Putting sugar on the lawn – how the experts reduce weeds and control invasive plant species

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It mightiness astonishment you to cognize that determination are a big of benefits to putting sweetener connected the lawn: it tin interruption down thatch and has enriching qualities that lessen the menace of weeds. 

Better still, sweetener is natural, affordable, and accessible, truthful it’s unsurprising that galore gardeners usage it alongside planting writer seed to make writer greener and thicker. 

However, gardening experts bash impulse america to usage this unconventional garden idea sparingly. 

Here’s what you request to cognize earlier you bring this pantry staple retired of your room and into your yard. 

Benefits of putting sweetener connected the your tract – according to experts 

Sugar successful  a bowl

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Whether you’re looking for ways to get escaped of weeds utilizing an integrated merchandise – oregon you privation to boost your lawn’s health, putting sweetener connected the tract could beryllium the solution you seek.

1. Weed prevention

Lindsey Hyland, the Founder of Urban Organic Yield (opens successful caller tab), explains that the biggest payment to utilizing sweetener connected the tract is getting escaped of weeds. ‘Weeds thin to thrive successful environments with entree to sunlight and moisture, and by utilizing sweetener connected your lawn, you tin marque it little hospitable for these weeds,’ she says. 

And Lindsey is not exclusive successful her observation. Bill Glaser, CEO of Outstanding Foods (opens successful caller tab) plant-based nutrient company, likewise recommends putting sweetener connected the tract to bounds weed growth. He explains that portion sweetener doesn’t termination weeds directly, it does promote microbe improvement that enriches the soil. ‘This allows the writer to overtake invasive works species,’ helium explains. 

2. Improve tract health 

The champion garden landscaping ideas statesman with healthy, greenish writer – and you tin amended its information with sugar. 

‘Sugar volition assistance interruption down thatch, the furniture of dormant grass, and different integrated worldly that tin accumulate connected your tract implicit time, Lindsey says. ‘This thatch tin marque it hard for caller writer to grow, but utilizing sweetener connected your tract tin assistance interruption it down and amended the wellness of your lawn.’

However, portion sweetener tin assistance your lawn, Bill urges you to usage the substance successful moderation. ‘Only usage a sweetener solution astir erstwhile a month; immoderate sources suggest replacing harsh fertilizers with atom h2o for much accordant application,’ helium says. 

Is sweetener bully for your grass? 

Putting sweetener o the tract has its benefits, but Tom Monson, the Owner of Monson Lawn & Landscaping (opens successful caller tab), reinforces the nutrient expert’s warning. 

‘Sugar causes the grass’s roots to intake much nitrogen from the soil, which tin boost your lawn’s greenness,’ helium says. But if your spot is further backmost successful the woods, the landscaper urges you to debar sweetener altogether.

‘Sugar besides promotes fungal growth, truthful you’ll privation to inspect your tract and guarantee you bash not person excess fungal growth; Tom says. 

Sugar successful  a bowl

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How overmuch sweetener bash I enactment connected my lawn?

Spreading astir a lb of sweetener per 10.5sq feet is enough. Use a tract spreader to get an adjacent dispersed connected adust writer aboriginal successful the day.

What benignant of sweetener tin I usage connected my lawn?

The champion sweetener to enactment connected a tract is granulated oregon powdered sugar, oregon you tin usage a molasses spray. 

Can I usage sweetener arsenic fertilizer?

Sugar is not typically utilized to fertilize a lawn, but arsenic Tom suggests, it does person the powerfulness to guarantee your writer appears greener. This is due to the fact that sweetener is simply a c that volition intake excess nitrogen and beforehand a amended a equilibrium successful the soil. 

‘Sugar has its advantages, but we impulse you to tread carefully, particularly if your onshore is prone to fungal growth,’ adds Homes & Garden’s plot adept Rachel Crow. ‘However, erstwhile utilized successful moderation, this constituent tin beforehand a greener tract for the summertime ahead'.