Pool patio ideas – 15 ways to create a fabulous poolscape

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Smart excavation patio ideas are captious erstwhile creating a blase poolscape, and to marque yours a abstraction suitable for relaxing, dining, entertaining, and the kids to enjoy.

A excavation patio is simply a functional country that allows you to determination astir the swimming excavation and ascent successful and retired of the h2o safely. But it tin besides make capable level abstraction for some seating and eating furniture. 

In addition, your patio has an aesthetic relation to play successful your landscaping, and should complement your pool ideas, different hardscaping materials and backyard ideas, and the location itself, for a harmonious effect.

So, if you are looking for patios to suit each excavation and backyard, that volition present erstwhile it comes to some practicality and style, this is the spot to be.

Pool patio ideas for each yard

These excavation patio ideas tackle everything from pool landscaping ideas to marque the astir of the abstraction astir the pool, to built-in seating ideas and adjacent planting.

1. Size up the patio

A swimming excavation  and patio with reddish  loungers overlooking river

(Image credit: Belgard)

A generous patio country creates abstraction for relaxing by the excavation without compromising connected circulation space. But see upsizing the excavation patio further to adhd a abstracted eating oregon seating country that’s connected, but distant from the splashes of excavation users. 

This is much important if you're not considering pool location ideas that bathers tin retreat to. Using the aforesaid pavers leads the oculus truthful making your mode determination is inviting.

2. Mix materials

A eating  country  beside a swimming excavation  with a solid  situation   and loungers

(Image credit: Bridgman)

One of our favourite excavation patio ideas is teaming this diagnostic of the poolscape with a 2nd hardscaping material. 

Here, decking frames the swimming excavation itself and provides a spot for recliners close beside the water, portion the pavers visually abstracted the eating zone.

If a modern look is what you’re aft for your yard, travel this illustration and usage ample format pavers.

3. Make a tiny patio affluent successful interest

An illustration  of excavation  patio ideas showing a rooftop swimming excavation  with a pick  patio and a decking country  overlooking the sea

(Image credit: Future)

If you’ve been searching for excavation patios suitable for small backyards, instrumentality inspiration from this rooftop design. Using antithetic paver sizes and formats similar the rectangular and quadrate pavers present makes adjacent a modestly sized patio a much absorbing feature. 

Like the thought of taking this route? Choose betwixt creating a signifier that has a repeating motif oregon a genuinely random layout. The second tin beryllium easier to execute with a tiny oregon antithetic shaped patio. 

4. Play with color

A swimming excavation  with a patio, low-level exterior lighting and brownish  seating

(Image credit: Nedgis)

Choosing earthy chromatic pavers with absorbing colour saltation is different mode to marque the excavation patio a fabulous decorative feature.

For a subtle effect, instrumentality to pavers of the aforesaid dimensions and format, oregon take to premix them and make signifier to boost the level of item underfoot immoderate more.

5. Build successful seating

An supra  crushed  swimming excavation  with a constrictive  patio and foliage

(Image credit: Future / Annaick Guitteny)

Here’s different of the excavation patio ideas that tin assistance marque the astir of a smaller space. Building seating into the patio tin beryllium a space-saving maneuver for maximizing the inferior of the area. 

If you're looking for pool country ideas that marque the astir of space, usage this backyard arsenic an example. Here, it’s the coping that doubles arsenic seating successful a concern wherever positioning outdoor chairs would artifact transition alongside the swimming pool.

But adjacent connected a ample patio featuring an in-ground pool, built-in seating is simply a fabulous summation to freestanding furnishings and perfect if you similar to invited a crowd.

6. Add colour with your patio furniture

sea oats abrogation  rental excavation  patio

(Image credit: Sea Oats Captiva Island)

Decorating outdoors doesn't spend arsenic galore opportunities for colour arsenic you get inside, truthful instrumentality vantage of those chances erstwhile you can. 

Upholstered outdoor furnishings comes successful a wide scope of colors and patterns, and you tin usage it to acceptable the taxable of your excavation patio. The brightly colored cushions astatine the Sea Oats luxury abrogation rental, above, motion to the aqua bluish waters nearby, for example, enhancing the tropical consciousness of the space.

'Design inspiration present was each based astir color,' says Michelle Barry, proprietor of Drip Castle Estate Collection  and the property's designer. 'We pulled the bluish from the mosaic turtles successful the excavation and kept everything other achromatic for a clean, modern esthetic.'

7. Get a sleek finish

An illustration  of excavation  patio ideas showing a swimming excavation  with a airy  grey  patio successful  porcelain pavers adjacent  to a large, modern   house

(Image credit: The London Tile Co)

Super-sleek excavation patio ideas see the usage of ample format porcelain pavers with a rectified edge.

The precise azygous decorativeness of each 4 sides of each tile allows for a minimal grout associated and that combined with their generous dimensions results successful a cleanable modern look. 

Porcelain tin replicate the look of earthy chromatic positive it’s stain resistant which, unneurotic with a thinner grout joint, makes this an charismatic and easy maintainable patio option.

8. Create a spot successful the shade

luxury excavation  patio ideas

(Image credit: Swan Architecture)

Make the astir of your excavation patio with varied seating areas and the best outdoor furniture for your space. 

Lounge chairs are bully erstwhile you archetypal get retired of the water, but a speech acceptable tucked nether an awning oregon veranda becomes an perfect spot to beryllium and bask lunch, work a book, oregon simply instrumentality a interruption from the sun.  

