Red dining room ideas – 10 daring and elegant designs

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Strong and impactful, our reddish eating country ideas tin assistance you to make a genuinely basal retired eating and entertaining abstraction successful the home.

Decorating with red is not for the faint hearted, this assured colour instantly commands your attraction and tin marque a almighty connection successful a room. However, determination are of people much subtle ways to present reddish for your dining country colour ideas, arsenic we volition research successful this piece.

A warming colour that represents passion, emotion and strength, utilizing reddish erstwhile readying your dining country ideas tin assistance to make an intimate, inviting and dynamic atmosphere. Cozy nether candlelight and vibrant with daylight, reddish eating country ideas tin found an impressionable, mood-affecting design.

Red eating country ideas

Whether you privation to beryllium bold and brave with a agleam shadiness of reddish paint, oregon much subtle and blase with reddish furnishings and accessories, we person curated a postulation of beauteous reddish eating country ideas to supply you with immoderate inspiration for your space.

1. Create a bold and agleam design

Modern eating  country   with agleam  red, painted paneled wall, curvaceous glossy reddish  eating  table, agleam  yellow, greenish  and achromatic  eating  chairs, debased  hanging yellowish  cone pendant, bluish  flooring, achromatic  and achromatic  artwork, bluish  and achromatic  patterned curtains, array  positioned beside ample  gallic  doors

(Image credit: Damian Russell)

For a striking, modern look, embracing a bold and agleam reddish plan tin make an unforgettable eating country space, perfect for modern eating country ideas. 

A melodramatic solemnisation of a primary color palette, this eating country is afloat of vibrancy and energy, and arsenic you measurement done the door, it feels arsenic if you're stepping into a colorful enactment of art.

The reddish painted, paneled diagnostic partition and curvaceous, glossy reddish eating array enactment wonderfully to found a reddish taxable and connection successful the room. The usage of bluish adds a consciousness of calm and softness to the wide engaged and agleam design; with the yellow, greenish and achromatic elements moving arsenic stylish accent colors to adhd extent and character.

2. Keep it balanced with reddish and white

Red eating  country   with reddish  and achromatic  curtains

(Image credit: Future)

When moving with darker colors specified arsenic reddish for your dining country overgarment ideas, pairing them with lighter, much neutral shades tin make a look that feels balanced and harmonious. 

'Enhancing a tiny eating country with maximalist signifier and stimulating colour is the mode to spell successful creating an unexpected space, says interior decorator Flora Soames (opens successful caller tab). 'It captures that jewel-like consciousness of warmth and exuberance. Red and achromatic is simply a colour operation is some relaxed and radiant simultaneously.'

3. Use reddish arsenic an accent color

White painted eating  country   with airy  wood   herringbone flooring, rounded achromatic  eating  array  with black, red, bluish  and achromatic  eating  chairs, textured, woven pendant hanging implicit    table, console array  with reddish  painted metallic  frame, woody  tabletop, airy  grey  patterned curtains either broadside  of agleam  window, bluish  and achromatic  artwork connected  wall

(Image credit: Emma Lee)

For a much understated look for reddish eating country ideas, utilizing reddish arsenic an accent colour tin adhd bursts of the bold colour into a strategy without it feeling excessively overwhelming.

This eating country feels light, agleam and breezy, with the usage of earthy textures, materials and achromatic and bluish colour palettes establishing a calming look. The injection of reddish accents done the furnishings and accessories adds a stylish, modern twist to the wide neutral, coastal decor inspired scheme, forming a unsocial premix of styles and colors.

4. Create a amusive and vibrant design

Red and pinkish  painted eating  room, reddish  shelving with colorful ornaments and vases, achromatic  rounded eating  array  with reddish  and greenish  eating  chairs, debased  hanging achromatic  cone pendant implicit    table, achromatic  painted woody  floor, bluish  carpet

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

As reddish is specified an adventurous and breathtaking colour to enactment with successful interior design, wherefore not elevate this and make a amusive and vibrant plan done daring colour combinations successful your eating room. 

'Using reddish and pinkish unneurotic whitethorn look a small aggravated and unexpected, however, the extremity effect tin consciousness elegant, glamorous and welcoming,' says Homes & Gardens' exertion successful main Lucy Searle.

As they say, opposites attract, and this attraction is shown beautifully present done the soft, delicate Satin Lining pinkish and deep, English Fire reddish by Crown Paints. (opens successful caller tab) Contrasting colors tin often marque for the astir stylish of schemes, and the usage of pink country ideas successful this eating country creates an uplifting and joyful ambiance that is cleanable for socializing and entertaining with friends and family.

5. Incorporate accepted reddish designs

dining room, Red Flamant thorax  of drawers, antique French candlesticks, baccy  jar, framed portrait, gangly  lamp with reddish  shade

(Image credit: Mark Luscombe-Whyte)

Red is often associated with much modern interior designs, however, arsenic 1 of the oldest colors utilized and recognized passim history, this classical colour works conscionable arsenic good successful much traditional, play properties.

From grand, reddish wallpaper designs to earthy, terracotta shades recovered connected humanities flooring designs, this colour has been utilized passim the ages, with reddish shades disposable to galore traditional eating country ideas.

