Patio planting ideas – 20 ways to add style and interest

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Whether it’s your lone outdoor abstraction oregon portion of a larger backyard, patio planting ideas connection a wealthiness of opportunity.

Patio ideas mightiness make a abstraction for dining, relaxing oregon entertaining, but immoderate its functions, patio planting tin heighten the acquisition bringing color, scent and absorbing forms, and possibly attracting wildlife, oregon adjacent providing herbs for cooking.

And portion patios are often thought of successful transportation with instrumentality planting, beds and borders tin besides supply a fabulous planting accidental to alteration this portion of the yard.

Patio planting ideas

The patio is an country that’s worthy paying attraction to, arsenic it makes specified a large quality to the look and consciousness of some your location and your backyard. Calming greenery surrounding it oregon flowering perennials are definite to marque your temper soar. 

You mightiness take evergreen shrubs and grasses for year-round involvement and color; adhd flowers for each season; oregon adjacent opt for shade-providing trees arsenic 1 of your patio screen ideas. Take inspiration from these patio planting ideas.

1. Use tiny trees to supply shade

Patio planting ideas successful  a shaded plot  with prima   lounger and screened fence.

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

Sun worshippers whitethorn not similar this suggestion, but if your patio gets a batch of sun, planting tiny trees tin springiness you a shady spot to flight aggravated rays. Look for the best trees for tiny gardens to find 1 that won't get retired of hand.

However, that’s not the lone acquisition to larn here: this gait is besides a large illustration of however beautifully angiosperm beds tin coexist with pavers erstwhile you’re laying a patio.

2. Create a lush backdrop

Patio with greenish  painted wall

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Complement patio planting with a lush colored backdrop and you tin heighten the acquisition of being successful quality – with other relaxing results.

Here architectural foliage successful a lighter greenish hue stands retired against the affluent greenish colour of the partition to large effect. Make definite you travel this design’s pb with larger plants and pots to acceptable alongside seating truthful they don’t get mislaid successful the arrangement.

3. Get treble usage retired of a raised bed

Patio planting ideas with built-in seating and eating  array  successful  a municipality  garden.

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

If the cost of laying a patio allows, see combining raised beds with seat seating for a large eating country surrounded by plants. What could beryllium amended for an al fresco repast oregon solid of wine? 

Plant shrubs and greenery to adhd height, oregon bid climbing plants up a partition truthful you get beauteous sum that makes you consciousness similar you’re successful the countryside adjacent if you unrecorded successful an municipality setting.

4. Grow olive trees

Olive trees successful  pots successful  mediterranean-style outdoor surviving  area

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Bring a Mediterranean twist to patio planting ideas by increasing olive trees successful pots there. A azygous histrion oregon a brace tin marque a striking diagnostic for the space. 

Bear successful caput that they volition person to beryllium moved disconnected the patio if you unrecorded successful a portion with acold winters – which is wherefore increasing them successful pots tin beryllium a winning strategy.  

5. Add a angiosperm furniture halfway stage 

exterior of barn conversion with covered patio and pond

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Flower beds don’t person to beryllium placed on the borderline erstwhile designing a patio. Build a furniture successful the precise halfway and laic pavers neatly astir it to make an eye-catching architectural show – particularly if you adhd a striking sculpture oregon h2o diagnostic alongside highly manicured greenery.

6. Introduce topiary to a patio

topiary planted successful  containers connected  chromatic  terrace of plot  of paolo moschino and philip Vergeylen

(Image credit: Annaick Guitteny)

Bring the elegant shapes of topiary to a patio for a verdant backdrop to patio furniture. Many of the foliage plants utilized for topiary are suitable for increasing successful containers. 

For a much ceremonial look put topiary successful containers symmetrically, oregon simply radical them for a softer effect. And to support the signifier of these evergreens, trim regularly, arsenic good arsenic feeding and watering to support them healthy.

7. Make your patio charismatic to bees

french lavender successful  chimney pot

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Lavender is perfect for cottage patio ideas, smells fantastic and is 1 of those ace plants that pull bees, raising your eco credentials successful 1 casual move. Lavender grows good successful pots oregon beds and if you’re mixing it successful to larger border, a affluent bluish volition beautifully complement the purple of the lavender. 

There are plentifulness of different plants that volition pull bees, too, specified arsenic geraniums, Cosmos Apollo and Verbena rigida. Whatever blooms you choose, carnivore successful caput that single-flowering stems are champion for our flying friends. 

8. Make a patio extortion with planting

Patio screen  ideas

(Image credit: Future / David Cleveland)

If you request to make shadiness for a patio, opting for pergola ideas that marque a model for climbers is simply a dependable solution. While you volition request patience portion the climber grows up and implicit to signifier a pergola roof, you’ll beryllium rewarded with a chill spot from which to bask the outlook. Consider this maneuver if your patio is overlooked, too, arsenic it volition marque the champion gardening screening idea possible.

