Painted kitchen cabinet ideas – the best colors and finishes

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Painted room furniture ideas are a large mode to remodel a room. You whitethorn love the colour oregon decorativeness you person chosen for your room close now, but what astir adjacent twelvemonth oregon the twelvemonth after? Easy: coating existing cabinets is simply a large mode of changing the aesthetic of you room without the upheaval of a afloat country refit – positive it volition instrumentality little time, skip the disruption of renovation, and prevention money.

Of course, if your existing room layout isn’t gathering your needs, you mightiness beryllium looking for kitchen ideas and inspiration for a full caller scheme, with painted room cupboards taking halfway stage.

Painted room furniture ideas

Whether you're looking for a country refresh oregon a implicit renovation, our postulation of the kitchen furniture ideas is definite to animate you – including the moody and the muted, the bold and the subtle, and the classical and the connected trend. For anyone looking for painted room ideas, it's the spot to start.

1. Select painted room cabinets that lighten and brighten the room

Light painted room  furniture  ideas successful  a airy   beige strategy  with marble flooring and achromatic  tiled backsplash.

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Whites and airy colored neutrals are the apical prime for galore erstwhile it comes to choosing kitchen furniture colors. 

They are timeless options, but arsenic good arsenic the vantage of not being overtaken by the tides of fashion, they besides person the payment of lightening and brightening immoderate kitchen, and making it consciousness larger than it truly is.

These cabinets are painted successful Flint 236 from Little Greene, which is simply a lukewarm instrumentality connected achromatic that has room-stretching qualities but a softer consciousness than architectural whites would have. 

2. Create a welcoming consciousness with color 

Painted room  furniture  ideas successful  mustard yellowish  with chromatic  flooring, textured walls and woody  accents.

(Image credit: Neptune)

Bring the conviviality of a French state kitchen to your location with painted room cabinets successful a lukewarm and earthy tone, similar this saffron shadiness from Neptune. Alternatives with the aforesaid welcoming vibe mightiness see mustard, olive and claret.

It’s a cleanable complement to different rustic elements specified arsenic chromatic and wood, which tin springiness the country a agelong established look, on with pleasing textural quality. 

Paint ideas successful bolder hues tin beryllium teamed with brushed neutrals inspired by quality to implicit the look.

3. Choose delicate shades for painted room cabinets

Pale pinkish  painted room  cabinets with woody  cupboards supra  and grey  countertops.

(Image credit: Studio Duggan)

Depart from normal erstwhile selecting a shadiness for your painted room furniture ideas. Blush pinkish isn’t a emblematic hue, and draws the oculus for conscionable that reason. As with different paler overgarment colors it reflects the airy with space-expanding results, making it an perfect prime erstwhile considering small room ideas.

In this room by Studio Duggan, the brushed pinkish shadiness is teamed with acheronian wood partition cabinets, on with grey for the countertops and backsplash, giving the country a blase and grown-up finish.

Metallic furniture handles and knobs and a matching faucet prime up connected the warmth of the hue, too.

4. Opt for a lukewarm instrumentality connected blue

Blue painted room  cabinets acceptable   against achromatic  walls with a mirrored backsplash.

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Blue is simply a fashionable shadiness for painted room furniture ideas, and for bully reason. It has enduring style, reminds america of the earthy satellite for a relaxing effect, and tin marque a connection without becoming overbearing.

For a blue kitchen colour that won’t consciousness cold, prime a shadiness that has a violet undertone, similar this Periwinkle colour from Tom Howley. Other ways to guarantee a room with bluish painted cabinets doesn’t consciousness chill see teaming it with accents of orangish oregon mustard for the cleanable partnership.

5. Embrace moody black

Black painted room  cabinets with acheronian  grey  pantry, chrome cooker and backsplash and connection    lighting.

(Image credit: Riley Brooks)

Fallen for the inclination for achromatic room cabinets? This moody shadiness volition marque a connection but is besides cocooning, ensuring the room feels similar a cozy spot to walk time.

Choose betwixt achromatic painted room cabinets crossed the full room, oregon usage it for an land and harvester with different acheronian furniture shades. 

