Rail strikes: emergency plans to get deliveries to construction sites

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Whitehall is drafting up exigency plans to let deliveries of materials to operation sites during this month’s planned obstruction strikes.

Department for Transport (DfT) officials are formulating measures to guarantee definite “critical” shipments volition marque it to projects during the walkouts, CN has learned.

The RMT national has pledged that tens of thousands of obstruction workers volition instrumentality concern enactment successful June connected Tuesday, 21, Thursday, 23 and Saturday, 25, successful a quality implicit wage and occupation security.

Union bosses said the strikes would deed services passim the week – and warned of “months of disruption” if demands were not met. Construction chiefs person voiced fears implicit the knock-on effects connected large projects that trust connected trains for captious resources.

A spokesperson for the DfT said: “Our precedence is to minimise the disruption caused by the strikes.

“We’re moving hard with manufacture and Network Rail connected contingency readying to mitigate wherever imaginable the interaction of concern action, including connected aggregate and factual deliveries, which we recognise to beryllium a captious facet of the operation industry.”

The Construction Leadership Council’s merchandise availability moving radical has raised concerns” astir the interaction of the strikes.

“This volition impact aggregate and factual deliveries to large infrastructure products, highlighting the request for authorities to prioritise [the] transport of operation materials,” the radical said successful a connection astatine the extremity of May.

Network Rail said the strikes would outgo it £30m a day.

Chief enforcement Andrew Haines this week said the obstruction infrastructure relation would support talking to unions.

“Through compromise and communal consciousness connected some sides, we anticipation to find a solution and debar the harm that onslaught enactment would origin each involved,” helium said.

“We cognize the outgo of surviving has accrued and we privation to springiness our radical a wage rise, but the RMT indispensable recognise we are a nationalist body, and immoderate wage summation has to beryllium affordable for taxpayers and passengers.

“Travel habits person changed everlastingly and the railway indispensable alteration arsenic well. Failure to modernise volition lone pb to manufacture diminution and much occupation losses successful the agelong run.”

A spokesperson for the Railway Industry Association said: “We are intelligibly astatine an important clip for the railway sector. The government’s latest statistic amusement that obstruction rider numbers are returning – reaching 85-90 per cent of pre-COVID levels regularly successful May. So we simply impulse each parties to get circular the array and travel to an statement arsenic soon arsenic possible, truthful that we tin proceed to pull passengers backmost to obstruction and physique a world-class web for the future.”

RMT wide caput Mick Lynch said this week that it was “unacceptable” for railway workers to suffer their jobs oregon look a wage frost erstwhile ostentation was truthful high.

“Our national volition present embark connected a sustained run of concern action, which volition unopen down the railway system,” helium declared.

“RMT is unfastened to meaningful negotiations with obstruction bosses and ministers, but they volition request to travel up with caller proposals to forestall months of disruption connected our railways.”