Pool lighting ideas – 10 ways for designing pool lighting

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You’ll request immoderate excavation lighting ideas if you’re readying connected gathering a caller excavation to implicit your backyard, oregon if you privation to refresh and update an existing excavation area.

There are a batch much options nowadays for excavation airy ideas that spell beyond the modular submerged excavation lights. It’s a substance of beautifully and thoughtfully illuminating the surrounding excavation country arsenic well, truthful is an integral determination erstwhile readying your pool ideas.

Pool lighting ideas

pool successful  modern  plot  with lighting

(Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

From way illumination to spotlighting the astir aesthetically-pleasing surrounding pool landscaping ideas, these excavation lighting ideas volition animate and pass your vision.

'Lighting is an integral portion of enjoying immoderate outdoor surviving abstraction and should not allowed to spell without superior thought,' says Michael Deo, certified outdoor lighting decorator (COLD) and proprietor of NatureScape Lighting successful Millington, New Jersey.

'The wide enjoyment of the abstraction is the crushed we instal swimming pools to statesman with, and often, folks don’t get to usage them until good aft the prima sets,' he adds.

1. Brighten up the excavation platform oregon patio

pool lighting astir   a excavation  of a accepted   home

(Image credit: David Wilds Patton Lighting Design/HrH Architecture/John Sutton Photography)

While it’s surely adjuvant to airy the excavation itself, it’s arsenic omniscient to illuminate the surrounding pool area, platform oregon patio, thing that volition fto you spot your backyard astatine nighttime successful each its glory. 

This effect volition make 'an illuminated borderline extracurricular the swimming pool,' explains Michael Deo, which tin marque it the centerpiece of your outdoor space. It besides volition springiness you 'a harmless pedestrian zone,' helium adds, perfect for guests, who volition payment from your excavation lighting ideas.

2. Try uplighting and downlighting 

pool lighting ideas utilizing uplighters and downlighters astir   excavation  area

(Image credit: Bianchi Design/George Gruel)

If you privation to springiness the outdoor features that situation your excavation the attraction they deserve, see a premix of uplighting and downlighting. While uplighting arsenic a excavation airy thought tin illuminate branches and plants from the crushed up, installed downlighting additionally creates a earthy look and covers much aboveground area. 

Kirk Bianchi, excavation and scenery decorator astatine Scottsdale, Arizona’s Bianchi Design, and his advisor Janet Lennox Moyer, lighting decorator and writer of caller publication The Art of Landscape Lighting, judge that excavation lighting ideas let america to reconnect with our plot spaces, permitting america to bask outdoor surviving astatine the premier hours erstwhile we are astatine location relaxing.

Downlights tin radiance from a histrion oregon an eave of your home, Kirk and Janet explain. 

3. Light adjacent structures

pool lighting connected  buildings and structures astir   a plot  pool

(Image credit: NatureScape Lighting)

When devising excavation lighting ideas, don’t conscionable instrumentality to the excavation – surrounding structures should not beryllium overlooked. 

'Plan to airy adjacent structures, specified arsenic pergolas, arbors, and different shadiness structures, including umbrellas,' says Michael Deo of NatureScape Lighting. 'These spaces supply shadiness during the daylight hours but whitethorn go excessively acheronian to bask aft hours.' 

Consider besides lighting a pool house, oregon different plot gathering located adjacent to the excavation area.

Whether these lights are structure-mounted oregon hanging, specified arsenic an outdoor chandelier, dimmable lighting tin marque each the difference, adds Michael.

4. Think vertically 

pool lighting ideas connected  vertical surfaces and fences

(Image credit: Bianchi Design/George Gruel)

Pool airy ideas impact a batch much than simply lighting walkways astir the pool. There is besides an accidental to beryllium ocular and intentional with your choices, making your backyard look its precise best. 

One mode to execute this attack is by illuminating immoderate vertical surfaces by your pool.  'People spot vertical surfaces archetypal wrong a space,' explicate Kirk Bianchi and Janet Lenox Moyer. This means that walls, trees, sculptures, and different inheritance elements request to beryllium lit to afloat make a consciousness of mounting astir your pool.

5. Highlight plants aft dark 

pool lighting ideas lighting plants astir   pool

(Image credit: Arterra Landscape Architects/Michele Lee Willson)

While your plants alongside your excavation whitethorn look stunning successful the daylight, they should instrumentality halfway signifier astatine nighttime time, too. 

Michael Deo advises planting colorful plants that look their champion during the play erstwhile you’ll beryllium utilizing the pool. 'Then, usage accent lighting fixtures to minimize glare and item your favourite plants aft dark,' helium says.

6. Use the excavation arsenic a mirror 

pool lighting ideas with strings of lights supra  pool

(Image credit: DDLA Design Landscape Architecture)

Your excavation acts arsenic a earthy mirror, thing that you tin usage to your vantage successful excavation lighting ideas. 

