Red room ideas – 11 ways to use this striking shade in any space

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Red country ideas are cleanable for those looking to make interiors with impact. Whether it's utilized wall-to-wall oregon arsenic an accent color, being specified a almighty shade, reddish tin easy alteration a space. 

While it whitethorn beryllium a beardown and assured choice, reddish is besides versatile and depending connected the tone, it tin beryllium utilized to evoke each sorts of moods and looks. 'Brighter, vibrant reds tin beryllium uplifting and bring successful the essence of the summer, whilst deeper, darker reds volition make a cozy and moody atmosphere,' says Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative director, Kelling Designs and KDLoves.

If you're reasoning of decorating with red past you're successful the close spot arsenic we've gathered an array of country ideas to assistance get you inspired, alongside immoderate useful tips from the experts.

Red country ideas

Red country ideas tin beryllium a situation to get right, arsenic reddish is specified a ascendant shade, but with the cautious attraction they tin look stunning.

'For me, each colors person a spot successful interiors, and this includes reddish too. It's each astir however you usage colors and wherever you usage them arsenic this tin truly marque oregon interruption an interior plan scheme. If you usage colors, including red, successful a balanced mode done your plan scheme, it'll enactment wonderfully and marque a existent impact,' says Emma Deterding of Kelling Designs (opens successful caller tab).

1. Create a lukewarm invited with a reddish hallway

Hallway coating  successful  Primer Red by Annie Sloan

(Image credit: Annie Sloan's Primer Red)

As transitory spaces and the country into which guests archetypal enter, the hallway makes a superb spot to marque an content and beryllium daring with colour – opting for a rich, lukewarm reddish hallway is guaranteed to bring a lukewarm welcome.

'Red is simply a colour of large joyousness and passion, the boldest of each the shades,' says Annie Sloan (opens successful caller tab). 'It brings large warmth, vigor and dynamism to a abstraction truthful it's a large prime for progressive areas specified arsenic hallways.'

2. Use reddish to make a striking surviving room

Living country   with walls successful  Deep Space Blue & Bronze Red Absolute matt emulsion by Little Greene

(Image credit: Walls successful Deep Space Blue & Bronze Red Absolute matt emulsion by Little Greene)

For those looking for living country colour ideas, reddish is simply a superb option. While it whitethorn look similar a daring choice, reddish is simply a lukewarm and inviting color, making it cleanable for creating a cocooning and cozy atmosphere. 

For a modern instrumentality connected the red surviving room effort introducing bands of contrasting colors arsenic demonstrated here. Not lone bash the Deep Space Blue and Yellow utilized present an constituent of fun, they besides assistance interruption up the ample expanse of reddish which could beryllium dominating erstwhile utilized connected each 4 walls.

3. Bring play with wall-to-wall red

Living country   successful  Benjamin Moore's Ladybug Red

(Image credit: Project Phillip Thomas / Photograph Michael Mundy)

If you're assured with colour wherefore not clasp an all-red surviving country for a melodramatic yet inviting scheme? 

When it comes to living country overgarment ideas, 'don't beryllium timid with color,' says New York based interior designer Phillip Thomas (opens successful caller tab). 'Stop playing it safe, and take colors you emotion and bring you joy. In 1 of my favourite surviving rooms ever, we utilized Benjamin Moore's Ladybug Red to make a ace vibrant abstraction with a beardown personality.'

4. Create a room with impact

Red room  with reddish  cabinets, rug and barroom  area

(Image credit: Michelle Nussbaumer / Douglas Friedman)

Kitchens are rooms we walk tons of clip in, truthful it makes consciousness for them to bespeak our personalities astatine to beryllium arsenic joyful and uplifting arsenic possible.

In this red kitchen plan by Michelle Nussbaumer (opens successful caller tab),  statement reddish cabinets acceptable the code for a melodramatic and unsocial scheme, portion the lavish usage of marble, brass fixtures and mirrored shelving each harvester to bring luxury and glamor. 

5. Set the temper for entertaining

Dining country   colour  schemes Crown

(Image credit: Crown)

When it comes to dining country colour ideas reddish is simply a fashionable prime with interior designers and homeowners alike which has endured crossed the decades.

'For me, reddish truly suits eating rooms. It makes the cleanable backdrop for beauteous feasts with loved ones, and looks fabulous astatine nighttime clip with candle light. It's a large colour for creating vigor and dynamism and truthful is cleanable for societal environments specified arsenic eating spaces,' says Emma Deterding. 'It volition truly acceptable the ambiance for repast times and volition assistance bring you unneurotic with friends and family, making astonishing memories.

To make an intimate and enveloping ambiance successful a reddish eating country borderline towards deeper tones says Justyna Korczynska, elder decorator at Crown (opens successful caller tab). 'The darker the colour the much airy it absorbs – truthful reds, plumbs and terracottas volition visually bring walls inwards making a country look lukewarm and inviting.'

6. Paint furnishings successful red

pink room  diner with reddish  seat  and reddish  array  with woody  top, yellowish  stools, connection    artwork and grey  pendant

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

If you're cautious astir utilizing aggravated colour past adding successful a portion of reddish furnishings oregon refreshing an existing portion with a lick of reddish overgarment tin beryllium a large spot to commencement arsenic it tin easy beryllium moved oregon repainted if tastes change. 

A red-painted built-in seat and array framework are a large mode to liven-up a muted kitchen-diner and enactment peculiarly good with pastel pinkish walls arsenic demonstrated successful this space.

