Paint colors for the exterior of a house – 10 ideas and expert real estate advice

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When it comes to overgarment colors for the exterior of a house, determination is simply a plethora of options to take from. Ranging from classical whites done to much vibrant tones, determination is simply a colour for each location and each location owner.

Choosing paint ideas for your home's exterior is simply a large task. It volition specify your home's quality and make an instant impression. Painting your location is simply a reasonably analyzable task and not 1 you'll privation to repetition connected a regular ground – therefore choosing the close location overgarment colors archetypal clip astir is vital.

‘A large extremity for choosing a location overgarment colour is to marque definite you presumption immoderate realistic samples first. I ever counsel clients to overgarment the samples connected posterboard successful bid to person ample visuals of the colour that tin beryllium seen successful galore antithetic lighting positions. It is each excessively communal to spot sellers overgarment an full location based disconnected of a tiny sample, and past regret the colour they chose,' advises Donald Olhausen Jr, existent property agent, location flipper and proprietor of We Buy Houses successful San Diego.

Below, we showcase the champion overgarment colors for the exterior of a house.

Paint colors for the exterior of a house

As good arsenic considering overgarment colors for the exterior of a house, it is besides important to deliberation astir how to overgarment a location exterior.

'Painting an exterior is not conscionable astir choosing the close colors, it’s besides astir choosing the close paint finishes, aft all, this decorativeness needs to support the gathering arsenic good arsenic decorate it!’ says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. 

‘Exterior overgarment is fundamentally your home’s extortion from the elements, truthful it’s captious to prime paints that not lone look fantastic and person a superb finish, but that are besides durable, applicable and formulated to withstand the trial of time, harsh upwind conditions successful wintertime and the baking UV airy of mid-summer.’

‘For brick, chromatic oregon rendered walls, a masonry overgarment is required, highly durable and water-resistant, it offers effectual extortion from the elements, and benefits from being highly dirt-resistant, with its anti-fungal and anti-ageing properties ensuring it looks bully for longer,’ continues Ruth. ‘If you’re unsure astir choosing the close overgarment finishes for your home, see an each aboveground primer.'

1. Opt for achromatic connected assemblage benignant homes

Colonial Style House successful  Virginia

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Classic and timeless, you can't spell incorrect with achromatic for colonial benignant houses. One of the astir fashionable overgarment colors for the exterior of a house, it suits astir each house styles from assemblage homes done to caller builds.

‘Refreshing the exterior of the location tin instantly alteration your spot and adhd worth to it. External features specified arsenic model ledges, doorway surrounds and gross posts tin each beryllium painted with the aforesaid formulation and colour to make a azygous look,’ says Matthew Brown, method advisor astatine Sadolin & Sandtex. 

2. Select reddish for farmhouse vibes

colored location   exterior

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If you person a farmhouse oregon adjacent farm-style barns connected your property, past reddish is simply a classical location overgarment color. While it would marque a bold connection successful the city, successful the countryside, red is simply a timeless choice.

Red is the accepted colour for farmhouses. Before overgarment was readily available, farmers would seal their barns with linseed lipid which was often mixed with reddish robust oxide to seal the barn's exterior and termination immoderate fungi. This summation turned the barn a affluent reddish color. Today's reddish location overgarment colour is an charismatic motion to the tradition.

'Throughout New England, the Midwest, and different dairy farming regions, the farmhouse inclination of weathered reddish arsenic an exterior colour (with achromatic trim) inactive earns almighty nostalgic reactions from homeowners and particularly their guests,' adds Baron Christopher Hanson, luxury South Florida Realtor astatine EchoFineProperties.

3. Brighten a timeless grey exterior with achromatic accents

exterior of location   painted grey  with achromatic  accents

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Gray is 1 of the astir elegant and durable overgarment colors for the exterior of a house. However, if you prime the incorrect shadiness it tin look acheronian and unappealing. Therefore, if deciding connected grey for the exterior of your home, besides origin successful ways to brighten the look. Select a grey with warmer, silvery undertones and brace with a cleanable achromatic gloss for the trim, porches, model frames and doorway frames to drawback the oculus and brighten your home's exterior. 

‘In the aforesaid mode you would look astatine overgarment colors alongside curtain fabrics and furnishings, see the architectural elements of your exterior too: bash you person reddish oregon yellowish code bricks, limestone oregon granite walls, what colour are your extortion tiles? Build these into your plan strategy to guarantee your overgarment choices are complementary,’ says Ruth Mottershead.

‘Don’t fto decorating the exterior beryllium an afterthought, arsenic good arsenic weatherproofing and protecting your home, it’s a fantastic mode to adhd plan property and curb appeal.’

4. Select a colour to assistance your location merchantability faster

Classic American Home successful  a accepted   subdivision setting

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If you are looking to merchantability your home, past erstwhile it comes to picking overgarment colors for the exterior of a house, the proposal is the aforesaid arsenic that for coating the interior of a house. 

Painting your location achromatic wrong and retired is ever the champion mode to merchantability immoderate spot faster. White is besides a neutral colour that reflects light, allowing landscaping and trim colors to basal retired whilst making each country of your location look bigger and bespeak adjacent much airy indoors. 

'White is besides a tabula rasa colour that allows buyers to envision their ain colour palette, tegument tones, artwork, and furnishings. If buyers privation to overgarment a country oregon partition oregon doorway oregon shutter immoderate antithetic color, achromatic arsenic a basal overgarment is ever best,' says Baron Christopher Hanson. 'The proposal we springiness to each seller successful immoderate marketplace is simple: overgarment it each white, wrong and out, with 1 popular of color, and your location volition entreaty to acold much buyers.

