Outdoor living room ideas – 16 ways to turn your garden into an extension of your home

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These outdoor surviving country ideas volition assistance you alteration your plot into the much-desired outdoor country your plot oregon backyard needs. All it takes is simply a small planning, plan know-how and adept advice.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor room ideas, oregon you privation to widen your surviving abstraction by creating a plot room, disagreement what you person into zones oregon update the plot furniture. Our narration with our outdoor spaces has ne'er been much important.

‘Your plot should ever beryllium thought of arsenic an hold of your home, truthful it’s important to bring the comfortableness of indoors outside. One mode to bash this is to disagreement your outdoor abstraction up by ‘rooms’, with 1 country for eating and different for relaxing.' - OKA’s co-founder and originative director, Sue Jones.

Outdoor surviving country ideas

Any change, large oregon small, tin beryllium transformative, truthful we asked the experts to stock their garden ideas, insider tips and proposal connected wherever to start.

1. Design an outdoor surviving country acceptable for entertaining

A stylish outdoor surviving  country  with upholstered chairs and sofas and an outdoor fireplace built into a partition  with log stores

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Creating a imperishable country outdoors encourages much outdoor surviving than ever. When designing the zone, instrumentality into relationship the request for extortion from beardown sun, arsenic good arsenic inclement weather. 

This strategy from interior decorator Stephanie Dunning, of Dunning and Everard, is centred beneath a pavilion operation featuring physics broadside panels and a louvred extortion that opens and closes astatine the interaction of a fastener to supply a sheltered seating area, oregon an unfastened to the elements prima lounging space. 

These year-round structures connection astute spaces for garden barroom ideas and are besides cleanable for incorporating homey touches to truly heighten the surviving country feel, allowing you to person each the mod-cons you would expect successful an indoor space.

This plan includes integrated lighting, heating and speakers, portion the azygous rendered partition has an in-built fireplace and retention niches. 

Although these areas are sheltered, marque definite to usage outdoor-specific furnishings and materials to forestall arsenic overmuch harm from wintertime upwind and acold temperatures arsenic possible.

An illustration  of outdoor surviving  country   ideas showing an outdoor rattan sofa and seat  adjacent  to a log burner and successful  beforehand   of a tree

(Image credit: OKA)

Set up the cleanable abstraction this summertime for gathering with friends and household by utilizing comfy furnishings and incorporating thoughtful touches for benignant and ambience. Be eclectic successful your choices to debar a show-room staid feel. 

‘Don’t consciousness you person to instrumentality to a plot set, present mixing and matching furnishings adds character,’ says Sue Jones, Co-founder and Creative Director astatine OKA, who styled this space.

If you're looking for small plot ideas oregon wondering what to see connected a balcony, it’s champion to instrumentality to the essentials: determination comfy to beryllium and clever pieces that tin beryllium adapted to your requirements.

Extra stools that service arsenic broadside tables erstwhile no-one is sitting connected them are a utile addition, arsenic are level cushions which tin beryllium taken backmost wrong erstwhile not successful use.

A bistro array is simply a bully prime for a tiny garden, arsenic its basal takes up precise small space, and you tin ever bring eating chairs extracurricular to spell with it.

3. Prioritize comfortableness successful an outdoor surviving room

An outdoor surviving  country  with a pinkish  L-shaped sofa looking retired  onto scenic views

(Image credit: Flexform)

When considering however to plan an outdoor kitchen oregon an outdoor lounge area, marque definite to springiness it arsenic overmuch thought arsenic you would immoderate interior room, successful presumption of some quality and feel. 

This Grandemare sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio for Flexform is simply a cleanable illustration of translating each the practicality and comfortableness of a classical upholstered, indoor sofa into an outdoor portion by utilising a water-repellent laminated fabric.

Furniture similar this is not lone perfect for alfresco lounging, but large for flexibility with indoor-outdoor spaces.

Enhance the benignant of the abstraction further by ensuring you furniture up brushed furnishings and accessories. Throws and cushions tin alteration colour schemes with ease, portion besides making the abstraction much inviting.

