Scandi interiors create a sense of calm in this unique mid-century coastal home

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As 1 mates searched for a low-maintenance coastal spot connected the UK's West Sussex/Hampshire borders, they ne'er imagined surviving rather this adjacent to the water. But erstwhile JP Clark and his hubby John spotted a radical of achromatic and achromatic structures connected the harborside, they were intrigued. 

Designed successful the 1960s, the deckhouses were the brainchild of retired Admiral Philip ‘Percy’ Gick, who bought the erstwhile tidal mill pool-turned logging ponds, with the imaginativeness of turning it into a yacht harbor and marina. Gick commissioned designer Vernon Gibberd to plan 50 deckhouses, supported by RSJs, to rise the properties supra flood level. 

Deckhouses connected this tract seldom came up for sale, but aft chatting with 1 of the owners, an instauration was made and 3 weeks aboriginal JP and John completed connected a backstage merchantability for 1 of the archetypal 7 deckhouses, built facing the marina. 

The property's no-nonsense midcentury architecture, coupled with its enviable determination and present stunning interiors, marque this 1 of the world's champion homes, and it's good worthy taking a tour. Plus, determination are plentifulness of tips and inspiration to beryllium gleaned on the mode for however to plan and furnish erstwhile abstraction is astatine a premium. 

Kitchen – monochrome minimalism

kitchen with achromatic  cabinets and walls with woody  barroom  stools and achromatic  pendant lights

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

The deckhouse had been untouched for years, truthful JP and John person thoughtfully reimagined and brought the 1960s gem backmost to life. 

Wall and extortion cavities person been re-insulated, achromatic UPVC windows replaced with achromatic powder-coated aluminium frames, and leaking cement committee faced with a smart, achromatic powder-coated aluminium exterior. Internally, the spaces were taken backmost to their archetypal bones and caller full-height windows and French doors present link the main surviving country to the balconies. 

The spot was rewired and replumbed, past plastered, painted, and finishing decorative touches added. Crisp achromatic walls replaced magnolia and a bespoke room provides a consciousness of luxury successful the open-plan surviving area. JP was inspired by a deckhouse renovated by the precocious Paul Hinkin, a section architect, with the interiors pursuing the aforesaid monochrome palette, but with a much relaxed Scandi vibe.

Anyone looking for kitchen ideas for a smaller abstraction volition find inspiration successful the sharp, minimalistic styling successful this open-plan room diner. wherever the striking handmade room cabinets equilibrium bespoke retention with unfastened support display.

Dining area

round eating  array  with achromatic  chairs successful  abstraction  with achromatic  walls and achromatic  shelves

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

If you're successful the marketplace for dining country ideas, this quiet, calm spot mightiness conscionable animate you. A circular eating array is simply a neat spacesaver successful an unfastened program country similar this one. The rattan pendant airy adds to the coastal vibe and complements the grasses, wrong and out. 

Indoor-outdoor living

door unfastened  to patio with woody  armchairs and striped parasol

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

The open-plan surviving country opens up onto the furnished extracurricular platform and heightens the consciousness of indoor-outdoor living. JP likes to beryllium retired here, overlooking the marina, to constitute his award-winning interiors blog @jpslifeandloves. 

outside platform  with circular  handbasket  seat  and presumption    of marina from solid  balcony

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Striking midcentury architecture

exterior of 1960s instrumentality  benignant   coastal location  with shingle and coastal grasses

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

The mates worked with a section contractor to refurbish the exterior and adhd the caller outdoor platform areas, which place the marina. The refurbishments person enhanced the elemental quality of the deckhouse's archetypal architecture. 

Living country with Scandi benignant points

living country   with achromatic  walls and greenish  sofa with acheronian  alcove shelving jute armchair and log java  table

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Living country ideas for a smaller abstraction similar this revolve astir keeping things simple, with a slim illustration sofa and occasional armchairs that look conscionable arsenic bully extracurricular connected the decks arsenic they bash inside. And there's 1 peculiarly ingenious spacesaving extremity successful here: the 'artwork' supra the sofa is really a clever vigor sheet that replaces a radiator. It's the cleanable solution successful a country similar this wherever determination are much full-height windows than partition space. 

Coastal bedroom

bedroom with nautical benignant   driftwood headboard and decorative oar supra  furniture  and striped linen

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Reclaimed floorboards person been utilized to make a characterful headboard, reminiscent of saltwashed driftwood. A vintage oar further references the boating location. These are bedroom ideas good worthy considering if you're looking to make a coastal scheme.  

Guest room

bedroom with greenish  walls and framed botanical prints and rattan lampshade achromatic  bedside tables and bedhead and geometric bedlinen

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Using repurposed tract materials, the walls betwixt the 2 bedrooms and bath were marginally repositioned successful bid to upgrade this 2nd chamber into a double, portion enlarging the bath by extending into an aged h2o vessel closet. The backmost partition painted successful a seaweed shadiness of acheronian greenish adds an unexpected popular of colour to the different whitewashed interiors, with framed botanical prints to decorativeness the scheme. 

Smart achromatic and achromatic bathroom

shower country   with achromatic  and achromatic  fittings

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

The monochrome strategy gives the bath a modern edge. Bathroom ideas to animate see Metro tiles, steel-edged ablution surface and astute achromatic discarded pipes, each of which lend to the bijou ablution room's modern bully looks. 

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Original diagnostic Ali Heath | Photographs Brent Darby