Planter box ideas – 10 ways to create spectacular displays

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If you are seeking stylish planter container ideas to springiness your gait a lift, past look nary further. Choosing stylish containers, pairing plants and pots effectively, and locating them for maximum effect tin alteration your extracurricular space. 

When it comes to choosing the cleanable planter to recognize your container gardening ideas, determination are plentifulness of materials, shapes and sizes to take from. And brave and bold planting choices volition instantly gully the oculus and marque an impact. 

Whether you are aft a model container bursting with seasonal blooms oregon a majestic large-scale instrumentality with tiny tree, your prime volition lend hugely to your property’s appeal. 

Planter container ideas

Planters are perfect erstwhile you’re looking for small plot ideas oregon if you person a larger backyard. Place successful pairs either broadside of the beforehand entrance, enactment up on the walkway oregon poolside oregon works up a standout plan to bring seasonal involvement to your porch. 

Use them for flowers, foliage, oregon trees, oregon opt for herb planter ideas truthful you tin bring your herb plot ideas to life, taking inspiration from the planter container ideas we’ve enactment unneurotic here.

1. Introduce bushed and involvement with planter boxes

White planters beside excavation  with location   behind

(Image credit: Authentic Provence)

If you privation your planter container ideas to make a existent spectacle, enactment them up on a terrace oregon astatine the poolside and intersperse them with topiary. Choosing a striking signifier and colour and pairing them with acheronian leaved evergreens makes them an eye-catching feature. 

Wooden planter boxes adhd a ceremonial enactment and person a affluent heritage, arsenic Sarah Casey from Authentic Provence explains. ‘The handmade Authentic Provence Versailles plot planter is an nonstop re-edition of the French planter boxes from the 17th period arsenic seen passim the gardens astatine the Château de Versailles. Traditionally, citrus trees are planted wrong these vessels. Our Versailles planters person removable wood panels successful bid to easy extract the citrus tree, oregon attraction for its roots.’

2. Go for circular planter boxes

Garden with gravel and paving and ample  corten alloy  planters

(Image credit: Jo Alderson Design)

Elegant and perfect for planting trees and sprawling blooms, circular planters adhd instant grace to immoderate outdoor space. Besides adding a consciousness of question and gentle lines to a design, they besides opposition beautifully with quadrate and rectangular paving, rills, walls and fencing. 

Pepper a abstraction with 2 oregon 3 ample standard circular planters – arsenic shown successful this plan by Jo Alderson – to promote guests to upwind their mode betwixt them and research the abstraction beyond. Plant them with an ornamental histrion and they volition formed a delicate dappled shadiness beneath them, creating the cleanable spot to beryllium retired of the sun.

Jo Alderson explains, ‘Being mature these trees did the occupation instantly and are 1 of the main architectural features of the garden. These trees measurement good implicit a ton each truthful specialists were employed to usage tele handlers to spot them. Each histrion is guyed utilizing tensile alloy wires beneath the crushed and planted successful integrated compost with a timed irrigation system.’

3. Brighten up railings and balconies

Balcony with country   sofa  and railings with planters

(Image credit: Elho)

Make the astir of angiosperm powerfulness with balcony plot ideas similar this bridge-style planter. Designed to slot implicit the handrail it tin go location to cheery annuals for a seasonal display, trailing vines and oregon adjacent herbs and homegrown crops. Place astatine regular intervals for a astute symmetrical look oregon maximize the effect by nudging them up close adjacent to each other.

The squad astatine Dutch sustainable flowerpot institution Elho say, ‘The flower bridge model offers a elemental mode to make a oversea of flourishing plants that disguises municipality surroundings, arsenic they are suitable for astir immoderate balcony, easy slotting connected to a assortment of railings up to 2.6 inches (6.5cm) wide. Each of these pots has a ample increasing abstraction allowing works roots plentifulness of country to grow.’

4. Style up a country with planters

Gray planters with trees and topiary

(Image credit: A Place successful the Garden)

Want to adhd immoderate leafy involvement to an bare country of your yard? Then planter container ideas are the answer. Not lone tin you radical and presumption them to marque the astir of your disposable space, but you tin besides tailor the planting to suit your benignant and your yard’s aspect. Many designs travel successful a scope of sizes and heights, truthful wherefore not opt for a trio to make a astute and cohesive show astatine somewhat antithetic levels?

Add a interaction of assortment by mixing successful a fewer containers of contrasting signifier oregon size but bash instrumentality to the aforesaid decorativeness oregon worldly for a smart, co-ordinated display.

When it comes to choosing plants, determine connected however bold and colouful you privation the effect to be. A premix of clipped evergreens and slender deciduous trees – specified arsenic these achromatic stemmed birch trees – make a timeless consciousness that besides reflects the alteration successful seasons, but tropical plot ideas utilizing cannas, fatsia and palms would suit warmer climes oregon effort sculptural drought lovers specified arsenic agaves, manzanita, cactus and lantana. 

5. Go large with Corten alloy planters

Corten alloy  planter with foliage plants

(Image credit: Adezz)

Bold and beautiful, ample standard weathered alloy planters marque a striking connection either broadside of a walkway oregon successful the mediate of a border. With their affluent rusted aboveground that develops and intensifies with age, they marque the cleanable foil for lush foliage and textured grasses. Substantial successful size with circular, quadrate and rectangular shapes each connected offer, they are cleanable for showcasing trees for tiny gardens, ornamental grasses and debased increasing evergreens specified arsenic carex, brunnera and Coral Bells (heuchera).

