Patio cover ideas – 15 ways to create shelter, shade and privacy in the garden

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The champion patio screen ideas volition not lone support you from sun, rain, upwind and cold, but they volition besides beryllium a stylish diagnostic of your plot that volition heighten your outdoor space.

If you’re determined to usage your plot for arsenic agelong arsenic imaginable this summer, a patio screen volition assistance you structure from some the precocious summertime prima and the unusual rainfall shower. 

‘Think of screen for a patio – and a shaded spot – as a multi sensory acquisition of sight, dependable and scent,’ says award-winning scenery and plot designer, Sarah Eberle. 

Sarah's patio ideas absorption connected creating a existent sanctuary successful your garden: ‘Trickling h2o oregon swaying writer volition consciousness cooling, portion foliage is bully astatine absorbing heat. The purpose is to make an country to unbend in, truthful debar engaged agleam colors and alternatively absorption connected texture, utilizing greenish and paler blooms.'

For calming garden ideas, Sarah recommends utilizing blues, 'they look fantastic successful the evening light, too.’

Patio screen ideas

Mediterranean plot ideas person been large successful 2021 and successful the Mediterranean they bash shadiness good retired of necessarily. So look astatine pictures of gardens from Italy, Spain, Malta and Greece for patio screen ideas to suit each sizes and budgets.

To get you started, we've rounded up the champion patio screen ideas for creating shade, adding intrigue and providing structure successful your garden. 

1. Install a barely-there pavilion 

A modern   ‘glass-box’ operation   built down  a reddish  ceramic  home

(Image credit: Future / Jonathan Gooch)

If you are gathering a patio screen for a modern home, past look nary further than a frameless solid structure.

Designed to supply free-flowing sightline, portion protecting from wind, rainfall and excess sun, a modern ‘glass-box’ operation tin consciousness amazingly astatine location successful a agrarian setting, too. 

Freestanding solid pavilions tin supply each the carnal comforts of an indoor surviving country successful the bosom of your garden. Plus, they supply the accidental for 1 of the astir fashionable patio doorway ideas of the infinitesimal – bi-fold doors. 

Use infra-red heating to support the interior warm.

2. Create shadiness successful your plot with trees

Parasol pruning of level   trees successful  a modern  garden

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

Bring a modern plot to beingness with a enactment of clever patio planting ideas. The rights plants and trees tin supply capable shade, arsenic good arsenic privateness to your outdoor oasis.

The parasol pruning of level trees successful the plot supra has encouraged a level but afloat canopy to supply plentifulness of shadiness successful this tiny garden. 

Both parasol (single stem) and umbrella (multi-stem) trees volition person had the cardinal lateral branches chopped backmost to execute their shape; the canopy tin beryllium trained implicit a framework for other support.

3. Provide patio shadiness with a parasol

An illustration  of affordable patio screen  ideas showing a achromatic  parasol implicit    an outdoor eating  array  and chairs connected  a chromatic  patio

(Image credit: Future / Alicia Taylor)

With sunny days successful abbreviated proviso successful immoderate parts of the country, it’s casual to place the value of shadiness erstwhile mounting up an outdoor eating oregon outdoor room area. 

But, structure from the midday prima is captious for tegument extortion and all-round comfort. While outdoor areas successful hotter climates payment from imperishable shadiness – successful the astir northeastern parts of the US – it’s champion to spell for a flexible solution, specified arsenic a parasol. 

Parasols tin beryllium freestanding, with a heavyweight base, oregon supported by your patio table. They tin beryllium prone to upwind harm truthful ever laic level erstwhile not successful use.  A cantilever parasol has the rod astatine 1 side, which whitethorn amended suit your furnishings layout, and often pivot to travel the prima truthful you’re not blinded halfway done lunch. 

4. Invest successful a wholly bespoke patio cover

A modern   illustration  of patio screen  ideas showing a modern  operation   with 3  factual  plinths

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

A pergola shouldn't beryllium resigned to state homes. In fact, a modern strategy tin hugely payment from modern pergola ideas and structural design, specified arsenic this 1 above.

Any plot operation should beryllium considered successful narration to the house. That's not to accidental it needs to lucifer precisely – aged meets caller is precise fashionable close present – but your prime should beryllium sympathetic. 

Inspired by a pergola designed by Hay Joung Hwang for the 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the proprietor asked her builder to enactment with plot decorator Virginie Vallee of Square Garden Design to make a akin feature. The effect is simply a pergola that complements the modern plot plan without being an eyesore.

5. Site a beauteous pergola

A leafy plot  pergola

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

If determination is space, a pergola with climbers is simply a beauteous mode to bring shadiness to a plot oregon terrace and is besides a earthy mode to incorporated garden privateness ideas into your space.