5. Select a sunny shadiness to bring year-round cheer

colored location   exterior

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Yellow is simply a cheery shadiness that volition brighten immoderate home. A favourite shadiness for interiors – you can't bushed yellow country ideas – it besides looks large connected the exterior of your home.

However, if considering yellowish overgarment colors for the exterior of a house, it is important to cautiously see tone. There is simply a batch of colour saltation with regards to decorating with yellow, from a creamy off-white done to vibrant lemon. When choosing overgarment colors for the exterior of a house, opt for a lighter shade, with mustardy undertones and debar thing garish – temper the look with a cleanable achromatic trim. 

'With its bold nature, yellowish is simply a fantastic shadiness to mates with brushed greys arsenic it adds people and intrigue to immoderate extracurricular space. Mixing these shades unneurotic done exterior overgarment tin make an immediate, modern and connected inclination exterior abstraction with minimal effort,' adds Matthew Brown.

6. Add colour to your home's exterior with bluish paint

colored location   exterior

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Blue is 1 of our favourite overgarment colors for the exterior of a house. While it is inactive a reasonably neutral shade, drafting connected the aforesaid tones and whites and grays, it volition inactive basal retired connected your street.

'The regularisation of thumb is typically to overgarment your location with colors of your surrounding environment. For instance, you’ll spot galore formation houses painted a airy blue, whereas successful the mountains you’ll spot a batch much brown,' says Matt Woods, co-founder and CEO of

'In fact, galore Homeowner Associations person rules that their homes indispensable beryllium painted to lucifer their surroundings. This goes for aspects of the exterior specified arsenic the trim and the shutters, and is meant to assistance your location look much earthy successful its environment.'

7. Opt for connected inclination griege

greige location   with achromatic  trim and bluish  door

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Greige, a premix of grey and beige, is having a existent moment. The beige-gray colour trend is taking interiors by tempest and is besides 1 of the champion overgarment colors for the exterior of a house. Greige works good with galore antithetic styles and is an interesting, yet neutral shade.

An added payment of selecting greige overgarment colors for the exterior of a location is that it leaves you escaped to beryllium much originative with your front doorway colour ideas. Every colour from lukewarm reds, pinks and oranges done to cooler greens and blues volition look large acceptable against a greige house. 

If you are reasoning of selling your home, greige is besides a large choice. 'Neutral colors, similar grey, white, beige and greige, are wide accepted by astir imaginable buyers arsenic thing they tin easy determination into and not woody with erstwhile they instrumentality possession,' says Geoff Sharp, president and proprietor of Sharper Impressions Painting.

8. Opt for a acheronian colour for a modern look successful cooler climates

black cladded cottage with achromatic  trims

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For a modern look, see acheronian overgarment colors for the exterior of a house. However, you request to beryllium cautious erstwhile opting for darker shades, particularly if you unrecorded successful a lukewarm portion of the country. 

Dark colors sorb some airy and heat, and arsenic specified volition marque your location consciousness warmer. While this is simply a large prime if you unrecorded successful a cooler spot wherever you are actively trying to summation the insulation of your home, acheronian colors should beryllium avoided if you privation to support your location cool. For these houses, airy colors are amended for arsenic they assistance to bespeak airy and support your location cool.

If opting for acheronian paints colors for the exterior of a house, past beryllium definite to lighten the look with a agleam achromatic shadiness for the trim and opt for colorful front doorway ideas too. 

9. Go bold with your extortion color

house with achromatic  walls and reddish  extortion   successful  charleston southbound  carolina

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If you're feeling a small apprehensive astir selecting bold overgarment colors for the exterior of a location but inactive privation a popular of color, see opting for a colorful roof. White walls volition bring each the benefits of coating your location white, nevertheless topping with a agleam extortion volition adhd a small spot of property to your home. This reddish and achromatic combo is classical and eye-catching successful adjacent measure. 

10. Consider your portion erstwhile choosing colors

Sunflower wreath decorating the entranceway  doorway  of a residential home

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Color volition ever drawback the oculus but it is important that it fits successful with your portion and the colors of your neighbors' homes. Avoiding clashes is cardinal and 1 of the easiest ways to bash this is to opt for achromatic overgarment colors for the exterior of a house, but past brace with colored trim.

'The exterior of immoderate location should ever dwell of achromatic and 1 different accent colour for doors and trim, depending connected your region, climate, flora and fauna, and style. In South Florida, tropical colors tin nutrient a delightfully elegant trim effect: Cantelope, mango, seafoam, pinkish ground, oregon orangish blossom. In New England, occurrence motor red, navy blue, oregon achromatic tin beryllium arsenic rustic arsenic they are traditional. In Charleston, South Carolina, Hale navy, Repose gray, caramel, oregon Dishy Coral (works successful South Florida arsenic well),' says Baron Christopher Hanson.

How galore colors should a location exterior have?

The location exterior should person astatine slightest 2 colors, 1 for the trim and 1 for the body. However, don't spell implicit board. ‘Excluding the roof, the exterior of a location should person nary much than 3 colors,’ recommends Melanie Hartmann, proprietor of Creo Home Buyers.

What exterior colors marque a location look bigger?

Bright, neutral colors similar whites and airy colors volition assistance to marque a location look bigger. Just arsenic erstwhile it is utilized for interiors, bright, airy colors specified arsenic whites, airy grays and adjacent airy yellows volition bespeak airy and assistance to marque your spot look larger.