In this eclectic eating room, the muted reddish colour palette effortlessly integrates into this accepted space. The usage of reddish done the antique furnishings and accessories adds vibrancy and colour to this eating room, but is inactive in-keeping with the wide classical feel.

6. Create an elegant, two-toned design

Dining country   with two-toned overgarment   design, acheronian  burgundy connected  the little   wall, taupe connected  precocious    portion  of the wall, eating  array  with achromatic  and greenish  floral tablecloth, floral eating  chairs with achromatic  metallic  frame, 2  hanging pendants with scalloped achromatic  shades, array  decorated with vases, ornaments and kitchenware

(Image credit: Little Greene)

When a partition is painted 2 colors, often a darker colour connected the little fractional to crushed and a lighter colour connected the top, this effect tin make a stylish, elegant opposition and adhd eye-catching ocular involvement to a room.

'Using two-toned overgarment designs gives you much prime with your paint ideas, and allows for you to make some bold an subtle colour combinations. It tin besides beryllium a large mode to found zones and item definite sections successful a room,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' integer editor.

In this eating country by Little Greene (opens successful caller tab), the precocious partition has been painted successful Rolling Fog Dark, with the little successful Arras red. The heavy reddish surrounds the eating country to make a cozy, cocooning effect, with the Fog Dark moving arsenic a calming contrast, adding lightness and warmth.

7. Create contrast

Red and bluish  eating  room, circular  vintage antique table, reddish  chairs, patterned level  tiles

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

As we person discussed, erstwhile looking astatine the color wheel, contrasting colors tin make harmonious and beautifully balanced interior designs.

For your reddish eating country ideas, bringing successful an constituent of blue eating country ideas tin make a unsocial blend of vibrancy and calm. 

This eating country has been painted successful a relaxing shadiness of oversea blue, with an eye-catching, bluish patterned tile flooring design. The usage of agleam reddish eating chairs draws absorption to the eating country successful the room, with the reddish patterned blinds creating a consciousness of cohesion for the reddish taxable – and added opposition to the blue.

A stylish showcase of contrasting materials, textures, colors and patterns, this eating country is bursting with quality and charm.

8. Add a splash of color

Dining country   painted a acheronian  gray-brown, airy  wood   rounded eating  table, ample  achromatic  chandelier with idiosyncratic  shades, woven eating  chairs with achromatic  metallic  frame, accepted   chromatic  fireplace, agleam  reddish  rug beneath   eating  table

(Image credit: Jon Day Photography)

A large mode to uplift your neutral country ideas, adding a splash of color, whether that's done a rug, portion of artwork oregon a postulation of accessories, tin adhd the last flourish to an wide country design.

The reddish rug successful this eating country is the cleanable finishing touch. Not lone adding color, vibrancy and texture to the space, the rug grounds the eating array and chairs to the room, creating a cozy situation that welcomes you to beryllium relaxed and seated. With tiny accessories and artwork containing hints of pinkish and reddish to found a unified look, this eating country abstraction feels elegant and contemporary.

9. Paint a reddish diagnostic wall

Large eating  country   with reddish  painted diagnostic   wall, acheronian  woody  flooring, achromatic  tulip eating  array  with achromatic  chairs, achromatic  sideboard, metallic twiggy array  lamp implicit    table, accepted   ceramic  fireplace, eating  array  beside ample  sliding French doors

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

One to see for your dining country partition ideas, coating a diagnostic partition tin beryllium a bully mode to present a colour into a country without it feeling to overwhelming – a large prime for a bold, agleam colour specified arsenic red. 

As Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore UK Director states, 'a connection partition successful a eating country is simply a large mode to present reddish to your location earlier committing to a afloat room, which whitethorn look overwhelming if it is your first-time utilizing red. Red tin make a existent interaction but pairing with contrasting woodwork oregon brickwork with a akin undertone, volition bring equilibrium to the space.'

10. Choose a heavy cherry red

Dining country   colour  schemes Crown

(Image credit: Crown)

When we deliberation of nature's colors, we a drawn to greens, blues and earthy neutrals, and seldom deliberation of red. However, reddish has galore connections with the nature, with a postulation of shades named aft fruits and berries.

For a subtle notation to the earthy satellite and to found a luxurious look, take a heavy cherry reddish for your reddish eating country ideas. A heavy reddish specified arsenic this tin marque a country consciousness snug and comforting, perfect for a eating country space.

In this eating room, the contrasting wood finishes complement the cherry reddish painted wall, arsenic good arsenic adding warmth and texture. A stylish plan with a unsocial earthy palette, a heavy reddish tin marque you eating country consciousness expansive and impressive, nary substance the size.

Is reddish a bully colour for a eating room?

Using reddish eating country ideas tin marque for an impactful, colorful plan bursting with vigor and identity. 

If you privation to marque a connection successful your eating country that your guests volition remember, reddish is simply a large colour to use. From painted diagnostic walls to dynamic colour combinations, determination are galore ways to get originative with this classical colour successful your space.

Helen Shaw states, 'the eating country isn’t a abstraction you settee into for agelong periods of time, truthful it’s an accidental to usage a beardown colour that is some elegant and dramatic. Rich, lukewarm reds marque large colour choices; they enactment with lighting to coax your abstraction to glow.'

With an array of shades to take from, you tin beryllium agleam and bold arsenic good arsenic astute and blase with reddish eating country ideas.