Rose garden ideas – 14 colorful rose gardens to inspire

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Rose gardens person agelong been symbols of romance and elegance. Loved for ample blooms and divine fragrance, the roseate is simply a stalwart of the English plot and determination are fewer plants that tin rival its versatility. Available arsenic climbers, ramblers, bushes, shrubs and crushed screen roses, successful a assortment of colors, fragrances and repetition flowering oregon azygous blooms, determination are a assortment of roseate plot ideas for astir each position. 

Picture a roseate plot and it whitethorn good conjure images of ceremonial roseate gardens designed to wage homage to the classical elegance of roses. Often these gardens dwell of symmetrical, geometric borders edged with trimmed box-hedges and infilled with neatly trimmed roseate bushes, often arranged by color. However, you don’t request to plant roses successful a ceremonial roseate plot to admit the quality of roses, determination are galore ways to bask them successful your plot from climbing implicit a pergola to successful pots connected the patio. 

We’ve rounded up an array of roseate plot ideas to present them into your outdoor space.

Rose plot ideas

Roses are specified beauteous flowers that galore designers similar to make a dedicated country for them. ‘Roses should beryllium the prima of the garden,’ says Florida-based plot decorator Matthew Giampietro . ‘I similar to incorporated roses into a plot by designing a ceremonial roseate plot oregon outdoor ‘room’ for roses, oregon adjacent conscionable a borderline of roses.’ 

In times gone by, walled roseate gardens were known arsenic rosaries and often contained thing but roses. Modern gardening signifier tends to favour designing a roseate garden truthful that roses beryllium amongst perennials, biennials, and annuals, nevertheless – some due to the fact that it looks much modern and due to the fact that it helps to forestall roseate sickness. For example, salvias (such arsenic the fabulous hot-pink ‘Cerro Potosí’) are thought to enactment arsenic earthy fungicide due to the fact that their leaves incorporate sulphur.

1. Plant roses arsenic hedging oregon en masse

Rose plot  ideas - Rose plot  of state  house

(Image credit: Future / Justin Paget)

‘We similar to bring the luxe look of roses into the gardens of modern homes,’ says Pennsylvania-based scenery decorator Nathan Tuno , who works astatine Roots Landscape Inc. 

‘Roses done arsenic a hedge oregon a ample wide grouping enactment beautifully successful modern landscapes. Stick with neutral tones specified arsenic achromatic oregon blush, oregon possibly yellowish to springiness a popular of colour portion staying chill and understated. We thin connected the Knock Out roseate varieties, specified arsenic Sunny Knock Out oregon White Knock Out. They nutrient an abundance of delicate flowers portion being unfussy.’

2. Plant roses for a wildlife garden

Rosa carolina

(Image credit: Alamy)

Many plot designers similar to usage chaotic taxon roses (or azygous and semi-double roses that person the look of chaotic roses) to make a wonderfully informal, earthy look, portion providing nutrient for wildlife.

‘I particularly emotion the pasture roseate (Rosa carolina),’ says Maryland-based scenery designer and decorator Kirsten Coffen. ‘This roseate is autochthonal to North America and grows particularly good successful coastal areas and sloping terrain. The bright-pink flowers are calved successful outpouring and passim the summertime and are a overmuch loved nutrient root for bees and different pollinators.’ 

Such chaotic roses are superb grown arsenic a roseate hedge oregon arsenic portion of a mixed autochthonal hedge – wonderful wildlife plot ideas.

3. Grow roses done a tree

Rose plot  ideas - francis e lester

(Image credit: Alamy)

Growing a roseate done a histrion makes for a romantic, beauteous diagnostic successful the plot during summer. Make definite you prime the close histrion and the close roseate for a knock-out combination. 

‘Choose a rambler that is not truthful vigorous that it volition smother trees,’ advises Michael Marriott, 1 of the world's starring roseate experts. ‘One of my favourite free-flowering ramblers is ‘Francis E. Lester’ , which has azygous soft-pink flowers similar a chaotic rose, with a delicious musky fragrance. These are followed by akin quantities of tiny orangish hips. It would beryllium suitable for a medium-sized mature histrion similar an aged apple. The vantage of increasing into a histrion is that erstwhile up determination it needs nary attraction truthful each you person to bash is respect it!’ 

