Plans for £600m Welsh paper mill revamp go to consultation

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A Turkish steadfast is pushing up with plans to revamp a 148-acre insubstantial mill successful Flintshire, Wales.

Eren Holding is consulting connected the renovation occupation astatine Shotton Mill (pictured), which it says would marque it the biggest insubstantial mill successful the UK.

The Turkish conglomerate said it would put £600m successful the site, which would nutrient 750,000 tonnes of containerboard each twelvemonth and 210,000 tonnes of tissue. The containerboard volition beryllium produced wholly from recycled paper.

Some of the older buildings are acceptable to beryllium demolished, but Eren said it would clasp astir of the existing complex.

Eren besides said it would adhd 600 jobs to the 190 radical already moving there. It bought the tract from Finnish institution UPM successful May 2021.

Three readying applications volition beryllium submitted, with 2 going to Flintshire County Council. The third, which volition beryllium for a caller combined vigor and powerfulness facility, is regarded arsenic an important improvement of nationalist value and truthful volition beryllium considered by the Welsh Government instead.

If approved, the vigor and powerfulness installation would supply the mill with up to 60 megawatts of self-sufficient power.

Shotton Mill presently produces newsprint paper, but a simplification successful request for newspapers led to the fig of workers falling from 550 to the existent 190.

Eren said that its improvement program would “close the gap” betwixt UK accumulation of containerboard and insubstantial and the request for the materials. Currently, the UK is simply a nett importer of some products.

“By switching accumulation from the declining newsprint marketplace to containerboard and insubstantial products, the caller accumulation installation volition let the UK arsenic a full to beryllium much self-supporting successful these materials, reducing reliance connected outer supply,” the institution said.