Pantry ideas – 36 versatile ways to design and equip your pantry

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Pantry ideas are often recovered close astatine the apical of room privation lists. Planned well, a pantry tin go not simply a spot to tuck distant excess nutrient and utensils, but an Aladdin's cave of beautifully presented nutrient which provides a calming infinitesimal of reprieve from a bustling household kitchen. 

From cabinets devoted to staples to walk-in storage, pantries aren't conscionable constricted to larger homes – adjacent smaller kitchens tin usefully incorporated them into their floorplan, though organizing a pantry intricately is much important erstwhile they are smaller.

Pantries person go much fashionable than ever recently, arsenic we clasp much eco-friendly lifestyles. 'Bulk buying, hoarding your jars of preserves, fermented foods and bottled vegetables from the summertime plot are each things that go overmuch much achievable with a pantry,' notes deVOL (opens successful caller tab) Creative Director, Helen Parker.

Below, we instrumentality you done the champion pantry ideas – for each spaces and styles of kitchen.

Pantry ideas

Whether you've got a pantry which needs a refresh, oregon are considering adding 1 to your database of kitchen ideas, we've got each the pantry ideas you request to enactment retired what's champion for your space, however to get the astir retired of the pantry and however to marque kitchen storage look the champion it perchance can.

1. Make pantry ideas decorative

Pantry ideas

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson)

'A pantry is the eventual luxury item, truthful if you person the abstraction for walk-in pantry ideas, guarantee yours looks arsenic bully arsenic the room beyond, particularly if the doorway to the pantry is glazed' advises Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle.

'The easiest mode to bash this without impacting connected your pantry's retention capabilities is to plan your pantry shelving ideas truthful that they person a decorative element. In the pantry above, this is done with elemental but stylish support supports, and adust goods displayed successful neat solid storage.'

2. Drill down connected the pantry retention you truly need

Pantry ideas featuring built-in vino  fridge and abstraction  for ample  appliances

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

If you privation to relieve the room of on-show pantry retention ideas, you tin equip your pantry arsenic if it were an overflow-kitchen. This means considering close down to the minutiae what precisely volition beryllium utile to person successful there, different than conscionable shelving, cabinetry oregon drawers. 

Here, vino retention is important to the owners and has been allocated some cubbies and a vino fridge; there's a meal barroom and abstraction for cake-making, excessively – each of which allows the room beyond to beryllium overmuch clearer of clutter. 

3. Make the astir of each inch of space

Walk successful  pantry with doorway  shelving

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

Most pantry ideas necessitate clever ways to boost storage. This is wherever space-enhancing pantry doorway ideas tin truly travel into their own, making country for different awkward to show items, specified arsenic spices – champion stored successful alphabetical bid for easiness of entree – and taller bottles that don't acceptable accepted shelving heights.

'The value load connected the doorway volition soon adhd up, truthful you volition request to put successful a prime instal for the doorway – industrial-strength hinges and possibly adjacent a instrumentality astatine the basal of the doorway volition beryllium a must,' suggests Jennifer Ebert, integer exertion of Homes & Gardens.

Otherwise, making usage of specially-designed pantry organizers mightiness beryllium your champion stake — to assistance maximize the abstraction that you are moving with. Whether there's a chiseled deficiency of shelves successful your pantry, oregon possibly you'd similar to abstracted your spices from your dried fruits and nuts? Use an organizer to support this abstraction neat and tidy, to usage each inch of space, and to marque dinnertime a small little chaotic. 

4. Give pantry decor immoderate focus

pantry ideas

(Image credit: John Lewis)

'If your pantry ideas don't yet see color, present is the clip to see it due to the fact that its elemental summation tin marque what is simply a purely functional abstraction consciousness much curated and elevated,' comments Sarah Spiteri, Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director. 

It whitethorn beryllium that your pantry is simply a elemental retention abstraction disconnected your main kitchen, lone separated by a doorway – successful which lawsuit adding colour to the partition and adjacent to accessories connected the shelves tin beryllium a large mode to specify the 2 spaces and bring an accent color, adjacent a beardown tone, similar this yellow, into the space.

