Paint tricks – 10 painting tips and techniques loved by the experts

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Decorative overgarment tricks and finishes are becoming progressively fashionable successful interior design. 

Paint and color, arsenic Dulux originative manager Marianne Shillingford reminds us, is much than conscionable the rainbow: ‘When we accidental paint, we don’t mean saturated jelly legume shades – we mean colour and overgarment successful each its glory, from integrated off-whites and subtle petal shades to the deepest nighttime blues, greens, golds and reds.’ Marianne notes that decorating our homes with overgarment became a batch much originative during lockdown – and it’s a inclination that continues to evolve. ‘

'Using overgarment tricks connected the ceiling, forgetting the corners of the country arsenic junctions betwixt colors, and opting for mid-wall splits arsenic good arsenic coating room units and furnishings successful shades that bring america joyousness – each of these person revolutionized the mode we look astatine and unrecorded successful our homes,’ she adds

Interior decorator Kate Guinness agrees: ‘I deliberation we’ll spot a continued enthusiasm for overgarment and signifier this year. We are continuing to present overgarment details successful our homes to incorporated other points of interest.'

We've curated our favourite paint ideas and overgarment tricks, showing however to present colour successful a assortment of interior design settings to assistance you make a wholly caller strategy successful your home. 

Paint tricks – for each country and surface

We've teamed up with a big of colour and plan experts to bring you the astir breathtaking paint trends for the twelvemonth ahead. These overgarment tricks volition animate a full caller look for your home. Brushes astatine the ready...

1. Double up to marque a country look bigger

Bedroom with two-tone pinkish  painted partition  and ceiling

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

If you’re looking to experimentation with bedroom paint, the prime of colour is arsenic important arsenic the finished effect. Among Irene Gunter’s (opens successful caller tab) existent favorites are blush shades, to make an incredibly soothing atmosphere. Irene heads her ain plan signifier and for bedrooms she recommends these warm, cozy colors that don’t distract oregon stimulate the mind. 

‘In the main chamber of this Notting Hill home, we utilized Paint & Paper Library’s Rouge II connected the bottommost portion of the wall, and the aforesaid colour with 50 per cent achromatic mixed successful to make a lighter shadiness for the top. This overgarment method not lone adds involvement but besides blurs the edges of the room, making the ceiling look higher and the country look bigger.’

2. Turn your headboard into a portion of art 

Bedroom with painted headboard

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Resourcefulness, a small spot of imaginativeness and a constricted fund led interior decorator and Sascal Studio (opens successful caller tab) laminitis Sarah Stemp to make this unsocial and striking headboard. 

‘We saved a batch of wealth by making the headboard cloth ourselves,’ she explains. ‘We sourced canvas cloth from eBay and past utilized illustration pots of greenish overgarment to make the pattern. We started with Vert De Terre by Farrow & Ball arsenic the basal colour and built connected this with lighter and darker Farrow & Ball shades of green.’ 

The wide effect is precise textural – the brushstrokes springiness a consciousness of question that adds extent and makes this headboard idea look much similar a portion of art. A portion of vintage linen down adds softness to the metallic frame.

3. Give a fireplace a faux marble finish

Living country   with faux marble painted fireplace

(Image credit: Astrid Templier)

The surviving country is the cleanable spot to experimentation with overgarment tricks and techniques, arsenic these living country overgarment ideas suggest. Working with a overgarment adept tin beryllium a omniscient move. Interior decorator Brandon Schubert (opens successful caller tab) invited Lara Fiorentino from The Paint Effect to springiness a fireplace a faux-marble finish. 

‘Lara did a superb occupation of making the fireplace look similar it is crafted from reddish marble,’ helium says. Just beryllium definite to walk the clip required to get a truly nice, creaseless finish.'

4. Introduce a tactile interaction to your walls

Green country   with textured partition  utilizing paint

(Image credit: Damian Russell)

Subtly textured walls are clever choices erstwhile deciding connected the champion hallway overgarment ideas. Color pigment tin beryllium combined with antithetic materials to make washes applied utilizing brushes oregon sponges by assorted techniques. The task shown present is by designers Chan & Eayrs (opens successful caller tab)

There are truthful galore ways to usage overgarment creatively. If you privation to spell further, research specializer overgarment effects to springiness your partition extent beyond what mean overgarment tin achieve.

5. Use overgarment to make zones wrong a room

Blue room  with painted walls and achromatic  cabinets

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

As good arsenic color, contrasting paint finishes for a painted kitchen tin beryllium utilized to portion a space,’ says Andy Greenall, caput of plan astatine Paint & Paper Library (opens successful caller tab). For this backsplash area, Paint & Paper Library’s Architect’s Satinwood creates a striking opposition with a matt decorativeness successful the aforesaid shade. Two-tone walls tin alteration a space, bringing extent to a wall. It is besides casual to bash and a outgo effectual mode of adding quality to an different elemental scheme.

