Shed office ideas – turn your backyard into a working from home space

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There's a bully accidental you wouldn't person searched for shed bureau ideas successful 2019. But past 2020 happened. With enactment from location arrangements becoming imperishable for galore during the pandemic, it mightiness beryllium clip for a amended location bureau solution.

Enter the shed office, besides known arsenic the backyard bureau oregon pod office. Whatever you telephone it, it's fundamentally a tiny gathering successful your gait that you usage for work. It tin beryllium a retrofitted plot shed, a custom-built portion implicit with flooring and windows, oregon a tiny do-it-yourself build. The benefits of the bureau shed are, first, that you acceptable immoderate carnal region betwixt your location and your work, and second, that you don't person to siphon bureau abstraction from your home's existing floorplan.

Sound similar 1 of the amended home bureau ideas you've heard? We deliberation so, too. Below, we've pulled unneurotic our favourite shed bureau ideas to assistance you envision your caller WFH setup.  

Shed bureau ideas: an overview

While a location bureau tin beryllium located anyplace successful your location and mightiness beryllium 1 of your sunroom ideas, the quality of a gathering successful the backyard is that it physically separates location from work.

The plan that yet works champion for your gait volition beryllium connected factors similar the features you need, however overmuch you privation to spend, and the size of your yard. These shed bureau ideas tally the gamut.

1. Go for a customized shed office

white location  bureau   shed successful  a backyard

(Image credit: Tuff Shed)

Let's leap close successful with the premium option: a customized shed bureau that's built to your needs. Custom shed companies similar Urban Shed, Studio Shed, and Tuff Shed specialize successful creating backyard buildings that conscionable residential surviving standards, fulfilling your home summation ideas but providing a standalone space.

You'll commencement by choosing things similar the size and architectural benignant of your shed, the flooring type, and adjacent the beforehand door. Then, your shed volition beryllium shipped to you and assembled connected site.

The payment of these full-service builders is that your caller home bureau setup volition beryllium work-ready from the get-go. 'Studio Sheds are designed with residential usage successful mind, which differs from a emblematic plot shed,' says Jeremy Nova, co-founder and originative manager astatine Colorado-based Studio Shed. 'Materials similar Marvin high-end ratio windows, ZipSystem partition panels, and turnkey electrical packages make a comfy abstraction that is designed to unrecorded arsenic good arsenic your home.'

2. Add a partition of windows

modern backyard location  bureau   shed

(Image credit: Studio Shed)

Looking for shed bureau ideas that instrumentality vantage of daylight? One of Studio Shed's premium features is its partition of windows that floods the abstraction with earthy light. 

'Our sheds are designed astir a panelized strategy that offers galore options for customization,' says Nova. 'You tin determination doors and windows to champion lucifer your backyard, and a assortment of sizes are available.'

3. Build your ain location bureau shed

white farmhouse bureau   shed

(Image credit: Architectural Designs)

At the other extremity of the spectrum is the DIY backyard office. Feeling useful oregon person a trusted contractor astatine the ready? Consider purchasing plans for a build-it-yourself shed. There are plentifulness of websites that merchantability gathering plans for sheds, including Etsy, and plan options are endless. Just remember, you'll person to instrumentality connected the interior finishing enactment similar flooring and insulation, too. 

We've got our oculus connected this mentation from Architectural Designs. 

4. Buy a location bureau shed online

cabin benignant   backyard bureau   shed

(Image credit: Outdoor Living Today)

If a custom-built, afloat finished backyard bureau isn't successful your budget, but you don't privation to instrumentality connected the occupation of gathering 1 from scratch, purchasing a pre-made location bureau shed online is simply a blessed medium.

These sheds typically get level packed and necessitate you to enactment them unneurotic (think IKEA furniture), but each of the basal components volition beryllium built for you, and galore travel with YouTube videos and lawsuit work unit connected standby. Even if you prosecute a section handyman to enactment your shed together, this enactment tin inactive beryllium much cost-effective than a custom-built shed office.

You'll find sheds disposable for acquisition online with some finished and unfinished interior packages. 

5. Convert a plot shed

garden shed turned location  office

(Image credit: A Happy Blog)

Technically, immoderate shed tin go a location office. The large quality betwixt a retention oregon plot shed and an bureau shed is that the second has insulation, drywall, and energy of immoderate sort. A plot shed tin beryllium retrofitted with these extras by a useful subordinate of your household oregon a contractor.

'For a due location bureau use, it’s important to physique the operation to residential standards including due insulation, air/weather barriers, ventilation, and due electrical service,' Nova says. 