Outdoor rugs, too, heighten the ‘zoned’ feeling of the area, portion adding different furniture of comfort. Finish by lighting arsenic you would indoors, with outdoor lighting ideas specified arsenic freestanding plot level lamps, hurricane lamps oregon adjacent candles.

4. Plan a considered space

An outdoor surviving  country  with achromatic  rattan chairs with achromatic  and achromatic  striped cushions surrounding a circular  woody  table

(Image credit: Tim Clarke/David Tsay)

Whether you privation to level up your outdoor eating ideas oregon you're designing a caller outdoor surviving room, it’s important to see what you privation the abstraction to connection you.

Is it to beryllium an oasis? A societal hub? A cooking oregon eating space? Created arsenic a relaxing retreat, this country utilizes tall, layered planting and a fireplace chimney to assistance unopen retired the remainder of the world. 

‘The thought was to make a abstraction to get distant from each of the outer activity,’ says interior decorator Tim Clarke who designed this space. ‘With its fireplace and lush planting, including palms to beryllium under, a existent flight was created.’  

5. Build a firepit successful an outdoor surviving room

A bluish  plot  seat  with yellowish  and grey  cushions adjacent  to a yellowish  seat  and a occurrence  pit

(Image credit: Morso)

Striking outdoor fireplace ideas are the eventual centerpiece for gathering astir arsenic the prima goes down. The layout of your outdoor furnishings tin assistance to pass which benignant you should look for. A chimenea is simply a large prime for directing occurrence astatine a circumstantial area.

Braziers and occurrence pits, similar the Ignis from Morso, pictured, whitethorn supply little nonstop warmth, but person the payment of creating an ambiance that tin beryllium enjoyed from each directions, and are usually suitable for cooking on, too.

6. Embrace a Bohemian plot theme

An illustration  of outdoor surviving  country   ideas showing a achromatic  gazebo covering level  cushions and debased  seating successful  a luscious garden

(Image credit: Raj Tent Club)

‘A beautifully dressed structure volition let you to make the festival temper astatine home,’ says Nicky Marks, laminitis of Raj Tent Club, who created this enactment pergola. 

‘From a sumptuous shaded lounging country to a melodramatic mounting for drinks oregon dining, personalise the look and consciousness utilizing draped fabrics, garlands, lanterns, beverage lights and layers of cushions for comfort. Hang pictures oregon mirrors from the structure frame, and usage indoor furniture, beryllium it vintage oregon modern, to enactment your stamp connected the space.’

7. Set up a surviving country nether shelter

A woody  plot  country   with woody  plot  sofas and cushions inside

(Image credit: Future / Jody Stewart)

Before designing the décor, see the look of your backyard, and besides the surrounding landscape.

Is it cottage benignant oregon formal? Incorporating the strongest themes and shapes successful your plot done color, signifier oregon enactment tin beryllium a bully departure constituent for readying an outdoor surviving country scheme. 

Also, deliberation cautiously astir however you’d similar to usage the space. A plot surviving country tin beryllium utilized arsenic an other sitting room, a peaceful sanctuary for enjoying your plot each twelvemonth round, oregon a location bureau oregon ‘quiet zone.’

8. Invest successful the champion plot furnishings you tin afford

An illustration  of outdoor surviving  country   ideas with brownish  woven furnishings  connected  a platform  successful  beforehand   of a house

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Whether you’re catering for household gatherings oregon looking for a secluded spot to soak up the summertime sun, we urge investing successful the champion prime plot furnishings you tin afford. 

Start by measuring your outdoor surviving country country and deciding what benignant of furnishings volition champion suit your needs and lifestyle. A bistro two-seater array and chairs is cleanable for romanticist alfresco eating connected a metropolis balcony, whereas a ample sofa acceptable is simply a bully prime for a sociable household household.

If you’re going to beryllium utilizing your abstraction chiefly for mealtimes, see picking up respective further folding chairs to person connected manus for erstwhile other guests popular over.

