Patio lighting ideas – 18 creative ways to light a patio

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If you person a patio oregon are readying to adhd 1 to your garden, past patio lighting ideas are a must. Taking your abstraction seamlessly from time to night, patio lighting ideas are cleanable for extending the usability of your patio.

Just similar wrong your home, an outdoor eating abstraction needs lighting that creates the cleanable ambiance for relaxing and sharing food, drinks and conversation, successful summation to its applicable intent of illuminating the country from nightfall.

These beauteous patio ideas volition make the cleanable backdrop to evening meals with the household and get-togethers with friends. Our favourite outdoor lighting ideas, they're astatine the apical of our plot must-haves list.

Patio lighting ideas

When you're readying your patio ideas, it’s captious to make capable airy for everyone to determination astir the abstraction and instrumentality their seats safely – arsenic good arsenic spot their nutrient and drink. But a surfeit of illumination volition ruin the cozy ambience, and consciousness of intimacy.

‘Install immoderate outdoor lighting to illuminate your patio erstwhile the prima sets earlier successful the evening successful the autumn and wintertime months. Added lighting lets you bask a cupful of java oregon beverage connected the platform aft meal oregon allows your gathering to proceed good into the nighttime and gives your outdoor surviving country a cozier ambience,’ says Mark Feldman, main location serviceman of Riverbend Home. ‘Besides ceiling lights overhead connected a structure oregon covered patio, you tin adhd outdoor array lamps, measurement lights for safety, way lights to illuminate your walkways. For softer lighting, adhd immoderate candlelight with lanterns oregon candle holders. You tin besides bent drawstring lights on railings oregon overhead for a festive look.’

1. Add partition lights to supply functional illumination nether a pergola

patio with partition  lights connected  diagnostic   wall

(Image credit: Pooky)

Pergola ideas supply a versatile summation to the patio, expanding the usability of your backyard and enabling you to walk much clip outdoors. However, erstwhile the prima sets the abstraction nether your pergola tin rapidly consciousness dark. Installing partition lights is simply a speedy and casual mode to widen the usability of your pergola. 

2. Illuminate structures, trees and arbors for architectural interest

Paved patio with seat  and candles and drawstring  lights

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

If your patio is framed by an arbor oregon pergola, oregon possibly is flanked by towering trees, past see intertwining the trunks oregon framework with drawstring lights. One of the astir atmospheric patio lighting ideas, they volition make welcoming glow that frames your patio. 

Pair with groups of candles to further acceptable the scene.  However, the requirements of information mean they shouldn’t beryllium near unattended, nor positioned wherever they could origin a travel hazard. They’re besides liable to beryllium extinguished by the upwind outside.

Alternatives see choosing hurricane lanterns to support them from breezes, though you should inactive beryllium contiguous portion they’re lit. 

A further solution for getting the aforesaid look without immoderate concerns is to spell for battery-powered candles that committedness casual and harmless operation.

3. Help your patio to blend into your plot with lighting

illuminated patio country  with woody  furnishings  and hedges

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Patio lighting ideas connection the cleanable accidental to harmonise your patio with the remainder of your garden. Installing staked star lights successful your borderline volition illuminate the greenery and propulsion airy towards the remainder of the garden, alternatively than conscionable centralising astir the patio. Pair your borderline lights with occasional lights specified arsenic candles and spot lights connected the patio and connected the table.

4. Create a laid-back enactment vibe with insubstantial lanterns

Patio with a pergola and modern   outdoor furniture

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Take inspiration from Miami formation parties and akin celebrations, by incorporating insubstantial lanterns into your patio lighting ideas. While accepted insubstantial lanterns are lit with a occurrence and acceptable escaped to illuminate the sky, these LED versions marque for a beautiful, imperishable summation to your patio oregon deck ideas. 

Best utilized successful shaded areas, the nylon outer-casing is durable but volition not past adverse weather, truthful are champion utilized arsenic occasional patio lighting ideas, cleanable for mounting the ambience for an al fresco meal enactment oregon a household celebration. 

5. Add applicable lighting to support your patio safe

lights illuminating steps to a patio

(Image credit: Lighting for Gardens)

As good arsenic looking for patio lighting ideas that assistance to acceptable the code of the space, besides deliberation astir applicable patio lighting ideas. If your patio has steps, past illuminating them is simply a must. 

When lighting steps, it is important to see the quantity of lights you need. Afterall, you privation capable airy to spot wherever you’re walking, but not truthful galore that they detract from your patio. ‘Putting creator considerations to 1 side, this is chiefly determined by the tallness of the lights supra the steps. If the lights are lone a fewer centimetres supra the treads you volition request 1 for each step, oregon 2 if you privation to airy from some sides. If the lights are higher up, (300-400mm) supra the steps, 1 airy for each 2 to 3 steps is usually sufficient. If you are lighting down from higher up above, you whitethorn beryllium capable to airy a tiny formation of steps with a azygous downlighter,’ explains Philip Milner, method manager astatine Lighting For Gardens. 