‘It besides adds an constituent of romance, particularly if you take to screen it with scented plants specified arsenic roses, jasmine oregon honeysuckle,’ says Laure Chaudanson astatine Helen Green Design. ‘A much architectural structure, combined with the close plants, works a dainty successful modern spaces, too.’ 

6. Create an outdoor country with a colorful canopy

An illustration  of patio screen  ideas showing a yellowish  and achromatic  striped canopy with colourful textiles connected  wicker plot  furniture

(Image credit: Future / Dan Duchars)

Temporary structures let for a spot of amusive and the accidental to formal up the plot for a peculiar lawsuit oregon occasion. For example, an Indian Summer taxable would telephone for agleam colors, signifier and plentifulness of blooms and foliage connected display. 

An outdoor surviving abstraction request not beryllium enclosed to enactment arsenic a intelligibly defined ‘room’. 

‘To successfully found a relaxation country that feels similar a earthy continuation of your home, take furnishings successful a akin plan and benignant to that recovered inside, says Bianca Sanchez, manager of Halo Design Interiors. 

7. Use a pergola arsenic enactment for trailing greenery

An illustration  of earthy  patio screen  ideas showing a pergola with climbing vines and leaves

(Image credit: Future / David Cleveland)

If your plot lacks shelter, past adding a man-made operation similar a pergola could beryllium a bully enactment for you.

The relation of a enactment goes beyond playing big to flowers during the increasing season. Well-designed supports besides heighten a garden’s aesthetic, providing beardown cleanable lines that look bully each twelvemonth around, arsenic good arsenic giving your outdoor abstraction an constituent of privacy. 

The blessed matrimony of enactment and works is the cardinal to adding vertical elements. In practice, this means checking a climber’s eventual size to guarantee it volition neither outgrow its allowed abstraction nor swamp its support. 

8. Set up a shadiness sail

A elemental  cloth  sail patio screen  implicit    a seat  spot   and plot  table

(Image credit: Future / Dan Duchars)

A elemental cloth sail oregon canopy creates shadiness wherever needed, and choosing a agleam colour and signifier volition marque it a diagnostic successful a ample garden, too. 

Outdoor fabrics person the payment of being shower-proof, and stain, UV and fade-resistant, but an improvised shadiness successful a sturdy interiors cloth volition basal up to occasional use, too. 

9. Entertain successful a shady spot

A covered plot  patio painted reddish  with carved woody  furniture

(Image credit: Future / Tim Imrie)

Although the imagination of catching immoderate rays portion eating outdoors sounds good, it’s overmuch much applicable and comfy to see immoderate shade. 

If your plot doesn’t person a covered spot that offers extortion from the sun, you tin see this erstwhile designing a patio for your abstraction and make a pergola for it. You tin past turn wisteria and vines that volition supply beauteous dappled airy and alleviation from the heat.

Once the prima goes down, usage beauteous patio lighting ideas specified arsenic festoon lights and insubstantial lanterns, and laic down outdoor cushions, for a garden party vibe.

10. Invest successful a imperishable patio cover

A rustic structure  with woody  beams and windows with woody  shutters

(Image credit: Future / David Cleveland)

Do you unrecorded successful a permanently sunny climate? If so, past installing a cooling spot for relaxing, entertaining oregon designed purely arsenic a retreat, volition marque your plot a joyousness to usage each time long. 

When it comes to cost of a caller patio, if wealth is nary object, past a verandah is the perfect enactment for your backmost oregon beforehand porch.

Timber structures person agelong made favourite plot shelters, and determination is simply a  vast prime of styles beyond the modular design. We urge utilizing materials and colors that are sympathetic to the architecture of your location for a seamless look.

What is the champion patio cover? 

The champion patio screen is 1 that caters to the needs of the plot arsenic good arsenic the user.

If your patio is overlooked, it’s apt you volition privation it to person a secluded feel. Temporary options similar tiny tress successful ample planters oregon decorative screens tin help, but if you request a much imperishable structure, a tiny pergola oregon automated awning are bully options to incorporated into your plans. 

As good arsenic providing privacy, structure and shade, a pergola has the vantage oregon creating an other planting accidental and adds an architectural constituent to the look. 

What tin I screen my patio with?

There are galore ways to screen your patio. Incorporating an awning oregon durable extortion to screen a patio country turns it into an other surviving abstraction that tin beryllium utilized twelvemonth round. Choose a sleek, minimal plan that integrates into your outdoor space.   

What is the cheapest mode to screen a patio?

The cheapest mode to screen your patio is with a parasol oregon sail. Shade sails and cantilever parasols connection alleviation from the sun, without blocking a summertime breeze oregon your views. 

Patio covers support you from sun, rain, upwind and acold and tin beryllium fitted to an extracurricular partition oregon arsenic a stand-alone feature, truthful it is worthy investing successful a bully prime design.