4. Grow roses arsenic crushed cover

Flower carpet rose

(Image credit: Alamy)

Procumbent roses sprawl implicit the ground, rapidly suppressing weeds and concealing bare soil, and galore of them person azygous oregon semi-double flowers that supply nectar for pollinators. 

‘The Flower Carpet roses travel successful a assortment of colors from acheronian reddish and agleam pinkish to yellowish and white,’ says Kirsten Coffen . ‘As crushed cover, they harvester beautifully with pale-blue catmints (Nepeta), which offset the blistery angiosperm colors. I similar to usage specified roses to make a punch of colour adjacent a walkway oregon entranceway space.’

5. Grow a roseate plot implicit a seating area

Rose plot  ideas, David Austin Phyllis Bide roseate  arch

(Image credit: David Austin)

Repeat flowering and with beauteous fragrances, roses are a superb prime of angiosperm for increasing adjacent a seating area. Try grooming a rambling rose, specified arsenic this Phyllis Bide assortment by David Austin Roses, crossed an arch implicit a seat for a beauteous plot retreat. A repetition flowerer with a medium, saccharine scent and sprays of small, airy apricot-pink flowers, Phyllis Bide brings a romanticist consciousness to the plot summertime long. 

6. Use roses to bring colour to informal mixed borders

Rose plot  ideas - roseate  plot  astatine  RHS Rosemoor

(Image credit: RHS Rosemoor)

Take a much informal attack to increasing roses and see them arsenic portion of a mixed borderline of shrubs and herbaceous perennials to bring colour and height. Planting them alongside plants specified arsenic Achillea Mollis and Sea Holly volition make a romanticist cottage plot consciousness arsenic these borders astatine The Cottage Garden astatine RHS Rosemoor prove. 

7. Plant roses successful colour blocks for impact

Rose plot  ideas - Rose plot  astatine  RHS Rosemoor

(Image credit: RHS Rosemoor / Jason Ingram)

Planting aggregate roses of the aforesaid assortment is often seen successful ceremonial roseate gardens and tin look genuinely show-stopping. If doing this beryllium definite to works successful unusual numbers. If you're looking for inspiration, The Queen Mother’s Rose Garden astatine RHS Rosemoor has a fantastic array of modern roseate types including Hybrid beverage (large-flowered), floribunda (cluster-flowered) and shrub roses.

8. Line a way with roseate arches

Rose plot  ideas - Rose plot  arches astatine  National Trust Mottisfont

(Image credit: National Trust Images / Marianne Majerus)

Training climbing roses implicit pergolas and arches on an avenue oregon pathway tin marque moving done a plot genuinely magical, arsenic this representation from the walled roseate plot astatine National Trust Mottisfont proves, featuring arches covered successful Rose Adelaide d'Orleans. Other climbing roses cleanable for increasing up an arch see The Generous Gardener, Malvern Hills and Constance Spry – unrivalled for scent. If you’re looking for roseate plot inspiration beryllium definite to sojourn National Trust Mottisfont, location to the National Collection of pre-1900 old-fashioned roses.

9. Pair roses with lavender for a cottage plot feel

Rose plot  ideas - Rose plot  with Boscobel by David Austin

(Image credit: David Austin Roses)

Planting shrub roses with lavender is simply a classical operation which volition warrant a relaxed cottage consciousness and volition bring colour and fragrance passim the summer. According to the roseate experts astatine David Austin Roses, elemental combinations cannot beryllium underestimated; effort planting its Boscobel roseate with English lavender for a show-stopping and easy-to-maintain display.

10. Use rambling roses to soften plot walls and  structures

Rose plot  ideas Phyllis Bride roseate  connected  partition  David Austin

(Image credit: David Austin)

Climbing and rambling roses are a superb mode to bring tallness and colour to a plot and are peculiarly utile if you’re looking to obscure unsightly structures. A classical rambler, David Austin’s Phyllis Bide, is simply a repetition flowerer that tin turn up to 4.5 metres gangly making it superb for this purpose.

See: How to instrumentality roseate cuttings – tips for propagating roses11. Grow a roseate plot astir a doorway

Rose plot  ideas - Rose plot  with rambling roseate  astatine  plot  Moor Wood

(Image credit: Future / Britt Willoughby)

Growing a roseate astir a doorway tin truly marque a diagnostic of an entranceway. If increasing a roseate astir a doorway, seating area, spot wherever radical walk oregon children play, past see a assortment with fewer thorns specified arsenic Mortimer Sackler oregon The Shepherdess. 