5. Create a farmhouse consciousness with a freestanding pantry

Charcoal Larder

(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

Farmhouse kitchens – oregon freestanding kitchens – are the cleanable spot for an in-kitchen pantry, since you tin easy location a immense magnitude of retention into a freestanding unit.

This one, by The Cotswold Company (opens successful caller tab), offers retention abstraction aplenty for bottles, jars, pickles and spices – not to notation further drawer abstraction and a convenient vino rack. However, it is imaginable to inquire your room decorator to make a portion that looks precisely similar this but is divided successful fractional – pantry 1 side, refridgerator the other. It's a large usage of abstraction erstwhile you don't privation appliances connected show.

6. Design a pantry that doesn't look similar one

Grey walls and built successful  shelving cabinet

(Image credit: Artichoke )

A pantry doesn't person to beryllium designed with streamlined cabinetry, applicable but personality-free flooring and nary decorative elements astatine all. If your location is beautifully decorated, it follows that you volition privation your pantry ideas to bespeak the remainder of your rooms.

'Don't banish beauteous rugs, eye-catching artwork, adjacent little than accepted charismatic pantry organizers from your pantry,' says Lucy Searle. 'Bringing decorative elements into the abstraction volition animate you to support it well-organized and beautifully presented.'

7. Choose grooved doors for a modern farmhouse look

pantry ideas successful  achromatic  with grooved doors

(Image credit: LochAnna Kitchens)

Bring a interaction of farmhouse chic to your pantry with a gorgeous tongue-and-groove doorway style, featuring a cross-cut grain, cleanable lines. 

Take a modern attack to this pantry thought with brass handles and a striking achromatic color-stain finish. For a wholly bespoke feel, the stain is applied successful contrasting shades connected different standalone pieces specified arsenic an land and sideboard units, for a strategy abundant successful property and interest. 

8. Surprise with a affluent wood interior

Pantry ideas

(Image credit: Harvey Jones Kitchens)

Incorporated astatine the extremity of a tally of cabinetry, this pantry is simply a triumph of some signifier and function. It opens to uncover a big of built-in features – pull-out trays, spice racks, and a antagonistic for tiny appliances.  But it's that stunning affluent wood interior that steals the show, and ensures the portion looks arsenic bully unfastened arsenic it does erstwhile closed.

A bespoke, hand-built-to-order larder allows for immoderate and each idiosyncratic retention requirements to beryllium met. Meaning that immoderate abstraction and benignant of location – play oregon contemporary, agrarian oregon municipality – can beryllium catered for, some realising aesthetic dreams and ensuring everything has its place. 

9. Try the latest look: pantry doors with glass

Pantry ideas - pantry with Crittall-style doors

(Image credit: Mowlem & Co)

A pantry with solid doors makes it a plan diagnostic successful its ain right. 

‘The existent wonderment of a walk-in pantry is astir having everything you request successful show and casual to grab. However, there’s a increasing inclination for creating high-impact pantries that are a talking constituent successful their ain right,’ says Jane Stewart, plan director, Mowlem & Co (opens successful caller tab), who designed this beauteous Crittall-style pantry. 

‘Architectural framed solid draws attraction to the interior, creating a diagnostic that’s arsenic invaluable aesthetically arsenic it is practical.’  

10. Measure your abstraction correctly

Pantry Ideas Martin Moore

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

An important happening to see is however overmuch abstraction is needed for your walk-in pantry.

If you're gathering oregon redoing a room and privation to see one, marque definite you really person capable room. Too tiny country volition marque the abstraction unusable for what it was intended.

'For a walk-in you are truly looking to beryllium capable to measurement into a 60cm quadrate to beryllium to crook and scope for items,' advises Alex Saint, Design manager, Kitchen Architecture (opens successful caller tab).

'By the clip you enactment immoderate shelves successful this country is going to beryllium astir 80 to 90 cm quadrate for a compact but usable space. Make definite the doorway is considered – it whitethorn good request to unfastened retired oregon beryllium a sliding mechanics successful bid to enactment with specified a choky space.'

11. Double pantries are cleanable erstwhile you're not readying a walk-in

Pantry ideas - Pantry cupboard with drawers

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Be acceptable to spell custom-made with a treble pantry. If you don’t person abstraction for a walk-in pantry, a bespoke larder cupboard is the adjacent champion thing. 

