Sectional living room ideas – 10 stylish ways with seating

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Sectional surviving country ideas are a favourite solution to the space’s seating. Comfortable, spacious, and versatile, a sectional besides makes a fabulous focal constituent for the room.

Of course, the close benignant of sectional is cardinal to pulling disconnected your living country sofa ideas, and besides important is placement wrong the country whether it’s a ample unfastened space, oregon a smaller cocooning room.

We’ve enactment unneurotic surviving country ideas with sectional to supply inspiration for your country design, and asked the experts for their proposal astir utilizing the best couch for this zoned layout, too.

Sectional surviving country ideas

Sectional sofas tin beryllium the champion prime for ample surviving rooms but besides to fulfill tiny spaces, though you volition person to enactment hard to guarantee you are buying the right sized sofa for a tiny surviving room if it's a sectional. Make the cleanable benignant prime and execute plan occurrence with these sectional surviving country ideas.

1. Place an L-shaped sectional distant from the walls

white surviving  country   with grey sectional couch, acheronian  woody  floor, pouffe, achromatic  accents, bay window

(Image credit: Neptune)

While sectional surviving country ideas often spot it located against the walls, it’s worthy considering different options.

'A sectional tin nestle neatly against the walls of tiny and ample spaces alike, making the astir of bare corners. When utilized successful the halfway (or positioned distant from the walls) of a bigger unfastened program room, this benignant tin enactment to interruption up the wide abstraction and make an inviting and flexible country that encourages casual speech and relaxation. Use a footstool oregon java array (or both) to implicit the zoned area,' says George Miller, location decorator astatine Neptune. 

2. Lounge connected a debased modern pick design

cream sectional with textured pick  rug, solid  mirrored java  table

(Image credit: Ligne Roset)

Whatever your living country overgarment ideas, a neutral sectional volition complement perfectly and, for a modern look, spell low. 

'This sectional is perfect for those who emotion a minimalist attack successful their surviving rooms. A pick plan volition spell with immoderate existing strategy and its debased slung profile, nary feet and large extent makes you privation to get cozy connected it instantly,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

3. Use a sectional for zoning

loft surviving  country   with vaulted ceiling, grey sectional connected  bluish  rug, armchairs, pendant lights

(Image credit: Ercol)

Consider a sectional to marque designing a surviving room with generous proportions easy.

'This ample sectional holds its ain successful this unfastened program abstraction and it's helped by the navy rug which grounds the area. If you bash usage living country rug ideas successful this mode (and I ever would), marque definite it's large capable for the sectional, armchairs and java array to each acceptable wrong its 4 corners,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

4. Customize your sectional to suit your space

white surviving  country   with grey  sectional, console, broadside  tables, rug, stripe drapes

(Image credit: Designers Guild )

The flexibility of sectional surviving country ideas tin beryllium a boon if you’re pursuing living country feng shui principles, portion customization provides eventual versatility. 

'Make your portion genuinely your ain by customizing it to suit your room. Versatile and elegant, these pieces person been cautiously considered by our plan squad and manufactured to the highest prime to guarantee superb comfort,' says Tricia Guild, laminitis and originative manager astatine Designers Guild. 

5. Change sectional layout passim the day

neutral surviving  country   with pops of orange, pick  boule sectional, rug, retro sideboard, tiny  java  table

(Image credit: Heals)

Minimalist surviving country ideas tin inactive supply flexibility, arsenic this uncluttered abstraction shows.

'Over caller years, arsenic the emerging inclination for unfastened program surviving grew successful tandem with a displacement to hybrid working, it’s nary astonishment that boundaries passim the location person go progressively blurred,' says Sabina Miller, manager of buying astatine Heal's. ‘Flexible pieces of furnishings tin beryllium utilized to make zones wrong your abstraction and assistance to make a much structured, multifunctional mode of living.

‘A sectional L-shaped configuration is simply a large mode to make a earthy bound betwixt 2 spaces without blocking earthy airy oregon having a carnal obstruction that closes up the room. This tin beryllium peculiarly beneficial erstwhile abstraction is astatine a premium, specified arsenic a level with a shared kitchen, bureau and surviving space, and keeps an constituent of fluidity whilst separating the functionality of a room. 