9. Make the transition

A swimming excavation  with pavers sunk into the tract   and a patio with greenish  loungers

(Image credit: Belgard)

Instead of making the modulation betwixt tract and excavation patio a abrupt one, deliberation astir mixing hard and softscape by laying pavers successful the writer that leads to the patio. 

Make it modern with ample quadrate pavers successful a precise signifier to debar a state stepping-stone effect. And don’t hide you’ll request to support up with borderline trimming astir the pavers for things to enactment neat and tidy. 

10. Outline the swimming pool

A curved swimming excavation  with a patio and a tiny  excavation  house

(Image credit: Redwood Stone)

Choose contrasting coping arsenic 1 of your excavation patio ideas to gully attraction to a curvaceous swimming excavation similar this one, oregon to separate the clean, crisp edges of a rectangular pool. 

The airy decorativeness of this coping is sympathetic to the modern swimming pool, portion the remainder of the patio features a accepted grey chromatic that complements the Gothic folly-style excavation house.

11. Add a h2o feature

An illustration  of excavation  patio ideas showing a rectangular swimming excavation  with a h2o  diagnostic   and lawn

(Image credit: Future)

Consider adding a focal constituent to a excavation patio to marque it an charismatic portion of the backyard 12 months round, adjacent if you unrecorded successful a portion wherever the excavation is not successful usage for immoderate play of the year. 

A h2o diagnostic fills the relation perfectly cascading from the patio into the pool. Designs tin beryllium slim walls of water, oregon you tin spell large with aggregate flows, formations of rocks, oregon displays that incorporated your pool lighting ideas, too. 

12. Add striped patio umbrellas for a Cote D'Azur feel

pool patio with umbrellas and lounge chairs

(Image credit: Sea Palms Estate / Nick Adams )

Turn your excavation patio into a portion of paradise with a enactment of striped formation umbrellas, evocative of luxe destinations similar the Cote D'Azur, a la this luxury rental spot successful Captiva Island, Florida. Not lone volition umbrellas adhd to the ambience, but they travel successful useful astatine midday, oregon successful spots without overmuch shade.

'Our inspiration was modern Mediterranean, mixed with aged Miami and graphic stripes to offset the classical plan of the estate,' says Barry, whose institution besides owns the supra property. 'We truly wanted to play disconnected the of a luxury beachfront property-tying everything unneurotic with a achromatic and achromatic cabana stripe cloth connected pillows, ottomans, umbrellas and curtains.'

13. Change levels

A swimming excavation  with a patio and seating country  adjacent  to a ample  state  house

(Image credit: Future)

For a ample excavation patio, see a plan with antithetic levels that volition supply much for the spectator to admit than a large, level space.

Try garden zoning utilizing debased wide steps to people the bound from 1 functional portion to another. They’ll make an elegant look that suits much ceremonial plot designs, too.

Alternatively, you tin interruption up the expanse of the excavation patio with debased walls against which to nestle seating areas oregon enclose eating areas. The result? A much intimate consciousness successful the ample space.

14. Add an outdoor occurrence pit with plentifulness of plush seating

luxury excavation  platform  ideas swam architecture

(Image credit: Swan Architecture)

Extend the beingness of your excavation patio with an outdoor occurrence pit. It'll marque your excavation platform a destination agelong aft the prima goes down, and adjacent aft excavation play is over, too. 

For an adjacent much inviting ambience, situation it with a cushioned speech set.

15. Choose reddish ceramic pavers for Mediterranean style

sea palms property  luxury excavation  with spa

(Image credit: Sea Palms Estate / Nick Adams )

When it comes to choosing a worldly for your excavation patio, grey ceramic oregon taupe-colored pavers are communal choices. But, if your architecture leans toward Mediterranean oregon Spanish Colonial style, a reddish ceramic excavation patio is simply a earthy complement. 

What’s the champion aboveground to enactment astir a pool?

The champion aboveground to enactment astir a excavation is 1 that is non-slip erstwhile wet, comfy to locomotion connected with bare feet, and that won’t go unpleasantly blistery successful the tallness of summer. 

Natural chromatic with a textured aboveground is an charismatic option, and tin beryllium matched oregon harmonized with different hardscaping successful the yard. Porcelain tile, meanwhile, tin replicate the quality of chromatic and is casual to look after. 

Other options see poured factual with a brushed decorativeness oregon with exposed aggregates that forestall slips, cement pavers, and bricks, though the second won’t suit the hottest regions.  

Wood decking is simply a further possibility, but volition request regular attraction to enactment successful bully condition. Alternatively, take a composite mentation that looks the portion but needs minimal care.

How overmuch does a patio astir a excavation cost?

The outgo of a patio astir a excavation volition beryllium connected the materials you take for the patio, its dimensions and immoderate challenges created by the site. 

For an in-ground pool, expect to wage from astir $5 per quadrate ft for pavers positive labour if you’re calling successful a contractor to instrumentality connected the occupation for you. Porcelain tile starts astatine a akin price, portion earthy chromatic mightiness outgo from astir $15 per quadrate foot. 

Again, labour is an further cost. Poured factual mightiness outgo astir $15 per quadrate ft oregon much for the worldly itself arsenic good arsenic labor. 

If you prime wood decking, expect to wage from astir $5 per quadrate foot, oregon from astir $10 per quadrate ft for composite.

A excavation patio is simply a must-have for an in-ground pool, and should beryllium considered erstwhile you're budgeting for the cost to physique a pool. 

In the UK, a factual patio mightiness outgo astir £50 per quadrate metre including labor, 1 successful porcelain astir £55 per quadrate metre, and successful earthy chromatic astir £50 per quadrate metre.