‘Larders springiness you the flexibility of choosing retention ideas and options that enactment for you, whether that mightiness impact much drawers, an accent connected shelving, oregon aggregate spice racks, each orderly contained down beauteous cabinetry,’ enthuses Tom Howley, plan director, Tom Howley (opens successful caller tab)

Do proviso nonstop dimensions of often bought nutrient packaging – a bespoke shaper tin tailor shelves to match.    

12. Be definite to usage each nook and cranny

Pantry ideas deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

It's lone earthy to beryllium acrophobic that a ample pantry mightiness beryllium a discarded of space. But retrieve that pantries don't by immoderate means request to beryllium ample – for example, a constrictive container country with nary earthy airy tin beryllium transformed into an perfect spot to store food. 

If you comfortably tin acceptable a pantry it truly tin beryllium the imagination script arsenic it volition permission you abstraction successful your room to support things clear, cleanable and uncluttered.

Similarly, erstwhile gathering oregon renovating you tin utilize the abstraction down appliances for storage. 'Pantries tin besides service a dual intent arsenic a mode of concealing appliances,' says. Tom Howley, Design Director astatine Tom Howley. 'With a greater displacement towards keeping countertops wide of clutter, to springiness a much minimalist consciousness and let for much prep space, the pantry serves arsenic an fantabulous solution for concealing appliances.'

deVOL Creative Director, Helen Parker besides notes that immoderate radical tendency the uncluttered look that a pantry tin physique truthful overmuch that they 'will make their ain by sectioning disconnected a tiny portion of their room and incorporating it into the last look of the country with beauteous joinery and metalwork.'

13. Coordinate with the walls for a softer impact

Pantry ideas - larder ideas

Somerton In Baltic Green And Brushed Brass, Burbidge Kitchen Makers

(Image credit: Burbidge Kitchen Makers)

A ample larder tin beryllium dominating erstwhile portion of a kitchen, truthful soften its interaction by finishing it either successful the shadiness besides chosen for your walls, oregon a complementary code from the aforesaid conception of the color wheel.

When considering schemes, wherefore not awash your abstraction successful affluent extent with a considered palette inspired by wilderness skies and seas? Both grown-up and sophisticated, acheronian shades present a consciousness of calm and reassurance – conscionable the tonic successful a engaged multi-task zones specified arsenic kitchens. 

14. Think astir plan details if you spell high-end

pantry ideas - Modern walk-in room  pantry

(Image credit: Hetherington Newman/ Darren Chung)

Carefully considered plan details tin alteration a elemental pantry thought into thing genuinely extraordinary, arsenic Hetherington Newman shows with this delightful jewel-box of a butler's pantry. 

We emotion to look for antithetic ideas to propulsion a pantry beyond the ordinary,’ says John Hetherington, chairman, Hetherington Newman (opens successful caller tab). ‘From bespoke mosaic floors and specializer lighting to formed robust support brackets and marble slabs for food and butter, the originative opportunities are endless.’

15. Take a sustainable approach

Pantry ideas - larder ideas

(Image credit: The Main Co.)

Combining integrated plan and meticulous craftsmanship, new, salvaged and reclaimed materials delivers custom-made pantry designs live with distinctive charm and individuality. 

Just arsenic nary portion of wood is the same, nary pantry is the aforesaid – truthful fto yours narrate its ain communicative done honorable and earthy materials. 

Alex Main, Director astatine The Main Company (opens successful caller tab), comments: 'With the caller emergence successful consciousness for sustainability and eco-conscious materials filtering done to design, reclaimed wood is simply a large enactment that not lone considers the situation but besides introduces an authentic charm to the kitchen.' 

Repurposing timber not lone provides the worldly with a caller lease of beingness but besides introduces a affluent plan past to a pantry, immoderate its age. 

16. Don't spell excessively deep

Pantry ideas - larder ideas

(Image credit: The Cotswold Co.)

Lack of abstraction needn't beryllium an obstacle to your pantry design. A slimline plan comes with its ain benefits, leaving you with much country for manoeuver, but besides providing easy-access features, similar vino racks. 

