Room divider ideas – 12 lessons in versatile modern living

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Room divider ideas are the new, applicable alternate to unfastened program spaces. Room dividers let you to make a wide scope of clever and inspiring ways to marque your abstraction enactment for you.

Essentially the midway constituent betwixt unfastened program and accepted abstracted rooms, a country divider is the separation of rooms, either partially oregon temporarily. Think: screens, partitions, and adjacent the intelligent usage of bookcases and furniture.

We've chosen our favourite country divider ideas that utilize the breached program look, and amusement however a country divider oregon partition tin beryllium adapted to enactment successful conscionable astir immoderate interior design scheme.

Room divider ideas

Room dividers and country partitions aren't conscionable utile – the close 1 tin present a full big of room colour idea, pattern, texture and magnitude into a space. Whether it's purely decorative, utilized to make the illusion of privateness oregon a small country idea, these country divider ideas mightiness beryllium conscionable what your location needs.

1. Designed an integrated partition

Room divider ideas with alloy  framed doors

(Image credit: William Abranowicz)

Room dividers are a fantastic mode to marque usage of unexploited abstraction and to make a broken-plan layout wrong the home,’ says Simon Tcherniak, decorator astatine Neville Johnson. ‘When designing a country divider to acceptable astir the home’s earthy architectural features, see utilizing other gangly bookcases – possibly with the summation of a ladder – to marque usage of the height. You could besides opt for unfastened oregon hidden shelves which let you to either show your ornaments oregon fell clutter.’

2. Look to classical alloy frames

White sinks successful  a achromatic  bathroom

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

‘Substituting a coagulated plastered partition with a glazing strategy allows an accrued consciousness of abstraction by visually connecting rooms and offers the accidental to bring earthy airy into areas which whitethorn not beryllium served by windows,’ says Chris Eaton, subordinate manager astatine Stiff + Trevillion. 

‘Steel-framed glazing offers designers the flexibility to make pane sizes to bespeak the proportions and bushed of the rooms and surrounding architecture it inhabits and tin neatly incorporated opening sections either arsenic doorways oregon casement windows.'

3. Space retired with a screen

Room divider thought  with moveable screen

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

‘We emotion utilizing screens to disagreement rooms,’ says Paolo Moschino, caput of interior plan steadfast Nicholas Haslam. ‘For me, it’s precise important not to disclose everything astatine erstwhile and that is what screens are cleanable for; they fell a astonishment down them and, particularly for a ample room, they confine the abstraction and make coziness. As a bonus, if you determination to a caller location you tin conscionable fold your surface and instrumentality it with you to caller adventures.’

Embrace a broken-plan surviving room astatine a moment’s announcement with the usage of moveable screens. By choosing a decorative style, similar decorator Paolo Moschino has done here, you tin besides make elegant backdrops.

4. Use decorative glazing

Room divider ideas with alloy  and solid  parition

(Image credit: Ricardo Labougle)

Sometimes each you request is the precise hint astatine a partition to visually portion disconnected 1 abstraction from another. Use decorative glazing cautiously and you whitethorn find you lone request to widen this a ft oregon truthful into the halfway of a country to interruption the open-plan travel capable to make the desired separation. 

This task from plan steadfast Maddux Creative uses a alloy framework with geometric glazed panels to disagreement this open-plan kitchen. Nodding astatine Art Deco décor and design, the panels person been filled successful with a assortment of glazing techniques, from colored to fluted glass. Continue the feeling of stepping into a caller abstraction by adapting the flooring accordingly, too. Here, the level tiles bespeak the tones and geometrics of the panel, emphasizing its value successful the scheme.

6. Brighten up a dim space

Room divider ideas with alloy  door

(Image credit: Jonathan Gooch)

‘While open-plan surviving looks great, it throws up a fewer problems specified arsenic sound and a deficiency of cosiness and warmth,’ says Mike Stiff, manager of Stiff + Trevillion architects, which uses Crittall glazing successful galore projects.

‘Glazing allows airy to flow, portion keeping homes lukewarm and providing quiescent zones.’ The attack besides succeeds erstwhile opening up a home, arsenic a solid partition tin regenerate a coagulated partition – often a neat thought for an entranceway hall. ‘Glazed partitions are truly palmy wherever a wholly open-plan abstraction is not required, but a ocular transportation to an adjacent room, the extracurricular oregon to a model is beneficial,’ says designer Phil Coffey.

Be alert of the accusation of immoderate gathering regulations, though. These tin escalate the outgo considerably and besides bounds the possibilities with design,’ helium adds. 

7. Invest successful sliding panels

Room divider with partition  panels and sliding door

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

Broken-plan surviving is simply a midway constituent betwixt the open-plan layout and the much accepted abstraction comprised of abstracted rooms. One mode to execute this is by looking to doors that tin beryllium closed erstwhile required, but without impacting connected the quality of the country erstwhile opened. 

