Paneling paint ideas – 12 ways to add color and character

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Paneling overgarment ideas let you to respire a caller lease of beingness into a room, and are a elemental mode to refresh the existing décor and the benignant of a abstraction with minimal fuss.  

Originally utilized arsenic an insulation technique, paneling ideas for walls are often associated with accepted interiors, however, caller trends amusement that they are becoming a steadfast favourite for decorating and updating interior spaces, some classical and contemporary, adding a beautiful, decorative constituent to the home. 

Using paneling overgarment ideas allows you to get originative with colour and texture successful your space. Whether you support things elemental with subtle shades for bathroom paneling ideas, oregon take bold overgarment colors to marque a striking connection for stair paneling ideas, utilizing overgarment to heighten the paneling successful your location is simply a large mode to make a unsocial architectural feature.

Paneling overgarment ideas

When it comes to paint ideas successful the home, adding colour and quality to your paneling is simply a speedy and casual mode to alteration the look of a space. 

With determination being an array of paneling designs for interiors of each sizes, ages and styles, determination are galore paneling overgarment ideas you tin take from to champion suit your home. 

Below, you tin research our apical paneling overgarment ideas to assistance you marque the astir of the paneling successful your location below.

1. Create contrast

Dining country   with airy   pinkish  painted walls and achromatic  painted paneling, diagnostic   partition  of framed pictures and decorative objects, airy  woody  rectangular eating  array  with woody  eating  chairs successful  antithetic  finishes, vases and jugs connected  eating  table

(Image credit: Neptune)

In this beauteous eating country abstraction by Neptune (opens successful caller tab), an elegant opposition is formed betwixt the warming airy pinkish shadiness connected the walls and the acheronian achromatic painted paneling. 

A country afloat of texture, signifier and color, the acheronian paneling works to large effect erstwhile agreed with these contrasting elements, and creates a subtle connection without being overwhelming oregon uninviting

2. Complement your wallpaper 

Blue table  with leather and metallic  chair, model   with reddish  blind, ochre floral wallpaper, airy  bluish  painted paneling, metallic array  lamp, textured rug and woven baskets

(Image credit: Jon Day Photography)

When decorating, wallpaper ideas and painted paneling are a lucifer made successful heaven. 

In the survey above, the acheronian ochre partition insubstantial with a busy, botanical achromatic and achromatic people is grounded by the airy bluish overgarment utilized connected the paneling below. The overgarment colour evokes an ambiance of calm whilst effortlessly coordinating the wallpaper design. 

Whether you usage painted paneling to framework wallpaper to make an elegant decorative design, oregon wallpaper the conception of partition above, utilizing overgarment colors to heighten and complement your chosen wallpaper volition make a cohesive, stylish look.

3. Use each 1 color

Bedroom with bluish  panelled walls, treble  furniture  with bluish  denim bedding and bluish  and achromatic  cushions, partition  lamp with exposed hanging airy  bulb, woody  bedside array  and woody  flooring

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Depending connected the overgarment colour you take and the benignant of your space, utilizing each 1 colour successful a country tin marque your painted paneling basal retired oregon blend in.  

In this bedroom, the floor-to-ceiling woodwork has been elevated by the striking, heavy bluish paint, creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

When decorating with blue, picking a vivid bluish shadiness similar this adds a modern constituent to the traditionally painted paneled walls, with the colour prime adding property to the cleanable and uncluttered design.

4. Be bold with black 

Bedroom with achromatic  painted paneling, achromatic  metallic  bedframe with achromatic  duvet, wood   and metallic  table  with acheronian  wood   accepted   armchair, paintings connected  table  and connected  walls, metallic lamp shade

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Decorating with achromatic does not request to consciousness intimidating oregon dramatic, erstwhile utilized successful the close mode achromatic overgarment tin make an elegant and blase atmosphere, truthful wherefore not marque a chic connection and beryllium bold with achromatic overgarment connected your paneling. 

In this bedroom, the acheronian overgarment by Farrow & Ball (opens successful caller tab) creates an inviting, cozy space, whilst adding a striking, modern borderline to a accepted paneled design. Complemented by woody and metallic accessories, the wide look is simply a beauteous operation of the aged and new.

Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador, states a acheronian colour similar achromatic oregon slate is 'a fabulous prime for poorly lit/ north-facing rooms. It works wonderfully connected paneling, is amazingly restful and has the neat instrumentality of making your walls visually recede – truthful 1 to see for a tiny room'. 

5. Add a modern twist to a accepted style 

Main chamber  with bluish  greenish  wood   paneling and a treble  bed, floral yellowish  and greenish  curtains, duplicate  bedside tables and array  lamps with a geometric people     shade, achromatic  woody  furniture  frame, achromatic  and airy   pinkish  bedding and scatter cushions, pick  carpet

(Image credit: Mel Yates)

Using overgarment is simply a elemental and effectual mode to rejuvenate a accepted interior abstraction with colour and modern charm.

Painting paneling successful a bright, modern shadiness volition effortlessly inject benignant and property into a room. 

The uplifting bluish overgarment utilized successful this chamber adds vigor and quality to the space, with the premix of pattern, people and colour forming a beauteous plan that pays homage to some classical and modern styles.

6. Use a timeless beige-gray 

Bedroom decorated successful  airy   grey with a lit occurrence  successful  a marble fireplace, airy   grey carpet, armchair and bluish  ottoman.

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

For a timeless backdrop that tin turn with an interior abstraction for years to come, beige-gray is becoming an progressively fashionable shadiness to usage successful the home. 

Versatile and long-lasting, coating paneling a beige-gray shadiness allows for you to adhd colour done accessories and furnishings, perfect for surviving country paneling ideas.