6. Choose a planter for the cleanable increasing conditions

Gray planter with flowers

(Image credit: iBulb)

Planter boxes supply portable and versatile increasing opportunities. Not lone tin they beryllium repositioned – with the caveat that immoderate whitethorn instrumentality much effort and ingenuity to determination than others – but the ungraded and drainage tin beryllium  tailored to suit the works you privation to grow. 

Water-loving Calla oregon Arum lilies thrive successful cool, moist compost and similar to person their heads successful afloat sun, truthful raising them successful a cookware is the cleanable mode to conscionable their analyzable needs. Likewise, if the ungraded successful your gait tends to beryllium acidic oregon clay based it volition marque increasing immoderate plants specified arsenic lavender, Euonymus and lilac astir impossible. Naturally lime loving, these striking and fragrant plants could beryllium among your planter container ideas alternatively arsenic you tin spell for an alkaline ungraded mix.

Planters besides alteration you to marque the astir of the antithetic aspects of your garden. Cool shady spots are ideally suited to increasing ferns, foam angiosperm (Tiarella) and hostas.

7. Plant up a chaotic and wistful display 

Rectangular metallic  planter with flowers

The Rectangular Metal Planter, Architectural Heritage

(Image credit: Architectural Heritage)

There’s thing magical astir a large-scale industrial-style planter teamed with a wide of airy and delicate blooms. The opposition of textures is enchanting and whether the instrumentality is made of factual oregon expanse metallic it’s definite to item the intricacy of the tiny flowers. 

Go for arsenic large a plan arsenic your gait volition accommodate and capable with 4 oregon 5 works varieties to make look of a chaotic grassland oregon prairie. A long, rectangular planter specified arsenic this antique copper plan is perfect for edging a terrace oregon subtly dividing up a immense patio oregon courtyard into smaller, much intimate spaces.

8. Make a connection with a potted tree

Planter with histrion   connected  terrace

Osaka planter successful 5 sizes, the Boulevard range, IOTA Garden

(Image credit: IOTA Garden)

‘On a ample terrace oregon patio, sometimes 1 oregon 2 ample planted containers suited to the standard tin person overmuch much interaction than respective smaller ones, which whitethorn look insignificant oregon a small fussy,’ says the squad astatine planter specialists IOTA Garden.  

‘If you are looking to works a histrion oregon ample shrub successful a container, beryllium definite to prime 1 that is ample capable to accommodate the histrion arsenic it grows, truthful you bash not request to re-pot it aft a mates of years.  If there's plentifulness of abstraction around the trunk, you tin adhd involvement by underplanting with low-growing grasses oregon adhd immoderate seasonal color.’

9. Guide the oculus with a brace of planter boxes

Planters either broadside  of gravel walkway

(Image credit: Arthur Jack)

Nothing says grandeur amended than walking down a plot way oregon terrace flanked with identical containers. Punctuating the walkway astatine regular intervals, they instantly lend a ceremonial and alternatively European enactment to a gait without visually dividing disconnected the space. 

Sticking to the aforesaid instrumentality and planting strategy is cardinal to maximizing this space-stretching effect. Opt for a dreamy operation of gangly modular pinkish roses successful galvanized alloy planters to onslaught a romanticist enactment oregon effort over-sized terracotta flowerpots with sky-soaring cannas oregon phormiums for axenic Mediterranean charm.

10. Fill a planter container with homegrown produce 

Planters with greenish  foliage

(Image credit: Suttons)

Not conscionable for blooms, planters are perfect for raising a harvest of delicious veggies. Homegrown rod and bush beans, carrots, cukes and peppers volition each happily thrive successful a instrumentality arsenic agelong arsenic determination is capable drainage and affluent soil. 

Depending connected your disposable abstraction and prime of instrumentality you could instrumentality to 1 harvest per container. A minimum extent of 6 inches (15cm) is capable for astir crops – though immoderate basal crops similar much – but purpose to spell arsenic large arsenic you can. Not lone volition this mean little watering, but it tin assistance trim harvest accent resulting successful healthier and much flavorsome produce.

A ample rectangular planter doubles arsenic a mini veg garden. Look to put crops successful strict rows for accepted homestead charm oregon effort a much decorative attack mixing successful beneficial flowers – specified arsenic marigolds, nasturtiums, and alliums – which besides support pests astatine bay.

What should I enactment my planter container with?

Liners are lone truly needed for woody oregon metallic planters. In some cases having bedewed ungraded against the sides of the instrumentality volition origin rot oregon rust to make implicit time, weakening it. Cover the wrong with a furniture of heavy integrative sheeting – making definite to pierce respective drainage holes astatine the basal – earlier filling with ungraded and adding the plants.

How tin I capable a super-sized planter box?

Filling a precise ample instrumentality wholly with compost not lone makes it impossibly dense to determination without bringing successful superior lifting equipment, but it tin beryllium precise expensive, too. 

Instead, bulk retired the bottommost 3rd of the planter with lightweight worldly that volition besides assistance drainage. Plastic take-out integrative containers, beverage jugs, bare detergent bottles, spare integrative works pots and works trays each enactment well. 

How bash I prime a planter successful beforehand of my house?

Getting the standard and benignant of a planter close for your home’s beforehand gait is cardinal to creating a stunning archetypal impression. Think astir cardinal show lines and positions and enactment retired however precocious the instrumentality and works request to beryllium to marque a existent statement. 

Choosing a planter that mirrors an constituent of your property’s exterior – it could beryllium the colour of the beforehand door, timber shingles oregon stonework – is simply a large instrumentality for creating a smart, cohesive look. Consider whether you privation the planting oregon the instrumentality to beryllium the existent diagnostic – neat topiary spheres and cones enactment good planted successful an ornate design, portion robust industrial-style planters suit finer and much delicate flowers and grasses.