6. Incorporate patio lighting ideas into your outdoor ceiling fan

Gorgeous platform  with comfy  seating to bask  a beauteous   evening outside

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Outdoor ceiling fans are a indispensable for ceremonial patio areas, particularly successful parts of the state that person predominant heatwaves. However, they besides bring with them the accidental to integrate patio lighting ideas. 

'Use an outdoor ceiling instrumentality with lights. Deliver task and ambient airy to your speech oregon eating areas—as good arsenic cooling breezes—with the summation of patio fans with lighting incorporated,' advises Mark.

7. Consider a firepit for a earthy glow

firepit connected  patio surrounded by plot  armchairs

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Even the warmest days tin bring with them chill evenings, So arsenic the prima sets, airy up the occurrence to support the enactment going into the night. Firepits person seen a emergence successful popularity successful caller years and for bully reason. Creating a cozy centerpiece connected your patio, they supply a abstraction astir which friends and household tin congregate and bask each other's company.

In summation to providing heat, the flickering flames besides bathe the patio successful a brushed glow, mounting the perfect, intimate backdrop for aft meal conversation.

8. Choose a pendant for outdoor patio lighting ideas

cottage patio eating  array  nether  pagoda

(Image credit: Zinc Textiles)

Pendant lights aren’t conscionable a solution for the interior of a home, outdoor versions marque an charismatic diagnostic successful each antithetic garden ideas, particularly erstwhile suspended supra outdoor eating furniture. When choosing your pendant light, it is important to size up. Opting for a ample plan volition guarantee that the airy doesn’t go mislaid successful the space. A metallic decorativeness volition besides drawback the sunlight during the time and marque for an eye-catching feature.

'Chic outdoor pendants. Hang pendant fixtures from the ceiling of a covered country with seating, specified arsenic your wraparound structure oregon paved patio. You tin take styles that lucifer your home’s architecture (modern, assemblage revival, Victorian, Tudor), oregon you tin seizure the drawstring airy look with clustered pendants featuring solid covers and Edison-style bulbs,' says Mark Feldman.

9. Frame an outdoor fireplace with symmetrical partition lights

An illustration  of patio lighting ideas showing a patio with sofas, an outdoor fireplace and ample  partition  lights

(Image credit: Rosendale Design)

Set lights either broadside of an outdoor fireplace to make a blase exterior surviving room. They tin supply capable brushed inheritance lighting for a seating country that’s mildly enhanced by the flickering flames of the lit fire. The symmetry of a brace of lights either broadside of the occurrence is the cleanable complement to facing sofas that marque for a fabulous alfresco entertaining space. 

10. Opt for portable lamps for versatile illumination

Brick patio with hammock and outdoor lamp connected  table

(Image credit: Nedgis)

It’s worthy investing successful lights you tin determination astir the patio for a flexible solution.

A portable plan volition nutrient a tiny excavation of light, but that’s capable for a cozy ambiance erstwhile nighttime has fallen either for a solo patio idiosyncratic to bask the sounds of the backyard astatine night, oregon a brace to marque the astir of the outdoors.

11. Bring the wrong retired with a level lamp

Wooden platform  with armchairs and outdoor level  lamp

(Image credit: Salt and Steel)

Like pendant lights, level lamps decidedly shouldn’t beryllium confined to the interior of your home. One of these tin marque a stylish summation to a patio utilized for eating oregon relaxing and tin beryllium bought to complement your patio furnishings ideas.

It should, of course, beryllium a mentation specially made for outdoor use, and a weighted basal volition assistance support it unafraid successful exterior breezes. Want to debar cables? Look for a plan with a chargeable lamp.

12. Mix shapes and colors successful your patio lighting ideas

patio with eating  array  and chairs and star  pendant lanterns

(Image credit: Sparkle Lighting)

A radical of lanterns supra a patio eating array makes an charismatic and eye-catching focal constituent and are fantastic accessories for brightening patio screen ideas, specified arsenic pergolas. For a casual boho effect, premix antithetic shapes and shadiness colors arsenic good arsenic suspending them astatine antithetic heights. 

Think astir echoing the colors successful beds and borders to complement your flower furniture ideas, oregon repetition tones from the array mounting for a colorful display.

13. Go for lukewarm airy to make a cozy atmosphere

patio with eating  array  and benches and outdoor drawstring  lights

(Image credit: Ella James)

Make definite patio lighting has a brushed effect that is relaxing connected the eye. 

If you’re going for LED lights oregon solar plot lighting ideas, that means picking a benignant that produces lukewarm achromatic airy similar those shown here. Cool achromatic is much luminous and suited to applicable applications alternatively than laid-back environments. 

14. Wash airy down a wall

Green tiled patio with built-in spot   and greenish  partition  with lights

(Image credit: Davey Lighting)

If your patio is sheltered by a wall, it’s the perfect spot to adhd imperishable lighting that makes utilizing the abstraction ace convenient. They tin lavation airy down the partition to marque a diagnostic of a painted oregon textured aboveground and to illuminate patio planting ideas oregon seating beneath arsenic good arsenic providing wide illumination for eating oregon sitting retired aft dusk falls.

