Satin vs semi-gloss paint – what are the differences?

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When decorating the home, it’s usually the colour that we absorption connected first. Whether it’s nicely neutral oregon bold and bright, determination are truthful galore palettes to take from with thing for each mood, enactment and interior. 

But arsenic good arsenic colour and paint ideas, it’s besides important to prime the close paint finishes for your task and this volition beryllium connected what you are coating and where.

Satin vs semi-gloss overgarment – what are the differences?

Essentially, satin overgarment has a velvety creaseless look with a small gloss. It’s utilized chiefly for model frames, doors, architectural features, trims and ceilings arsenic good arsenic interior walls. Durable and hardwearing, it’s perfect for kitchens, pulverization rooms, children’s rooms, playrooms and entryways – immoderate precocious postulation country wrong the home.

Semi-gloss meantime has much sheen than satin truthful it’s much reflective. This makes it large for creating a feeling of space, arsenic airy ‘bounces’ disconnected the semi-gloss finish. And portion satin tin beryllium utilized for interior walls, semi-gloss is champion kept for woodwork specified arsenic skirting boards, architraves, banisters, balustrades and truthful on. ‘Semi-gloss has a higher sheen level than satin,’ confirms Helen Shaw, manager astatine Benjamin Moore, ‘meaning that it is much reflective. The other levels of luminosity marque it perfectly suited to item the architectural details. It cures to a creaseless decorativeness and its glossy look makes a large decorativeness for room cabinets.’

Satin vs semi-gloss paint

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Which is much durable?

Semi-gloss is said to beryllium much hardwearing and resistant to scuffs and knocks that satin. Yet saying that, immoderate dents and bashes volition beryllium much noticeable connected a glossy decorativeness truthful either makes a bully option. Both are casual capable to cleanable though semi-gloss is amended successful moist oregon humid rooms specified arsenic the pulverization room. Following a thorough gloss overgarment guide and satin overgarment guide volition guarantee that you don't marque immoderate mistakes.

Satin overgarment explained

If you privation to overgarment your walls oregon you privation a matte decorativeness for woodwork past satin overgarment is the cleanable choice. Satin retains the pigment colour amended than semi-gloss but support successful caput that if you are coating walls with it, past it volition person a higher sheen than level matte. It volition bespeak a subtle airy disconnected its aboveground and won’t beryllium rather arsenic durable oregon stain resistant arsenic semi-gloss.

Semi-gloss overgarment explained

Less shiny with a little sheen than high-gloss, semi-gloss is inactive much glossy than satin and isn’t advised for usage connected interior walls. It’s perfect for woodwork successful precocious postulation areas specified arsenic entryways, surviving areas, eating rooms, kitchens, pulverization rooms and children’s rooms and playrooms. It’s besides large for upcycling oregon refreshing woody furniture, room oregon pulverization country cabinets. Durable and hardwearing, it’s besides casual to cleanable and helps support the aboveground underneath if utilized successful pulverization rooms oregon ablution areas. Semi-gloss besides has much texture to it than satin truthful instrumentality with satin if you privation a smoother finish.

‘The much glossy the aboveground is, the much airy it reflects and the amended your mentation and instrumentality has to beryllium to execute a bully prime finish,’ adds Marianne Shillingford, originative manager astatine Dulux. ‘If you are choosing a speedy drying satinwood, the darker shades tin often beryllium a small spot glossier due to the fact that they incorporate much pigment than paler shades and white.’

Things to see erstwhile choosing betwixt satin vs semi-gloss paint

There are immoderate different points to deliberation astir earlier choosing satin oregon semi-gloss. As semi-gloss has a higher sheen than satin, it tin impact however the colour appears connected the partition erstwhile painted. Semi-gloss bounces and reflects airy astir a room, truthful if your abstraction has tons of lights and lamps oregon plentifulness of earthy sunlight, the extremity effect tin beryllium a small antithetic to the colour connected the tin. Satin overgarment meantime tends to sorb light, truthful it tin look lighter than you initially thought. In immoderate lawsuit it’s champion to bash a spot trial connected a hidden country earlier taking the plunge.

When it comes to durability, semi-gloss is much hardwearing arsenic good arsenic being easier to clean. And due to the fact that a glossy aboveground is much slick, it’s besides much resistant to moisture.

As a wide rule, usage satin for interior walls and furnishings and semi-gloss for tiny areas that request highlighting specified arsenic cabinets, mantels, step rails, doorway and model frames.