Calm and collected connected the extracurricular yet brimming with retention architecture connected the interior, this peculiar plan from The Cotswold Company besides includes shallow drawers you won't request to rummage through, and a generous magnitude of shelving space. 

17. Consider the placement of your pantry

Pantry ideas Tom Howley

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Another cardinal happening to see is wherever a pantry should beryllium placed successful a kitchen.

'Effective retention is of people the superior relation of the pantry, this comes down to not lone the interior moving of the furniture but besides wherever to incorporated it into a room design,' says Tom Howley.

'Where imaginable it’s ever utile to support the pantry adjacent to your fridge, meaning that your nutrient retention is each zoned successful 1 country and it besides looks neat.'

18. Take the unit disconnected the refrigerator

Pantry ideas - Pink walk-in pantry

(Image credit: The Secret Drawer/ Paul Craig)

A well-equipped pantry tin execute a captious supporting relation to your main kitchen. ‘This pantry was afloat loaded with a 2nd refrigerator, descend and drinks' bar, each wrong scope of the main kitchen,’ explains Richard Mason, owner, The Secret Drawer (opens successful caller tab)

‘Installing chromatic countertops and full-height tiling down the shelving is simply a large plan diagnostic that besides helps support the interior somesthesia down, taking unit disconnected the fridge.’ 

19. Decide however large oregon tiny you privation to go

Pantry ideas Kitchen Architecture

(Image credit: Kitchen Architecture)

When reasoning astir however large a pantry should be, there's not truly a regularisation arsenic to however ample to go. But you'll request astir 80 to 60cm quadrate for a pantry to beryllium some comfy and practical.

The bigger the quadrate footage goes, though, the much you whitethorn beryllium turning the abstraction into much of a prep room than a pantry. That said, under stairs pantry ideas tin beryllium equipped to beryllium incredibly abstraction businesslike if retention readying is done good successful beforehand and with a large woody of forethought. 

20. Factor successful pantry lighting

pantry ideas - walk-in pantry with lighting

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson/ Paul Craig)

‘Much overlooked but an unequivocal game-changer successful these windowless spaces, pantry lighting requires cautious consideration,’ says Peter Humphrey, plan director, Humphrey Munson (opens successful caller tab)

Lighting shelving from down looks beauteous and ensures thing gets mislaid astatine the back. ‘The prime of doorway plan tin besides interaction lighting control; glazed doors payment from dimmable lighting that volition adhd ambiance wrong the kitchen. For coagulated doors, lighting connected automatic sensors is much practical.’

21. Factor successful businesslike pantry storage

Pantry ideas Roundhouse

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

It's important to deliberation astir different details, too, similar however heavy your pantry shelving should be.

Shelving – whether successful walk-ins, pull-outs oregon antagonistic tops – is 1 of the astir important pantry plan considerations, being wherever you are virtually keeping the food.

You bash of people privation bully sized shelving truthful you tin acceptable successful larger bottles and bags, but beware of going excessively acold back. 'Don’t beryllium tempted to spell excessively heavy with the shelves, you whitethorn deliberation you are getting much retention but successful world things go harder to scope and get mislaid astatine the back,' warns Alex Saint of Kitchen Architecture (opens successful caller tab). 'Think astir prime of retention – not conscionable quantity.'

'If you are truly choky connected space, I would suggest going for a 23in-deep unit,' says Amy Stoddart of Day True (opens successful caller tab). 'This is fundamentally fractional a modular size but volition inactive supply abstraction for cookware drawers, shelving units and a doorway rack for storing spices and oils.'

22. Experiment with antithetic doorway materials

Pantry ideas - room  pantry with mesh doors

(Image credit: Lanserring)

For thing a small different, see pantry doors successful metallic mesh. The opacity levels conceal contents, truthful shelves don’t request to beryllium fastidiously tidy. 

‘Mesh doors besides beforehand cleanable aerial travel betwixt spaces, and from a plan perspective, mesh has an absorbing aesthetic, resembling a modern instrumentality connected rattan oregon wicker,’ says Alex Beaugeard, manager of design, Lanserring (opens successful caller tab). This sliding doorway plan besides boasts space-saving benefits.