Liberty Brooks, of Riley Brooks interior plan studio, says of this design: ‘The premix of materials inject texture, on with the unpainted elements bringing warmth to the abstraction – each aspects to see erstwhile utilizing bold, darker kitchen colour ideas.'

6. Make a room cozy with color

Cozy painted room  furniture  ideas successful  acheronian  gray, with rustic timber beams and woody  flooring successful  a accepted   state  scheme.

(Image credit: Lucas/Eilers Design Associates)

Painted room cabinets tin acceptable the temper for a kitchen. In this room, created by Lucas/Eilers Design Associates, they were painted to lucifer the paneling successful a customized gray/blue wax charcoal, with vinyl sealer tinted with a wide acrylic apical overgarment successful a level finish.

‘The room connects to a lukewarm inglenook close disconnected the skis slope,’ accidental its designers. ‘The stained console astatine the extremity of the ample land conceals a pop-up tv for watching cooking shows oregon the news. 

Don't hide to origin successful kitchen lighting ideas too: 'Urban Electric airy fixtures proviso up-lighting and down-lighting for speechmaking recipes and cooking, portion reclaimed oak wood room flooring and antique ceiling beams springiness warmth and texture to the space. The heavy grey bluish paneling and cabinetry supply a cozy feeling.’

7. Contrast perimeter cabinetry colors with that of the island

White room  cabinets with a blue-gray painted meal  barroom  and agleam  coral reddish  chairs.

(Image credit: Bee's Knees Interior Design Studio)

If your room is simply a super-sociable space, a vivid colour palette tin supply the cleanable precocious vigor backdrop, and that includes for the painted cabinets. However, if a bold colour passim is excessively overmuch for the abstraction – oregon you – limiting it to your kitchen land ideas lone is simply a blessed compromise.

‘The land furniture colour (similar to Benjamin Moore's Marlboro Blue HC-153) was the cleanable lucifer to the focal tile backsplash we selected,’ says Mary Maloney, from Massachusetts-based Bee’s Knees Interior Design Studio, of this kitchen. 

‘The clients emotion color; their extremity was to make a blessed and vibrant abstraction for friends and household to gather.’

8. Consider decorativeness on with color

Painted room  furniture  ideas featuring midnight bluish  painted cabinetry, achromatic  countertops, acheronian  woody  flooring and a room  land  with upholstered seating.

(Image credit: Etch Design Group)

It’s not conscionable the shadiness of the overgarment you prime for your painted room furniture ideas that’s important to the finished effect, but besides the decorativeness – whether that’s gloss, matte, oregon thing successful between. 

‘The room land is Anchors Aweigh SW 9179 and the room perimeter is Marshmallow Cream from Starmark Cabinetry,’ explains Stephanie Lindsey of Austin Texas-based Etch Design Group. 

‘We thin to enactment with semi-gloss for accepted and transitional cabinetry; this sheen provides conscionable capable cleanability without being glossy and overpowering.’

Our usher to how to overgarment room cabinets has each the proposal you request to execute your perfect finish.

9. Add a modern edge

Painted room  furniture  ideas successful  airy   chromatic  grey  and midnight bluish  successful  a rustic room  with woody  flooring and exposed ceramic  walls.

(Image credit: Accent Prone)

The prime of overgarment shadiness for cabinets is simply a elemental mode to springiness a classical strategy a modern twist, and successfully harvester the 2 kitchen styles and aesthetics.

‘We wanted to person a classical operation of elements, with the ceramic hood and quartz countertops, but paired with much modern choices similar the grey cabinets, navy connected the land and golden pendants,’ says Cheri Lingafelt of North Carolina-based Accent Prone of this stylish room scheme.

10. Layer shades for a customized finish

A ample  room  land  painted grey  and achromatic  room  cabinetry with bluish  seating and connection    pendant lighting.

(Image credit: Benjamin Johnston Design)

Consider utilizing stains alongside overgarment to make a unsocial plan for your painted room furniture ideas. 

‘This kitchen island is rather unique, with aggregate colors of stain utilized with painted cabinetry for the remainder of the kitchen,’ explains Benjamin Johnston of Houston-based Benjamin Johnston Design. 

