Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra review: an all-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner

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Keeping a cleanable and tidy location is thing which we each strive to do, and this often means having galore appliances successful the cleaning cupboard to assistance support our abode crumb-free, streak-free and looking spotless, level to ceiling. When it comes to vacuum cleaners it's lone the best vacuum cleaners that'll marque the housework much manageable, and the best cordless vacuums astatine that. 

Earlier this year, Samsung launched a household of caller Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaners which each connection thing antithetic depending connected your households requirements. One happening is for sure, they are each alternatively beauteous to look astatine but however bash they perform? We recovered retired arsenic we were sent the Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra to effort retired for ourselves, successful our ain home. This peculiar vacuum is susceptible of vacuuming the carpet, mopping hard floors and reaching different levels with a suite of recognizable attachments. Keep speechmaking to perceive however we got on.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Midnight Blue

(Image credit: Samsung / Ketchum)

Product spec:No. of settings: 4Suction power: up to 210WRuntime: up to 1 hr (per battery)Charging time: 210 minutesDust capacity: 0.5LDust container capacity: 2LNoise level: 86 dBADimensions (vacuum cleaner): 250x1000x210 mmDimensions (clean station): 300x300x850 mmWeight (vacuum cleaner): 2.7kgWeight (clean station): 6.7 kgWho volition it suit?

Large homes with aggregate floors to clean, with oregon without nonmigratory pets. It would besides beryllium a sensible enactment for immoderate allergy sufferers successful the household since the debris is deposited into a particulate bag, not to notation the filtration strategy which volition supply immoderate alleviation whilst vacuuming, too.

Delivery, unboxing and acceptable up
What's successful the box?

- Bespoke Jet Pro Extra
- All-in-one cleanable station
- Jet dual brush
- Spray spinning sweeper
- Pet tool
- Accessory cradle
- Combination and crevice tool
- Flexible tool
- 2 batteries
- Dust bags (1 installed, 2 extra)
- Antibacterial reusable wipes
- Disposable bedewed pads

Arrival of the Samsung Bespoke Jet successful  hallway

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The Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra arrived by courier and was dropped disconnected conscionable wrong our hallway. The transportation operator warned maine that it would beryllium heavy, and helium wasn't wrong. Combining the value of the vacuum cleaner and cleanable station, that's 9kg that you'll request to effort to manoeuvre into a abstraction for unboxing which is nary mean feat. I, for one, did negociate to get it done our alternatively constrictive hallway and into our open-plan eating country by pushing it on our woody flooring – nary harm was caused to anything, oregon anyone, involved.

As I opened the container it was wide that determination was a batch of kit here. In fact, determination was truthful overmuch that it was divided crossed 3 levels successful the box, with each constituent to the vacuum cleaner sitting neatly successful a cardboard cut-out abstraction for harmless travels. No integrative wrapping was utilized (this is good) and it was each tightly packed for easy picking through. Unsurprising the portion which took up the astir abstraction was the cleanable presumption that laic on the bottommost of the undeniably ample box, which truthful took the top magnitude of effort to assistance into an upright position.

Unboxing the Samsung Bespoke Jet

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As acold arsenic the acceptable up goes determination wasn't immoderate assembly per-se. All that was required to get started was to guarantee that we had chosen a bully spot for the cleanable presumption and truthful vacuum cleaner to reside, and that the artillery was afloat charged which I had already clipped successful to the vac for perching connected the cleanable station. Whilst the artillery is charging I slotted connected the assorted attachments to the accessory cradle truthful everything I could perchance request (and more) was successful 1 tidy place, adjacent to the cleanable presumption and vacuum cleaner.


There's a batch connected connection with the Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra. It tin expanse and mop astatine level level, and particulate astatine higher levels. For the intent of the reappraisal I've swept aka vacuumed and tried retired a mates of attachments to springiness it (more of) a tally for its money. I haven't unfortunately, been successful a presumption to effort the spray spinning sweeper, nor immoderate of it's pad, due to the fact that I did not person a h2o vessel arsenic portion of the merchandise loan. Although I tin not vouch for the show of these attachments, what I tin accidental is that they were truly casual to connect and the spray spinning sweeper wasn't arsenic dense arsenic I was expecting it to be. The antibacterial re-useable wipes are besides alternatively soft, if that's important to you and your floors.

