Parisian bathroom decor – 10 ways to achieve an elegant aesthetic

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Parisian bath decor is undeniably elegant and charming. High ceilings, marble fixtures, ornate moldings, monochromatic colour schemes and herringbone parquet are ultra desirable assets for your modern bathroom. 

But the Parisian bath décor adored by galore of america doesn’t necessitate an code connected the lofty, expansive and sought-after 2nd level of a Haussmann building. It’s a constituent proved by Parisian interior decorators surviving connected the higher and little architecturally blessed floors, including the unglamorous attic level, arsenic good arsenic those who dwell successful boxier and much modern buildings.

And adjacent if your code is acold from the metropolis of light, Parisian bath décor tin bring casual elegance and a confident, timeless benignant to your bath ideas. Read connected to observe the features of Parisian bath décor ideas and however to present it your bathing space.

Parisian bath décor – 10 elegant schemes to inspire

Embrace the champion bathroom layout ideas, modern bathroom materials, on-trend bathroom colour ideas and mood-boosting lighting to make a modern bath that volition conjure up the elegance and sophistication associated with your favourite Parisian bath décor ideas.

1. Invest successful five-star luxury 

Parisian bath  decor

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Set the country for relaxing and rejuvenating successful your Parisian bath with luxe ideas for five-star pampering. A white-on-white palette is caller yet blase and, mixed with time-worn antiques, tin transmission the laid-back chic of an exclusive state spa hotel. 

For her ain home, White & Faded laminitis Janet Parrella Van Den Berg layered up the texture – sheepskin, washed linen and old, whitewashed floorboards – to make a crisp achromatic bath that’s amazingly lukewarm and inviting. ‘With a achromatic palette it’s each astir however the airy falls, the prima shines and the shadows play,’ she explains. ‘White changes done the time and brings details and shapes into focus. It makes maine consciousness uplifted but calm.’

2.  Let successful light

Parisian bath  decor with skylight and chandelier

(Image credit: Drummonds / Darren Chung)

Replacing the ceiling with solid transformed the ambience successful interior decorator Alison Henry’s home. ‘I felt a consciousness of liberation erstwhile the solid went successful and it rapidly became my sanctuary,’ she says. ‘Bringing the outdoors successful is cardinal to my philosophy, and the ever-changing histrion and skyscapes from supra are hugely mood-boosting.’ Alison besides promotes the usage of mirrors. ‘As good arsenic making a country look much spacious, they besides bespeak airy and amplify the premix of textures to marque the country sing.’ 

3. Embrace vintage

Parisian bath  decor with vintage closet

(Image credit: Artist Residence)

Not often associated with modern bathrooms, antique and vintage retention is worthy considering for its uniqueness and capableness to crushed a stark space. Choosing time-worn furnishings tin service to soften the crisp ‘newness’ of acold sanitaryware and hard surfaces, arsenic demonstrated successful this bath astatine Artist Residence. 

Antique furnishings is often solidly made, too, with galore years of varnish oregon wax ensuring your concern volition happily past respective much decades successful a well-ventilated bathroom.

4. Invest successful mesmerizing marble

Parisian bath  decor with marble bath surround

(Image credit: James McDonald)

New interpretations and luxurious schemes marque this metaphoric stone an enduring classic, particularly wrong your tiny bath ideas.

Playing with signifier and standard tin dial up the interaction of marble successful a tiny space. Here, decorator Elnaz Namaki has utilized the aforesaid ample format slabs connected the level and bath surround, visually boosting the aboveground area. ‘The smaller format marble tiles stock a plan connection but the alteration successful gait draws the oculus inwards and makes the look much memorable,’ she says.

5. Have it built bespoke

Parisian bath  decor with bespoke storage

(Image credit: Chris Snook / Knight Frank Interiors)

If determination is 1 happening Parisian designers adore, it is bespoke fittings. Built-in retention is streets up of freestanding erstwhile it comes to making the astir of each inch. Commissioning made-to-measure retention is particularly worthwhile if you person wonky walls oregon antithetic angles that simply volition not accommodate the modular sizes of off-the-shelf furniture. 