12. Brighten up patios with potted roses

Rose plot  ideas - Rose plot  planted successful  pot

(Image credit: David Austin Roses)

If abstraction is astatine a premium past roses tin easy beryllium grown successful containers to bring scent and colour to a patio. Good roses for increasing successful pots see Harlow Carr, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Desdemona and Vanessa Bell, each disposable from David Austin Roses. 

Raised plot furniture ideas are different large mode to incorporated roses into a much structured scheme.

13. Grow a roseate implicit an obelisk to springiness tallness to borders

Rose plot  ideas - Rose plot  utilizing Leigh Clapp Gertrude Jekyll

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Growing a climbing roseate up an obelisk is simply a superb mode to bring tallness to mixed borders. Loved for its strong, Old Rose scent, Gertrude Jekyll is simply a superb prime for an obelisk which volition bring beauteous fragrance and quintessential elegance to immoderate garden. 

14. Create a focal constituent with a rose-covered pergola

Rose plot  ideas - Rose plot  increasing  implicit    pergola astatine  Sissinghurst

(Image credit: National Trust Images / Johnathan Buckley )

Growing a climbing oregon rambling roseate implicit a perogla oregon gazebo tin marque a spectacular focal constituent successful a garden. With their cascading, clusters of blooms and whimsical 'rambling' quality ramblers are a large prime for this, including varietes specified arsenic Rosa mulliganii, 1 of the biggest roseate varieties, pictured present astatine Sissinghurst Castle Garden successful the attraction of the National Trust.

How bash you commencement a roseate garden?

Prepare your path

The champion ungraded for planting roses should beryllium free-draining, somewhat acerb and mean successful texture – neither sandy nor clayey. If your ungraded benignant differs from this, you tin amended it by digging successful tons of integrated worldly – a fewer minutes of other effort astatine this signifier tin pb to a steadfast works that gives you years of pleasure.  

Start them well 

It’s not advisable to works caller bushes wherever different roses person grown successful the past 3 years, arsenic this volition greatly summation the hazard of ‘rose sickness'. This occurs erstwhile fungi that grew astir the roots  and ungraded of the aged works commencement to onslaught the caller one. The summation of astir 30g of mycorrhizal fungi per roseate bush is peculiarly adjuvant successful poorer ungraded conditions oregon erstwhile roses are planted successful areas wherever roses person antecedently been grown.  

Choose the close rose

Bush roses look large successful land beds mixed with perennials, portion miniature varieties marque fantabulous edging plants successful beforehand of the taller varieties. Shrub roses connected the different hand, planted singly, tin marque fantabulous specimen plants, and you tin besides effort clustering shrub varieties to marque a flowering hedge. Smaller roses tin beryllium grown successful pots.

Care for your roses

Deadheading roses is an important portion of caring for a roseate garden; doing truthful regularly during flowering play volition support yours neat.

Which roses are champion for wildlife?

Roses with azygous oregon semi-double flowers due to the fact that their nectar and pollen are accessible to bees and hoverflies. The aureate regularisation is: if you can’t spot the yellowish stamens, a roseate is not wildlife-friendly.

Great examples see the charming blush-white Jacqueline du Pré and the cheering, striped rosa mundi ( R. gallica ‘Versicolor’ ), which enactment good successful borders. Garden designers progressively usage specified azygous and semi-double varieties to make a contemporary, naturalistic look.

‘For wildlife, I suggest Comte de Champagne with astir single, soft-creamy-yellow flowers of mean size,’ says Michael Marriott . ‘They person galore golden-yellow stamens successful the halfway making them precise charismatic to wildlife. If not deadheaded, they volition acceptable a beauteous harvest of hips.’

Other large shrub roses that supply hips to provender birds during autumn see ‘Scabrosa’ , which has effect that resembles cherry tomatoes, and ’Geranium’ , which is hung with unthinkable flagon-shaped scarlet hips successful the fall. Many ramblers (such arsenic ‘Francis E. Lester’ ) are besides fantabulous for hips. But not each roses nutrient hips, truthful cheque with your supplier.