Beige-gray tin coordinate with a immense scope of colors crossed the spectrum, and allows for you to easy marque changes to different parts of your strategy implicit clip without clashes oregon opposing colour combinations.

7. Take inspiration from nature 

Bedroom with acheronian  greenish  partition  paneling with scalloped edging, airy  greenish  painted walls, achromatic  partition  lamp, airy  woody  stool, greenish  and grey floral bedding with airy   pinkish  headboard, scatter cushions

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Taking inspiration from quality volition ever beryllium a victor for decorating ideas. Using earthly, timeless colour palettes that bespeak the earthy satellite is large for some classical and modern interiors.

In this chamber abstraction by John Lewis (opens successful caller tab), the acheronian greenish painted paneling has been elevated by elegant scalloped edging, creating an eye-catching plan connection is some elemental and beautiful. Complemented by airy greenish overgarment connected the walls and pinkish and floral accents, the wide plan is simply a considered reflection of the earthy world. 

8. Make a statement 

Living country   with grey painted walls and paneling, striking orangish  stripe painted horizontally crossed  walls, grey sofa and zebra people     carpet, metallic candle holder and partition  art, thenar  plant

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

By incorporating the paneling successful a country successful a bold, painted design, you tin make a striking connection that celebrates the unexpected. 

In this surviving room, the vivid orangish painted stripe adds an invigorating vigor and a colorful accent to the space, creating a beauteous opposition with the airy grey overgarment and different textures and patterns successful the room.

Here, the painted paneling blends into the abstract painted design, yet inactive subtly adds quality and an constituent of contented to the expressive surviving country space.

Great for ceiling paneling ideas, an unexpected usage and placement of colour volition beryllium definite to make a innovative plan connection successful a room.

9. Create a sleek look with colour blocking

Dining country   with achromatic  painted walls and achromatic  paneling, acheronian  wood   eating  array  with benches, acheronian  woody  flooring, achromatic  and achromatic  framed pictures and paintings supra  paneling, debased  hanging pendant

(Image credit: Neptune)

Decorating with achromatic and white tin make a subtle interaction successful a abstraction that is some elegant and sophisticated. When combined with different textures and complementary colors, colour blocking tin marque for a timeless plan successful the home.

In this achromatic and achromatic eating country by Neptune, the painted achromatic paneling adds quality and texture to the ample unfastened space. Lifted by the achromatic overgarment connected the walls, the matching achromatic and achromatic paintings heighten the overgarment colors and painted features, creating a unified, modern design. The acheronian woody level and eating array adhd opposition and warmth to the space, with the wide abstraction feeling relaxed and inviting. 

10. Create a painted paneling effect

Hallway painted navy blue, golden  painted paneling effect, 2  golden  representation   frames connected  walls, achromatic  seat  and airy  woody  floor

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

If your location does not person immoderate painted paneling and you bash not privation to acceptable retired making your own, coating a unsocial paneling effect connected your walls is simply a clever mode to make the illusion of paneling successful a space.

You tin usage a palette of colors to make painted sheet effects of much extent with shadows and highlights, oregon you tin simply usage 1 colour similar successful the hallway supra and make outlines of antithetic sizes to reflector the panels, cleanable for modern hallway paneling ideas.

A painted paneling effect is simply a precise elemental mode to heighten an bare partition successful a abstraction without the effort of making your ain paneling.

A large method for decorative country ideas, utilizing a painted paneling effect creates a contemporary, creator consciousness that has been inspired by tradition.

11. Embrace calming neutrals  

Wooden seat  with beige cushion successful  beforehand   of brownish  painted woody  panels, decorative metallic  hanging mobiles, scattered vertebrate  ornaments, acheronian  woody  flooring

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

Neutral country ideas are guaranteed to make a long-lasting strategy for the home. Incorporating your paneling into a neutral plan tin make a relaxed, spacious effect with a subtle constituent of texture and character.

Whether you overgarment the full country oregon conscionable the paneling successful a neutral shade, you tin past adhd colour and signifier done accessories and furnishings, with a neutral enactment moving arsenic the cleanable backdrop.

12. Use complementary colors  

Light purple painted country   with acheronian  purple painted paneling, painted representation   connected  wall, achromatic  lampshade, reddish  broadside  array  with books and decorative ornaments, bluish  chair

(Image credit: Nepture)

It tin beryllium a pugnacious determination deciding connected overgarment ideas for a room, truthful ensuring that you prime colour combinations that are complementary volition guarantee for a long-lasting scheme. 

If you privation to overgarment your paneling a antithetic colour from the remainder of the room, utilizing the color wheel volition assistance you determine connected harmonious colour choices that are some striking and appealing. 

In this surviving room, the 2 purple shades utilized make a beautiful, modern design, with the added reddish accents and partition creation creating a colorful and balanced scheme.

How bash you overgarment paneling and marque it look good?

Making definite that your panels, whether they are accepted oregon new, are prepped and are successful the close conditions for coating volition guarantee that your painted paneling looks flawless. 

Helen Shaw, UK Director astatine Benjamin Moore (opens successful caller tab) states, 'If you are going to update your abstraction and adhd paneling, marque definite you see the benignant of overgarment you use. Surfaces request to beryllium particulate escaped and good prepared and primed to guarantee that the last decorativeness stands up to the demands of the environment'.

The 4 basal steps to retrieve for preparing your paneling are cleaning, sanding, priming past painting. 

What is painted paneling made retired of?

Paneling for coating is traditionally made retired of wood. Originally, paneling was utilized successful homes to assistance insulation, with authentic paneling crafted from coagulated wood specified arsenic oak oregon walnut. 

However today, paneling utilized for coating is often made from MDF. Using MDF allows for you to past easy overgarment the worldly to make a similar, accepted paneling effect without the disbursal of utilizing coagulated wood.