered outdoor room ideas

Outdoor room  island

(Image credit: Maestri Studio)

Consider covered outdoor room ideas to enactment chill erstwhile when utilizing it. You mightiness privation to see screen for outdoor barroom ideas astatine the aforesaid time, arsenic seen here.

Although this plan is situated successful a ample abstraction that includes a swimming pool, it could easy enactment successful a smaller garden, but whether your plot is ample oregon small, it’s important that your outdoor room blends good with your wide look.

‘This location was designed to equilibrium a modern aesthetic with warm, earthy materials, focusing connected the transportation betwixt the interior and the outdoors,’ says Eddie Maestri, designer and decorator astatine Maestri Studio. ‘With a aboveground of honed implicit achromatic granite and a look of Lueders limestone, the outdoor room land is casual to attraction for and resilient, a cleanable lucifer for the outdoor elements.’

3. Install retention successful an outdoor kitchen

Different outdoor room  ideas illustrated with a grill and cooking accessories and storage

(Image credit: Future)

The cardinal to a palmy outdoor room is capable retention to stash everything wherever you request it. No request to tally backmost and distant to the location each 5 minutes to drawback tongs oregon matches. 

Ideally you should origin weatherproof (leak and frost-resist) retention for crockery and glassware, arsenic good arsenic cooking utensils and substance into outdoor room cost.

Comfort is besides indispensable to enjoyable outdoor living. ‘While textiles suitable for outdoor usage should beryllium susceptible of surviving the unusual shower, it’s omniscient to see determination to store spot cushions overnight,’ says Peter Humphrey, plan manager and laminitis of Humphrey Munson. 

Many plot furnishings ranges see retention nether the seats. An airtight instrumentality wrong outdoor room cupboards volition work, too. 

4. Consider DIY outdoor kitchens

Outdoor room  island

(Image credit: Ikea)

There are immoderate large DIY ways to make a stylish and applicable outdoor kitchen, including the GRILLSKÄR scope from Ikea, which has each the bells and whistles you’ll request to instrumentality cooking outside. 

When you’re readying your cleanable DIY outdoor room see including items specified arsenic a sink, stovetop oregon abstraction for a BBQ, unfastened shelving for the items that you privation to usage regularly and cupboards for tableware and utensils. A bully sized countertop allows you to prep space, too. 

5. Keep your cool

outdoor room  with eating  table

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Plan shadiness for outdoor dining adjacent to an outdoor kitchen, arsenic good arsenic for the prep and cooking area. 

In colder climates it’s champion to spell for a flexible solution that tin determination with the prima and easy adjacent down erstwhile not required. A cantilever parasol is an perfect patio screen idea for shading ample areas without getting successful the way. Or, spell for a gazebo for day-long garden shade, adding broadside panels to artifact breezes. 

6. Make it modern

Outdoor room  island

(Image credit: Stephanie Coutas)

Complement a modern plot plan with outdoor room ideas that are arsenic modern and sleek. 

This outdoor kitchen, by French interior decorator Stéphanie Coutas, includes an land – which she says is simply a important portion of a societal abstraction for hosting guests. ‘Outdoor room islands are the cleanable plan for unfastened spaces. It brings household and friends together, allowing immoderate to beryllium with a solid of vino astatine the land and others to navigator but inactive consciousness contiguous successful the conversation.’

7. Pick a plan for tiny spaces

A portable barbecue connected  a chromatic  patio

(Image credit: Morsø)

Outdoor grill presumption ideas enactment for tiny yards, and they tin besides beryllium worthy including successful larger ones successful summation to a fixed outdoor kitchen.

‘A barbecue that tin beryllium moved astir is large for tracking the prima and – pitched adjacent to the array – allows the cooking to go portion of the entertainment,’ says Declan Kingsley-Walsh, MD of Morsø.

This works for pizza ovens, too.

8. Plan elemental mentation and serving solutions 

Outdoor room  island

(Image credit: Lundhs)

An land connected wheels is simply a elemental mode to boost prep abstraction successful an outdoor kitchen. ‘A movable outdoor room land is the perfect nutrient and portion mentation aboveground for alfresco entertaining,’ says Hege Lundh of Lundhs. ‘Thanks to its flexibility and design, you’re capable to determination it from the shadiness to the sunshine erstwhile needed and of people determination it nether screen if the upwind turns.’

9. Pick and premix your appliances

teak outdoor kitchen

(Image credit: Frontgate)

Think astir choosing a modular outdoor room strategy similar this 1 from Frontgate, that tin beryllium added to implicit time. Starting tiny volition springiness you a accidental to measure whether features specified arsenic a pizza oven, sink, drinks refrigerator and truthful connected are worthy including alongside the barbecue and counter.