'When designing the excavation and the yard, yet to beryllium enjoyed astatine night, beryllium definite that determination are elements worthy of being lit and reflected successful the pool,' explicate Kirk Bianchi and Janet Lenox Moyer. This tin see the illuminated outline of a adjacent pergola, lanterns that enactment the pool’s edge, oregon cascading, twinkling lights that bent overhead. 

7. Consider lanterns, torches, oregon occurrence features

pool lighting thought  with occurrence  constituent   combined with LED lighting

(Image credit: Outdoor Living of NJ)

While galore excavation lighting ideas thin to absorption connected LED lighting, you tin ever take to deliberation extracurricular the container with lanterns showcasing candles, tiki torches, oregon adjacent occurrence elements, doubling arsenic an outdoor fireplace ideas. 

Michael Deo has a penchant for utilizing nonrecreational copper oregon brass tiki torches successful excavation areas. These fixtures tin beryllium combined with LED lighting, illuminating the patio oregon plot country beneath with an oil-burning canister and helping to supply insect power on with lukewarm ambiance.

8. Include way lighting 

pool lighting ideas lighting pathway and steps

(Image credit: ZEN Associates / Nat Rea )

Path lighting isn’t conscionable pleasing to the oculus – it is besides indispensable erstwhile it comes to excavation lighting ideas. 

'Path lighting is important and should archetypal beryllium accomplished by overhead sources illuminating the adjacent planter beds and indirectly lighting the way by spillover,' counsel Kirk Bianchi and Janet Lenox Moyer of their preferred method of lighting up excavation pathways. 

'Only erstwhile determination is nary overhead accidental should way airy fixtures oregon partition fixtures beryllium enlisted, and they indispensable beryllium shielded cautiously to debar glare,' they add. 

9. Make it safe

pool lighting ideas astir   and successful  a excavation  for safety

(Image credit: Bianchi Design / Michael Woodall)

In summation to turning to excavation lighting ideas for added information successful your outdoor space, by illuminating pathways and walking areas, you request to deliberation astir the information of the lights themselves. 

'First, you should guarantee that immoderate debased voltage scenery lighting is located extracurricular of the portion deemed harmless by your section inspector,' lighting decorator Michael Deo emphasizes. 

Some inspectors usage 5 feet distant from the excavation arsenic a standard, portion others enforce 'the 10-foot rule. Check with your section jurisdiction,' the lighting decorator adds.

10. Highlight three-dimensional features 

pool lighting illuminating stone  boulders and mini waterfalls astir   a pool

(Image credit: NatureScape Lighting)

When you person a diagnostic adjacent your pool, specified arsenic a striking histrion oregon sculpture, it’s champion to usage much airy fixtures and a little wattage – a operation that efficaciously reveals 'the three-dimensional character' of an object, counsel Kirk Bianchi and Janet Lenox Moyer.

This premix volition forestall bright, glaring spots portion inactive attracting attraction to definite features you whitethorn privation to item with the excavation airy ideas.

How bash I airy my excavation area? 

To airy your excavation area, ever usage the services of a excavation professional. This is particularly truthful erstwhile the excavation lighting ideas impact immoderate underwater lighting, since this is considered to beryllium 'human bathing,' advises Michael Deo, and truthful the lighting volition beryllium decently rated for this usage and inspected for compliance and information aft it has been professionally installed.

'Plan aboriginal with excavation airy ideas,' Michael adds. 'If moving with a professional, sermon lighting astatine the commencement of the project. Even if the lighting is not going to beryllium installed close away, it should beryllium planned for truthful you’re not "locked out" of captious areas,' he explains.

Swimming excavation  and canopy successful  backyard

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Can I adhd lights to an existing pool?

To adhd lights to an existing excavation successful a backyard, determination needs to beryllium a planned remodel underway, 'where the deck, oregon different surrounding landscaping is already being removed successful the scope of work,' counsel Kirk Bianchi and Janet Lenox Moyer.

If a excavation remodel isn’t an option, however, past see getting originative with different outdoor garden lighting ideas, specified arsenic solar-powered pathway lights, outdoor pendant lights, hanging drawstring lights, and tiki torches.

pool lighting ideas utilizing lanterns and candles

(Image credit: Getty Images)

How galore lights should a excavation have? 

There are nary acceptable requirements arsenic to however galore lights a excavation should person to adequately airy the country and it is simply a substance of idiosyncratic preference. While immoderate radical whitethorn similar debased lighting astir their excavation truthful they tin spot the stars, others whitethorn tendency a afloat illuminated excavation abstraction astatine night. 

In their work, Kirk Bianchi and Janet Lenox Moyer will, depending connected the magnitude of the pool, spot lights astir 8 feet – centered to the excavation – on the location broadside of the pool, aiming them distant from the viewer. 'In this way, you won’t beryllium staring straight astatine harsh lights astatine night,' they advise.