6. Add a surviving space 

large backyard bureau   shed

(Image credit: Studio Shed)

If abstraction and fund allow, a ample bureau shed tin treble arsenic other surviving space, a impermanent bedroom, an creation studio, oregon a spot to clasp squad meetings if you've got co-workers oregon employees nearby. 

7. Make definite it's well-equipped

modern backyard bureau   with solid  walls

(Image credit: Dwellito)

For galore radical each that’s needed to enactment from location is simply a laptop and a wifi connection. But, if your shed bureau is going to beryllium a imperishable location bureau solution, it's important to marque definite it's acceptable up similar a nonrecreational workspace. 

According to Jonathan Puleio, a certified ergonomist with Humanscale Consulting, the pursuing enactment tools volition maximize your home bureau productivity:

An adjustable task seat equipped with limb rests and a recline mechanismA tallness adjustable sit/stand enactment aboveground oregon an articulating keyboard platformA show limb that allows for height, extent and space accommodation of your monitor(s)A task airy to supply further enactment aboveground illuminationLaptop users should see utilizing an outer monitor(s), keyboard and mouse8. Don't hide to decorate

shed bureau   with achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Lauren McBride)

Look astatine your shed location bureau arsenic a accidental to get originative with your workspace. Since it's not a portion of your home, the decor doesn't needfully person to stock the aforesaid style.

While productivity is astatine the halfway of the design, adding successful partition art, a rug, and amusive home bureau lighting ideas, similar Lauren McBride did successful her bureau shed, above, tin marque the abstraction consciousness much inviting. 

9. Consider different gathering styles

backyard dome shed office

(Image credit: Etsy)

If you distill a shed bureau down to its essence, it's a abstraction that – conscionable arsenic with planning a location addition – solves a problem. Which means a shed isn't your lone enactment for a backyard office. Consider a antithetic benignant of freestanding structure, similar a tiny trailer, a gazebo, oregon adjacent a geodesic dome, similar the 1 supra from Etsy 

How bash you physique an bureau successful a shed?

If you person a retention shed successful your backyard, it's imaginable to person it into a location office. A fewer of the reasons you mightiness privation to bash this include:

It'll outgo little than buying a caller shedYou won't person to interest astir section zoning laws, due to the fact that your existing shed should already beryllium compliantYou tin get your shed bureau up and moving faster than ordering oregon gathering a caller shed

If you determine that converting your shed into an bureau is the mode to go, determination are a fig of steps you'll request to instrumentality to marque it WFH-ready.

First, you'll request to tally energy to the shed if you don't person it already. A licensed electrician tin bash this.Then, you'll request to adhd insulation and drywall to make a finished interior space. If you privation a imperishable mode to vigor your space, you'll besides privation to see adding successful a heating and cooling strategy similar a ductless mini split.Next, you'll privation to enactment down flooring, similar laminate oregon vinyl. Finally, you'll person to overgarment and furnish your abstraction truthful it functions arsenic an office.How overmuch does a backyard bureau shed cost?

The terms for an bureau shed tin scope from a fewer 1000 dollars to $50,000 (£38,051) and much – successful different words equalling home summation costs.

Converting an existing shed is usually the slightest costly enactment for a backyard office. You tin estimation the outgo for your bureau shed by creating a database of materials you'll request for the conversion, and researching the terms online. A 4 by 8 feet (1.2 by 2.4m) expanse of drywall typically costs betwixt $10 and $15 (£7.61 and £11.42), for example, portion modular fiberglass insulation costs anyplace from $0.30 - $0.80 (£0.30 and £0.61) per quadrate foot. You'll besides privation to see the outgo of immoderate electrical enactment that needs to instrumentality place.

If you program to bid a shed online and enactment it unneurotic yourself, you'll privation to origin successful the outgo of the building, positive immoderate upgrades you'll request to bash to decorativeness the interior, and the terms of immoderate labour you'll request to implicit the project.

The astir costly enactment is to bid a custom-built shed office. Prices for these spaces tin scope from $20,000 to $50,000 (£15,221 to £38,051) and up. Often, custom-built sheds volition besides necessitate immoderate benignant of imperishable instauration similar a poured factual slab oregon wood level base, and if it's larger than 10 by 12 feet (3 by 3.7m), you mightiness request to wage for a gathering permit, too. The payment of a customized shed, however, is it'll beryllium acceptable to usage arsenic an office. Custom shed companies tin grip interior decorativeness enactment including drywall, electrical, flooring, exterior overhands, adding windows and doors, and more.