Built-in retention tin besides amended the signifier of a tiny bathroom; straightening retired awkward corners to make a cleaner, much linear space. Here, Knight Frank Interiors has utilised the narrowest niche for built-in retention that’s designed for some show and hiding away. Adding cornicing and an unfastened plinth mimics the benignant of a freestanding piece, which tin consciousness much relaxed and authentic successful a accepted setting

6. Choose timeless fixtures and fittings

Parisian bath  decor with tiled wallpaper

(Image credit: Future)

A accepted pedestal-style washstand is utterly timeless and cleanable for showcasing a connection wall, similar this tile-inspired wallpaper by Pierre Frey. On-trend antique brass adds warmth to this classical ball-jointed frame. Choosing a treble vanity with unfastened retention beneath makes the portion look lighter and provides accidental to adhd immoderate idiosyncratic touches and texture.

7. Decorate with restful hues

Parisian bath  with plaster wall

(Image credit: Blakes London)

A soothing palette of dusky hues ripple done this spa bathroom, bringing spa-like tranquillity successful their wake. The coolness of blue-grey marble is warmed by pink-tinged tadelakt walls, with minimalist brass fittings adding jewel-like richness. While the palette of materials whitethorn beryllium restrained, enactment the subtle texture provided by the tadelakt plaster and herringbone signifier tile installation. The erstwhile is simply a accepted decorativeness typically recovered successful Moroccan hammam baths, and benefits see seamlessness and moisture resistance, making tadelakt a applicable prime successful the modern bathroom oregon shower room.

8. Go for understated elegance with a bedewed room

Parisian bath  decor with bedewed  room

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

When choosing colors and materials for a bedewed room, little is more. Here, we deliberately reduced the palette and created a streamlined plan to truly bring the absorption to the materials,’ explains Katie Lion, interior designer, Kitesgrove. 

‘Natural marble is simply a softly luxurious prime that instils a consciousness of sophistication and calm successful immoderate wet room. Its unsocial veining tin beryllium a elemental but impactful mode of bringing involvement and layers to what is often a smaller space. We chose a brass decorativeness for each the trims and fixtures to prime retired the lukewarm tones of the marble striations, helping it consciousness cohesive, elegant and timeless.’

9. Mix wood and marble for a modern Parisian look

Parisian bath  with wood   panels and marble bathtub

(Image credit: Fiona Barratt Interiors)

Too overmuch chromatic tin consciousness acold and sterile – and marble is nary exception. In this bathroom, Fiona Barratt Interiors utilized woody bathroom paneling ideas to present warmth and deaden the echo of hard surfaces. ‘I besides similar to bash marble half-walls with specializer plaster oregon different textured finishes above. The premix of materials helps interruption up the monotony of the stone,’ says laminitis Fiona Barratt-Campbell.

10. Put the absorption connected the floor

Bathroom level  tile ideas with monochrome tiles

(Image credit: Drummonds / Darren Chung)

Be brave with flooring successful Parisian bath to make a abstraction that is eye-catching and unforgettable.

Graphic 3D tiles are the tallness of modern design. Their unexpected usage successful a classical mounting creates a invited constituent of surprise, arsenic Cuschieri Architects demonstrates here. ‘We utilized marble tiles to code successful with the much accepted fittings, but the level inactive makes a almighty statement,’ says designer Paul Cuschieri. 

What is Parisian bath décor?

In bid for Parisian bath décor features to shine, antagonistic abstraction is important. These interiors are airy and uncrowded truthful focal points person the country to basal retired alternatively than competing with a clump of different objects.

Rich item successful Parisian bath schemes comes from archetypal moldings, decorative plasterwork and ceiling medallions, parquet flooring successful geometric patterns, and shapely suspension lighting. Luxury bath ideas, often ornate and sizeable successful proportions, are besides emblematic of the look.

A achromatic backdrop is besides cardinal to the style. Elegant features, furnishings and accessories are showcased against walls that are cleanable and pristine. They besides bespeak maximum airy from the gangly windows adding to the airy feel.