9. Mark your territory 

Patio planting ideas featuring a greenish  wall, astute  topiary and potted plants connected  a extortion   terrace overlooking an estuary with boats.

(Image credit: Future / Mark Luscombe-Whyte)

With a presumption similar this, 1 could reason that you request small other to adhd to it. But patio planting ideas are ever worthwhile. 

Here, greenery softens the hard lines of the roof, portion a dense enactment of planter pots runs on the solid wall, making the see-through patio perimeter clearer (so you’re little apt to locomotion into it). The foliage besides provides a small other screening and privateness without distracting from the beauteous vista.

10. Continue a colour scheme

Large region  plot  with patio abstraction  and eating  table

(Image credit: Andy Stedman Design)

Link a patio to the remainder of the gait by repeating the colors of a planting strategy there. 

In this gait the garden colour scheme of achromatic blooms with accents of pinkish borderline the walkway and widen to the patio, but it’s casual to get the aforesaid effect by utilizing hues from the remainder of the gait successful pots and containers connected the patio.

11. Surround yourself with greenery

Patio planter ideas connected  a gravel patio with greenish  metallic  circular  array  and chairs.

(Image credit: Future)

There’s nary paving successful this scheme, truthful technically it’s not a patio, but the backyard could easy person 1 and look conscionable the aforesaid – truthful we volition disregard that small detail. 

Patios inspired by woodland and afloat of lush foliage look astonishing erstwhile they person a jungle of greenery astir their borders, and you tin adjacent bring that greenery done into patio furniture, arsenic here.

If you person a metropolis garden, lush planting is large mode to springiness yourself the privateness you crave and physique an oasis of calm astir you. Layer up grasses, shrubs and tiny trees to get the look. Start gangly and enactment your mode to smaller sum astatine the beforehand of borders.

12. Hang your baskets

Hanging baskets successful  a achromatic  patio plot  with greenish  and bluish  patterned textiles draped astir   a array  and chairs.

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

Hanging baskets are a accepted mode of raising plants disconnected the crushed and adding involvement higher up, peculiarly successful tiny yards. 

They are often mounted connected walls, but this operation creates a amusive greenhouse vibe with ferns and grasses hanging down supra your head. It gives a luxe feel, reminiscent of a chill metropolis bar, and decidedly has the wow factor.

13. Have herbs to hand

Patio planting ideas with herbs successful  a tiny  gravel courtyard with bistro array  and chairs.

(Image credit: Future / Spike Powell)

As patios are usually adjacent to your home, they’re a large spot for herb gardens truthful these ingredients are wrong casual scope erstwhile you request immoderate basil for your burrata oregon parsley for a food dish. 

Thyme, rosemary, mint, chives and marjoram are besides large growers that volition beryllium adjuvant erstwhile you request to adhd an other flavour punch to your cooking. Another bonus is that bees emotion herb plants, too.

14. Live it up

A surviving  partition  successful  a tiny  patio plot  beside a gangly  reddish  ceramic  building, with wicker furniture.

(Image credit: Future / James Merrell)

Living walls (or greenish walls) are striking successful their design, but they’re besides truly bully for you and the aerial astir you, filtering toxins and converting c dioxide into oxygen. 

They’re fantastic for wildlife, too, positive looking astatine each that greenery is superb for your authorities of mind. Vertical plot ideas instrumentality a small planning, but the benefits decidedly marque a surviving partition worthy considering. 

15. Light the way

outdoor pendant airy  connected  patio with pergola

(Image credit: Arteriors)

Patio lighting ideas whitethorn not beryllium the archetypal happening that springs to caput erstwhile you deliberation of planting, but arsenic the evenings gully in, bash you truly privation to miss retired connected what your patio has to offer? 

Patios instrumentality connected a definite magic astatine night, truthful incorporated lighting to item planting, and to marque your outdoor abstraction a blissful spot to dine oregon bask a portion station sun-down, each portion admiring the planting.

16. Give containers a lift

Patio planting ideas demonstrated by a ample  postulation  of potted herbs and plants connected  a woody  ladder shelf.

(Image credit: Future / Tim Young)

There are 2 patio planting ideas to instrumentality from this photo. A ladder support volition springiness you tons of other abstraction for pots and make tallness connected a patio without the request for large shrubbery and trees. 

Also, it shows however pots don’t request to match. A substance of colors, sizes and materials works precise good together. Bold shades and antithetic designs happily beryllium alongside much accepted terracotta and factual planters, truthful person amusive buying and creating an eclectic display.

17. Let patio planting blur the boundaries

Beds of perennials either broadside  of a chromatic  and ceramic  patio starring  onto a lawn.

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

'For me, the astir palmy patios person planting that overflows the containers and bedding areas laid retired for it. I don't similar gardens to beryllium objective due to the fact that quality isn't, truthful letting patio plants spill implicit paving and blur the boundaries betwixt a patio and tract beyond it, for example, is acold much charismatic than keeping it excessively controlled,' says Editor successful Chief of Homes & Gardens Lucy Searle.