10. Find the cleanable spot for an outdoor kitchen

A metallic  array  and chairs successful  beforehand   of a large  greenish  ovum  grill

(Image credit: Future / Colin Poole)

Choosing the determination for your outdoor room solely based connected views tin interaction the enjoyment for some the cook and guests. ‘It’s champion to presumption your outdoor country adjacent the room – for easiness of entree – and successful a sheltered spot, to forestall fume blowing connected guests oregon backmost into the house,’ says barbecue adept and cook Paul Yates.  

Locate the cooking country with your backmost facing the prevailing winds, and deliberation astir however it volition impact items nearby. ‘Place your barbecue connected fire-resistant blocks to forestall precocious vigor from damaging your plot room furniture,’ advises Paul.

11. Build a pergola for an outdoor kitchen

An illustration  of outdoor room  ideas showing a wood-fired pizza oven, grill and woody  array  and benches

(Image credit: South Hams Fencing & Landscaping Ltd)

A pergola is simply a beauteous enactment for an outdoor room – arsenic good arsenic a applicable one. ‘If your plot doesn’t person a covered spot that offers extortion from the sun, you tin make a pergola and turn wisteria and vines that volition supply beauteous dappled airy and alleviation from the heat,’ says Wayne Cocker, director, South Hams Fencing and Landscaping.

12. Create a laid-back look

A large  greenish  ovum  grill successful  a woody  outdoor kitchen

(Image credit: Future / WWOO)

Open shelving provides a laid-back look successful a factual outdoor kitchen. Created by Piet-Jan van den Kommer, this outdoor room comes successful modules that tin beryllium linked to make your desired width. 

‘You tin see a cooking installation specified arsenic a Big Green Egg grill, positive a descend and eating furnishings to truly instrumentality the indoors outside, ‘ says Simon Hawkins, director, WWOO. The usage of portable woody crated for crocked and array linens immunodeficiency speedy set-up. They tin beryllium stored wrong to assistance support from upwind damage. 

13. Invest successful useful appliances

An outdoor room  with woody  cabinets and a built-in grill, descend  and fridge

(Image credit: Gaze Burvill)

Convenience is cardinal erstwhile readying an outdoor kitchen. ‘Most radical lone absorption connected the grill, but we’ve installed fridges, pizza ovens, cocktail bars and teppanyaki griddles,’ says Tom Evans of Gaze Burvill. 

‘Decide your amenities database aboriginal connected to guarantee the indispensable pipes and cables are laid successful the close places. Appliances indispensable beryllium rated for outdoor use. A warranty is besides utile arsenic they volition beryllium exposed to the extremes of vigor and freezing. A bully outdoor room decorator volition supply a inferior drawing, detailing plumbing and electrics.’

14. Ensure your outdoor room is weatherproof

An illustration  of outdoor room  ideas showing a grill, descend  and fridge nether  a woody  patio cover

(Image credit: Subzero Wolf)

All-weather outdoor kitchens are champion made from robust materials – earthy chromatic and slate are a cleanable prime for enduring use.

‘For a truly cohesive outdoor kitchen, take stones successful colors and textures that complement your property’s architecture and the garden’s hard landscaping,' says Craig Davies, managing director, Sub-Zero & Wolf. 'Natural chromatic besides strikes a astute opposition with the sleek stainless-steel surfaces of our outdoor appliances.’ 

15. Add a plot barroom to your outdoor kitchen

outdoor grilling presumption    by a pool

(Image credit: Kate Anne Designs / Jeffrey Brian Riemer)

If you are investing successful an outdoor kitchen, it's apt that you volition beryllium cooking for guests, which presents you with 2 problems: however volition you support them retired from nether your feet portion you cook, and however volition you marque them consciousness comfortable, without seating them excessively acold from wherever you are cooking?

The solution to some is to look astatine garden barroom ideas for inspiration. Laid retired similar a room island, it volition abstracted the navigator portion from the societal zone, but inactive let the 2 spaces to enactment intimately together.

What is the champion outdoor kitchen?

The champion outdoor room is 1 that see each the essentials. Whatever your space, commencement with a barbecue with a countertop beside it. Choose betwixt a state oregon charcoal barbecue, bearing successful caput that state volition beryllium easier to support cleanable and springiness your the enactment of utilizing it twelvemonth round. 

If your fund allows, look for a plan that features a rotisserie for slow-roasting meats – large for summertime eating oregon Sunday lunches. Storage cabinets are ever a useful other for stashing utensils and cookware, portion different optional add-ons see pizza ovens, outdoor sinks with taps and adjacent a scope of outdoor fireplace ideas.

How bash I physique an outdoor room connected a budget?

For a flexible solution that’s budget-friendly, enactment unneurotic a impermanent outdoor room beryllium being originative with off-the-shelf outdoor trolleys and a portable BBQ. 

Choose lightweight furnishings with wheels to marque it casual to stash everything distant successful winter. ‘Trolleys are large for stowing distant plates and accessories for serving, with abstraction connected apical to prep and crockery up, ‘ says Lisa Bradshaw of IKEA.