23. Keep a database of what you would similar to store successful your pantry

Pantry ideas Day True

(Image credit: Day True)

Wondering what you should enactment successful your pantry? Although pantries, butler's pantries and larders were each primitively antithetic things, these days you tin truly conscionable person amusive with the abstraction and usage it for immoderate you want. 

One option, perfect for a built-in unit, is to marque the abstraction enactment harder by creating a meal nook. 'This hidden prep pantry [pictured] is simply a large spot to stitchery tiny appliances that instrumentality up antagonistic space, specified arsenic java machines and toasters,' says Amy Stoddart of Day True. 'Be definite to enactment retired however galore electrical outlets you'll request astatine the plan stage.' 

Meanwhile, for Tom Howley a pantry should simply beryllium stocked with fantastic pantry staples: 'For me, the astir memorable portion of the astir fabulous kitchens is simply a pantry, laden with absorbing bottles of infused oils, rustling packets of the finest truffles, artisanal jarred vegetables and peculiar seasonings.'

24. Embrace smaller spaces

Pantry ideas - Small room  pantry

(Image credit: John Lewis of Hungerford)

Don’t presume pantries are lone for palatial kitchens. In smaller spaces, they tin often beryllium much effective, similar this snug walk-in tucked successful a country demonstrates. 

‘Creating a dedicated retention space, alternatively than spreading items astir the kitchen, is much businesslike erstwhile cooking. And though you whitethorn suffer immoderate countertop space, you’ll summation much retention overall,’ explains Rebecca Nokes, room designer, John Lewis of Hungerford (opens successful caller tab)

25. Maximize a tiny pantry space

Pantry ideas Woodstock

(Image credit: Woodstock)

You tin easy maximize a tiny pantry abstraction with a fewer adjustments to marque the astir retired of each inch.

One of the easiest ways to bash this is to look up – marque the astir of a precocious ceiling by moving shelves arsenic precocious arsenic possible. Lower shelves tin beryllium dedicated to ingredients that you usage everyday, portion the precocious levels tin beryllium utilized to store crockery, cookbooks and items utilized lone a fewer times a year. Right astatine the top, neatly packed boxed of seasonal decor, crockery and ingredients tin beryllium tucked distant until they're needed.

26. Keep your pantry organized 

Pantry ideas Sims Hilditch

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

Once everything is built, you'll request to deliberation astir the champion mode to put your pantry.

'We thin to support things elemental in pantry areas with shelved retention truthful everything is disposable instantly arsenic you locomotion in,' says Alex Saint, Design manager, Kitchen Architecture.

'Consider putting a support astatine level level conscionable minimally sat disconnected the level with tiny feet. This allows the retention of larger sacks oregon crates but keeps them disconnected the existent level assisting with immoderate cleaning oregon mopping. Sometimes it is besides bully to premix immoderate drawer retention into the little areas to minimize the magnitude of bending down.'

27. Introduce a decorative constituent to your pantry

Pantry ideas Farrow and Ball

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

There are a fig of casual ways to marque your pantry ideas look better. In presumption of literal decorating, retrieve that an enclosed pantry offers the cleanable accidental to beryllium adventurous without overwhelming a scheme. Carry the colour up the walls and implicit the ceiling for a melodramatic effect.

Tom Howley besides suggests we 'choose finishes for the outer and interior cabinetry that enactment unneurotic to make a contrast, whether subtle oregon striking. If your cabinetry is heavy greenish oregon achromatic a la moment, take a smoky wood decorativeness for the interior shelving for a stylish edge.'

For those finishing touches to implicit your look, Kitchen Architecture's Alex Saint recommends, 'oak oregon different wood for the shelving successful a much accepted wrapper around pantry scheme oregon effort achromatic alloy oregon aluminium shelving systems for a much modern take. Marble connected a countertop oregon support gives a beauteous luxurious interaction and nods to the accepted retention of cheeses connected these chill surfaces.

28. Install a pantry to adhd worth to your home

Pantry ideas Blakes

(Image credit: Blakes)

There's nary denying their popularity, but bash pantries adhd worth to a home?

It's important to retrieve that the room is the bosom of the home, and it's an country that buyers volition fixate connected if it's not right, arsenic they expect to walk a batch of their clip there, and having the 'dream' boxes, similar a pantry, already there, could perchance beryllium capable to extremity the equilibrium towards a sale.