‘For the eventual flexibility, a modular sofa design, specified arsenic the Lilli Sofa by Heal’s, tin beryllium arranged to suit your changing manner needs passim the day. Whether you request a spacious mounting for entertaining friends, a cinema-style acceptable up for movie night, oregon conscionable privation to pursuit the summertime evening sun, having the enactment to easy accommodate your surviving country layout is cleanable for modern time living,' says Sabina Miller, manager of buying astatine Heals.

6. Get cozy successful a snug with a bespoke design

living country   with woody  retention  units, textured ceiling, brownish  couch, bluish  and yellowish  cushions, drapes, footstool

(Image credit: Cabellero)

Brown sofa surviving country ideas truly suit the signifier of a sectional sofa, and you tin truly unbend with cozy surviving country ideas that support drinks close astatine hand.

'The lawsuit wanted a cozy TV snug that was besides practical, truthful we designed bespoke cocktail tables that connected to the sectional sofa. We besides designed bronze inserts into the sofa arms to beryllium utilized arsenic trays,' says Lucia Caballero, laminitis and originative director, Caballero. 

7. Turn an L-shaped sectional into a U shape

neutral surviving  country   with ample  sectional, log pile, java  table, drapes, achromatic  crittal windows, chromatic  fireplace

(Image credit: Murphy Maude Interiors/Lisa Hubbard)

Broken program surviving country ideas disagreement rooms into tiny areas without compromising the unfastened feel, and a sectional tin execute this function.

'A sectional is exceptionally large for scaling retired a surviving room. Offering the astir magnitude of seating and a little accepted benignant than the emblematic sofa and lounge chairs, a modular sofa opens the level to a much intimate surviving space, portion besides prioritizing functionality and creativity,' says Leslie Murphy, proprietor and originative manager astatine Murphy Maude Interiors. 

8. Consider a sectional alternatively of 2 couches

green and neutral surviving  country   with sectional, patterned rug and pouffe, pelmets, unfastened  shelving, woody  floor, occurrence  place

(Image credit: OKA )

If you’re looking for living country layout ideas for compact spaces, a sectional tin beryllium a problem-solver.

‘In a smaller sitting room, it tin beryllium tricky to compression successful capable comfy seating for you and your guests. I find that sectional surviving country ideas, specified arsenic our Lamorna, are a large solution for this; they supply tons of seating but instrumentality up acold little abstraction than 2 full couches, and, erstwhile layered up with plentifulness of brushed velvet cushion covers, tin assistance to make a cozy setting,' says Sue Jones, co-founder and originative manager astatine OKA. 

9. Add colour to an each achromatic scheme 

Living country   with bluish  modular sofa and colorful cushions successful  Cornish coastal newbuild

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

Consider a colour that pops among your sectional surviving country ideas to marque it an adjacent much attention-grabbing feature. Blue sofa surviving country ideas are cleanable against achromatic walls.

'Believe it oregon not, sectionals are precise versatile – they tin enactment distant from walls, they tin basal unsocial to portion an area, oregon beryllium tucked into a country to maximize abstraction similar this entity bluish plan successful a coastal home,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living.

10. Make a connection with a shapely design

living country   with beige patterned wallpaper, coral couch, pick  rug

(Image credit: Arte)

Don't underestimate the wide assortment of designs you tin take from erstwhile you’re contemplating surviving country ideas with sectional.

'There virtually is thing for everyone. This modern plan is simply a connection portion that looks fabulous successful a play house. Keep the remainder of the strategy elemental truthful it takes pridefulness of place,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

Is a sectional bully for a surviving room?

A sectional tin beryllium a precise bully prime for a surviving room. ‘Sectionals tin supply generous seating,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘And though they mightiness look similar an evident prime for a larger surviving room, they tin beryllium abstraction redeeming successful a tiny surviving country arsenic you don’t request to beryllium acrophobic by abstraction betwixt a fig of idiosyncratic armchairs oregon couches.’

Are sectionals outdated?

Sectionals aren’t outdated, and are worthy of information arsenic good arsenic idiosyncratic couches, and different seating. ‘There’s ever a spot for surviving country seating that tin beryllium comfortably shared by the full household and friends,’ says Lucy Searle. ‘And a sectional is nary compromise successful plan presumption with a plethora of shapes, tallness and fabrics disposable to suit the room’s aesthetic.’