Six firms secure spots on £600m housing MMC deal

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Six manufacturing companies person secured spots connected a £600 cardinal sheet acceptable up to present lodging crossed the UK.

Housebuilding lawsuit confederation Building Better appointed the modern-construction specialists to its Category 2 dynamic purchasing system.

This gives 29 lodging associations and councils the accidental to tally mini-competitions among the chosen manufacturers for jobs that arise.

Lasting 4 years, the procurement statement covers the proviso of two-dimensional, panellised systems for assembly connected site.

The selected firms are:

Future Built LoCaL Homes Project Etopia Roe Timberframe Sigmat Starship Homes

Building Better said it had created a dynamic purchasing system, alternatively than a fixed framework, truthful that it tin adhd manufacturers astatine immoderate constituent arsenic the marketplace evolves.

More than 900 homes person been created done a Category 1 framework, launched by the confederation past summer, for fully-formed buildings to beryllium delivered to site.

Manufacturers wanting to articulation the latest sheet indispensable archetypal beryllium certified by the Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme oregon assessed by gathering warranty supplier National House Building Council. Their products indispensable purpose to conscionable the Future Homes Standard, portion an further enactment process looks astatine their commercial, societal and sustainability credentials.

Building Better task manager Trina Chakravarti said: “The emerging quality of this portion of the modern methods of operation (MMC) marketplace means that societal lodging organisations have, to date, been wary of Category 2. Some told america they were anxious astir committing to a panellised manufacturer, not knowing if the institution oregon adjacent this signifier of MMC would beryllium astir successful 4 years.

“Because of this, we knew a antithetic procurement attack was needed; 1 that would inactive supply precocious standards and easiness of access, similar our Category 1 framework, but a solution that didn’t clip the wings of manufacturers operating successful specified a fluid environment.”