15. Hang a bid of pendant lights to make a centerpiece

An illustration  of patio lighting ideas showing a bid    of pendant lights strung up   successful  a row

(Image credit: Nest )

A enactment of pendant lights implicit the eating array is 1 of our favourite patio lighting ideas. You’ll request capable successful the enactment to airy the full magnitude of the array to marque meals a comfy experience. 

Bear successful caput that they’ll request to beryllium suspended precocious capable to debar blocking views and speech crossed the table, but astatine a level little than a pendant: the bid should consciousness visually connected to the array below.

16. Double up with a patio airy with integrated heater

patio with seat  and java  array  and heater

(Image credit: Umbra)

In request of a heater to usage your patio arsenic often – oregon arsenic precocious into the evening – arsenic you prefer? Then see choosing an electrical mentation that volition supply airy for the country arsenic good arsenic warmth. A plan with a shadiness has the benignant of a lamp, too, arsenic good arsenic a lamp’s elegant lines.

If your patio is small, and a floorstanding patio heater volition instrumentality up excessively overmuch of the space, tabletop versions are a neat and handsome alternative.

17. Create rustic benignant with festoon lights

patio with alfresco eating  woody  furnishings  and festoon lighting

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Outdoor drawstring lighting ideas are a large complement to cottage patio ideas with wood furniture, and tin beryllium easy hung from a rustic pergola. Let them drape towards the array for a brushed effect and gentle airy for the tabletop.

Team them with different airy sources for capable illumination for the patio area. Classic metallic lanterns besides suit state gardens.

18. Complement a modern patio with partition lights

Patio with lighting connected  the partition  and candles connected  a array  acceptable   for dinner

(Image credit: Future)

If your patio is portion of a modern gait plan with the accent connected hardscaping successful materials specified arsenic stone, factual and metal, on with architectural planting, patio lighting needs to beryllium contemporary, too. 

Echo the geometric lines of the gait plan successful the signifier of partition lights, and repetition the colors of a modern materials palette arsenic good for a pulled-together effect.

What are the champion lights for an outdoor patio?

The champion lights for outdoor patio are those that suit the mode successful which it’s used, and which complement its style. For a festive feeling, outdoor drawstring lights are hard to bushed and tin beryllium star oregon battery-powered, which makes them casual to acceptable and avoids immoderate trailing cablegram worries.

But for regularly utilized patios, fitted lighting is the astir convenient, and tin harvester pendant and partition lights arsenic inheritance lighting, on with different patio lighting ideas specified arsenic exterior level and array lamps, positive accent lighting to item plants and architectural features. This will, of course, beryllium champion incorporated astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic you are readying and designing a patio, though tin beryllium little neatly retro-fitted.

If you are fitting electrical lighting oregon extracurricular outlets, ever travel gathering codes and regulations and telephone successful a qualified contractor.  

How bash you airy an outdoor patio?

To airy an outdoor patio, deliberation archetypal astir the ambient oregon inheritance lighting for the space. This could beryllium from an outdoor pendant airy oregon drawstring lights, for example, and volition make wide airy for the patio that’s brushed and atmospheric.

You could complement these with partition lights connected immoderate patios. Just marque definite to look for up and down lights to debar glare.

If you’re grilling arsenic good arsenic eating connected the patio, don’t hide that you volition request agleam capable airy for harmless moving – successful different words, task lighting. This should beryllium capable to beryllium operated separately, though, truthful you tin crook it disconnected erstwhile cooking is done for a much relaxing mood.

For patios with seating areas, level and array lamps are worthwhile additions to a lighting scheme, casting intimate pools of airy implicit those seated.

Don’t hide that accent lighting that puts the absorption connected chosen features tin treble arsenic a information feature, highlighting the borderline of the patio oregon steps, for instance. Any way to a patio should besides beryllium lit truthful the mode to the country is intelligibly apparent. 

All outdoor lightbulbs with person a UL Rating. Look for bulbs that person been classified arsenic UL Listed.  It indispensable beryllium UL Listed not UL Certified arsenic Certified bulbs person not been tested for usage outside. 

UL Listed bulbs volition besides counsel connected the country successful which is tin safely beryllium used. Bulbs listed for usage successful a Damp Location would beryllium suitable for usage successful a sheltered patio that is attached to the house. However, if your bulbs are to beryllium utilized outside, guarantee that they are listed arsenic for Wet Locations. These tin beryllium utilized successful the plot for each your patio lighting ideas.

Can I permission patio lights retired successful winter?

Yes, you tin permission patio lights retired successful wintertime truthful agelong arsenic they person been rated suitable for outdoor use. However, leaving your patio lighting ideas extracurricular during harsh winters volition shorten their lifespan. This is particularly existent of star lights wherever the star panels tin go damaged by snowfall and ice.