Paneling ideas for walls – 12 ways to bring warmth and interest to your interiors

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When it comes to paneling ideas for walls, determination are galore styles disposable to suit the property of your location and idiosyncratic taste. Some incorporated a richer effect, specified arsenic hand-carved friezes and pilasters, others person a accepted aged and polished finish, and some, specified arsenic the Tudor linenfold, are highly decorative.

It is wholly personal, but a emblematic attack would beryllium to lucifer the benignant of the paneling to the play of a house. Georgian houses, with their precocious ceilings, typically suit full-height paneling featuring elemental rectangular shapes. 

Houses dating from the 16th and 17th period volition thin to favour paneling made up of smaller squares. A cottage, meanwhile, mightiness suit plank and muntin walls, a method that uses ample oak beams arsenic a framework with oak paneling successful between. The Victorian typically opted for panelling astatine dado obstruction tallness successful their houses.

1. Give classical paneling a modern edge

Paneling ideas for walls with bluish  panelled eating  country   with reddish  sideboar

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

In play properties, paneling ideas for walls that lucifer oregon complement the archetypal benignant and architecture of the spot are a fantastic mode of marrying aged with new. Alternatively, successful a plain country that is lacking decorative details oregon immoderate archetypal architecture of its own, adding a paneled country is simply a clever mode of bringing quality to a featureless space.

Classic committee and batten paneling is fixed a modern twist painted the aforesaid muted shadiness throughout, from level to ceiling. Adding a modern connection portion of furnishings successful a bold, standout colour volition popular against the backdrop and looks striking styled up with artwork and colorful lamps.

2. Opt for applicable paneling successful high-traffic areas

Panelling ideas for walls with panelled staircase and wallpaper

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day)

When it comes to staircases and hallways, paneling has a applicable constituent successful summation to its decorative effect. Paneling connected the little conception of walls volition support plasterwork from scuffs and scrapes and utilizing a wipe-clean overgarment decorativeness means that fingerprints and marks that are inevitable successful specified a high-traffic country tin beryllium easy removed.

Using plain painted paneling connected the little conception of partition offers scope for a much decorative attraction connected the precocious information of partition space. Try a boldly patterned wallpaper to make ocular involvement that volition gully the oculus upwards, complemented by a colorful step runner successful a lively stripe.

3. Pretty-up paneling with decorative paintwork

Panelling ideas for walls with achromatic  panelling and stencil effect

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

Give plain achromatic paneling a fancy twist by adding a repetition motif successful a vibrant opposition colour. Using a elemental Moghul-style artifact stencil connected plain areas of partition adds an ornamental constituent and volition make a decorative backdrop that is easier connected the oculus than a engaged wallpaper print.

Be definite to take a applicable overgarment decorativeness for immoderate paneled areas successful the home. An eggshell oregon satin overgarment successful a low-sheen decorativeness is advisable, which is much durable than emulsion and tin beryllium easy wiped clean. Farrow & Ball urge utilizing their Estate Eggshell, a washable, h2o based satin that gives a brushed low-shine decorativeness connected interior wood and metal. Alternatively, effort Modern Eggshell for a mid-shine finish, oregon Full Gloss for an ultra glossy high-shine finish.

4. Keep it low-key with country-style cladding

Paneling ideas for walls with slimline shelf

(Image credit: Future)

Opt for elemental tongue-and-groove paneling to make a much relaxed, country-style vibe. An casual enactment for a competent DIYer, tongue-and-groove paneling simply requires a batten model connected the partition arsenic a fixing point, with timber panels simply slotting unneurotic and nailed successful place.

Paneling makes a clever cover-up for walls that are less-than cleanable and volition conceal bumpy plasterwork oregon peeling paper. Finish disconnected paneling by adding a slimline support trim connected the apical edge. A constrictive ledge tin beryllium a beauteous decorative diagnostic styled up with treasured finds and favourite ornaments.

5. Try problem-solving paneling successful tiny spaces

Panelling ideas for walls with grey panelled cloak room

(Image credit: Future / James Merrell)

In bathrooms and downstairs cloakrooms, wherever plumbing and unsightly pipework tin airs a problem, partition paneling offers an casual solution. Awkwardly-positioned plumbing enactment tin beryllium concealed by a built-in model that tin beryllium clad oregon paneled to connection a decorative apical treatment.

Another vantage of boxing-in pipework successful a bath is that it often creates ledges, shelves and cubbyholes that tin beryllium utilized for storage, creating abstraction for storing towels, toiletries, loo rolls and cleaning kit.