However, if you're considering adding successful a pantry solely to merchantability a property, bash consult with a buyer's cause first.

29. Embrace Shaker style

Pantry ideas - larder ideas

(Image credit: deVOL)

For a classical strategy that honors accepted craftsmanship and prime materials, instrumentality the modern state way with a Shaker room design portion that volition basal the trial of time. 

The archetypal Shakers had a saying; 'Do your enactment arsenic though you had a 1000 years to unrecorded and arsenic if you were to dice tomorrow.' Their designs and furnishings past to this time which attests to that. 

Channel this doctrine with a beautifully understated larder that’s large connected functionality and innovative joinery – mortise and tenon joints? Yes please. Finish successful a timeless painted hue to guarantee your pantry endures arsenic intended. 

30. Ensure your pantry is well-ventilated

Pantry ideas - with ventilation

(Image credit: Future)

If you're asking yourself if your pantry needs ventilation, the reply is some yes and no. 

Just being successful a dry, cool, acheronian abstraction volition usually beryllium capable for jar storage, sealed bags and hardy caller effect and veg specified arsenic potatoes, onions and apples erstwhile stored appropriately. 

Insulating the abstraction volition support it cooler but you bash request aerial to circulate. If adjacent to an outer wall, see adding a tiny mesh-covered model oregon an airbrick; you could besides adhd a ducted ventilator instrumentality specified arsenic you would person successful a bathroom. Have it wired to travel connected with the airy done a azygous switch. 

But debar installing cooling appliances successful a pantry arsenic they emit a batch of heat. In a larger pantry, a tiny aerial conditioning portion tin beryllium utilized to circulate aerial and chill chromatic countertop surfaces for casual cooling of blistery dishes and to make acold portion for moving with pastry.

How important is simply a pantry?

You mightiness beryllium reasoning 'how important is simply a pantry anyway?'

Of course, it's wholly idiosyncratic choice, but a pantry has a batch to connection a kitchen. It is chiefly a abstraction to store goods, keeping things successful the 'cool, dark' spot foodstuffs truthful often require. 'it is 1 of the quintessential parts of a Classic English Kitchen, it is truthful applicable and truthful casual to manage,' adds Helen Parker, Creative Director of deVOL (opens successful caller tab). 'Everything stored unneurotic successful 1 spot and everything truly easy accessible.'

More than conscionable perishables, pantries tin location room appliances and gadgets, freeing up the precious existent property of the countertop. A tiny pantry built into cabinetry tin adjacent enactment arsenic a meal nook, too, possibly holding the kettle, java instrumentality and toaster.

On a much affectional note, cookbooks are often stored wrong pantries, including precious handwritten oregon annotated household versions, arsenic good arsenic heirlooms specified arsenic metallic teapots oregon antique wedding china, which are seen arsenic 'too good' for mundane usage. 'Pantries hark backmost to the days of little is more, arsenic it treasures the household and household objects arsenic pieces of importance, pieces that request to beryllium held onto and stored unneurotic successful the pantry,' notes Helen.

Whats the quality betwixt a larder and a pantry?

The main quality betwixt a larder and a pantry is that the erstwhile stores dry, cupboard goods portion the second stores colder produce.

The connection pantry derives from the French paneterie, oregon a spot to store, breadstuff (pain). So, historically, pantries were the spot to store foods specified arsenic flour and preserves.

Larders, meanwhile, were acold rooms dedicated to the retention of perishable goods, similar caller vegetables, nutrient and dairy products.

These days, however, we evidently – and thankfully – person fridges, truthful determination is nary request for a larder. So contiguous the words pantry and larder person go interchangeable presumption for nutrient retention areas adjacent to oregon wrong a kitchen. 

What is the quality betwixt a pantry and a butler's pantry?

The information is, determination isn't a immense quality betwixt a abstracted pantry and a butler's pantry – some look precise similar. And, similar larders, the presumption are often utilized interchangeably.

That said, determination is 1 main difference. While a pantry of immoderate size is meant to beryllium dedicated to nutrient storage, a butler's pantry would incorporate much practical, prepping elements. Appliances specified arsenic java makers, nutrient processors and sinks would beryllium associated with a butler's pantry alternatively than a pantry.