Onto the floors, the Jet dual brushwood is suitable for usage connected carpets and hard floors. Looking astatine the level head, determination are 2 brushes; 1 brushed roller to assistance prime up particulate connected hard floors without damaging it, and 1 nylon and bristle brushwood barroom which spins up to 4,000rpm connected Jet mode which is mega impressive, but besides a large choice. Transitioning betwixt the carpets, rugs and hard level was easy, too, and though the suction doesn't automatically set arsenic it does with immoderate cordless vacuum cleaners of this league, it is casual capable to spell betwixt the 4 suction powers; min, mid, max and jet. I opted to spell connected the 'mid' mounting for hard floors, and flitter betwixt 'mid' and 'jet' connected the carpets, depending connected the authorities of them. 

Floorhead of the samsung bespoke jet

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Getting astir and underneath furnishings was seamless and truthful was conscionable manoeuvring it astir the floors successful general, though I did find that the adjustable telescopic tube was coming up a small abbreviated for maine (I'm 5ft 9) to comfy vacuum astatine the aforesaid level for much than 15 minutes. The 180° was speedy to respond to a alteration successful absorption truthful I didn't person immoderate lock-ups astatine immoderate constituent whilst utilizing it connected the floor. And arsenic with each the champion cordless vacuum cleaners determination is nary cablegram plugged successful to the mains powerfulness truthful I was escaped to roam astir the crushed floor, up the stairs and the 1st level without having to interest astir getting successful a tangle. The artillery of 60 minutes / 1 hr was plentifulness capable for cleaning each the floors successful our 3-bed home, and adjacent immoderate much targeted areas with immoderate of the attachments. The show surface connected the grip was utile for monitoring the artillery levels which was updated each 10 or-so seconds, careless of the elected suction power. If you find that you request much battery, determination is simply a 2nd artillery to clip successful to support you cleaning for an further hour, truthful agelong arsenic its charged up.

Getting nether  furnishings  with the Samsung Bespoke Jet

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The attachments I got the astir retired of whilst reviewing the Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra was the brushwood tool. This clipped onto the drum with 1 click and effortlessly removed immoderate spilt atom puffs and inevitable crumbs from the room worktop. I opted for the 'mid' suction powerfulness which was much than capable to tackle this benignant of regular mess, and 1 much notable diagnostic was however airy it is – the handheld assemblage weighs conscionable 1.44kg. In fact, with an attachment oregon with the instrumentality and level head, I would people the Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra arsenic a lightweight vacuum cleaner due to the fact that it's comfy to cleanable astatine each levels.

Using the brushwood  attachment connected  the Samsung Bespoke Jet

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Other attachments I tried retired was the flexible tool, but I didn't person overmuch occurrence with this. I could lone get it to crook 1 mode that was downwards, which didn't assistance with the vacuuming oregon cleaning, lone hindered and perplexed maine arsenic to what it could beryllium utile for. I was expecting to beryllium capable to usage it with the level head, but the connectors were antithetic connected the attachment truthful it's not for that. Another instrumentality I utilized was the crevice tool, to spot however that would tackle the much awkward nooks astir the fireplace. This is wherever I thin to usage this benignant of accessory erstwhile reviewing vacuum cleaners and though I recovered the accessory casual to install, I did find it a small flimsy and not truly a instrumentality which I would usage to regenerate the microfiber cloth. Admittedly, I'm not usually each that keen connected this attachment but I ideate that it'll beryllium utile to instrumentality retired to the car. 

The pitchy dual brushwood is simply a instrumentality which I consciousness would payment favored owners much truthful than I since it tin tackle much concentrated areas of hairsbreadth connected the floors and different surfaces. I did find that, however, it was truly utile connected the stairs connected to the drum. It felt a batch quicker to cleanable the carpet connected the stairs utilizing this and it did a beauteous bully job, too. The size and value of the vacuum cleaner acceptable up similar this makes it the cleanable attachment for cleaning the car, also.

Cleaning, attraction and storage

For me, this is by acold the champion diagnostic of the Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra. Having a  clean presumption is an implicit crippled changer - it's a spot for the cordless vac to charge, bare the bin and beryllium stored. It's 1 that uses aerial pulse exertion to bare the dustbin and traps 99.999% of good particulate for maximum hygiene and alleviation from allergies, each whilst recharging the artillery which tin instrumentality up to 210 minutes, depending however debased the artillery dropped to connected its past roam around. There's nary request to drill holes successful immoderate walls to equine it arsenic you whitethorn request to bash with different cordless vacuum cleaners, but you volition request to region and regenerate the particulate container each truthful often. More particulate bags tin beryllium bought nonstop from Samsung US for $39.99 (opens successful caller tab) / Samsung UK for £19 (opens successful caller tab).

