Revolutionise your kitchen and bathroom with stylish and sustainable surfaces

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In concern with Cosentino

Choosing a aboveground is simply a captious portion of the room and bath plan process. It's important not lone that the worldly complements the look and benignant of your space, but that it suits your manner and biology considerations too.

As we go progressively alert of our c footprints, galore of america are seeking products that enactment the circular economy. This is peculiarly pertinent erstwhile redesigning our kitchens and bathrooms – the astir applicable spaces successful the home.

With the abundance of aboveground options present disposable to us, sustainability is besides a cardinal origin successful the decision-making process. Thankfully, sustainability and benignant are nary longer mutually exclusive acknowledgment to Cosentino (opens successful caller tab). With its beauteous caller Silestone® Sunlit Days c neutral aboveground series, we tin instrumentality that 1 measurement person to achieving the room oregon bath of our dreams - without compromise.

This innovative milestone demonstrates the brand’s committedness to sustainability and highlights the biology absorption steps Cosentino person taken implicit the past respective years. 

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This work to make a sustainable aboveground has been achieved by Cosentino calculating its c footprint, reducing interaction and offsetting its emissions by continually participating successful voluntary offsetting projects which are duly certified and successful the model of the Voluntary Carbon Market. What’s more, this inaugural is complemented by a concern programme for the preservation of the seabed.

Inspired by the earthy hues of the Mediterranean, Silestone® Sunlit Days is made with pioneering HybridQ+® exertion and offered successful Faro White, Cincel Grey, Arcilla Red, Cala Blue and Posidonia Green. The bid offers a travel done the earthy world, with a motion to the tones of the Mediterranean, inspired by elemental yet profound ways of living.

Not lone does this high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled solid connection the aforesaid timeless quality and precocious absorption to scratches, stains, UV rays and vigor arsenic different Silestone surfaces, it is made with 100% renewable electrical energy, 99% recycled h2o and a minimum of 20% recycled earthy materials. 

As good arsenic scoring precocious connected sustainability, this caller mineral creation has aesthetic benefits successful the mode of added textures, tones and richness successful the extent of colour of these elegant engineered chromatic surfaces, acknowledgment to Cosentino’s innovative accumulation methods.


(Image credit: Cosentino)

Whether you emotion colour and signifier oregon calm neutrals, Silestone® Sunlit Days makes an perfect prime of aboveground successful some the room and bathroom. It makes the cleanable accompaniment to some modern and accepted fixtures. This is your accidental to trade the location you person ever wanted. 

Whatever your project, choosing a world-leading c neutral aboveground volition lend to a beautiful, modern and sustainable strategy that you volition emotion for life.

Silestone starts from £450 per sq m, (opens successful caller tab)