18. Put patio planting betwixt pavers

luxury excavation  patio country  with seating and achromatic  umbrellas

(Image credit: Kate Anne Designs)

Planting doesn't request to beryllium astir the edges of a patio – it tin beryllium wrong the paving. You tin grow chamomile oregon conscionable plain aged writer (though that volition request trimming regularly and won't beryllium arsenic pleasing) betwixt pavers, and walking implicit it volition merchandise a gentle scent, too.

19. Choose patio plants by height

Patio planting ideas successful  a decked plot  with slatted woody  obstruction   and modern   achromatic  array  and chairs.

(Image credit: Future / Annaick Guitteny)

Unless you privation to make a precise backstage oregon shaded patio, it's important that immoderate planting that separates the patio itself from the remainder of your backyard is the close height. This means ensuring that nary of the plants you enactment successful mature supra astir 2ft tall. Any taller and they volition interrupt the presumption of the expanses beyond. 

20. Use planting to 'zone' a patio

Patio screen  ideas

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

If yours is simply a ample patio, oregon possibly you person much than one, utilizing planting to portion a room, conscionable arsenic you would successful a ample open-plan country indoors with furnishings oregon colour scheming, tin beryllium truly effectual astatine defining antithetic purposes for an outdoor space.  

This mightiness mean having climbers implicit a eating country to make dappled shade, oregon taller hedging to supply privateness astir a prima spot wherever you mightiness privation to snooze an day away, oregon adjacent colour scheming antithetic parts of the patio with bulk planting. Zoning a patio with planting is much than conscionable practical, the aesthetic you make with this method is visually calming, creating an ordered space.

What is simply a bully outdoor potted patio plant?

‘Violas and athyriums (Lady fern) are a fantastic duo for wintertime and spring,’ says adept gardener Sarah Raven (opens successful caller tab). ‘Both these plants are hardy and volition cheer you on done to the aboriginal months of the adjacent year. Don’t hide anenomes; they’re a large cookware works that volition angiosperm from February to May.’

In summer, roses are a fantastic choice, and galore of them odor amazing. ‘David Austin’s disease-resistant roses are perfect for integrated gardeners who don’t privation to usage chemicals,’ says Michael Marriott astatine David Austin Roses (opens successful caller tab). ‘Among our favourites are the apricot ‘Roald Dahl’, achromatic ‘Desdemona’, the azygous yellowish ‘Tottering-by-Gently’ and a pinkish ‘Silas Marner’. All are beauteous and fragrant, arsenic good arsenic being ace healthy.’

It’s besides worthy considering tiny potted trees. Evergreen varieties volition support your plot agleam each twelvemonth circular and look astonishing successful factual planters, making them 1 of the best trees for a tiny garden oregon patio.

What tin I works astir my patio?

‘You can’t spell incorrect with tulips!’ says Sarah Raven. ‘Choose from an array of colour palettes, textures and shapes – there’s definite to beryllium a tulip to suit everyone. This year, I peculiarly emotion the Dutch Master tulip collection (opens successful caller tab) – and it has a superb scent, too.

Other large border-softening plants see hostas, pulmonarias and santolina. Low-rise container hedges are different fantastic enactment for separating a abstraction betwixt the patio and a lawn. Or possibly you privation a much woodland look, successful which lawsuit verdant grasses volition support everything lush and leafy. 

Training climbing plants up a partition is simply a clever mode to marque definite that your patio is surrounded by nature, without the request for a angiosperm bed. Giant pots tin clasp reasonably ample shrubs and tiny trees, too, truthful you whitethorn not request a furniture to execute the tallness you privation astir your patio.

If you similar a sleek style, raised angiosperm beds look precise smart, particularly successful factual oregon painted factual finishes.

What are the champion debased attraction patio plants? 

A low-maintenance plot is the dream. You privation it to look good, but not needfully instrumentality hours to attraction for. ‘Heucheras are hard to beat, on with foliage begonias and scented-leaf pelargoniums. Plus Plectranthus,’ says Sarah Raven. ‘Bring them each successful if frost is forecast – they marque large location plants, too.’ 

You could besides effort pansies, hydrangeas and Skimmia ‘Rubella’. 

Bear successful caput that ample pots mostly assistance to support things much debased attraction than tiny pots, arsenic they tin clasp much h2o and truthful request watering overmuch little often. From your plants’ perspective, ample pots consciousness much similar being successful the ground, too. Make definite you usage well-draining ungraded and that determination are drainage holes truthful the instrumentality doesn’t go waterlogged.

Ultimately, your works prime truly depends connected your patio space. Is it sunny, partially sunny oregon shaded? Look astatine the labels connected plants and effort to marque definite you prime varieties that volition beryllium contented increasing successful your yard. It’s each precise good planting a sunflower, but if you person a shady plot it volition ne'er thrive. And immoderate plants emotion shade, specified arsenic hostas, truthful you inactive person plentifulness of options.