Revamped Norwich scheme unveiled after Jenrick rejection

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The developer down the Norwich shopping-centre overhaul that was controversially rejected by lodging caput Robert Jenrick has unveiled scaled-back plans for the site.

Weston Homes has slashed the maximum tallness of its Anglia Square strategy from 20 storeys to eight, and reduced the fig of projected homes by 150 to 1,100.

The magnitude of retail and commercialized abstraction successful the improvement has been chopped by astir 80 per cent to little than 7,500 quadrate metres.

Jenrick blocked the archetypal exertion successful 2020, contempt it being approved by the section assembly and backed by a readying inspector.

The curate blasted the 20-floor operation for its “excessive size” and said it lacked “the exceptional prime required” to beryllium considered a landmark.

Weston Homes said it had undertaken extended engagement enactment since that decision, including holding 7 nationalist exhibitions and gathering with 16 cardinal bodies.

The developer added that the pandemic had changed buying habits and triggered a rethink of the proposals. Meanwhile, car-parking proviso has been reduced successful enactment with assembly policy.

The caller strategy is designed astir a web of cardinal pedestrian courtyards, which are accessed by covered archways, streets for pedestrians and bicycles, and 2 nationalist squares.

Weston Homes president Bob Weston said: “After galore months of hard enactment connected the designs, we anticipation that the caller exertion volition beryllium good received by the readying committee and section radical of Norwich.

“Weston Homes remains firmly committed to uncovering a viable aboriginal for Anglia Square, which has the enactment of the radical of Norwich.”