9. Plan an outdoor surviving country that you tin usage each year-round

An outdoor surviving  country   with a pergola, a ample  slate array  and sofas either side

(Image credit: Manolo Yllera)

Nothing recharges the batteries similar a sunny day spent out-side successful the backyard. Whether you similar to beryllium and chat, curl up with a bully book, oregon agelong retired for a snooze, it is captious to put successful functional seating that tin beryllium utilized each year-round.

Choose plot furnishings that volition basal the trial of clip by investing successful a precocious prime product, but retrieve to attraction for it decently to marque it last.

Where possible, purpose to effort earlier you bargain to guarantee the seats are comfy and the decorativeness of the materials is what you’re expecting. Take a look online earlier purchasing to work reviews, too.

10. Position a pergola and lounge by the pool

An outdoor pergola country  with a ample  outdoor sofa with cushions adjacent  to a swimming excavation  and prima   loungers

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

Take inspiration from Mediterranean plot ideas to make the cleanable spot for poolside lounging. Think astir wherever you’re going to beryllium utilizing your lounger, eating acceptable oregon plot sofa.

Sofa-style seating tends to beryllium rather hefty truthful volition request a much imperishable set-up, but opting for a modular seating statement volition springiness you the flexibility to re-jig the layout if you fancy a change. Make definite you person a firm, level lawn, factual paving oregon decking truthful your furnishings won’t extremity oregon sink.

Finally, drape your pergola with grape vines for dappled sunlight and a genuinely tropical feel. 

11. Mix and match

Vintage plot  furniture

(Image credit: Bungalow DK)

For a quirky outdoor eating mounting cleanable for a cottage garden, alternatively than opting for a formal, matching eating set, effort bringing unneurotic a premix of antithetic vintage pieces. Choosing chairs, tables and benches successful antithetic designs volition not lone bring quality and a relaxed look, it volition besides springiness accrued flexibility implicit the seating options successful your garden.

With metallic legs that fold down flat, this retro 'beer' array is casual to determination and acceptable up anyplace successful the plot and tin beryllium easy stored distant successful a shed. The lightweight, weatherproof rattan seat and stylish mid-century chairs tin easy beryllium pulled up to the array astatine repast times, but would besides marque cleanable idiosyncratic plot seats for a patio oregon different quiescent corners of the garden. 

12. Choose a beauteous bistro set 

Outdoor surviving  thought  with Dobbies bistro plot  furnishings  set

(Image credit: Dobbies)

Are you looking for plot furnishings for a tiny patio oregon balcony area? Perhaps you're looking for determination to perch aft a engaged time successful the kitchen garden? Pretty yet compact, a metallic bistro acceptable is simply a superb mode to marque the astir of a tiny outdoor area. Often lightweight and foldable, specified arsenic this Dobbies design, galore modern bistro sets tin easy beryllium moved astir the plot arsenic and erstwhile they are needed and are easy stored distant during the wintertime months. For a accepted plot see an elegant acceptable inspired by vintage French designs. 

13. Create a seating country nether a pergola 

Oka plot  furniture

(Image credit: Oka)

During the summertime months the plot tin marque a fabulous hold of your surviving space, and what could beryllium amended to marque it consciousness similar location than a cushioned outdoor sofa and armchair set? ‘Comfortable furnishings is cardinal to making definite it’s a spot you’ll privation to walk clip in, and determination you tin easy walk the full day,’ says Sue Jones, originative manager astatine Oka. When reasoning astir wherever to presumption it, 'look for a quiet, shady spot wherever you tin truly power off,' she adds.' 

Arranged underneath a pergola covered successful flowering climbers, a sofa acceptable is an idyllic spot to walk lazy afternoons surrounded by nature, oregon it could beryllium positioned connected a patio and utilized for entertaining guests connected a summertime evening. 

Inspired by on-trend cane furniture, this caller plan from Oka is stylish yet practical, positive its discreet framework helps it seamlessly blend into its earthy surroundings. ‘The reed-like enactment is inspired by accepted weaving techniques but is waterproof truthful tin beryllium near extracurricular erstwhile it’s raining,' says Sue Jones, originative manager astatine Oka 'the cushions are ablution proof, too.'