6. Trick the oculus with painted borders

Dressing country   with painted pinkish  cabinets

(Image credit: Louise Roe)

Proving that elaborate plan request not beryllium truthful costly, decorator Louise Roe says, ‘I wanted to beryllium a small much daring with my bedroom colour ideas. I recovered a rich, lukewarm maroon overgarment tone, Lady Bug by Earthborn, for the doors and Amy Balfour painted 1 of her beauteous borders onto the panels, which look overmuch similar costly bony inlays. 

7. Use overgarment to make a 3-D effect 

Ceiling ideas with mottled painted ceiling

(Image credit: James Mcdonald)

'When reasoning astir overgarment tricks, the 'fifth wall' is simply a large mode to adhd layering and a three-dimensional facet to the plan of a space, says Elnaz Namaki, originative director, Elnaz Namaki Studio (opens successful caller tab).

For this small room, interior decorator Elnaz Namaki chose a wholly bespoke plastered overgarment colour solution, moving with a plaster decorativeness artisan. This was overlaid successful the corners with bespoke paisley stencils astir the spotlights.

8. Use overgarment to visually grow the walls

Ceiling ideas with bluish  painted ceiling

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

‘Clever ceiling ideas are a large mode of adding different furniture of involvement and making a abstraction consciousness cozier. All excessively often they are an afterthought but we marque definite to see their potential,’ confides interior decorator Nicola Harding. ‘Using connection overgarment tricks and ideas connected the ceiling helped widen the walls successful this dining room.’ 

Nicola starts by reasoning however she wants the country to feel, ultimately, and she besides takes into information the magnitude of earthy airy – which comes present from the floor-to-ceiling glazed doors. With that successful caput she specified a elemental emulsion – Farrow & Ball’s Stone Blue – to visually grow this small eating room.

9. Use overgarment to conceal flaws

Ceiling ideas with achromatic  painted beams

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

The quality of astute overgarment tricks is that erstwhile done well, they tin fell a multitude of sins. 

In aged houses it tin wage to analyse the archetypal ‘bones’ of the location though it is important to see the information ceilings whitethorn beryllium successful if you exposure them. The usage of achromatic overgarment helps to conceal flaws arsenic good arsenic make a softer effect that blends successful with the country below. 

‘Decorative overgarment finishes are becoming progressively popular, says interior decorator Kate Guinness. 'We are continuing to present overgarment details successful spot of coagulated mouldings, for example, oregon to incorporated other points of involvement and disguise architectural flaws.'

10. Trick the eye

Kitchen with bluish  cabinets and wood   cabinets

(Image credit: Frank & Faber)

Introducing paler finishes astatine oculus level is simply a well-known ploy for improving spaciousness and preventing partition units from overpowering, peculiarly supra hard-working areas similar the hob oregon sink. 

‘We would mostly urge opting for acheronian shades astatine the bottommost and lighter tones astatine the top, particularly if the earthy airy isn’t large oregon the ceilings are low,’ says Sarah Ellison, laminitis and originative manager astatine Frank & Faber (opens successful caller tab). ‘In a room that is truly dark, we often forgo partition units altogether, if retention needs allow, oregon overgarment them successful the aforesaid airy shadiness arsenic the walls truthful that they virtually disappear.’

Are overgarment tricks and techniques outdated?

If you are reasoning astir the partition stencilling and textured ceilings of the seventies, than yes. But today's overgarment tricks are overmuch much blase and contemporary.

There are truthful galore ways to usage overgarment tricks beautifully says interior decorator Brandon Schubert. ‘You tin take an antithetic decorativeness similar gloss overgarment for walls. This tin enactment truly good with acheronian colors wherever you privation to support the airy bouncing astir the room, but it besides works with paler colors. Just beryllium definite to walk the clip required to get a truly nice, creaseless finish.' 

'If you privation to spell further, research specializer overgarment effects to springiness your partition extent beyond what mean overgarment tin achieve. I deliberation this is champion done by a nonrecreational specializer decorator, but if you’re adventurous, effort it yourself.'

Paint tricks for the modern epoch are each astir bring interiors to beingness successful a tailored way. 'We are embracing a caller state of look that has a beating bosom of color,' says Marianne Shillingford, originative director, Dulux.

How bash you overgarment peculiar effects connected a wall?

Kit Kemp is highly regarded for her usage of color, showcased successful the assorted Firmdale hotels she designs. If you’re unsure astir wherever to statesman with colour successful the home, Kit has plentifulness of ideas and recommends a doorway framework arsenic 1 of the easiest places you tin start. 

‘It’s the cleanable canvas for applying a amusive daze of colour oregon adjacent conscionable a brushed complementing hue to the remainder of the room,’ she explains. ‘Door frames are the borders betwixt 1 country and the next, from a cozy drafting country to a agleam kitchen, truthful wherefore not person thing that frames the country beyond and is simply a amusive and colorful summation successful itself?’