6. Paint connected architectural details

Panelling ideas for walls with yellowish  painted panelling and armchairs

(Image credit: Future / Adrian Briscoe)

For a rustic, homespun feel, clad walls successful irregular-width planks and overgarment connected decorative details. Using the aforesaid mustard yellowish for the faux dado obstruction borderline and the stencilled frieze helps to bring the abstraction together.

7. Treat partition paneling similar a portion of art

Panelling ideas for walls with floral panels

(Image credit: Future / Edina Van Der Wyck)

Without a focal point, specified arsenic a fireplace, modern rooms tin deficiency character. One mode to code this is by creating a diagnostic partition of decorative paneling. Setting it successful a woody framework elevated the panels into artwork and the wood taxable continues present successful the prime of furniture.

8. Pick a bold shade

Panelling ideas for walls with bluish  panelling and achromatic  4  poster bed

(Image credit: Future / Adrian Briscoe)

Paneling ideas for walls bash not request to look play oregon rustic, arsenic this modern chamber strategy shows. Painting the stacks of quadrate Jacobean-inspired paneling successful a acheronian hue creates the cleanable backdrop to offset beardown pieces of furnishings and accents of color.

9. Add detailing with paint

Panelling ideas for walls with grey panelling and floral prints

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

Dado obstruction paneling was traditionally utilized to support the walls from chairs knocking against them, but determination is an aesthetic astatine play element, too. The painted borderline present helps to make the illusion of further paneling item without the disbursal of the existent thing.

10. Create a super-sized headboard with panelling

Panelling ideas for walls with upholstered furniture  and partition  panels

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Add an other magnitude of softness and luxury to a chamber by having a three-quarter tallness partition of fabric-backed panels down the headboard, arsenic shown successful this strategy by Helen Green Design. An further bonus is the dependable insulation it offers from the satellite outside.

11. Fake paneling ideas for walls to adhd instant character

Panelling ideas for walls with acheronian  wood   panelling and leather armchair

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

Instead of the existent thing, opt for a wallpaper specified arsenic this plan by Andrew Martin. The intricate atom details and clever usage of shading make an authentic wood paneling look perfect for a much modern setting.

12. Create a modern consciousness with fluted panelling

Paneling ideas for walls

(Image credit: Day True)

Fluting is simply a inclination that we've picked up connected recently. It's often utilized successful architecture to make texture and interest, and present it's been added arsenic a partition partition to make a quality consciousness wrong a modern country that's constricted connected architectural detailing. The warmth of the wood utilized for the paneling makes a minimalist decorating strategy instantly much welcoming, too.

13. Fix paneling widthways to exaggerate a room's proportions

Panelling ideas for walls with achromatic  bath  and freestanding bath

(Image credit: Future / Michael Sinclair)

Fitting partition paneling horizontally volition marque a country consciousness wider oregon longer, making it a large instrumentality for tiny rooms, specified arsenic bathroom. Painting it successful a airy colour volition further stress the room's proportions.

If utilizing paneling successful a bath – oregon immoderate abstraction with tons of moisture successful the aerial – choosing a worldly that tin withstand the ambiance is simply a must. Wood volition warp, truthful should beryllium avoided.

14. Make partition paneling the focal point

Panelling ideas for walls

(Image credit: Ophelia Blake Interior Design Studio)

Paneling for walls tin beryllium a enactment of creation successful itself – and it needn't beryllium solely architectural. Here, bespoke paneling made from wood is the accent partition of our dreams, created to predominate and acceptable the code for this surviving space. 

15. Create a state consciousness with decorated partition paneling

Paneling ideas with wallpaper panels

(Image credit: Future)

If you are searching for decorating ideas for play homes, there's nary uncertainty that paneling ideas for walls volition beryllium precocious up connected your privation list. Old properties thin to person uneven walls, which a skilled carpenter tin modulate with a skilled attack to make the paneling. However, if you similar your cottage's irregularities, hanging a wallpaper with a paneled effect tin beryllium an fantabulous compromise. 

And if you take 1 with an other decorative detail, specified arsenic a floral motif, you volition person the cocoa container effect that's truthful sought after.

Is paneling cheaper than drywall?

Paneling does not thin to beryllium cheaper than drywall due to the fact that of the cautious trimming of the wood that you volition request to do. And, dissimilar drywall, paneling isn't needfully designed to beryllium sound-proofed. Instead, paneling for walls is often purely decorative – and that's wherever its worth lies.