7. Add a reddish sofa

monochrome surviving  country   with vibrant reddish  velvet sofa and geometric plan  curtain fabric

(Image credit: Jon Day / Claudia Bryant)

If you're looking for ways to warm-up a chill grey and achromatic surviving country past you can't spell incorrect with a sumptuous reddish couch. 

With its reddish velvet covering and elongated curves, this sofa brings instant softness to this monochrome scheme, portion besides creating a beauteous focal point. 

When introduced arsenic a level colour reddish tin consciousness jarring, but by opting for a textured fabric, specified arsenic velvet which shimmers successful the light, the reddish volition look much varied and volition beryllium easier connected the eye.

8. Use reddish arsenic an accent color

Red console array  successful  a hallway with wallpaper

(Image credit: Vanrenen GW Designs)

You needn't spell all-out with reddish successful bid to marque an impact, adding successful conscionable a tiny portion of furnishings oregon a fewer accessories is capable to bring instant beingness and property to a tiny space.

In this reddish hallway a scallop-edged console and array lamps are teamed with a decorative wallpaper and gilt reflector to make a quirky traditional hallway idea.

'We wanted to marque a existent connection connected entering this hallway truthful that you didn’t conscionable locomotion past the hallway array without noticing it,' says Louisa Greville Williams co-founder of Vanrenen GW Designs (opens successful caller tab). 'Proportions of console tables are essential, and we deliberation this looks elegant with a classical consciousness but with a modern twist.'

9. Bring a sensual consciousness to a bedroom

Walls successful  Mylands' Post Hill

(Image credit: Mylands)

Used wall-to-wall, reddish is an effectual bedroom colour idea for achieving a cozy and intimate feel, alternatively, effort it implicit tiny areas to liven up much muted chamber schemes. 

'Red walls are a bold choice, and depending connected the shadiness and room, reddish pigments tin alteration a abstraction successful a multitude of antithetic ways. A deep, melodramatic reddish similar Arts Club™ No. 28 is blase and intense, but besides lukewarm and welcoming, which makes it a large prime for a surviving room, eating room, oregon a sensual prime for chamber walls,' says Dominic Myland, manager of Mylands Paints. 

'A brighter pigment similar Red Post Hill™ No. 68 is likewise affable and inviting, which makes it perfect for chamber details specified arsenic wrong shelves oregon for contrasting doorway and model frames, arsenic good arsenic full walls.'

10. Pair reddish with achromatic and white

living country   with reddish  seat  and assemblage   wall

(Image credit: Corine Maggio / CM Natural Designs)

If you're reasoning of incorporating reddish living country furniture past decorating successful achromatic and achromatic is simply a bully neutral basal for letting them radiance arsenic proven successful this country plan by interior decorator Corine Maggio of CM Natural designs (opens successful caller tab).

'This abstraction was absorbing to plan due to the fact that it was a rental. One of the fewer pieces the clients already had was the burgundy chairs truthful successful bid to incorporated them we had to either truly clasp a batch of colour oregon fto them sing by neutralizing the remainder of the space, which is what we yet decided on.'

11. Use reddish to adhd an constituent of surprise

Bathroom with wallpaper and reddish  paneling

(Image credit: Future)

As tiny spaces which aren't utilized for agelong periods of time, you tin spend to beryllium bold erstwhile it comes to decor successful cloakrooms and impermanent bathrooms, and this operation of reddish paneling and wallpaper is guaranteed to crook heads.

Not lone does coating the paneling successful Little Greene's Red Bronze bring warmth and color, it besides helps item the beauteous signifier of the descend portion allowing it to truly instrumentality halfway stage. 

What colour goes with reddish walls?

Red walls tin beryllium paired with galore different colors – to find what shades enactment good with reddish the color wheel is simply a utile tool.

Sitting other reddish connected the colour wheel, bluish makes a earthy spouse to reddish and it cleanable for bringing equilibrium to reddish rooms portion neutrals similar white, grey and achromatic are ever a harmless pairing for bold colors.

'The cardinal is to equilibrium retired agleam colors with much accepted tones. If you privation to adhd a interaction of reddish to your home, for example, I’d brace it with a heavy navy, achromatic oregon immoderate beauteous neutral shades to soften the look,' says Sue Jones, co-foudner and originative manager astatine Oka.

However, reddish tin besides enactment good with neighboring shades connected the colour instrumentality specified arsenic orange.

'Any colour that is made up chiefly of red or orangish volition marque a country look overmuch warmer. Using 2 oregon 3 of these colors unneurotic volition make that lukewarm palette with tonal interest. Many deliberation that red and orangish clash, but they bash successful information enactment brilliantly together,' says Justyna Korczynska, elder decorator at Crown.

If you privation to make a strategy with interaction past reddish tin look show-stopping erstwhile paired with high-contrast achromatic and achromatic and different superior colors, however, pastel shades should not beryllium ruled out, successful fact, pinkish and lilac enactment peculiarly good with red.

How tin I marque my reddish country look good?

There are galore ways to marque a reddish country look good, from a good designed lighting strategy to finishing touches. 'As always, usage furnishings and accessories successful complementary and contrasting shades to adhd that each important balance. Mirrors are a large mode of introducing sparkle and fun, but volition besides assistance to bounce airy astir a room, creating the illusion of space,' says Emma Detering, laminitis and originative director, Kelling Designs and KDLoves.

'Lighting should ever beryllium fitted to dimmer controls to let you to alteration up the ambiance and guarantee you airy immoderate artwork well. Pictures successful gilt frames look peculiarly astonishing connected reddish walls, but you conscionable request to marque definite you airy them properly.