This London flat uses floor-to-ceiling sliding panels clad successful sections of parquet, which look conscionable arsenic overmuch a portion of the abstraction whether pulled crossed oregon not. ‘Using the parquet panels arsenic inserts connected the partition allows their geometric effect to beryllium enjoyed astatine oculus level,’ says Maria Speake, laminitis of Retrouvius. ‘When closed, this sliding partition reveals a recessed pouch utilized to show immoderate of the clients’ creation collection.’

8. Create 2 rooms retired of one

Room divider with solid  windows and door

(Image credit: Alexander James)

Integrate a glazed partition to abstracted a ample country into 2 spaces, but instrumentality inspiration from this Studio Peake task and permission a spread successful the middle. The 2 zones consciousness abstracted from each other, owed to the glazing, but the spread allows unimpeded question and increases the flexibility of however these spaces tin beryllium used. Make definite to see the usage of immoderate country that you privation to see successful a broken-plan space. 

The farther abstraction present was fitted retired arsenic a amusement halfway room, truthful a blackout surface was integrated into the design, meaning it tin beryllium pulled afloat crossed to plunge the country into darkness, but doesn’t person to stay successful show erstwhile the portion isn’t being utilized arsenic a location cinema. 

9. Let the airy successful with steel-framed doors

Room divider ideas with solid  partition

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Crittall and steel-framed windows is simply a fantastic mode to fto lighting into a tiny space. It is besides a clever mode to show the greenery from the outside, creating the illusion of an indoor/outdoor space.

By utilizing Crittall doors and windows internally arsenic good arsenic externally, you tin unify an existing play spot with a modern extension. They besides let a abstraction to beryllium filled with light. Fire-rated steel-framed dividers and partitions are besides available.

10. Create 'zones' with furniture

Room divider with furniture

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Not each living country layout ideas lend themselves to a imperishable country divider oregon partition, but being astute with your furnishings tin inactive execute the look. This abstraction by Wendi Wolf Lewitt uses furnishings to make zones with an open-plan surviving room. High-backed seating is particularly utile for this style. If abstraction allows, usage a ceiling-high bookcase to abstracted the abstraction for maximum impact.

11. Hang drapes oregon curtains

Room divider for chamber  with curtains

(Image credit: Future)

A ample chamber tin often consciousness acold and deficiency privacy; this tin beryllium remedied with drapes oregon sheer curtains hung to disagreement a space. They needn't beryllium pulled close crossed a country to utterly disagreement it, but they tin make a beauteous pause, adding color, texture oregon magnitude and signifier to the space, too, arsenic successful the attic chamber above.

12. Divide with a cardinal heating option

‘Rather than confining a woodburning stove to the fireplace deliberation of it arsenic a portion of freestanding furniture,’ says Cedric Wells, originative manager astatine Charnwood. 

‘By positioning a stove cardinal to the country you make a transportation betwixt antithetic zones. Be definite to let capable abstraction astir the stove to debar combusting immoderate worldly – particularly if you are gathering a stud partition woody sheet divider. Many stoves volition incorporated convection panels, which importantly trim harmless distances, but if they don’t it’s worthy considering a wall-mounted vigor shield to support the wall.'

How bash you adjacent a country without a wall?

'Room dividers are a fantastic mode to marque usage of unexploited abstraction and to make a broken-plan layout wrong the home,’ says Simon Tcherniak, decorator astatine Neville Johnson. 

‘When considering however to plan a country with a divider that fits astir the home’s earthy architectural features, see utilizing other gangly bookcases, possibly with the summation of a ladder, to marque usage of the height. You could besides opt for unfastened oregon hidden shelves which let you to either show your ornaments oregon fell clutter.’ 

How bash you divided a country into 2 spaces? 

The champion mode to divided a country into 2 spaces is with solid panels and interior glazing. Nearly each of america privation to unrecorded successful a airy and spacious house, but an open-concept layout is not for everyone. Glass walls successful a assortment of formats tin beryllium utilized to spectacular effect successful some play and modern buildings, but specified a task often requires the assistance of professionals.

'Internal glazing provides a wide part of abstraction without cutting areas disconnected and making them separate,' says Chris Eaton, subordinate manager astatine Stiff + Trevillion.

Architect Marta Nowicka agrees: 'If you privation to adhd character, effort interior glazing. 'Glass animates a space. The medium’s aboveground and transparency, adjacent its colour adhd an creator dimension. 

'For instance, you could alteration a acheronian corridor with a country connected 1 broadside by replacing the dividing partition with a solid window. You person the consciousness of a brighter, enlarged space,' says Marta, though she adds.