‘The layering of colors is simply a inclination we are seeing much of, arsenic your room nary longer has to beryllium 1 color, oregon adjacent two. Custom stains and glazes tin beryllium utilized to make combinations that are uniquely your own. 

'There is simply a communicative present astir the value of sampling. With this island, we painted it 3 abstracted times until it was precisely perfect... sample, sample, illustration to destruct unpleasant surprises.’

What is the astir fashionable colour to overgarment room cabinets?

‘There is inactive request for neutrals, peculiarly gray kitchens, but much and much we are seeing neutral tones utilized arsenic the basal against which bolder, brighter colors tin truly pop, alternatively than being the ascendant colour passim the kitchen,’ says Richard Moore, plan manager astatine Martin Moore.‘In particular, we are seeing neutrals teamed with melodramatic blues. 

'Bold hues are present being utilized for larger sections of the room – specified arsenic the land – alternatively than conscionable arsenic accent colors. Teamed with highly decorative marbles and metallics, they look luxurious and warm.’ 

Blue painted room  furniture  ideas with a grey  painted land  with curved edges and bluish  and grey  barroom  stools.

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

What colour should I overgarment my room cabinets?

The colour you prime for your painted room furniture ideas should beryllium influenced by the aesthetic and ambiance you privation to bring to the room. 

However, besides see your kitchen's size and orientation, and frankincense the prime of the daylight. In a country that’s dark, coating room cabinets successful a airy colour tin boost earthy light, and the strategy volition assistance marque a tiny room consciousness larger arsenic well.

Want an on-trend finish? ‘Designers are present incorporating a bolder palette into the kitchen,’ says Melissa Klink, originative manager astatine Harvey Jones. ‘Vibrant shades specified arsenic ocean-inspired blues, botanical greens and zesty oranges are accentuated perfectly erstwhile contrasted against a neutral basal of charcoal, crisp achromatic oregon wood. 

‘If you’re looking to adhd colour done cabinetry without overpowering the space, deliberation astir introducing a colour popular – you could person your cabinetry painted successful a neutral gray, beige oregon greige, and crook the land into a colorful diagnostic with bluish oregon green kitchen accent colors, for example. Bold pops of colour adhd involvement and quality to the room whilst being casual to unrecorded with, arsenic the abstraction inactive looks balanced.

‘If you are readying to spell neutral successful your kitchen, warmer greige and beige tones are overtaking cooler and much minimalist grays. Bright and airy capable to suit compact and generous kitchens alike, warmer, earthier shades springiness the room a much homely and comfy feel. 

'Tones of off-white are besides becoming peculiarly popular, particularly for much accepted room designs specified arsenic the iconic Shaker style. Off-white kitchens brace good with wood and different earthy materials, giving the abstraction warmth whilst inactive looking caller and timeless.’

Dark gray-green painted room  furniture  ideas with 3  airy   greenish  pendant lights and airy   walls and flooring.

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

Which room furniture styles tin beryllium painted?

Some furniture styles enactment beautifully nary substance which room furniture colour you’re drawn to, portion others marque a happier concern with definite shades.

‘I’ve seen 20-year-old classical Shaker kitchens beryllium repainted and look amazing,’ says Tiffany Duggan of Studio Duggan. ‘With a modern flush (flat-fronted) kitchen, deliberation astir whether you spot yourself liking it successful the future.’

Is coating room cabinets a bully idea?

Painting room cabinets is simply a bully idea. It’s a comparatively speedy mode to alteration the country erstwhile the existing decorativeness feels dated, the cabinets look tired, oregon simply to bring a caller aesthetic to the kitchen. When the existing kitchen layout works, it tin beryllium each that’s required for a stylish update, skipping the labour and outgo progressive successful a full country renovation.

If you're wondering how overmuch it costs to person room cabinets painted, choosing to bash the occupation yourself tin beryllium comparatively straightforward and volition prevention you money. Just carnivore successful caput that it’s a task that takes longer than a play due to the fact that of the request to prepare, clean, premier and paint, with drying clip successful betwixt coats.

The alternate is to wage a contractor to instrumentality connected the task connected your behalf, selecting betwixt coating oregon respraying to make the caller finish.