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Most roofing contractors work with asphalt or composite roofing. In the event that they set up steel, slate, or tile roofs, their advertisements and web sites will stipulate these specialties. For in depth work or substitute of a wood-shingle roof or any of those long-lived roofing supplies, rent an organization with the precise expertise.  A couple of old style repairs for minor issues are DIY-friendly, offered you might be comfy engaged on the roof and also you comply with all security procedures.

Methods to Restore Wooden Shingles

These might curl and cut up or change into skinny by way of lengthy weathering. If the issue is only a random shingle right here and there, substitute is an easy job. If the variety of shingles needing substitute approaches 10 or 15%, although, take into consideration changing your entire roof.

To exchange a wooden shingle, take away the broken unit by splitting it into a number of smaller items with a chisel, till all components come freed from nails. Minimize the heads off the nails, utilizing a slate ripper or hacksaw blade inserted up below the shingles. The substitute shingle could also be held with a copper tab or a toe-nailing method.

A really non permanent restore for a cut up shingle could also be made by inserting a bit of sheet steel below the broken space.

Left: After eradicating the broken shingles, slip in a substitute, permitting it to protrude ¼” beneath different shingles within the course. Toe-nail two end nails instantly beneath the course above. Proper: With a hammer and a wood block, strike the top of the brand new shingle, driving it up degree with the others, thus bending the nails and placing the heads beneath higher shingles.
Left: Nail a 1″ strip of 20-ounce copper within the space of the lacking shingle. Use copper roofing nails. Proper: Insert the brand new shingle and bend the tab find yourself. Trim off any extra so sliding ice and snow gained’t loosen the tab.

Methods to Restore Slate Shingles

Though slate is sturdy, a number of slates might break from mechanical shock (a falling department, a roofer strolling on the roof) or as a consequence of freeze/thaw cycles. Slates might also be falling off the roof if the nails are rusting away—as when the unique installer used galvanized metal nails as an alternative of copper. If the fasteners are failing, there’s actually no good answer in need of eradicating the slates and re-laying them, utilizing copper nails.

Engaged on the roof is difficult as a result of slates are brittle. Pad the roof with an previous blanket, or lay a ladder on the roof to work from. A ridge hook is an easy machine that attaches to the highest of the ladder and hooks over the ridge—you should purchase or lease one. Roofers can have scaffold brackets or different gear.

A easy copper tab (as with wooden shingles) can be utilized, however ice might bend the tab. The tactic outlined beneath is surer. 

If a complete space of slates wants changing (or wants renailing), first take away all of the slates. This minimizes the variety of infants, since some slates will be nailed within the regular means—that is, with the nail holes coated by subsequent programs. Don’t drive nails so tight that the slate is below strain: the slate ought to dangle on the nail, not like wooden shingles. You possibly can seal the nail gap with elastic cement, roof sealant, or exterior-grade caulk.

Step By Step Directions for Repairing Slate Roofing

First, take away damaged slate, utilizing a slate ripper. Slip the pointed finish below the damaged slate and hook it over the nail. By hammering downward on the bent finish of the instrument, you’ll lower the nail shaft. You possibly can pry up the encircling slates by gently driving nails in sideways. Or use the ripper like a shoehorn.

To exchange the damaged slate, line up the brand new slate in its course and ensure pre-punched nail holes (if any) are coated. Mark and punch a gap within the substitute slate, ideally 1″ to 2″ from the next-above slate, however at all times above double protection.

You need a gap solely within the new slate, not within the one beneath it. Use a nailset or punch, or drill the outlet. A slater’s nail is a heavy-gauge copper wire nail with a big flat head. Its size must be twice the thickness of the slates plus one inch. For normal-thickness slates as much as 18″ lengthy, 3d nails are acceptable. Drive the nail; be aware that the big head was lower to suit between slates on this case. Alternately, you would chip out a bit of every adjoining slate.

Bend a bit of copper barely convex or concave to make “a child” (slaters’ slang) to cowl the uncovered nail gap. Slide it firmly up so the underside edge is 2″ beneath the nail. Faucet a screwdriver towards the child to push it up, or use the nail trick once more.

The infant will keep in place, protecting the nail and gap. If concave, it is going to channel rainwater higher.

Methods to Restore Ceramic Tile Roofing

Damaged ceramic tiles are pretty simple to exchange. As with slate, the toughest half is attending to the difficulty spot with out breaking extra tiles. If any broken piece of tile stays, take away it by breaking it up with cautious hammer blows. Minimize the nail with a slate ripper or insert a hacksaw blade below the protecting tile. Maintain the substitute tile with a copper tab, as proven. Use a double thickness of copper on the finish of the tab. The additional stiffness retains the tab from being undone by the burden of the tile or the drive of descending ice and snow. Discovering substitute tiles that match could be a downside. You would possibly find a vendor promoting salvaged tile and slate. 

Left: Use a double thickness of copper on the bend finish of the tab. Proper: A substitute “barrel tile” will be made by splitting a piece of PVC pipe.

Barrel tile is a semi-cylindrical roofing tile laid in interlocking columns that alternate, with one column having the convex aspect dealing with up and the subsequent column having the concave aspect dealing with up. When you want only a few items of barrel tile, you’ll be able to faux it with a cut up piece of PVC drainpipe, painted to mix in with the roof.

Left: After eradicating the damaged tile, fasten the copper tab to a wooden nailing strip. Use a copper nail.
Proper: Slip a brand new tile (or PVC stand-in) in place and bend the tab as much as safe the tile.

Discovering a Leak

When you can see the underside of the roof from the attic, observe it throughout a rainstorm. You’ll in all probability be capable to see the place the water is coming into. If the outlet is evident by way of the roofing or flashing, push a wire up by way of the outlet to mark it from the highest. 

    If it’s not attainable to push a wire by way of the roof on the supply of the leak, attempt marking its location by measuring from the closest handy reference level, similar to a dormer, chimney, skylight, or vent pipe. 

As a result of tracing the exact supply of a leak is time-consuming, roofers referred to as in for repairs might resort to utilizing “black goop”: Fairly than discovering the precise supply of the leak, they unfold roofing cement over the suspicious space. A dab of roofing cement is suitable for roll roofing and built-up roofs, the place the roofing and patching materials are the identical. 

On a slate, tile, steel, or wood-shingle roof, although, you find yourself with black pimples. In addition to trying horrible, the black patches are very non permanent. Roofing cement will dry, crack, and curl; as soon as the patch loosens, water is trapped beneath, hastening deterioration. Additionally, some patching compounds can chemically harm wooden and corrode steel. 


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