Emptying the container  of the samsung bespoke jet

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To charge, conscionable slot the vac onto the apical of the cleanable station, with the instrumentality retracted. You'll cognize it's charging erstwhile the artillery indicator airy is lit up - erstwhile it turns green, it's afloat charged. If you request to bare the small/ish 0.5 bin, property start/stop connected the cleanable presumption and it'll beryllium bare into a particulate container wrong a substance of seconds - you volition request to clip the lid backmost connected to the tiny bin erstwhile emptied, conscionable truthful you know.

Charging the samsung bespoke jet

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From time-to-time, the vacuum dustbin would payment from a cleanable to support it looking pristine, particularly if it's successful a salient spot successful your surviving space. Where we beryllium astatine the eating array is looking (almost) straight astatine the Samsung vacuum cleaner truthful I for 1 surely don't privation to beryllium looking astatine an unclean vac whilst having my dinner. The full dustbin is afloat washable with a rinse nether the acold h2o tap, and truthful is the good particulate filter which volition request to adust a bully 24 hours oregon truthful successful the shadiness earlier utilizing again.

An further retention solution which has been good thought-out from the Samsung squad is the accessory cradle. It has capable abstraction for the brushes, filters and spare artillery to clip into, though I did clip unneurotic the flexible instrumentality and operation instrumentality to acceptable it each connected there. I kept this lasting adjacent to the vacuum cleaner truthful it was each kept together, but determination is simply a grip connected the cradle truthful you tin transportation it wherever ever you request oregon privation to instrumentality it.

How does it comparison with different vacuum cleaners?

Samsung BESPOKE Jet

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra is 1 of 4 successful the lineup. They each travel with the halfway features specified arsenic the all-in-one cleanable station, multi-layered filtration strategy and almighty suction but are not lone presented successful antithetic colors, they besides person a somewhat antithetic enactment of accessories.

The Bespoke Jet Complete (in misty white) comes with 1 artillery (not two), nary spray spinning sweeper and truthful nary antibacterial reusable pads oregon disposable bedewed pads but it does travel with a slim enactment brushwood for usage connected hard floors. Whereas the Bespoke Jet Complete Extra (in a gorgeous woody green) does travel with the 2 batteries but has nary spray spinning sweeper oregon pads. Newest to the scope is the Bespoke Jet Pet (also a misty white) which comes with the aforesaid accessories arsenic the Complete, minus the slim enactment brush.

And of course, determination are terms differences amongst the enactment up, too. The Bespoke Jet Pro Extra is astatine the apical end, retailing astatine $899.99 / £849; Bespoke Jet Complete Extra $899.99 / £799 and Bespoke Jet Complete $899.99 / £629. There is nary terms (yet) disposable for the Bespoke Jet Pet. 

If you're speechmaking this successful the US, connected the Samsung website (opens successful caller tab) we've spotted that the full Bespoke Jet lineup shares a website leafage truthful erstwhile you're clicking trough the colors, we'd counsel treble checking the spec to guarantee you're getting each the attachments you want. 

How does it complaint online?

The lone reviews we've seen truthful acold are either connected the Samsung website oregon connected reappraisal websites, since it is comparatively caller to market. On the Samsung US website, customers dependable precise pleased with the show of the cordless vacuum cleaner but determination are a rather a fig of comments regarding the missing sweeper mop, which they were expecting astatine the constituent of order. I've besides seen a notation oregon 2 astir the tiny ungraded reservoir. Overall, it has received 4.5 retired of 5 stars.

Samsung UK reveiws yeild simular responses, receiving an wide people of 4.6 retired of 5 stars. The reviews are planetary truthful I utilized Google construe to amended recognize what is being said, which was each astir however large the show is; however lightweight it is; the awesome artillery beingness and that it instrumentality up precise small space. I would similar to enactment that the reviews connected the UK tract were collected arsenic portion of a promotion, truthful though the vacuum cleaners whitethorn not person been utilized for a agelong time, the archetypal impressions dependable precise promising indeed.

Samsung bespoke pitchy  connected  display

(Image credit: Future)

If a cordless, beauteous and functional plan is important to you past the Samsung Jet Pro Extra is for you. It has each the attachments you could ever perchance request for keeping your abode looking pristine, connected each levels. The cleanable presumption is astir apt the champion innovation I've seen, ever, due to the fact that it keeps each the particulate and debris contained – and it is conscionable really, truly smart-looking.

The telescopic tube did travel up a small abbreviated for me, however, truthful I recovered that I was crouching down much than I would person liked to vacuum the floor. If you unrecorded successful a ample house, past you whitethorn besides find that the 0.5l bin gets afloat quickly. These are conscionable a mates of considerations to person earlier buying which whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium a woody breaker for you, but yet what you're getting with this vac is simply a implicit acceptable up which is some convenient to usage and casual to use.

About this reappraisal – and our reviewer

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