When putting the finishing touches to your outdoor surviving country Sue adds that 'accessories are conscionable arsenic important extracurricular arsenic in, too, truthful look for pieces that volition adhd a small involvement to your garden: vases, outdoor-friendly cushions and a broadside array oregon 2 volition assistance recreate the welcoming consciousness of your sitting country outside.’

14. Make clip for tea

Susie Watson designs plot  seat  styled with cushions

(Image credit: Susie watson Designs)

A beauteous plot seat is guaranteed to heighten immoderate outdoor space, whether it's for having beverage with friends, relaxing with a bully publication oregon simply to beryllium backmost and respect your hard enactment successful the garden. Positioning a fig of benches passim the plot is simply a superb mode to marque the astir of antithetic areas and vistas and allows you to bask the outdoor abstraction arsenic the prima moves passim the day. Nestled amongst the angiosperm beds, a seat is the cleanable spot to immerse yourself successful the sights, scents and sounds of quality – this wrought robust plan would beautifully complement a accepted garden. 

'I statesman to make pockets of outdoor rooms successful the plot erstwhile the Spring delights person bloomed. I thin to presumption our handmade wrought robust seat successful aggregate concealed spots capturing those cleanable times passim the time into the evening,' says Susie Watson. 

15. Style up a tiny patio

backyard with array  and chairs and pinkish  propulsion  with flint walls astir   and potted plants and a window-frame mirror

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Small patio areas needn't beryllium immoderate little beauteous arsenic demonstrated successful the plot of this Georgian cottage. Encompassed by characterful historical flint-walls, this relaxed eating mounting features a classical Lutyens bench, designed by the Arts & Crafts designer Sir Edwin Lutyens, alongside vintage cane chairs for a accepted feel. A relaxed linen tablecloth, cushions successful vintage French linen, and a pastel wool propulsion marque the cleanable brushed touches truthful that the abstraction feels cosy and welcoming. 

If you are looking for furnishings for a small backyard ideas past circular tables are a applicable solution arsenic the circular signifier is acold easier to acceptable into choky corners. Garden mirrors are besides a superb mode to make the illusion of space.

16. Create an outdoor eating area

Outdoor surviving  plot  array  and seat  set

(Image credit: Bridgman)

There's thing genuinely magical astir eating alfresco immersed successful nature. If you emotion entertaining outdoors past see adding garden privateness ideas to make a secluded outdoor eating abstraction and investing successful a ample eating array and cushioned seat acceptable wherever guests tin dine successful comfort. 

Edged with pleached trees, and surrounded by swatches of vibrant Alchemilla Mollis and spires of purple, bee-loving Nepeta, this gravelled country makes a picturesque and backstage setting. For a eating acceptable that beautifully complements the tones and textures of a state garden, effort a weatherproof rattan plan with elegant curved chairs.

How bash I make an outdoor surviving room?

Use each accidental to entertain al fresco benignant oregon conscionable to bask surviving successful your plot this summer. With furnishings and accessories that don’t outgo the earth, it is adjacent easier than ever to make that extracurricular country you’ve ever dreamed of. 

Before you bargain thing excessively large and bulky, deliberation astir wherever you’ll store it retired of season. Folding loungers instrumentality up little shed-space than fixed loungers, which tin beryllium bulky and awkward to manoeuvre, though they tin often beryllium stacked vertically.

Modular units are casual to instrumentality isolated and tin beryllium stacked connected apical of each different successful a shed oregon garage.

When it comes to cushions, marque definite they’re detachable truthful you tin instrumentality them disconnected and store them distant overnight oregon successful atrocious weather, with zip-off covers that are casual to wash.

For poolside loungers, debar cushions altogether and opt for textilene, a stretchy PVC mesh sling that is waterproof and dries disconnected quickly. The aboveground is springy, making it ultra comfy to prevarication on.